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 The Angel of Death's Walk Through the Forest Maze

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Angel of Death's Walk Through the Forest Maze   Tue May 31, 2016 2:13 pm

Henrex smiled under his scarf as the girl giggled at his words. It wasn't insulting. It was...calming. It was casual. It was something he could laugh and smile about. He nodded as she asked if they were friends. They were. He slowly stood up, and dusted himself off. Not that there was much. He silently took a breath, grateful that this meeting didn't go terrible. He rather enjoyed the girl's company. He slowly nodded once when the girl said that she would be on her phone when she would speak to him, since, most likely, no other humans could see him. But then he noticed She blushed. It confused him. Why did she blush?

Henrex listened carefully as she spoke of each and every tea name that she had to offer. Quite a few of them very well appealed to him. Specifically green tea, or sencha, as the japanese name was. It could be very bitter and grassy flavored, depending on how one would brew it, but if brewed right, it would taste very good. Henrex smiled to himself as he remembered how his mother would make it for him, back home, in Toba. But then the smile quickly faded as he then remembered his mother's fate. She was dead. Gone. Forever. His eye closed from this bad memory, then he sighed. He hated thinking about it. All it did was depress him.

Henrex's mood quickly lightened from this bad memory and he then smiled. His choice was made. "I would love to have tea with you." He said, before crouching down, and muttering something under his breath, causing the back section of his shihakusho to glow. As the two wings tattoos hidden underneath the robes of his, wings would burst forth from the glowing section of his back, before spreading wide, like an eagle. He then stood up, looking at Rina, the asked his a single question, which should help her get over her shock.

"Ever flown before?"
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