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 Fantasia's 100% Original Bankai

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Fantasia's 100% Original Bankai   Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:10 pm

» Name Of Character: Fantasia Nevermore
» Link To Character: Link

» Upgrading: Paragon Unlimited:

A form of the Paragon rarely seen due to the natural progression of power built into Fantasia's cloning, which already provides the ability to overcome foes through growing strength; Paragon Unlimited is the weapon she unleashes when it is all or nothing, and she is set to claim victory. To initiate the weapon's transformation, all clones of Fantasia must abandon their sword, usually by stabbing it into the ground in front of them. As they relinquish their weapons, they begin to dissolve into countless particles, which take the form of golden flower petals. The more clones there are of Fantasia, the greater the number of petals created, and each new clone is generated with their weapon already in Bankai form, adding to this number. By themselves, the petals cover the battlefield from the ground up, hovering on their own power, leaving little to no room to maneuver through them. Making contact with even a single petal would be a horrible mistake, however, as upon touching one it will cause a swift laceration much greater than the size of the petal, as if Fantasia had swung her sword at full force—this is just from touching a single unmoving particle.

Paragon Unlimited's attacks become much deadlier as the petals begin to move; Fantasia is able to freely control the movement of the petals with just her thought, as if they were an extension of her body. Given the lightness of these particles and the lack of human limitations, these petals can be propelled at speeds that escape the eye's notice, too difficult to grant a clear picture as they move about at ridiculous speeds. It is as though Fantasia's weapons had become a swarm of blades, each as deadly as the original. The Zanpakutō's ability to cut and pierce has become even greater, and less limited by Fantasia's movement. Furthermore, given her free manipulation of so many particles, she can draw them together into various forms such as a shield to block attacks or a hammer to smash through something with blunt force. She can even create a storm out of the petals to desecrate an entire battlefield in seconds. Given the fleeting nature of Fantasia's clones, one thing she can do during her Bankai is dissolve her very bodies into more of these golden petals, and revert them back. So long as one body remains whole, this can continually be done.

A final, and finer ability of Paragon Unlimited is to form the shape of Fantasia's original Shikai once again by combining enough petals into its shape. The formation will grow solid, returning to the colors and metals it was made of. This sword, while Fantasia still maintain's Bankai, glows brightly with white light, reflecting the power of all clones in one. Any slice or stab or smash it makes will be made with the combined strength of all of Fantasia's duplicates at once, which result in the most devastating attacks that she can utilize in a fight, capable of ending things in one attack. However, maintaining this weapon, especially multiples of this weapon, cause a constant and heavy drain on Fantasia's energy. The reason? Fantasia's identity is defined by the shattering of her soul into countless shards. Thus, the act of fusing them all together is unnatural to her and something that cannot be maintained for long.

Regarding the nature of these petals further; they seem to reflect light very distinctly, and cause an area to lighten up as a result. They also allow Fantasia to see from their point of view as if they were her eyes, so it can be assumed anywhere these petals cast light, Fantasia can see. The petals will float and move only very slowly when not given commands, but still provide a constant threat. While being manipulated, they cannot travel further than three-hundred meters from the nearest clone of Fantasia, in any direction. Considering that even when separated these particles are still part of the Zanpakutō, any of the weapon's former abilities can be applied to them as well. Finally, despite the appearance of flower petals, these pieces are still made of metal infused with Fantasia's energy, and the spirit of Varius among them.

» Why: Besides me having the chance to grant Fantasia a Bankai when I revamped her as a zero tier, I didn't for lack of ideas. Now I have an idea I'd like to implement in that it's basically Byakuya's Shikai/Bankai.

» Extra: Kuma

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Fantasia's 100% Original Bankai   Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:26 am


Unoriginal, but approved. Moving to accepted power upgrardes. Feel free to leave this link in her application.


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Fantasia's 100% Original Bankai
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