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 Sector L [Operation Moon Massacre]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Sector L [Operation Moon Massacre]    Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:54 am

Artist: Parkway Drive - Song: The Sound of Violence - Word Count: 1698

Slowly but surely with every passing moment this excursion to the moon was proving to be worth the effort put into the journey thus far. While the Rakshasa of Gluttony had expected some kind of opposition,he hadn't expected to encounter any insects that could keep up with his base state. As such with each clash of Zar'roc against the weapons of Chiyoki the silver haired demon was diving deeper and deeper into the sea that was excitement and blood-lust. How could he not? Every strike made was met with another. If either he or his female opponent slipped up even the slightest that moment could become the deciding factor in their battle. When Zar'roc finally tasted flesh for the first time, as Chiyoki flipped away to put some distance between the two, Bid'Daum's eyes seemed to sharpen, a dangerous gleam entering them.

Before his foe could even utilize the distance she had created silver hair whipped back in the wind as the pale demon launched himself at her. Closing the distance Zar'roc arced through the air intent on cleaving Chiyoki in two, only to be stopped when her free hand moved to intercept the blade before a powerful shield was formed by a massive surge of the girls energy. The resulting impact would have likely heavily damage a weaker foe, but in this particular case Chiyoki was merely sent sailing into the air, flipping end over end, before hitting the ground with a dull thud. Before the girl could even regain her bearings the hell demon pressed his advantage, closing the gap rapidly before striking out once again.

Unfortunately for the silver haired male he had forgotten one key thing in his enjoyment of his clash with his female foe, there was a second opponent to be fought. Because of this it had been easy, so to speak, for Izayoi to intercept the oncoming assault that was sent Chiyoki's way. Much like the slashes emitted from Zar'roc earlier the air pressure created from his Onibi strikes was simply dispersed by whatever abilities the boy possessed. Growling in frustration the hell demon was quick to roar out in anger, "You pests don't get it! Your silly tricks won't save you!" As he spoke the demon tore a large hunk of rock from the moon before launching it towards his opponents.

While the rock was sailing through the air, and his foes avoiding said rock, Bid'Daum was already making his next move. Demonic energy spread further throughout the sector as he began tainting the moon with it via Za Koa's Influence. Furthermore he was now tapping into the Knowledge of Environment ability of Za Koa, further enhancing his senses and knowledge of the area. Because of this Bid'Daum was more or less prepared when Izayoi launched his first attack, the silver eyes of the demon almost missing it due to its minuscule size and black coloration. As the black kernel closed in two things would occur, the first being the activation of Akuma Kyodo, doubling his defensive capabilities. The second would be Zar'roc lashing out at the tiny attack, impacting it at its moment of detonation, a terrible idea in hindsight. The result of this would be a large explosion obstructing his view as Zar'roc was sent reeling to the side, his right arm missing the sleeve of his robe up to the shoulder, revealing burns and bruising.

Before Bid'Daum could even contemplate how to respond a second explosion would detonate directly in-front of him, furthering the cloud of dust and debris that obstructed the battlefield. Meanwhile the ground beneath the demon's feet could be felt trembling as the conflicts in other sectors intensified, some even being destroyed. As the dust finally died down the snarling visage of the hell demon would be revealed, his silver eyes alight with rage. When his lower torso was revealed it would be seen that the lower half of his robe was barely intact, most of it torn, shredded, and burnt by the explosion. His legs, due to the activation of Akuma Kyodo before hand, had escape serious injury, sporting burns, bruising, and some decent lacerations. It wouldn't be enough to stop him, but the pain would be annoying for until healed.

Suddenly the hell demon felt something VERY wrong. Something his demon blood didn't like. Already it roared for him to leave before whatever it was arrived. But it was too late. As if punched directly in the gut Bid'Daum lurched forward as a wave of angelic energy washed over the sector. The energy of Cirno Iramasha immediately making the rakshasa physically ill. Before he could further react to the angelic energy a shout from Chiyoki would force the demon to focus his silver eyes upon the girl only to see her beginning her own assault upon him. With another blast of energy being sent his way the demon once again growled in frustration before simply side-stepping this first attack before responding with one of his own. Quickly slicing his hand the silver haired male called the darkness around to his hand, mixing it with the blood flowing upon it. Once the Black Inferno Blast was formed it was sent hurtling in Chiyoki's direction. On its course his attack met a second launched by his female opponent resulting in an explosion going off between the two.

