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 Updating a Event Only to Current Tier

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Updating a Event Only to Current Tier   Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:56 pm

» Name Of Character: Desmond Hayden
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: Arma Leviathan- A modified attack of Ikkotsu that Hayden has develope to work with his Hellhound fighting style or when he wishes to go hand to hand. It requires a three post charge up.

Within the first post Hayden must begin to focus on building up his muscle usage within his arm forcing his body past it’s normal limits to go into the one hundred percent usage of all his muscles within his arm causing it to pulse and radiate steam from the amount of energy and friction his muscles are generating. Merely going into this causes strain on his muscles and skin from it beginning to literally burn through any fat in the arm and muscle within mere minutes causing this to have to be done quickly for maximum effect and no reduced/lost energy. Maintaining this effect for more than four posts will result in his muscles begin to snap in his forearm and in another two posts render it useless with a ten post cool down to even regain mobility of it again naturally.

The second post is where Hayden begins to condense his reiatsu into his fist causing a maroon like shield to begin to warp and expand before contracting into a single small ‘shield’ around his fist before it is absorbed into his fist which is now by this point radiating a maroon colored steam. At the same time this is happening Hayden is infusing and condensing his reiatsu across the bones in his arm and into his muscles to keep them together, at this point steam would be coming out at a ridiculous rate an indicator of the massive amount of energy he is condensing into his arm. This would add an effect of maroon and black lightning sparking off the arm seeing as his natural reiatsu and death matter is merging, the lighting a physical manifestation of the plasma that it is creating and energy.

In the final and third post his body would be condensing the death matter in the air and in his body that his body naturally produces and puts into the air. The black substance would pool from his shoulder beginning to spread down his arm seeping into his skin while making a harden coat over his arm, before completely covering his hand. This would complete the preparation for the attack at which point Hayden would cock his arm back sweat pulling from his body from the extreme exertion. He would take off at his fastest speed towards the enemy and milliseconds before the point of contact focus all that energy he had built up into his fist to condense that energy into a single point. Once the attack makes contact it creates a supersonic boom as it strikes the person, using an gross amount of energy to strike this person.

The After Effect of this attack can vary depending on his tier, but at his current tier of 0-4 the amount of power and strength being infused into this single punch and the energy can create a tremor from the point of contact and a crater that expands for one kilometer in diameter (can be reduced if contained). At the point of contact despite condensing the energy due to the high amount of energy it creates a supersonic explosion of sound. This attack literally takes most of Hayden remaining energy and at the cost of this is devastating to his body. Not only is his arm broken in three different spots but his 50% of the muscles of his arm in torn from the exertion. This would render this arm immobile and broken should he not be able to regain his healing factor or do not get healing, making it a dangerous gambit.

As Hayden increased in Tier so did this ability as it uses his direct energy and control over it to perform this. As it increases in power it becomes even more devastating to use but with the same cost to himself perhaps even more. At his current power it can decimate someone's body easily ripping a large hole cavern in a person who has Master durability, as for Grand Masters they even will feel some sort of large amount of damage from this attack both internal and external making it fatal if landed directly or severely crippling at the very least.

Hayden's regeneration takes quite the blow cancelling out for three posts.

Mobility wise he can keep moving while charging this attack but as each post passes his speed will become much slower due to his focus on his arm. For the first post his speed and offense will have a twenty percent reduced factor, the second post forty, and the third post will have all his offense/speed back since he has to release the attack. [Event/Death/Story Only]

» Why: Because he has a new tier which directly effects this ability so it's just a touch up.

» Extra: Hi.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Updating a Event Only to Current Tier   Mon Apr 25, 2016 7:32 am


I'll go ahead and approve this. Looks good to me. Go ahead and add it in his app.


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Updating a Event Only to Current Tier
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