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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Tag. You're it.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tag. You're it.    Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:47 pm

Artist: Two Steps From Hell - Song: Unforgiven - Word Count:1176

Shadin Motherfucking Yuudeshi. The beast of Karakura. Had decided to play tag with Desmond Motherfucking Hayden.

Well it wasn’t quite that simple in fact it was much more than a simple game of tag, this was part of a training session that Desmond had set up with Shadin to help him improve his speed. Who better to help Desmond than one of the fittest people in the world, with a fighting record that might just rival that of Radioactive. This was going to be either extremely comical or extremely straining- perhaps both if Desmond could prove so lucky. Well it wasn’t like he had forever so while he waited for the white haired Ziamichi his eyes surveyed his surroundings.

Barren fucking wasteland what else did you expect? Well it wasn’t quite that simple while this was one of the most scarred lands in the world it was also sometimes one of the safer places for people like Desmond and Shadin to hone and refine whatever skills they had at their disposal in the long run. With little life, or life that isn’t malicious in nature, in their way they were free to let loose all they needed to without restraint- just like Hayden liked to.

But between the dead grass and dirt lumps in the ground referred to as hills he couldn’t help but kneel down to place his hand against the organic material, this place had a serene broken feeling to it- like being at a funeral for a soldier. It was quite, solemn, and respectful more than anything else- which he had to respect going to his druidic religion and family nature; he knew one day he might return to this land to rebuild upon it. He always did like a challenge hence why he would have reached out to Shadin to get him to agree to such an intense training session.

He didn’t cut any corners when he explained what he wanted, he wanted a grueling intensive session to improve himself- he wanted to leave today broken and sweaty. He needed to feel that rush and power of when he first started his quest to greatness a year ago from today. He briefly recalled training with Azure when he first joined the Vanguard to his time spent fighting Wolf now standing among the titans of the world, even if he wasn’t the strongest. He had stood before behemoths and demi-gods, it’s as if life has asked him if he has had enough and he replied with give him more.

“C’mon Shadin, I know you’re fast so you must be here somewhere- or would you like to find you first?”

The question was open ended of course because there was a very real possibility that Shadin was just hiding somewhere or moving at such a level Desmond couldn’t comprehend it yet. But that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try, in fact one might be able to sense just how high his focus and willpower was today- he was in good spirits some that he has not been in for some time. With a laugh escaping his lips he would graze over the field for a moment before trying to locate the spiritual energy of anyone nearby, specifically a white haired beast of karakura.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Tag. You're it.    Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:35 pm

Artist: N/A OST - Song: Trouble Erupts - Word Count: 809

Speed: it could make or break a fight. Many combatants often sought out immense strength, but many often do not put enough consideration into the element of speed. It plays a crucial role in any battle that one may find themselves placed in. From the reaction speed needed in order to evade hypersonic magic spells, to the physical speed required in order to outrun certain destruction from widespread attacks, to the mental level in how fast one could process thought; there are many different areas where speed could come in handy and the training session for today was meant to cement that fact of reality in Hayden's skull.

Now, why would The Beast of Karakura even bother training anyone? Investment. It couldn't hurt to begin investing more in the future of the world just as many others have done in his own past. While his body could inevitably live forever if he were not killed in combat, there was a sinking feeling in the chest of The Yuudeshi that perhaps one day he might not be around to help resolve the conflict which occurs in the world. Therefore, this wouldn't be the first instance of him training random candidates throughout Karakura Central to take up the mantle as Earth's Defenders.

Hence, through this scenario is where our albino protagonist would find himself in the middle of the wastelands attempting to train Desmond Hayden. While he had the data he could gorge himself on via the files uploaded to the Yuudeshi Network from the Vanguard, all he truly needed to know was that the man on the profile he skimmed often fought on the side good and he was interested in seeing whether or not he could be turned into an ally of Karakura Central. Therefore, he'd emerge in a vortex of white light one hundred meters away from the Hayden.

Once he had his sights on Hayden, The Beast of Karakura Central would go in a straight line dash towards the male at speeds which placed him at Supersonic speeds from the get-go. However, there would have been no sonic-boom heard or felt. As, the ever looming prowess of Imaginary Computation would have suppressed the pressure waves generated by said boom and kept his presence, more or less, silent. Since, in estimate of time comparable to a half second, Shadin would have aimed to tap the right shoulder of Hayden.

While, in the same amount of time, his mind would have had enough processing power behind it in order to maintain a field of kinetic rejection around him. Since, with his ability to control momentum and kinetics, a small shield around the size of The Yuudeshi's body would have engulfed him and made any direct physical contact with him likely result in something like a hand or limb being repelled in the opposite direction; akin to a repulsion shield.

This was done in part in order to make it rather difficult to get a good grip on him and so he could start the game of tag with a bang. As, with the speed The Beast of Karakura was moving at, Hayden may not have even been able to get a glimpse of what the male looked like apart from white blurs and a crimson trail of light from his eyes. He was putting the pedal to the medal and giving himself a work-out so his speed wouldn't decay and rot from atrophy.

So, instead, he would only utter these words out to the battlegrounds:

"Tag, your it."

Then, an eruption of sound would blast the area and the skies themselves would break away; while the earth itself shook in the wake of his compressed sonic-booms being unleashed and rocking the region like a hellish storm. As Imaginary Computation manipulated the laws of physics and managed to compress the sonic booms long enough for them to be released at a later time. This had done in order to make it difficult to find and locate The Yuudeshi. As his energy was appearing in the skies, the ground beneath them and in the air surrounding Hayden. While, in the land around them, smaller bursts continued to erupt and it was going to be extremely hard to discern the location of where Shadin was.

Thus, it is where the first challenge came: how will you react to an opponent whom you cannot see or touch?

That was going to be the test for Hayden and he was going to need to discover a way to reach him.

Hence, The Yuudeshi would utter these words as his voice was projected in every direction:

"Now, figure out how to catch something you can't perceive."

And with that -- the game was on!


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Tag. You're it.
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