When a third was sent his way the hell demon would roar in frustration. Raising his right foot Bid'Daum quickly stomped on the ground at his feet, kicking up a shower of rock before him in hopes of prematurely detonating the blast. From there the demon would kick off the ground, leaping to the right several feet to ensure that the attack would miss him. Upon landing the voice of the rakshasa rang out through the sector again, "ENOUGH OF THESE PETTY ATTACKS!"

With that outburst over, and Chiyoki suddenly vanishing from her spot, Bid'Daum focused on the battle before him once again. Finding her energy signature the pale beast would spin on the spot, turning to face Chiyoki as she raised her 'empty' hand into the air. Suddenly the air current she had been holding split down the middle, a brilliant golden light emitting from it as it did so. In that one moment Bid'Daum knew that the conflict for this sector had just entered an entirely new level. Before he could contemplate further upon such a thing the hell demon felt the sudden exponential buildup of Chiyoki's energy.

All other conflict seemed to cease in the mind of Bid'Daum, his only focus now being Chiyoki and whatever she was about to unleash. Deciding on his own game plan the demon knew he had but a single option. Doing whatever it took to survive. Because of this the next thing that would occur was something the rakshasa hadn't planned on revealing in this fight. Alas his hand had been forced.

In the same moment that Chiyoki's energy would build up Bid'Daum's own would suddenly roar into existence as his voice calmly reached out into the sector.

""Sabhee ka Bhakshak"

With those words uttered the ground around the hell demon would give way, his demonic energy dying itself a mixture of reds, blacks, burgundies, and silvers. Towering within the inferno of demonic energy a three eyed visage could be seen before vanishing. The build up of energy on both sides would continue for but a fraction of a moment before all hell would break loose. Before the storm of energy surrounding Bid'Daum could even die down Chiyoki unleashed the attack she had built up. As the girl screamed out the name of her attack, her arm falling towards the ground as she did so, a single massive clawed arm would pierce the veil of energy hiding Bid'Daum from view. Within its clawed grasp a massive blade, if one could call it that, was held pointing toward the ground.

As the veil began to give way Chiyoki's attack would impact the torrent of demonic energy, the two forces clashing for a brief moment in time before a titanic explosion would shake the sector. The quaking of the moon grew more intense as the explosion expanded, the energy fueling Chiyoki's attack and Bid'Daum's unseen transformation serving as fuel for the explosion. Flames would roar into existence, buildings would be whipped from the field of battle completely, any debris not annihilated by the blast would rocket in every direction as the shock-wave hurtled through the sector, and any neighbouring areas.

When the explosion would finally die down and the dust would settle it would reveal not only a massive debris lined crater, but a single hulking form standing in the center. Standing at twelve feet in height the towering form belonged to a single demonic entity. Bid'Daum. Adorning the males massive form was, now heavily damaged, exoskeletal armor. It appeared to have covered most of his body, and even made up apart of his visage, forming a skull like shape and the two massive horns upon his head. While the exoskeleton appear to be a dark lilac in color, the 'flesh', so to speak, of his face was a lighter rose-pink of sorts. Normally the demonic entity would have appeared more knight-like, but given that his armor, and body had been damage, such an appearance was not what one would see today. From Bid'Daum's back a set of massive wings slowly folded over his shoulders, creating a cloaked appearance.

Dropping what now appeared to be a damage slab of metal, his blade which had been more or less destroyed in the blast despite his own demonic energy taking the brunt of it, the demonic form began taking massive steps towards the outer edge of the crater. Behind the demon a trail of demonic blood, and exoskeletal fragments followed. As he walked three glowing green eyes focused upon his target. There no longer were words to be spoken. He no longer cared what either foe had to say. All that mattered now was victory and satisfying the hunger that raged within his soul. Now Chiyoki and Izayoi truely faced a demon. And this demon wouldn't stop until every soul upon the moon was his to consume.

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Sector L [Operation Moon Massacre]    Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:27 am

[adm]Since we are aiming to close down the moon event soon, I need a post out in 48-72 hours before Izayoi is skipped since there hasn't been a post in this thread since the 10th. @Imakuran If you need to contact me, you know where to reach me.[/adm]


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Um ...well ...fuck.

Izayoi had felt worse. Compared to the monsters in his family and, hell, compared to most of the monsters they had to square up against, Bid'daum wasn't exactly a heavy weight, but if Izayoi tried to compare the raw energy emanating from the Rakshasa to his own...if he was an ant compared to his brother and father's human forms, he was about an ant to this creature's cat. Izayoi would have been more than able to exchange blows in his previous form, but he was very limited against the raw power that this creature possessed. He simply didn't have the energy to endure a drawn out conflict with this monster, and that was ignoring the damage that he would do to the surrounding area. No, Izayoi needed to try to take him out now or, at the very least, do enough damage to him that whatever was left over, Chiyoki could handle. It wasn't the healthiest play, but it was the best play available.

