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 Arianda Vael [Approved; 1-4]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Arianda Vael [Approved; 1-4]   Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:07 pm

Coding In Template By:


Basic Information


» Name: Arianda Vael
» Titles: The Crimson Hooded, Death, The Angel of Conflict
» Age: She looks about 20, but is truly 300 years in age, at least human years.
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Shadowfall: Grand Duchess of the Second Circle

(OOC Note: The shifter form was changed after Arianda went into the black world. Any threads prior to that will still hold her first shifter appearance)

» Shifter Appearance Written: After events in the black world, Arianda went through a rather drastic change; appearance wise. The only thing that really did not change was her cloak; the one thing she would never lose about herself. While she still had the same crimson cloak, although more battle worn, her clothing had to change to fit her… growth. While her height has increased very little over all, an inch increase, her appearance had really changed in contrast. Her eyes changed from their crimson red to a brilliant silver due to her Seal of Eris reacting to the Oorja energy she has not interacted with before; which was a side effect she had not expected. Her face had also grown only slightly more accented, since it was already soft, not much changed there. Her hair had also changed to be black with red highlights. Causing her ponytail to look rather interesting until she got it cut when she returned to her own palace to get it cut. Of course, after that, she left the hair at about shoulder length with the red highlights accented, and complimented, by her cloak. Her attire also changed after she returned, to better fit her body.

The first change that was rather major was an increase in her boob size. They had grown from her normal flat chested state to be about a C size cup. While they were not the biggest C sized boobs on the block, it was definitely a strange change for her. So, when she returned to her palace she ended up getting some clothes that she felt were right for an appearance like this one. She ended up deciding on a rather Victorian styled shirt, what appeared to be leather arm guards, a corset, a miniskirt, mid-thigh length stockings, knee high boots, and her ever prominent crimson cloak. The shirt is a very plain white color leaving an opening in the top to show off her cleavage and the area of her chest before her collar bones. The shirt also had a nice collar that wrapped around her neck tightly; going halfway up her neck. The rest of the shirt is hidden by the corset and skirt; hiding the buttons on the front. The corset is a pitch black color with a nice red strap on the top; seemingly held on with a buckle of sorts. Bound to the corset are leather-looking straps that seem to hold the corset in a way. The straps wrap to form an x on her upper back; creating a place for things to be secured. The straps also wrap around both of her arms. One wraps around her right arm while 2 wrap around her left arm; forming an X on the outside of the left arm. The corset seemingly as two layers, revealing a red fabric under the corset. Where the corset is bound by strings, causing it to be tight, there is a lack of fabric; showing the red fabric mentioned earlier.

Under said corset is a miniskirt. The miniskirt, like the corset, is pitch black; with a red trimming at the bottom. On the skirt is a belt that is hanging somewhat loosely off of her right hip. There seems to be loops on the left side of the belt, but, what is in them is rather unclear to most. Of course, Arianda does indeed have something to somewhat cover her legs. She wears a pair of stockings that go up to the middle of her thighs. The fabric is ripped in about eight separate places. Thrice on the front of the right stocking, twice on the back of the same stocking; both on the thigh. On the left stocking there is about one rip on the side of the thigh, leaving two rips on the back of the stockings right on her calf. Not only are there tears on the left stocking, but, there is also a rose on the left stocking; the bud at the top of the stocking. Now, she also doesn’t run around without shoes. No, she wears nearly knee high boots that add an inch to her 5’2” height. The boots are black all around leaving the soles as a crimson red color, like that of her cloak. The boot on her right foot is only the slightest bit shorter than that on her left foot. This is likely due to how disorganized she felt after the black world. But, regardless, she still liked the look. The left boot had about 4 separate straps, all with buckles on them. Each buckle lines up to be on the left side of a boot. The right boot has four buckles as well, but, they aren’t as clearly laid out. A single buckle was on the left side of the boot, one on the back, and two on the right side.

Her cloak, meanwhile, is the same yet, strangely different. For one, the cloak is battle torn along the bottom due to events in the black world and Arianda being generally violent. Also, the cloak was made longer by Arianda personally so she can cover her entire body with it if she wishes. The general construct of the cloak remains close to the same as it was, but, it isn’t as patchy as it used to be. The cloak looks much sleeker, besides the battle damage. The cloak has a rose-like emblem now binding it to stay around her neck and shoulders. She also slightly secured it with the straps on her back. The hood is also much the same, though, the medals were removed and Arianda was unable to find them. The cloak is just mainly longer to better fit how she looks now. In general, Arianda’s appearance had adjusted to better fit how things were in the black world, to better fit Oorja energy. She ended up liking the new form quite a bit in the end. Because of that she did not change her appearance back to how it was before then. Arianda grew to like the appearance and decided not to change it back in the end.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

More In Depth Appearance Picture:

» Alternate Shifter Appearance Picture, for Business outside of Shadowfall(or not wanting to be recognized):


» False True (Shifter) Appearance Picture:

» False True (Shifter) Appearance Picture Notes: This form is one that Arianda uses for those who she may not completely like or trust when she wants to show them how she looks like. Of course, the other reason is because of how her true appearance is meant to resemble Mana. This means that very few people will actually see her actual True Appearance.

» True Appearance:


» Reserved: Due to past events, Arianda normally keeps to herself. She doesn’t normally like associating with people in any way. This is because she has learned that people will normally leave her alone if she keeps to herself and if she seems scary enough.

