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 Lending A Helping Hand [1/2]

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The soft blue eyes of the Vanguard Leader surveyed the land before him, the thick mass of people around him only growing as his soft smile radiated to the group. The location was one he had never visited before, Luanda Angola. It was a small nation against the west coast of Africa, Luanda being its bay capital. There wasn't much to the city that stuck out to the man, it resembled quite a lot of capitals around the world. Tall buildings, many people and not an ounce of true evil through the city. Of course, crime was an issue almost anywhere, but with Angola it seemed to be an odd country. There wasn't rampant anger throughout its population, they just wanted someone to help them. That's where the Iramasha Man came in to play.

"Your people are beyond kind, José." Azure's soft smile beamed towards the current president of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos. He was a relatively old man now, being one of the longest ruling leaders among the world. It took some time, but as soon as it became alright to speak of one's spiritual powers, José was one of the first to step out of the wood work. He had the ability to revert his age to a previous state, giving himself a type of semi-immortality. Of course, with being leader for so long he seemed to understand the issues he had at a younger age. He wasn't the best of men, but who were? Azure knew that first hand.

Resting his hand against a guard rail of Luanda's bay area, the Iramasha studied the face of the man as he spoke. "Well, of course. I may not be a model citizen myself, but things eventually change no?" The hefty man laughed, his brown eyes shifting to the horizon as he stood beside Azure. "It's about time I stepped down, don't you think? Been alive for too long to see myself become corrupt again." José's thick accent burned through Azure's mind, the Iramasha rubbing the back of his head as he responded. "I hope to never see the day I myself follow such a path. I appreciate everything you've done in recent years, I promise the Vanguard are going to right by Angola, Sir."

The soft smile that once attached itself to Azure's lips was now gone, his stern facial expressions followed his movements almost perfectly. Bringing his hand outward, José Eduardo dos Santos and Azure Iramasha shook hands on what would soon mean the installation of The Vanguard in the country as their leaders, Azure specifically. He meant no harm to the Angola public, he simply wanted to try his best to help those that needed that help. With the station being in place, Vanguard members will help police the crime fairly and justly along with helping the poor escape from poverty. The economy of Angola alongside its political status were going to change soon, for the better.

Turning away from the tall man, Azure smiled once more and brought his hand to his pocket only to emerge with a cellphone attached to it. Without much thought, he brought the phone to his ear after dialing. "Ah, there you are. Notify those in the Vanguard base that we'll be allowing members to station themselves in Africa, Angola to be specific. We're here to say." Without another word, the phone dropped from Azure's ear and returned to his pocket.

"Well, José. You know that I need to be on my way I'm assuming? I need to take a stop in a neighboring country before I head back to Japan for the Vanguard. We'll have members here sometime soon, I can only imagine you'll treat them as you did me." "Of course, of course. Again, thank you for your services Azure." Nodding, the Iramasha turned back to the bay and brought his hands upward. The Chaos Energy around him began to swirl without interruption, thick masses of it enveloping his body before it was gone in a flash.

Arriving in Mauritania, Azure Iramasha let an exasperated gasp escape his lips before he groaned. "Doing all this work on my own is depressing. Can't I catch a break?" Snorting at his words, the Vanguard Leader clapped his hands together before he was once again off onward to his objective. He'd be doing his best from here on out, he could guarantee it.

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Lending A Helping Hand [1/2]
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