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 [W.I.P] Horus Sariel [2017 Rework & Update] [Current Tier: 2-1+]

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Horus Sariel
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [W.I.P] Horus Sariel [2017 Rework & Update] [Current Tier: 2-1+]   Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:14 am


Commander of the Legion

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A

Basic Information

» Name: Horus Sariel
» Titles:
    Current: Horus's current titles are Crimson Butcher, and Commander of the Legion.
    Older: While no longer applicable Horus is still known as the Lt. Commander of the Jade Cross.

» Age: At an age of two hundred and twenty Horus now appears as a man whom is in his late twenties.
» Species & Gender: Vizard, Male.

» Affiliation & Rank: As a member of the Kokuryuteshi Empire Horus currently holds the rank of Commander of the Legion. Before the reform he had held the position of Lt. Commander of the Jade Cross.

» Appearance:

Usual Attire:


» Residence: Currently, despite being a ranking member of K-world, Horus possesses no permanent place of residence. During the past year, and still ongoing, this is due to the simple fact that he has been living as a nomad of sorts, following his feet where they take him. Upon returning from his extended journey Horus could technically take up residence in one of the various K-world bases, if he so chooses.


» A Somewhat Changed Man:

» Protect What's Precious:

» The Butcher:

» Remorseless:

» Impulsive:

» Addict: One of the main flaws of Horus's personality is his addictions. The man succumbs pretty easily to what he tries to pass of as a passion for things such as sugary foods, alcohol, drugs, or even combat.

In the case of sugary goods Horus's addiction is such that one could quite easily calm him, or get on his good side, by offering him some sweets. When it comes to drugs and alcohol Horus enjoys pretty much everything but there are a few particulars he could never go a day without. A few such things being whiskey, jager, and sweet mary-jane.


Pre-War for Australia
**Note: This portion of the Background will contain a c&p'd version of the Background from his initial app.**

Birth of a Soul Arc

Sometime after the discovery of Deus Ex Machina, roughly two hundred and sixteen years ago, a soul was born. Unfortunately the soul while destined for power, was also destined for madness, or so it would seem. The male child bore golden eyes, hinting at madness from his birth. He was born to a murderous Vizard for a mother, and an insane and power hungry Shinigami for a father.

At the age of five the child was abandoned, left by his parents so that they could escape the hands of the law. Horus Sariel would be taken in by a human family, though this would not save him from the madness and sorrow to come. At the age of six Horus began to open up to his new family, speaking with them and spending more time together. At the age of seven Horus experienced his first hollow attack, surviving with but a scar. But the damage had been done, Hollow reiatsu had leaked into his system, awakening his latent Vizard genes. Thus began the creation of an Inner Hollow, one which would be more insane than Horus himself.

Two years later, at the age of nine, Horus experienced further loss. His foster mother had been killed in another Hollow attack, it had also now been confirmed that Horus's own reiatsu was attracting them. This pushed his growing insanity further as he placed the blame unto himself. Horus now began to look down upon others, caring only for himself. When and if Horus caused someone harm he seemed to lack all signs of guilt. Additionally he began to speak too himself.

Gift of Insanity Arc

At the age of ten Horus is now alone. The cause, himself. He had killed his father in an insane fit of rage. Something that had been occurring often recently. The rage had initially been caused by his inability against a Hollow. Insanity increasing further Horus also now always sported a smile on his face, even his frowns etc seemed to become smiles.

Fifteen years old Horus had begun to indulge in killing tendencies. Shinigami, Hollow, and Human alike were beginning to fall too Horus's hands. Before this had begun Horus had obtained a soul-less Zanpakutō, now using it for his deeds. At sixteen Horus had also begun trafficking drugs, stealing, and outright breaking the law simply for the thrill.

Fourteen years later at the age of thirty Horus has lost most if not all mental stability. He also has now become a feared serial killer world wide. Additionally four years ago Horus had tapped into his reiatsu, forming his sealed Zanpakutō.

