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 Saisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2]

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I. General Information

» Name: Saisei
» Titles: The Unknown, Rebirth
» Age: Newly Born (Formally 300+)
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Sugiura (Sagumi and Aceldama)

» Appearance Description: (Please Put 1-2 Paragraph's on your character appearance.)

» Appearance Picture:


II. Personality

» Personality:


Given Saisei's small past, there isn't much reason for the man to be so angry or mean to others. With that being the case, others are always treated with kindness and respect. Soft smiles, kind words and respectful bows are things that are viewed when Saisei is interacting with others. There wasn't a group of people in the world that would be treated differently in his eyes, everyone deserved a reason to be treated nicely, even the most evil of people. It was a fault of Saisei's at time as well, however. The very people that would treat him poorly due to his stance on morality or kindness would make it clear how they feel about the man. Those of evil nature and poor attitudes probably wouldn't like Saisei too much, some may even go out of their way to purposely harm the man. It wasn't something that created faults in Saisei's actions, however. He would simply continue treating others with the same kindness.


A fault in Saisei's personality would be his stubbornness. Out of the things that Saisei will ever be known for, his ability to stay steadfast in his actions and words will be the one that sticks out the most. When it comes to dealing with others trying to change the man's way of thinking or simply trying to change his thoughts on a simple topic, Saisei won't budge. His words are final and without change for the most part. Of course, no person is forever unchangeable, for someone like Saisei however it takes quite a bit to create a ripple in his thoughts. Normally he follows his heart and mind without hesitation, but every person has slip ups in what they believe in at times. Nevertheless, he isn't one to really go out of his way for change either. Steadfast and unmovable are the best ways to describe Saisei's view on the world, something that is nearly impossible to alter. A trait that couldn't be more painful in certain instances.


It doesn't take much for someone to get on Saisei's good side, his ability to trust others and put his efforts into them is something he takes quite a pride in. Most people, if not a majority, seem to have an issue with outright trusting a person, this is far from true for a man like Saisei. Placing his life in the hands of others was only one of the many things that the trust Saisei develops quickly with others can offer. Of course there are many different types of situations that would stem from outright trusting this person or that person, but to Saisei it all seemed to boil down to what he believed in. If he couldn't trust others, who could trust him? With that being the case, Saisei opens up to almost anyone when it comes himself. There are exceptions, obviously. Anyone that outright stands against what Saisei stands for aren't really a type of person he'd like to trust given his personality.


Unlike a lot of people that one can meet, Saisei has the ability to be personable right out the get go. Showing the ability to show empathy for others, taking his time to remember things that most would blatantly forget and doing his best to make others feel as if they're in a comfortable zone, Saisei is known to be quite interesting to other people. With an appearance that most would find confusing, the man's soft smile and bright eyes always bring others into an odd "trance". Of course, there's no real magic going on behind the interesting eyes of Saisei, he just seems to draw others towards him without much of an effort. That being said, not everyone like's that type of person. Whether or not Saisei wanted others to like him or not, there would always be others that go out of their way to be a poor sport.

» Likes: Saisei has an issue with liking just about anything you bring up to him. Whether it be associated with food, media, people, actions, it takes a lot for him to simply dislike this or that. Some of the most liked things in Saisei's list however is Sukiyaki, fighting with his hands and his ability to smile even through the worst of times. Other than that, everything is pretty even with the newly born man.

» Dislikes: Of the things that Saisei likes, there are also extremes that simply cannot be removed from the list of dislikes for Saisei. Deep down, Saisei had a specific list of things that he would just outright not stand for. Some of those things would be acts of pure evil, taking away freedoms from people in general and removing others from places through force. Saisei despised acts that were meant to harm others simply for the fun of it or for the benefit for themselves. He was a goody goody two shoes through and through, Saisei just simply couldn't help that.

