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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Seeking Artist

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Seeking Artist   Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:41 pm

I'm currently seeking an Able Artist to draw my Manga Ideas for me. My drawings aren't that good and I could use someone to assist me.

Faux Wars

The year is 2121, 109 years have past since the last real war. It all ended on November 22, 2012, during the greatest World War ever. Countries destroyed each other to such degrees, that both Countries and Wars had to exist in the Sky and Sea. Then, they came.

They called themselves Cybersynthestrons. 79% Robotic, 14% Alien, and 7% God. They shut down all systems of Computers and Warfare and claimed Sovereignty over the entire Earth. They did away with Modern Governments and Civilizations and made new, futuristic homes that housed humans anywhere on Earth: The Sky, Sea, Underground, and even Space became homes for Cybersynthestrons and Humans alike. Humans were no longer allowed to cross the Land of Earth, now called Junor II, as it was declared Inhospitable due to Extreme Radioactivity from the Last War.

Nations still disagreed with each other, as they always will, but instead of waging real wars, Mock Battlefields were made and small groups of trained Soldiers were assembled to fight in them. These Wars not only help preserve Global Peace, but also provides entertainment for millions of people across the World.

To protect their Children's Lives, Country's Delegates used Cybersynthesis to manufacture special Half-machine, Half-Organic Bodies used solely for Combat. These bodies are called A.S.V.A.B. (Artificial Synthetic Virtual Avatar Bodies). Upgrades can be bought or designed to improve Combat skills, but most of these are reserved for the Rich or experienced. These Soldiers, called Qualms, fight in platoons of up to five, and fight to the death. When you die, you mind gets re-transferred, back to your original body and your ASVAB gets destroyed. Fighters who survive, get winnings determined on how many in their Platoon survive as well as the difference in Soldiers on both sides. The later doesn't usually get tallied until B-Ranked Battles, as it usually involves how many each team initially started out with.

Plot: Benjiro is the son of the renown Cybersynthesis Engineer, Kenjiro Hatake, who, against his father's words, enlisted in the North Japanese Qualms Academy. This is a story of his rise in Military Ranks, and how he plays a major role, in the Next Great War.

Story: After barely Rising to the Top 20, Benjiro is chosen to take part in the Graduation Exam. They are given two weeks to test pilot their ASVAB before partaking in their first real Faux War. Benjiro's father confiscates his ASVAB before he can practice with it, and doesn't get it back until the day before the Exam.

Benjiro finds himself ill-prepared, but, along with his Best friend, Manzo, steps up to the plat to begin fighting. After starting in the fight, Benjiro finds himself on a snowcapped mountain, alongside Manzo and three other Ready Graduates.

They begin by trekking through the snow, looking for their enemy, when a Blizzard hits them, along with a rain of Bullets from the enemy. Two of their guys instantly bite the dust, leaving Benjiro, Manzo, and their third member, a scrawny little kid called Kenichi, forced to take cover in a small cave.

Two of their enemies jump down and prepare to fire at them, when Kenichi fires an energy shield at the opening, deflecting their attacks right back at them, killing them also. Then though, a huge guy jumps down and smashes their shield with raw strength. He addresses himself as Hiro, seeing as neither Benjiro or Manzo recognize him. It turns out, that Hiro's father was a skilled Qualm who Upgraded his son's ASVAB with Multi-fibered, High-tempered Armor that can withstand even the best Energy Shield.

He throws Manzo aside when he rushes in to attack with his twin Katanas, calling them Toothpicks, and slams Benjiro in the ground. His Forearm then converts into a Buzz-saw and says that the pain of getting your head sliced off must be terrible and laughs when he says that pain is still transfered to your real body, even after your soul is returned. Benjiro reaches helplessly towards Hiro's face, hoping to push him off, but his arm is too short. Hiro laughs at his pathetic attempt to stay, but they both then freeze when Benjiro's arm turns into a Plasma Blaster that Benjiro fires straight at Hiro's head.

After that, the remaining Five get released from their ASVAB and are told by their instructor that the remaining five would graduate, not the winning side, but that next time, things will be much more real.
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Seeking Artist
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