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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Too Much Curiosity [BANGLADESH/INDIA BORDER]   Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:45 am



Coral-colored eyes watched as the greens of the Bhomra Border Crossing region passed along Yuuki Mizugaki's view. Yuuki was in Bangladesh, a country specifically controlled by The Yayjuu. The organization led by Shadin Yuudeshi had brought the man to the border of India and Bangladesh in order for him to take an interest in the Eldrazi.

Despite popular belief, interesting things led Yuuki astray from his normal travel and nomadic behavior. The Yayjuu had informed Yuuki, just like many of the citizens of Karakura, of the Eldrazi. It didn't take much to meet with Yayjuu members and even Shadin himself in order to learn about Bangladesh and how it bordered one of the countries the powerful dominion held. Without much thought, he declared he would travel with a few of the members in order to invesitgate for himself. That being said, the Mizugaki was alone, his body moving forward without much thought has his feet met with an odd mixture of the dirt of Bangladesh and an odd metal of what could only be Eldrazi's.

Before him was a large metal wall that spanned as far as the eye could see. Looking to the sky had the same effect, a sense of creepiness filling Yuuki's mind as he slowly made his way towards the looming wall. He didn't know much about the Eldrazi other than the name of their leader and that the group was not one to mess with. Nozomi was a massive powerhouse according to Shadin, it wasn't a surprise given the majority of the world leaders that existed. Mana Asthavon, Shadin Yuudeshi, Azure Iramasha. Karakura knew of many strong beings that held the title of leader, Nozomi was just another to add to the list according to Shadin himself. Yuuki paid little attention to the fact however, he wasn't here in order to cause issues. The man was genuinely curious about the nation. With that curiosity came an undying urge to investigate for himself, given his position outside the border.

Nevertheless, Yuuki met up with a relatively long line, his eyes looking along its length to view what seemed to be some type of customs area. In could be called a process center for lack of a better term, there wasn't much that could be gained from looking however. "Jeez. If I knew coming here would take so long I might have considered a different option." A groan escaped Yuuki's lips, his body shifting stance to take in the view of the greens and dirt that stood behind him. In contrast to the looming wall, Bangladesh was a lot prettier from this view. It wasn't too fair to judge India before entering its borders, a large wall wouldn't give anyone too much of an impression in the first place.

Turning back to face the front of the line, Yuuki took a step forward as one after another the line began to shorten. Emptiness filled Yuuki's mind as he began to zone out entirely, letting his body naturally respond to the line's movement. Anything from here on out would more than likely go unnoticed, Yuuki giving little attention to the things he didn't care about.

"This is beyond boring. Jesus."

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