III. Background Information

» Background:


The lifeless arm of Azure Iramasha spiraled its way throughout space, quietly making its way through the vivid black that surrounded the moon's broken shell. Sagumi Sumashuu found his way to the Moon in order to defend it, his actions being noble in theory. Of course, too late was an understatement when it came to the time that Sagumi had arrived. A battered moon stood before him, the only true importance to the figure now being that of the Vanguard Leader's arm simply fading in and out of view. It was simple from here, removing the arm from Space was the first plan of action. Sagumi quickly made his way towards the limb without another thought, simply retrieving it and returning to where he once came from.

Moments later, Sagumi could be found directly within Sukai Karakura, specifically the Vanguard HQ. Within the HQ existed a hospital, an operative that was meant to fight alongside her husband on the moon's surface was now in labor, a child born prematurely. Labor was intense and depressing for those that stood around the gurney. The depressing sight only brought aches to those that attempted to help her, Sagumi's slender figure making its way through the room as the child itself was removed from the woman. It's shallow breath and quiet wails hinted at its poor development, it's life being all but over for now. Alongside the child, Sagumi began to remove the remnants of the soul left within the tired limb, its grey coloring now coming to a final shade of deep and cloudy grey.

"Hm" Taking the portioned soul, Sagumi then began to apply it to the baby that was soon to meet its end, his Samsara quickly bringing the soul into the lifeless child's body. As if the moment were meant to be, the baby sprang back to life before wailing obnoxiously, like the child was meant to. With that being the case, Sagumi gazed towards the now dead mother before he gave a quiet sigh. A dead mother and father, it seemed that the child was Sagumi's now. Taking his leave, the man returned to his realm without another word. The world would soon be given their Commander once again.


Months now based since the day of the attack had occurred, April 10th being quietly etched into history now that yet another bastion of earth had fallen. Saisei sprang to life on the morning of July 28th, his body convulsing awkwardly as he launched himself into a sprint from the tiny bed he occupied. Months had passed now since his birth and quick upbringing had occurred, his interactions with his father and family growing quite important to his development. Day in and day out it was nothing but training, Saisei's urge to create happiness being far too great to truly deal with. It was a nice trait of course, albeit an annoying one. Nevertheless, the boy's figure now lurching forward now that his small shape took form. He wasn't relatively tall, but as it stood he could be described as a teenager for all intents and purposes. The male bound his way throughout hallways before bursting through an open window that seemed to be place so easily for him to escape from. Coming to a slam against the soft grass below him, Saisei gave a cheeky smile to those that might be within view.

"Practice not landing on your head" Playfully teasing his adopted child, Sagumi swatted at his forehead in an attempt to leave a red mark. Of course, he wasn't trying in the slightest, Saisei's body reacting near perfectly to the movement to completely nullify it. Staring at the child, Sagumi once again let a cheeky smile follow suit with his words. "Looks like someone learned a lot form training." Saisei filled with pride, his azure blue eyes latching onto his father's as they spoke with one another.

Hours passed before Saisei found himself ready to meet his final test, the human world. He knew nothing of his past life, Sagumi's abilities locking away both his powers and memories to save the poor child's mind from break so quickly. Saisei was pure, the time he spent training under his father being one of great importance. He didn't know everything and generally caused issues with his hot-head opinions, but in the end? Saisei was ready to do as he pleased. Helping others and being a fighting force for the world is what he wanted. Others smiling because of him would be his greatest wish of all. After all, what was wrong with world being at peace? It was nice every once in awhile, making others smile at the cost of your own happiness.

It was really something Saisei knew all too well.

IV. Natural Abilities

» Natural Attributes:

Unstoppable Willpower:

Saisei's past life was filled with hardships that some people wouldn't be able to handle. Whether it was taking care of those close to him or going at the world on his own, Saisei was a man known for putting almost everyone before himself. With that came his ability to push through just about any situation. As if it were a wall, Saisei's Willpower is one of the, if not the strongest willpower among living beings. Of course, this has little to do with his true strength or anything related to it. Giving in isn't an option for Saisei, his body going until he can no longer move. His unstoppable willpower isn't a power or skill, its a way of life. Something that defines a person would be their kindness or actions towards others, for Saisei it's his willpower. It's something that shapes the man's actions and way of life. Never giving in, never giving up. Saisei is quite the force to be reckoned with when it comes to simply putting him down.