Sixty four years later Horus has grown further in power. He is now fully able to utilize his reiatsu, and electrical energies. Horus has yet too hear his Zanpakutō's voice.

Quest for Power Arc

At the age of one hundred Horus has gone into hiding. His goal, to train, further his power, and live in peace for now. Ten years later Horus meets his Inner Hollow, it calls itself Arashi Nikuya. It hinted at his Zanpakutō spirit, but nothing more. Horus also barely survived a gruelling fight with the Hollow, surviving on both skill and insanity. Twenty four years later Horus and Arashi Nikuya have come to a slight agreement. It will help him if only it aids him somehow, or Horus is indulging himself in his usual ways. Finally at the age of one hundred and fifty Horus has begun hearing his Zanpakutō's voice.

Becoming a True Monster Arc

When Horus had reached the age of one hundred and sixty the Deus Ex Engine came into existence. When Horus reached the age of two hundred he exited his isolation. Both his power and insanity have increased greatly, and he has begun forming bonds with both spirits within him, whether they be good or bad. Horus also managed to obtain Shikai in a vicious confrontation between himself, Arashi Nikuya, and his Zanpakutō. In the same conflict he had also learnt its name, Tamashi no Kyoki. The result of gaining Shikai was also realizing he still contained some form of humanity.

At the age of two hundred and five Horus has nearly completely accepted who and what he is. He has successfully accepted the fact that he possesses an Inner Hollow, albeit they don't quite get along. He has fully accepted his insanity, and has even begun to accept the shred of humanity that remains causing a protective side of him to emerge. Although, Horus's murderous tendencies have returned completely if not more so, he now spares no race and has become a true monster.

Shinku Nikuya Arc

Age two hundred and six, Shinku Nikuya or 'The Crimson Butcher' is born. The name began to spread in the underground, the weaker beings began to fear it. Horus's power increased every so much more, having learned more of his abilities and powers. Four years later Horus has become slightly interested in the Monsuta after hearing about them. Currently Horus now wanders the globe, searching for a purpose, a balance, and his 'heart',

War for Australia Arc
Perth, & Canberra Threads

Encounter with Veras & Joining Kokuryuteshi

While the War for Australia had begun in but a moment it had taken nearly half a day for news of the war to reach Horus Sariel. Once the news had reached him the crimson haired Vizard became engrossed with thoughts of the murder, bloodshed, and sheer carnage that would ensue upon his arrival. Of course news of the war had also come with perfect timing as Horus had been growing quite bored of how things were going. Therefore this war was the perfect opportunity for the man.

Eventually the man would set out for Australia, and war, deciding to simply run all the way there.. A feat that would have been impossible for an ordinary being. Even before reaching the war Horus had already begun causing great destruction, the waves kicked up by his sheer speed across the ocean, decimating anything that crossed them. By the time Horus would make it to Australia the Vizard had already sunken hundreds of various ships.

Of course the real action hadn't truly begun until the Vizard reached Perth, a city of roughly seven million people. Once the city had been entered Horus allowed himself to let loose, immediately releasing his reiatsu and unleashing a horde of cero into the unsuspecting city. Alas the Vizard's fun would be halted almost as soon as it began by the arrival of one Veras Luras, the Jade Cross Commander. A fun massacre in the city had just, as far as it would concern Horus, became a fight for survival.

After Veras's arrival the majority of Horus's time in Perth was spent at the receiving end of a complete beat-down. While her initial combo had been.. somewhat avoided.. Horus had still ended up with a battered and bruised face, which alongside with feeling just how powerful Veras was in comparison to himself, convinced Horus to join Kokuryuteshi. Although the promise of a purpose had definitely helped. From that point on the murderous Vizard began unleashing his blood-lust on K-world's enemies, and would become the Jade Cross Lt.Commander.

Taking Canberra-Queanbeyan for K-World

Post-War for Australia

Combat Information

Natural Traits

» Reiatsu:

General Skills

» Speed:

» Durability:

» Strength:

Will Skills
*Note: Could change upon Approval of new app due to experiences since the initial app was created.

