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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 A Meeting Of Puppets and Blades [Gin/Shizuo Private]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Meeting Of Puppets and Blades [Gin/Shizuo Private]    Thu May 12, 2016 10:13 pm

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”..Unknown energy signature detected”

The alarms went off, as a powerful energy signature had appeared in the middle of the monsuta’s base. The blood fall, a girl with amber colored hair having slid down from the sky, an umbrella in her hands while she just merely had rested there as more and more monsuta members swarmed. She looked at them , amassing like ants on some invader, or better yet, like they had been amassing on prey. The mixed expression she got from these soldiers kept her amused enough to say the least however. Some of them ranging from curiosity to disbelief to even outright loathing or lust, and it was understandable. In her shifter state she looked like a little child, her glasses resting firmly on the slender curved bridge of her nose. Her hair resting just against her shoulders as if there was absolutely nothing going wrong at the moment. As if at this given moment there wasn’t thousands of weapons trained on her body, waiting for her even to move an inch. Itching to blow her into vaporious particles to be swept up by the wind, and that very thought made the demoness feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even if she didn’t want to act upon it?

She almost involuntarily found those amber eyes of her’s scanning the crowd, taking in all the yummy looking morsels there visually. The life-energy, the warm blood, the scent of fear or of anger. All it was a intoxicating fragrance to her demon self that craved violence and bloodshed. So she decided even if she wasn’t going to hurt them, she wanted to see what happened if she so much as moved a muscle. Because even without moving, they had treated her as if she was some kind of terrorist. A terrorist coming to an organization that, even now thanks to tora lionus was still considered to be terrorists. An organization of the sick, the depraved, an organization that now in the modern world doubtlessly had become the stuff of nightmares. It was amusing, how now apparently a “new” leader had taken the helm, and because of that? She had come here to see them, to learn what this new “leader” would do, and how it would affect both her own kingdom. Chaya Nation, and more importantly Affect Shadow Fall as a whole organization.

Yet as she pondered she had unconsciously raised her hand , and as such? That one action had caused most of these spineless soldiers to actually open fire on her, the stranger. After such energy weapons, conventional weapons, and even a few random objects. [she doesn’t really pay attention to what is “random” however.] Ended up slamming into her demonic barrier, one of the cardinal tools that was in a demon's natural arsenal. To just be either vaporized, stopped cold, or even more to rebound off the shield slamming back into the person who fired it, or in the general vicinity. All the while though with the explosions, and the flashes of light? The queen just propped her jaw up with her palm and watched them, the amusement in her expression stemming from how hard they tried to harm her. When in reality? They simply did not have enough fire-power to break her defenses, She wasn’t even being conceited as she thought about the futility of these soldiers trying to harm her, it was just simply she was one who was near the pinnacle of strength in this world. She was a Demon Queen, One of the four leading members within the demon world hierarchy, Which naturally meant she was one of the strongest demons.

So to think that mere weapons would harm her, or atleast weapons of these soldier’s caliber. Wasn’t just laughable, it was nigh impossible, as to her they weren’t even a light tap to the face, they just hit her barrier and that was that. Though she had to admit, it was pretty damned amusing to watch these “men” try so hard to blow her up. Cute even, and it made the demoness want to gobble every last one of them up, and then turn them into her play-things, into pretty little puppets that she could end up using to fight others in the future. Though she knew if she did that she’d have to fight the people in this organization to get out, which was for her more of a pain then the benifits she’d get from massacre’ing these people, which was why she’d finally exhale and say softly.

”..Im looking for your leader. Can you go get him?”

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A Meeting Of Puppets and Blades [Gin/Shizuo Private]
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