Aptitude For Chi Control:

Despite Sagumi's use of Gehou to force Saisei's Qigongs (Energy Gates) open, Saisei has shown that he has quite an ability with the control of his Chi. After the process of Gehou had finished, the few days that Saisei was given in order to connect with the energy was astounding, his ability to control it being insane for a newly born Chi Human, let alone someone who trained for such a short time. The only true advantage to Saisei's Chi Control being so strong is that he's able to connect to Sei and Dou abilities from birth. With this being the case, Saisei has been able to connect to both Sei and Dou abilities with ease, despite not knowing many. One can say that even despite his birth being such a short ways in the past, Saisei is quite the odd human.

Muay Thai (The Art Of Eight Limbs):

Muay Thai, or "The Art of Eight Limbs", is a type of martial art that spans nearly six centuries before Saisei's birth. In it, practitioners use "Eight Limbs", a combination of their fits, elbows, knees and shins. The art itself is divided into two different types of abilities. Mae Mai (Major Techniques) and Luk Mai (Minor Techniques) both have their advantages and benefits in certain fighting situations. Saisei doesn't know the art like the back of his hand due to his recent birth but under his Sifu (Master), Sumashuu Sagumi, Saisei has been able to learn enough to use the martial art in a way that can be deemed "useful."

The first and most basic attack learned in the art is the Jab, a punch that is used for offensive purposes normally. In cases of trying to defend himself, Saisei also learned the ability of stopping blows with a jab as well. The Jab itself is a quick attack with massive power backing it, a direct blow from the attack being something that could disrupt the opponent's own attack or responses. In the case of using the jab defensively, Saisei uses jabs in order to deter aggressive fighters that give little room to breathe up close. There are other techniques in the art that are quite stronger in comparison to the Jab, but for a basic attack it's used a majority of the time throughout a fight due to the attack itself being usd to set up different combinations with kicks, punches and elbows.

The next attack in Saisei's arsenal is known as the Cross. Another punch, the Cross could be considered the "cannon" of Saisei's punching arsenal. Unlike the quick jab, the cross takes time in setting up when fighting hand to hand with another person, its use being scarce with against an opponent that knows their hand to hand fighting well. Generally, crosses have the ability to cause pain to just about anyone due to the force and set up following it. Normally, a cross won't be used by Saisei unless its the end of a combo. Rotating the hips and following through with the cross gives the punch itself quite a bit of force behind it, allowing it to out-level the jab easily in power.

A few more punching techniques that Sagumi taught Saisei were the Hook, Uppercut and the Overhand punch. Sagumi knew far more than what he had taught Saisei but due to his birth being so recent he refrained from filling the man's mind with too much information. The Hook is usually considered the knockout punch, a punch directly aimed for an opponent's chin. Usually, the user uses their left hand in order to send out a good hook toward's an opponent. An uppercut is a punch thrown upward directed at an opponent's jaw. Uppercut's gather their power from a user's core, so for Saisei he tends to crouch on slightly when trying to use an uppercut on an opponent. By doing so, he can propel himself upward and bring a large amount of force following his uppercut. The final punching technique, the Overhand Punch, another powerful strike in Saisei's arsenal. Using his right fist, Saisei will swing his right arm in a "relaxed" position from his side upward. While maintaining a straight position, his arm will reach a peak where it begins swinging downward and to the left. Using the momentum behind the swing, he will then tighten his arm and continue the punch directly toward's his opponents face.