» Advanced Willpower & Determination: Once a person is able to ascend to this level of willpower, they'll soon start to become a formidable force on the fields of combat against many opponents they come into contact with. The first thing that one might notice upon reaching this skill forged out of sheer determination is that their overall resolve force will be much greater than before. In fact, they'll be able to better deal with attacks which can cause quite the obstacles to overcome; such as if it required some sort of immense energy, maybe requiring some set of drawbacks associated with it or some other heavy consequences.

Although these effects would still very much be there, at an Advanced Willpower level, they'll be able to have a form suppression against these negative attacks occurring throughout their body in order to otherwise minimize some of the strain on them. However, this isn't something to constantly use or abuse. Eventually, your mental energy will run out and should only be used sparingly. One or two times is how much this should occur over a duration of two post; following a one to two post cooldown.

In addition to that perk, they'll also receive an increased time period in which tier Resolve Force can be sustained. Bumping up from one to two post, they'll be able to hold this resolve burst for three to four post at time before it gives out if they were on the brink of defeat. It should only be used once per thread, however. Lastly, with their standing in the feat of Willpower, it's obvious in it's nature that these users will be able to usually overwhelm lower will powers; but they themselves can still be taken over by the Masters and Grand Masters of this art.

» Adept Mental Deduction: When you reach an Adept Level of Mental Deduction, your mind will be a bit better at discerning various techniques related to what the eyes cannot see. You may be able to sense that something is wrong, for instance, if you fall under a mirage the person in question could be able to detect something might be off; but it will still be IMMENSELY difficult for them to actually break out of it. Or, in another fashion, if the senses on their body were being tampered with; they may perhaps be able to feel it, but actually doing something about it could prove to be a challenge. Henceforth, this level of Mental Deduction leaves much to be desired.

» Advanced Pain Endurance: So, you've adjusted your body, taken your mental fortitude to a whole new level and gained lots of experiences up until this point to prove you are indeed worthy of being someone who is advanced in the skill of Pain Endurance. Congratulations for reaching this point, for now you are a superhuman machine. You can take a barrage of punches without a problem, get slammed into buildings and come back for more and even take direct energy based attacks and still be able to fight. Although you will feel pain, it will seem as if it is becoming lessened because of your level of resistance against pain at this point. It may even be possible for you to continue fighting even if one breaks your bones, although you will certainly feel that sort of pain. On top of that, it is here where brief durations of pain suppression is also possible for roughly two to four post where one may have forged an ability to otherwise numb their body to pain. Although, this may have the backfiring effect of not alerting them to when their body is injured as well. Further training will be needed.

» Beginner Focus: Well, you are really the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the realm of Mental Focus. When one has a Beginner Focus, you'll be easily effected by things which can tamper with the mind's sense of calmness. For instance, if someone released a Madness Inducing spell, you could be easily affected by it and descend into a state of insanity for a duration of time depending on the ability in question. Not only that, but you'll find it also hard to concrete at times for attacks which require immense focus; such as a heavy Kidō spell or an assault which requires precise precision. Ones of this level of Focus will find themselves often having a hard time just giving their attention to most things in combat; as they are comparable to ADD in the form of battle. Their focal points are scattered, calmness limited and accuracy tends to be lower. They need serious meditation, readjustment of their mental state and some heavy experience to go further than this.

Racial Traits

Shinigami Racials

» Hoho:

» Kidō:

» Zanjutsu:

» Hakuda:

Vizard Racials

» Cero:

» Hollow Control:

» Mask Protection:

» Power Augmentation:

The Zanpakuto

» Zanpakutô Spirit Name:

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Natural Appearance, Tainted Appearance, Demonic Apperance.

» Zanpakutô Spirit Personality:

» Inner World:

» Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance:

Sealed Abilities

» Extended Range: Passive - Generally unknown to most the first ability of Horus's zanpakutô actually has little to do with the elemental affinity of the blade. Rather this ability focuses around the ability to shape and manipulate the reiatsu, and when applied, electrical energies. When drawn the blade of this Zanpakutô constantly releases what some could call a film of reiatsu over itself. From there this reiatsu can then be manipulated and shaped as necessary.

