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 Lending A Helping Hand [2/2]

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Mauritania was somewhat different from his last destination, Angola. It was far more run down than the previous bay city he had arrived from. Azure took a deep look along the streets that he stood upon. Things were obviously going downhill for the country, which was the exact reason Azure had come. The poverty was much worse here than in Luanda, the very fact of it getting under Azure's skin. Scoffing at the thought that passed his mind, the Iramasha turned his attention to the capital building here in Nouakchott.

Tapping his foot against the Earth, the vibrations within Azure's chest spread along the surface of Nouakchott before it pinpointed the exact room that Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz's great great great great granddaughter now occupied. Stepping forward, the man's body phased out of existence, the chaos energy that was previously surrounding him brought him to a sitting position on the room's large oak desk. Coughing as he poofed back into existence, the man rubbed his chest before letting his trademark smile emerge once more.

If only everything could go simply, that very thought screamed within the Iramasha's head as the woman began to scream. Without another second passing, Azure's spiritual pressure squashed the sound of the woman's voice, his fingers picking at his pocket. "Woah there miss, cool it with the screams. I don't need a headache, jeez." The smile was replaced with a blank slate, the man hopping from the desk in order to walk up to the frightened girl. Flicking her forward, Azure scoffed at her eccentric reactions. A sigh followed said flick after he turned back to the room's window.

"Don't worry about me. I knew your grandpa, he used to hold this same office before he died and passed it along to your father. I only knew him because of my own father, but still. At least I'm not the killer you expected eh?" Stifling a laugh, he turned back to the descendant of Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, tapping at his thigh as he continued to talk. "You've heard of the Vanguard, right?" "Y-Yeah, the organization in Ka-" Cutting her off once more, Azure pulled his phone from his pocket and waved it around.

"Here's the deal. I made a promise to your Grandpa to help out your dad. Your dad isn't around anymore, nor is your grandpa. So, with that being said I need to make good on my promise with you." Tossing the phone to the woman, he tapped his ear before leaning against a spiritual step he formed via Chaos Energy. "I'd like to have the Vanguard bring goods to the country alongside helping you with any crime activity in the area. That being said however, I know that I have one thing you do need." Pointing down to the ground, Azure coughed and wiped the sweat from his forehead. It was so hot here in Africa, nothing like Japan.

"You need water, and I want to help. In exchange I want to station the Vanguard here in case of attempts from other organizations to take over the country." "W-Wait.. You're serious?" The once frightened woman attached herself to Azure Iramasha, tears beginning to form along the ducts of her eyes. Without hesitation, Azure smiled and patted the woman's head. "I have a plan for the world, that means you get to be apart of it. Everyone deserves to be happy. They deserve to live in peace, not fear. That's why I'm here." The tension from before completely dispersed, minutes passing before the two actually shook hands in order to cement the deal.

With that being handled, Azure gestured the woman away from the office before he took his phone back once more. Following the same example as last time, The Vanguard members were once again notified that they were allowed to come to Africa, this time it was Mauritania they were informed of. Taking a deep breath, a large sigh escaped Azure's lips before he held his head within his hand.

"Now I can get a break, right?"
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Lending A Helping Hand [2/2]
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