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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Worthless (Open)

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It hung in him like a parasite. It was triggered like lightning. And when it went off with a fuse too short to react, it exploded like a nuclear bomb of nightmares. He was watching a couple in the park as he rubbed on a red rose he found a bush nearby. He was happy when he saw them, it gave him hope that that would one day be him. He had none of his usual negative emotions which should have been his first question and should have raised many warning signs, but like all human's he paid no mind to such a thing at this time. He barely noticed that he hadn't fallen into a sadness.

However when the energy exploded he had no time to hold it back. It was like when he was going through his experiment to make him stronger. When he met his new half and felt a sadness that he couldn't fight no matter how hard he wanted to. He screamed an unearthly scream as his emotions latched onto him in the for of vibrant black energy with a beautiful blue hue that gave off a dangerous murderous vibe. Large blue wings erupted from his back and the edges were jagged and the bottoms were torn. His blades appeared next to him spinning wildly. The blades cried blood through cracks that's shouldn't have been there. His nails grew black and long as his hair erupted in grey death like strands that fell in front of his right eye, leaving his burning red eyes which began to fill with darkness as if it was a hole in his head instead of a place for his visual organ.

His jaw opened and jagged teeth ripped through his gums leaving blood trailing down them as they took the places of is usual set of beautiful pearly whites. This feeling of loneliness was combined with an unearthly hatred that would be felt throughout the entire city as Sijel would begin to rise high above the park. His energy now violently spilled from him reaching out from his body as if grasping for someone who wasn't there. A crimson tear left his eye and dragged itself down his cheek as his mouth held itself in awe. He took one last glimpse into the beautiful before his body pulled his sanity into the darkness of his mind where it sat caged like a bird.

In his head sijel sat in his mental prison as he began to cry in pain as the feelings that overran him began to burn at him as if trying to sear close a wound. Outside sijel gave another unearthly scream that would shake the grounds around him and partially shake the buildings as if a brief tremor from a minor earthquake. His blades hovered next to him and twitched as if any moment they could lash out at the nearest thing.

An immense amount of butterflies spilled from sijel's mouth as It tour itself opened beyond it's capacity. Ripping the tendons that held it together into pieces. They spilled out like a thunderous cloud and all that could be heard was the sound of a large amount of wings flying and what sounded like slight chirps as the unstable energy that formed them threatened to detonate them at any moment. Sijel would raise his arm his dark hole which served as his eye looking onto the city. He lowered it and it was as if life itself was silent time seemed to slow in his mind and in moments all he heard was his butterflies as they exploded with all of his powers. Buildings would fall as trees fell. People would run screaming away from the man who hovered over the beautiful park. "Want me..." He spoke silently. "Want me!" He spoke louder. "WANT MEEEE!!!!" He screamed this as his energy roared an increased the sound of what he said.

Blood filled tears fell from his once eye as he further tapped into the energy that he had yet to be able to control. The pull from the energy pushed his sanity deeper into the darkness and increased the pain that grasped his entire body 10 fold. Like that was a trigger the butterflies began to explode in a frenzy causing destrouction and pain to everyone within range. The park was being decimated by the explosions as trees flew everywhere with dirt and flowers that seemed as if they were being abused in the worst way possible.
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Worthless (Open)
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