What this essentially means is that while Horus can utilize this film of reiatsu to extend his blades range(generally six to twelve inches), he can also use it in other ways. Such as forming a blunted edge upon the length of the blade, either to prevent himself from critically wounding a foe, or having the need to spar with intent to kill.

» Electrical Resistance: Passive - Granted by Horus's Zanpakutô this passive cycles its energies through its wielder before returning them to itself. This occurs whether Horus is wielding the blade or not. Because of this continuous cycle Horus was granted a resistance to electrical energies and any techniques or abilities to utilize them. It is possible for Horus to further develop this passive effect of his Zanpakutô, doing so could not only increase its strength but could potentially develop it in different ways.

Range of Effect

  • Two+ Tiers Higher: Abilities and techniques will posses 100% of their strength and effectiveness.
  • Equal Tier: Abilities and techniques will posses 80% of their strength and effectiveness.
  • One Tier Lower: Abilities and techniques reliant on electrical energies will possess 60% of their original effectiveness. (A 5 post duration technique would last 3 posts.)
  • Two Tiers Lower: Abilities and techniques reliant on electrical energies will retain 40% of their original effectiveness.
  • Three Tiers Lower:Abilities and techniques reliant on electrical energies will retain 20% of their original strength or effect. (A 5 post duration technique would become 1 post, etc.)
  • Three Tiers Lower:Abilities and techniques reliant on electrical energies will find they possess almost none of their original strength or effect.

» Thunderblight: Passive - The final passive ability of Horus's sealed Zanpakutô is known to him as Thunderblight. The way it works is similar to how the electrical resistance granted to Horus works, by constantly cycling the Zanpakutô's energies. The difference in this passive is both in application, and where the energy is being utilized. Rather than passing through Horus the blades energy constantly cycles through itself thus imbuing its strikes with electrical energy. Through this successive strikes from this Zanpakutô can have cumulative effects, ranging from disrupting the nervous system, causing paralysis, creating electrical burns, and other various effects one would suffer under varying strengths of electrical energy.


» Shikai Name:

» Shikai Release Phrase:

» Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities


» Bankai Name:

» Bankai Release Phrase:

» Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities

The Inner Hollow

» Name:

» Appearance:

» Personality:

Inner Hollow's Abilities

» ????:

The Mask

» Description:

» Image:

Masked Abilities

» ?????:

Equipment, Etc

» URE Sphere: Given to Horus by Veras after she recruited him to the Kokuryuteshi's side. Link to Equipment

Skill Sheets

*Note: Skills listed are from his old app.

General Skills

Durability: Advanced
General Speed: Advanced
Strength: Adept
Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills

Hoho: Adept
Kidō: Advanced
Zanjutsu: Adept
Hakuda: Adept

Power Augmentation: Adept
Cero/Bala: Advanced
Mask Protection: Adept
Hollow Control: Adept

Will Skills

Willpower/Determination: Advanced
Mental Deduction: Adept
Pain Endurance: Advanced
Focus: Beginner

Template By:

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [W.I.P] Horus Sariel [2017 Rework & Update] [Current Tier: 2-1+]   Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:01 am


Since we about to enter the month of August, I am going through and checking the status of WIP's. Are you still intending to finish this character? Are you still working on it? If there isn't a reply in five days I will archive the character. You can unacrhive it in the staff help thread:


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: [W.I.P] Horus Sariel [2017 Rework & Update] [Current Tier: 2-1+]   Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:20 am

Can be archived for now. Will resume work in the future.
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[mod]If the previous statement still holds, and you have no objection to this archival, I will be moving this to archives. Contact staff ( Staff Help Thread ) if you need this character to be moved back to WIP[/mod]

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[mod]Unarchiving upon request.[/mod]

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[W.I.P] Horus Sariel [2017 Rework & Update] [Current Tier: 2-1+]
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