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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Upgrade for Henrex after the Miniburst and Fight Night!

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Upgrade for Henrex after the Miniburst and Fight Night!   Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:03 am

» Name Of Character: Henrex Astillon
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Skill Upgrade (Miniburst):

Willpower/Determination: Adept -----> Advanced

Durability: Beginner -----> Adept

Tier Upgrade: 4-1 ----> 3-4

Skill Upgrade (Fight Night):

Zanjutsu: Beginner ----> Adept

» Why: With all the combat that Henrex has participated in, he had taken quite the beating. I felt it right to increase his Durability to adept, but his Determination and Willpower is more so due to Shadows and Shikai, and The Angel of Death's Walk Through The Forest Maze. This is due to because in Shadows and Shikai, with Kuro beating the crap out of him, and him revealing to him what had happened to Kuro himself, Henrex now has a newfound determination to not only avenge his kin, but also to make his captain proud. In The Angel of Death's Walk Through the Forest Maze, Henrex has started trusting humanity more, mainly the girl he met within the World of the Living, Rina. Her kindness and lack of judgment towards when he undid his own seal and showed her the wings that he had, made him believe that he can begin to trust humanity more. This new trust has lead him to want to build his trust with humans, so that, maybe, just maybe, he could stop hiding himself in his own isolation and grief....

And now, for the Fight Night Zanjutsu reasoning. Due to Henrex mainly, if not only using his sword in fights, his skill in weaponry and Zanjutsu has increased. I felt that Zanjustu is a main point of Henrex being a Shinigami. Sure, weapon skill is a major factor within his original, but now lost skill as a swordsman, but Zanjutsu is something that he can master as a Shinigami. Henrex's weapon skill most likely won't be tremendously high, perhaps adept or stay at beginner most of his life. This is due to his weapon range mostly being with a sword. Henrex's main weapon of choice is a sword. He always uses it. Since he will most likely only use a sword throughout his life, I figured that raising his skill AS a swordsman would be more appropriate. Since he's been using his sword a lot, raising his weapon skill wouldn't feel like it's the right choice. Since he uses his sword, he's had time to adapt to the Shinigami's sword style, and become more skilled with it. Since he has been in multiple combat threads, I feel that this upgrade is well deserved.

Alright, time for the Tier upgrade reasoning. Henrex is, in all honestly, weak. Not only in strength, but also in spirit. He is a very weak person. Some of his emotions he can't control, which is why he also considers himself weak. Every time he's thrown down by an attack, it only crushes him even more. He knows he's weak. He desperately wants to change that. He wants to get stronger for multiple reasons. To avenge his kin that were murdered, avenge his own death, and protect the people he cares for. To do this, he would need to train non-stop. Due to the miniburst, fight night, and overall, just the threads he's been in, he's done more than enough to deserve an upgrade. In Shadows and Shikai, he was able to unlock his Shikai for a single post, but this is due to because of his strength level, he can't control it. It's unstable. Because of that, Henrex has dedicated himself to master his Shikai, and to master his skill with his Zanpakutō, with Cirno Iramasha in the Hero Quest. Perhaps if he gets stronger, he might be able to look at himself....and be proud of what he is...and what he's become.

» Extra: N/A

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Upgrade for Henrex after the Miniburst and Fight Night!   Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:18 am

[adm]Approving this based on the grounds that I honestly think he's earned it after what Henrex has gone through with Cirno and surviving even standing in the presence of not one but two 0-tiers. That is reason enough I believe to call this approved. If anyone has issue with that, please talk to me directly.[/adm]

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Upgrade for Henrex after the Miniburst and Fight Night!
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