Due to Saisei's recent birth, the only techniques that were ever taught in depth were his Punching Techniques. Along with these punching techniques, Saisei was taught multiple kicking techniques, elbow techniques and knee techniques. The first of three techniques that Saisei was taught is the Body Kick. Being the most common of kicks in Muay Thai, the technique is aimed at producing quite a lot of power in a single kick. As the name suggests, a body kick is primarily aimed at an opponent's leg, normally the ribs or upper chest depending on position. Not only is the body kick one of the most used kicks in Saisei's arsenal, it's also one of the strongest attacks he possesses. The second of the three is known as the low kick. Yet another powerful kick in the weapon known as Muay Thai, the Low Kick is used primarily on an opponent's lower regions. Focusing on the thigh and knee, the low kick has the quickness of a Jab along with the power of a Body Kick, making it quite a powerful kick in combinations. Usually, the low kick is the ending blow of a combo, especially for a user such a Saisei. The third and final kick that Saisei learned is know as a Head Kick. Just as the last two kicks were named, the head kick is named for its focus on the skull and its ability to knock opponents out with ease. Twisting the body while kicking upwards brings a massive amount of force behind the head kick. Normally focusing on the temple area of the skull, the head kick is just like the cross in terms of being able to end a fight in a single decisive hit.

One of the two techniques Saisei was taught in terms of elbow strikes was the Horizontal Elbow. When used, the elbow is thrown in a horizontal direction towards the opponent's skull. On most occasions, Saisei would aim for the jaw or chin of his opponent but this isn't the only position that it can be aimed at. Alongside the jaw and chin, the horizontal elbow can be aimed towards the temple portion of an opponent's skull. Just like previous techniques, the horizontal elbow has the ability to cause massive damage to an opponent's skull due to the massive amount of momentum backing it. The other technique that Saisei was taught is known as a Slashing Elbow. As if cutting an opponent with a sword, the slashing elbow is meant to pierce the skin above an opponent's eyes. Following a similar pattern as the overhand punch, Saisei brings his elbow downward against an opponent's face (the normal target), aiming directly for his forehead or temple. The blow is one that, if landed, is known to pierce skin and cause bleeding to foes from the sheer force backing the elbow.

The last of Saisei's Muay Thai techniques are two knee techniques that his Sifu had given him. The main knee technique that Saisei uses is known as a Straight Knee. Just like many of the techniques in Muay Thai, the straight knee is used as a quick attack directed towards an enemy's body. Normally, the target area is the chest and rib area. Stepping forward, Saisei pushes his knee forward in a direct motion, the momentum from his rear leg adding to the force behind the straight. The other knee technique that Saisei was taught is known as a Diagonal Knee. Unlike the straight, the Diagonal Knee is meant to focus on attacking the sides of an opponent. When getting up close to an opponent, Saisei bring his knee upward and from the side, the force being targeted at moving the knee just enough to attack the opponent's side. Just as the name states, the Diagonal knee usually comes from a diagonal direction, aimed towards the ribs or even the back of an opponent.

» Passive Chi Abilities:

Chi-Based Tracking:

Unlike a majority of Chi tracking done by other Chi Humans, Saisei's tracking is based on an expansion of his chi outward. The way the ability works is that Chi flows from Saisei to the air and earth, spreading in small and tiny amounts across a 100 meter area. Once it reaches the reach of its length, the Chi then attaches itself to anything and everything it possibly can that shows sign of life. This can be movement, breath, giving off chi energy itself or any other type of spiritual energy for that matter. Along with this, the ability cannot just be negated due to special connection now formed with the lingering chi energy that Saisei has created. This means that even if the person is leaps and bounds stronger than the man, his ability to track is not hindered. This ability is based off of an ability he had in his previous life given that tracking things was a specialty of his.

V. Shiyong

» Sei Abilities:

Saisei is able to use all basic abilities within the Sei and Dou energy sections.

Ishigaki (Stone Wall):

Ishigaki, or Stone Wall, is the one Sei ability that Saisei currently has. By focusing his Sei energy along his body, Saisei is able to read movements and actions far faster than before. By enhancing his reaction timing and senses, the ability is aimed towards taking a completely defensive stance in battle. Along with enhancing his senses and limbs, Ishigaki allows Saisei to mitigate damage from attacks as well. In order to mitigate the damage, if a blow cannot be stopped in time or completely dodged, Saisei will take the impact at a glance or on an area that is currently less afflicted than others. In order to attack from this stance, Saisei has to entirely remove the enhancements to his being before he is able to engage the opponent through raw force once more.

