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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Boom [GIN]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Boom [GIN]   Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:20 am

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What is it, being called out by the Monsuta leader, Stefan for some type of 'evaluation' regarding a certain type of promotion. Well, it was a coincidence since she was planning to approach him soon enough to ask for his decision regarding the current Monsuta, since she has been spending most of her time to claim a territory for the organization in order to expand both the economy and their army. Nonetheless, these efforts seemed fruitless because the defenses were tight, with people coming in and out from different countries and how Vanguard is growing, there is always an annoyance that pops out and ruin her plans of taking control. No matter how immortal she may be, there is no chance in hell she would take her fights seriously. If she thinks that her default state is not up to par, retreat would be a way to save her time. Unlike the other enthusiasts in the Monsuta, she prefers to take her time to expand. As one would say, early bird does not always get the worm.

'She' is? Well, standing just right outside of the Blood Fall fortress in the Monsuta's Chokehold is Zwei Yuki, a Devil Iramasha with the looks of a child on the outside while on the inside, she acts more differently than the appearance may say. For someone who has spent everyday, unable to find someone to be able to kill her is more or less boring. She has met those who boasted that they could kill her just because they are more powerful than her, gained some kind of unimaginable power or presented themselves as 'God' when they are speaking the one themselves. Entitled as the 'Imperfect God', while she did not obtain true and absolute immortality, Zwei is definitely one of those people that is very difficult to kill. Less of 'that', more about business.

It is truly intriguing of what type of evaluation that their Monsuta Leader can give, despite knowing the fact that in their times of need, he seems to appear and disappear without a trace at times. Unlike Tora, the previous leader of the Monsuta, she finds the current one less worthy and not the type that would be capable enough to lead an organization. Zwei knows very well that she, herself, is not the type to lead others as well if you thought about her personality. Simply put, she is more of a lone wolf than anyone else and would use others if she finds them useful. All in all, within the entire organization, not to brag nor boast about it at all, she has concluded that both Azuma and herself has worked the hardest into breathing life back to Monsuta.

Others looked down on it because they are low on numbers, not joining it because they are no longer as powerful as they used to be and overlook it because they have lost control in most parts of Australia. Zwei doesn't feel angry, sad or any type of negative emotions for what Monsuta has been through and how many others have looked at it. For their current state, it was the best time for the big shots to strike and take down the organization once and for all. An interesting and potential-filled place like Monsuta, for Zwei, it can grow powerful and influential if they have more dedicated members to do the work. That is why both her & Azuma made plans to visit Australia in order to start having things work out.

Sure, Monsuta is not going to stay weak forever. This is why, no matter what circumstances has the organization has been through, Zwei doesn't feel like the current leader is strong enough to lead them. Since he called her out as well, it was the best time to test his values once and for all. She doesn't want to waste both her time and Stefan's as well, if it is for the best of the organization. In truth, she would not hold any grudges if either of them lost, because she is here to see the proof of their leader's strength, not here to kill Stefan.

Standing in the midst of the open land, only time would continue ticking for the arrival of the leader. Hopefully, they can leave a 'boom' in this.

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Boom [GIN]
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