Izayoi bounced back on the balls of his feet as Chiyoki's attack battered in to the man, bouncing to her side as the resulting explosion expanded outward, vaporizing segments of the ground in what was an absolutely dreadful release of energy. It was quite possible Izayoi had been smacked around too hard as a child. The sensible reaction was to be scared...but Izayoi was just angry. He was a loose cannon, he constantly destroyed things without meaning to in explosions quite similar to the one they were just witnessing and his first reaction was to blame Chiyoki for her lack of control, but even he could tell that energy was not hers. This was a monster considerably different. This was their opponent showing no restraint or control. He had destroyed everything around him, even leveled a to...the ground. He made terrain.

Then Izayoi noticed his golden goose. The boy's eyes widened as he surveyed the area, the smoke dissipating just enough to let him see the area instead of simply feel it...and the kind of stupid, dangerous, pointless plan that had become his trademark began to formulate in the little idiot's head. There was one strength that Izayoi could rely on, one thing that he had unequivocally shown to excel past this creature in and Izayoi's top end speed was better. He didn't have a shred of control of it and he couldn't actually use it effectively in a conventional fight against Bid'daum, but Izayoi did not need conventional, he needed crazy, he needed dramatic...he needed to perform one last piece of insane shenanigans and Chiyoki would be able to put this beast down. He was going to use the one advantage he had...and he was going to ram it down Bid'daum's throat.





"Damnit, no."

"Hey, whatever move you think can put this thing it at my back once I go, just do it."

Izayoi stifled any further protests from Erebus by outright ignoring them. He couldn't allow any doubt or this simply wouldn't work. Erebus knew the particular brand of stupid Izayoi was going for and it was worrying. He was about sixty five percent sure his blonde carry on was not going to survive this, and that was assuming his plan worked. Izayoi, forcing Erebus to cooperate, drew the umbral tendrils from his body as they coalesced across his face. Confidence was important for this and nothing made a coward bolder than a mask. The umbrakinesis formed a shiftless mass that steadily extended to the rest of his body. Izayoi's aura did not quite match the terrifying enmity of his opponent, but his visage definitely did. The boy had become, for lack of a better description, seemingly a walking monster comprised of nothing but the absence of light. If it weren't for the contours of light against his face there wouldn't even be evidence that he was there. Those contours would paint a mask uncannily like a rabid wolf, shadowy teeth bared as light trickled across the edges. It was a psychological ploy, but Bid'daum thought he was fighting children, suddenly seeing a monster that looked like him might cause even a second of pause, and that was all Izayoi needed.

It was as if a cannon had fired. The ground behind Izayoi eroded away as if someone launched a rocket at that very spot as Izayoi rifled through the air as if fired by a mag cannon and hurtled at him at speeds faster than even he had demonstrated thus far. Izayoi's ability to launch himself was second to very few and he was fairly confident that he would reach Bid'daum before he could escape the crater of his own making, and that was all he needed. As soon as Izayoi's monstrous visage crossed the threshold of the crater, it'd remain just long enough for Bid'daum to acknowledge it existed and then it would suddenly vanish, the shadows seeming to leave Izayoi's body entirely and leaving only the image of a blonde tressed kid, beaming down at Bid'daum with a confidence that he seemingly did not merit. As soon as Izayoi did this, both his and Bid'daum's world would grow dark. A large wall of unabashed darkness would shoot up all around the edges of crater as the veil was formed. Izayoi reverted to Flimkien and when doing so, Erebus inherently would form in the are around him, however Erebus was by nature the boundary line, typically this meant he could only attack from the edge of that barrier. Thankfully, if that barrier was obstructed by terrain, that became the new edge of his length and Bid'daum so graciously created that ring around them, heavily condensing Erebus's domain and making him that much more potent. The mass of shadow had completely encased them in a dome sealing Bid'daum and Izayoi off from the world.

And if Chiyoki did her job, her attack would follow closely behind Izayoi, containing whatever destructive energy she could output inside that small dome, but for Izayoi's part he would descend upon Bid'daum, condensing a lot of energy in to his hand as he delivered a powerful blow down toward Bid'daum's face. Even in this new state, the raw destructive power of Izayoi's strikes could not be understated. It would not end well for Bid'daum if he did nothing to avoid the blonde Kamikaze agent.

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Sector L [Operation Moon Massacre]
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