» Dou Abilities:

Saisei is able to use all basic abilities within the Sei and Dou energy sections.

Advanced Piqi:

Currently, Saisei's only Dou ability is an advanced form of Piqi. Just like a normal Piqi, Saisei is able to close out all of his Qigong gates in order to focus chi in a single limb or "area" of his body. Unlike a normal Piqi though, the effects of the usage of Piqi is completely voided. Just as he did in his past life, Saisei's ability to control his Chi allows him to mold and shift it ways most students can't. By being so in tune with his Chi, the effects of exhaustion and pain while using this technique is voided. Of course, after extended use Saisei will tire just like anyone would from using their energy, he just simply does not feel the adverse effects that almost all Chi users do with the ability.

» Seidou Abilities:

Shin no kyōka (True Enhancement):

Along with both Ishigaki and Advanced Piqi, Saisei's third and only Seidou related ability is known as Shin no kyōka. Meaning True Enhancement, Shin no kyōka allows Saisei to take the effects of Ishigaki to the extreme, focusing his Sei energy in to enhancing his limbs and senses. Doing so allows his reaction time and ability to defend himself, and others, to be bolstered. On the other side of the coin however, Saisei's Dou energy is focused on enhancing the impact of his attacks. By using his ability of Tilan to an extent that others normally do not, Saisei is able to propel Chi from his blows as soon as blows make impact. Pushing the Chi outward on the point of impact allows Saisei's blows while using Shin no kyōka to deal out far more damage than a normal blow would. Taking the best of both worlds in Offense and Defense, Shin no kyōka is an ability only used when Saisei is truly going his hardest in a battle. Reserved for quite a few, the intense ability is normally unknown by most save for his Sifu, Sagumi.

VI. Chuxian

Awakening Appearance:

Unlike his normal pink haired and bright eyed self, Saisei undergoes and extreme alteration in appearance when Chuxian is active. Saisei's previously pink hair becomes pure white and growing roughly an inch longer. Alongside that, the bright blue eyes he once had turn into a bright amber color. The most obvious change in Saisei's face however is the smoothness of his skin compared to his basic appearance. All of his facial features have quickly softened in comparison to their teen esque appearance from before.

The other portion of his appearance that sees dramatic change would be that of his clothing. While normally Saisei can be found wearing something rather generic and boring, the young boy dawns a set of clothing that could be described as relics of the past. A black cloak with split sleeves and a red lining sits atop a rather tight black dress shirt. With an abnormal collar, the tight black shirt is complimented by the lower of the boy's attire, simple dress pants that are neatly tucked into onyx colored boots.

Saisei's Appearance:

Saisei can only currently hold onto his Awakened state for 4 posts at a time, requiring a 3 post cooldown in order to exert himself once more.

Awakened Powers:

Mugen no Kakuchō:

Much like Shin No Kyoka, Mugen No Kakucho follows a similar meaning in power. Translating directly to Infinite Enhancement, Mugen no Kakuchō works on a higher level than the base form of Shin No Kyoka works. By taking the same principles of placing Sei energy into one's limbs and Dou energy into the impact of one's blows, Mugen no Kakuchō allows for Saisei to bolster his energy output by nearly double its original output. Due to Saisei's past as Azure Iramasha and ability to abnormally control Chi so well, the energy that Saisei now puts out and into his blows and limbs allow for him to enhance his very being to a higher level than expected for someone so young. Just as True Enhancement would, Mugen no Kakuchō passively allows for one's senses to heighten to unimaginable heights compared to their base form, also allowing for them to raise each general skill stat up by a single level due to the physical, mental and spiritual enhancements caused by Mugen no Kakuchō. One last effect that Mugen no Kakuchō has on the body Saisei's previous ability to propel Chi Energy direction from his pores on impact with a being, object, or surface. This time, said effect is amplified by double it's original output just as general Chi output is, making his blows and movement act as if two beings were attacking at the same time. While Awakened, this ability will always be in effect unlike in base form for Saisei.

