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 The Horde Mode is real

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Horde Mode is real   Wed May 04, 2016 9:53 pm

Masaru was sitting in the flower fields of the Karakura forest, while he wanted to admire them he didn't really have the time to as three Ganma he had formed earlier were behind him to keep watch. In front of him was an eyecon that had been partially damaged, looking back at the ganma's rather noble decision to block a bullet when he was picking off gillian roaming around the forest. As he focused on it he thought the least he could do is make it stronger. While the process would take some time, he wouldn't really get it. He looked up and saw a large mass of black approach the fields. He took the Eyecon and pocketed it and sighed "Such an annoyance..." he said pulling out his own Eyecon, the black and green object flashed as he pressed the button on its side and it let out its usual phrase Standby, placing it into the Loader the eyecon would call out again Yes sir!. The loader made a beeping sound as Masaru twisted the loader allowing it to stand up on his wrist, pressing the button on the right side of it. Loading... was all the eyecon said as the Necrom Damashii appeared and Masaru pressed the dropper and a droplet of liquid fell onto the eyecon, the Uloader announcing it's activation.

Tengan! Necrom, Mega Uload rock music began to play from the Uloader as it reset it's position and Masaru changed into his Necrom form. As the Damashii attached to him the uloader had one more thing to say CRUSH INVADERS. Pulling back the hood the black mass seemed to draw closer, while it was a mass of low level hollows a large number could prove to be difficult. As the mass sped up Masaru motioned at the horde and the three ganma with him began to fire at the mass as they charged, they wouldn't last long but he could make more, made him wonder why he was set on upgrading the damaged eyecon in the first place, he didn't have time to wonder about that now though. He ordered them to stop and then retreat to a safer distance and keep firing. Pulling his GanGunSaber from the ground he took a deep breath and sighed "Better than nothing", as the horde moved in he was the first to strike as his green reiatsu was channeled to his left leg and as he leaped forward he lifted said leg and then slammed his leg down onto a Hollows head causing it to hit the ground and as Masaru landed the hollow only felt the GangunSabers blade cut into its neck before decapitating the hollow, as the barrage of bullets from the ganma's weapons managed to slow the advance of the mass of hollows, Masaru found himself getting tossed around a bit.

He managed to keep moving though, the hollows he managed to slay along the way all seemed to be Gillian or potentially lower. Switching the GangunSaber to its gun mode made things easier as the few flying hollows swooped in only to be injured or shot down completely. A large black arm slammed into Masaru sending him flying away from the horde. He grunted and managed to land on his feet but stumbled back a moment, using his technokinesis to re-arrange parts of his weapon to enable the gunmodes rapid fire seemed like a good idea. As he fired at the hollows the bullet spread meant that while not destroying them by the hundreds he'd start to weaken a few at least. Though he was getting a bit low on energy and took a deep breath and ran forward again, switching the weapon back to blade mode and lunging into the crowd of hollows again, not keen on giving up. Though that didn't mean he could handle them all.

After an hour he was knocked on his back and exhausted, the hollows closed in and his Ganma were fighting off a swarm of hollows that managed to surround him. He blocked a bite attempting to finish him off, he held it back the best he could though he couldn't do so for too long.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Horde Mode is real   Thu May 19, 2016 8:59 am

[4Viz 4 HIS birthday.]