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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 For this world, I will do good. [Hero Quest]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: For this world, I will do good. [Hero Quest]   Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:15 pm


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 481

What he wished for himself. Chloranthy had been thinking about that idea for a long time now. He had pretty much immediately immersed himself in thoughts such as these from the very beginning of his new existence. He had pondered the reasons for his being, his goals, his feelings or lack thereof. A realization he had eventually come to was that while he did not feel much about himself, he still felt much about the world around him. His mind was intensely focused on the world, perhaps due to remnant memories of his intense feelings about the world around the time of his demise. This altogether lead to him developing his current long term goal of bettering said world around him. He wished to, when needed, guide it and eliminate problems that would threaten its well-being and/or improvement. This is what he wished for himself: to use himself as a means to accomplish his goals.

Chloranthy absently gazed at his world around him. A representation of order, interconnectivity, and endless expansion. These would apparently be his ideals for the world. These were the things he wished to bring about; he wished for endless, structured improvement. To move towards these goals, he would do his best to guide the world in the right direction of goodness. He would also do his best to tear threats from anywhere he could. Focusing once more on Cirno, he would do as he was told. As there was no ground around him, he figured he should bring some to him. With just a thought, no, more a decision, another skyscraper would shoot up from the bottomless space beneath them, coming up on Chloranthy's left and missing him by a mere few feet. As it was connecting to each structure around it many times, he would reach for it with his left arm, but then hesitate before making contact. He then turned his gaze towards it, looking thoughtfully at his reflection. Something he would need to think upon would be the concept of control. Just how much should he wish to dominate the direction of the world he wished for? How much control would constrict freedom and improvement too much?

With another decision made, Chloranthy's reflection would immediately vanish, as well as any other reflection of him his world held and would hold. He decided that while he wanted to guide the world, he should not restrict it. He would do his work when needed and outside of the foreground. This inner world represented his wishes for the world; it did not represent himself. He reaffirmed within himself that he was a means to accomplish his goals. His left arm closed the small gap between it and the structure beside him, and he strongly focused all of his previous thoughts and decisions into it. Looking back towards Cirno, he passively anticipated whatever step would come next.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: For this world, I will do good. [Hero Quest]   Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:40 pm


Artist: LENK64 - Song: Primal Scene

This was quite the interesting sight to behold for The Celestial who trained this demon on the path of the light. The whole of his world was infused within a simple sphere. All of his hopes, dreams, memories and motivations were constricted to this so that he may remain constantly aware of what it is his creed is. Thus, with his mind, body and spirit now resonating ever so strongly with that feeling; Cirno felt it was now needed for him to take the phase of training so she could unveil to him something quite special.

"You've done as I asked and took the core concepts of yourself and realized them wholly. I want you now to keep that vision burning within your mind..."

There was a cheeky voice heard from the female as she was beginning to speak to the male. It was if she were about to break out in a small fit of laughter, but she composed herself enough in order to keep a straight face as it brimmed with the utmost of confidence for what was about to come his way. As, slowly, but surely, Cirno started to raise her right index finger until it eventually pointed at herself.

"...and then I want you to attack me with everything you have. Give me an attack with resonates with the beat of your spirit and hit me with it."

Then, in one swift moment, she tapped the chin of her face, puffed out her chest and gave a triumphant pose in order to ooze her certainty to the male. What? She was a woman who has found herself blown up by multiple nuclear-scale attacks, took an attack which could destroy the moon head on and has fought against multiple opponents with the potential to destroy planets. While she wasn't underestimating the male, The Angel Of The Ice had a STRONG faith in her body's capacity to deal with a bit of pain.

"Come on, hit me! Do it! It's for a good reason, trust me and do it!"

The woman repeated herself once more in a more giddy fashion as she then slapped her stomach and motioned for him to charge with whatever attack he wished.

"You can seal me, burn me, hit me physically, throw projectiles at me or whatever you wish. Just make sure whatever you do has that vision imprinted within it and you do it with the burning passion of a phoenix's raging flames!"

Was she getting a bit carried away with her words? Perhaps, but Cirno was an excitable person when she wanted to be. And she was quite excited to see what the fruits of their trying were going to produce if he just did this simple thing. So, there would be nothing else for either of them to do until he worked up the nerve in order to cross the line of where he stood and reach The Angel Of with his most fiery attack.

"Don't be shy! HIT ME!"

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For this world, I will do good. [Hero Quest]
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