Fuanteina Burō:

Translating directly to Unwavering Blow, Fuanteina Burō is a newly gained ability in the Chuxian Awakening that Saisei has obtained. As its name implies, the main focus of this ability is to expend Dou energy in order to create a blow that is meant to cause extreme damage to an opponent. The way Fuanteina Burō works is rather simple, really. Much like Piqi, Saisei focuses his Dou energy into a single portion of his being in order to enhance a blow. This time, however, his basic ability to exert vibrations upon physical impact with objects, beings and surfaces allows for him to completely immobilize sections of an opponent's body upon impact. Once impact has been reached, the Dou energy being ejected onto the surface of said opponent's skin mixed with the countless vibrations that are being shoved into their innards, a temporary (single post) shutdown of a small area of said impact. Specifically a 6 cm by 6 cm square of surface area will be taken out of commission if the vibrations and Dou energy are allowed to work in tandem. An example of impacting an opponent would be the lost of breathing through a single lung when punched in the chest due to the lack of function in that small square, a small hiccup in the ability to have a beating heart if extremely percise (to the degree of being directly centered upon the heart multiple times with this ability) and the loss of moving one's arm if attacked directly against a shoulder joint. This ability can be used once every two posts, making it a deadly factor in Saisei's Awakening.

Mi Kējidobīsuto:

The third and final ability Saisei has gained during his Chuxian state of Awakening is known as Mi Kējidobīsuto, or, Uncaged Beast. While the name of said power can be relatively vague in most cases, it's rather simple in concept. One can assume that Mi Kējidobīsuto could be extreme and powerful, but for a being of Saisei's skill and strength it's pretty generic. By exerting Chi Energy into the are around his being, Saisei is able to manipulate said energy and produce pockets of extreme pressure at a moment's notice. In a field of 5 meters in each direction of his body, this Chi Energy will allow these spontaneous pockets of pressure to act as harsh conditions in most cases for opponents around his own level of strength. While the ability itself is normally used only force these harsh effects, these pockets of pressure can be used for other odd and abnormal ideas. Some examples would be causing the area around Saisei to lack any true stable footing, allowing him to catch an opponent of guard by changing their stance at will. Another would be inhibiting an opponent's ability to hear due to the pressure causing extreme damage to one's ear drums while a final example could be dampening his very being in order to soften blows from physical damage. This ability can be sustained for two post at a time, requiring a two post cooldown in between.

Flame Creation and Vibration Manipulation Enhancement:

This is a passive and generic ability that explains the increase in power for abilities gained through Hallucinations Saisei has experienced. In this case, Saisei's ability to create flame using his Chi energy has been enhanced, allowing for him to create larger constructs and to enhance more than just his limbs with the fiery power. On the other side of the coin, Saisei's ability to further control Vibrations he creates has now become fine-tuned, allowing for further damage on impact of general attacks on opponents.
» Perfectly Awakened Powers: (Describe what powers your human gets in this state)[/strike]

IX. Skill Sheet

Chi Skills
  • Sei: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Dou: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Buzhou: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chuxian: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

END OF CHI Template

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Saisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2] KMyp5MzSaisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2] BLADESIG_zpsllghyztx

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Saisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2]   Saisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2] EmptyThu Jul 28, 2016 11:13 pm

I'll be requesting for Saisei's will skills to reflect that of his previous form, Azure Iramasha. Please and Thank you, I've already spoken to Frost about it and have identified that it is alright.


Saisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2] KMyp5MzSaisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2] BLADESIG_zpsllghyztx
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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Grand Master
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Pain Endurance: Elite
  • Focus: Adept

  • Comments/Notes: N/A

  • Tier: 3-3

Saisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2] WVMWLOu
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[mod]With no notice and no post in the mandatory activity check, this is getting archived. If you're back, just throw an unarchival request in #staffhelp and it'll get put back.[/mod]

Saisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2] 8Bvy1N8


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Saisei, The Unknown. [APPROVED 3-2]
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