» Calm: Because of how reserved Arianda is, she has taught herself to be extremely calm in many situations. She has done so to hide any anger she may have towards humans or otherwise. Because of this calm attitude she normally has, she doesn’t always face people with any sort of emotions until she actually has reasons to actually present emotions of some sort.

» Attitude: Arianda is mainly the type of person where if someone faced her with a smile or some sort of question she would avoid the question all together or look at them with a completely blank face. Since she hasn’t learned much besides killing, she doesn’t know too much about social conventions. However, if she tries she can carry a conversation; not for that long however.

» Blood Lust: Over the many years Arianda has been alive she gained an insatiable blood lust. This is normally what drives her to fight in battle, or the immense curiosity to see if the opponent would provide a good fight. This blood lust has caused her no pain, except for when she was betrayed by someone she thought was a friend. Ever since then Arianda has been trying to find ways to suppress the blood lust enough so she won’t enjoy even killing someone that she thought was important to her. However, this hasn’t always stopped her from killing the occasional Shinigami or Hollow. It only stopped her from killing Shinigami or Hollows randomly wherever she could.

» Demonic Looks: Despite Arianda’s many efforts to cloak herself in her shifter form; she still has many mannerisms of a demon that she doesn’t even mean to show sometimes. There are times where she randomly glares at someone or does a very strange action that no one else would recognize; except for another demon.

» Happy: Even a demon like Arianda can be happy, believe it or not. Whenever she is happy she obtains a small grin and acts like she is hyper. This happiness can be portrayed as craziness, but it truly is how Arianda acts when she’s happy. Also, whenever Arianda is happy she may end up falling asleep randomly from a sudden loss of that energy she just gained from being extremely happy.

» Sad/depressed: Arianda has only felt sadness or depression once, which was when she killed the Shinigami woman who Arianda thought was her friend. After that Arianda felt something she never had felt before; a heart wrenching feeling that broke out after that day and many times still. Normally when Arianda feels like this she will try to isolate herself from everyone and everything that she can.

» Joking: Arianda has a very morbid type of humor, which mainly consists laughing about the strangest of things. She mainly laughs about jokes that have to do with killing, blood, or anything like those. However, she will laugh at some jokes if they catch her off guard and seem funny to her. She doesn’t know many jokes, so the ones she laughs at will depend on the context and if she actually understands it.

» Isolation: Arianda has purposefully isolated herself to prevent certain events from happening, say accidentally destroying a human city. Because of this, she is very wary of anyone she wanders upon. No matter their race, gender, or even what they truly are; be it hollow, demon, or otherwise.

» Anger Issues: Like Arianda’s short stature, she has an extremely short fuse when it comes to being pissed off easily. All it takes to piss her off are slight pokes at her, or even her race. She will get pissed of just at the slightest insult to anything that she stands for. When this happens she normally explodes in anger, doing things blindly. This doesn’t last too long, however. After the rage is over, she doesn’t entirely know what happened and can only recall very few details depending on her mental deduction skill or what happened exactly.

» Craziness: Arianda, despite how she normally acts, is extremely crazy. Whenever she enters battle she shows this by laughing manically no matter the situation, even if she is beat to hell she’ll keep laughing. However, she’ll stop laughing if she falls unconscious or if she notices something that surprises her immensely. There is no doubt that Arianda is crazy, but she does know when to act more serious than normal.

» Serious (Transformations): Unlike her Shifter or True forms, Arianda becomes rather serious when she starts using her transformations. She becomes so since whenever she uses her transformations she’s actually getting serious in a fight; prepared to kill her opponent if possible or necessary. She completely loses any sort of crazy attitude that she had previously, or any type of joking she was doing.

» Condescending (Transformations): There are times where Arianda is transformed and she becomes surprisingly cocky and condescending. However, this only occurs when she is fighting someone she has a clear advantage over. Otherwise, she will do the exact opposite. She will become partially self-destructive as well as slowly starting to give up on the battle.

» Dark Minded: No matter Arianda’s form, in the back of her mind dwells the darkest part of her being. This part of her contains many things, which mainly consist of all the fears, doubts, and terrible times from her past. This is also where most of her darkest premonitions toward herself rest. Where she passively stores her darkest feelings. In this part of Arianda’s mind, her suffering is stored there too. Whenever Arianda gets depressed in any way, this part of her mind takes over and causes her not to really care anymore. This will cause her to allow people who are trying to kill her, or harm her, to do what they wish due to her lack of caring. In this mood she will also hurt herself in various ways since when she is like this she truly does believe she isn’t exactly worth it.

» Respect: Arianda has immense respect for those who are the same race as her, or for anyone who is able to hold their own in battle. Whether it be against her or in general. Whenever Arianda respects someone she will most certainly treat them with the most respectful words, phrases, and gestures she knows. She may also try to defend them even if they are far more powerful than she.

» Likes

» Blood: Arianda has a very strange affinity with blood. It’s not like the blood has an affinity with her because she’s blood thirsty; it’s because, in truth, she has an extreme fascination with blood. To her blood is a liquid that is very interesting and she likes to see it. She causes people to shed blood since she likes to look at the blood afterwards, only for a little bit though.

» Human Things: Despite Arianda’s clear avoidance of humans, she really does think the things that humans do, and have, is very interesting. Because of this she stole a phone and a pair of headphones mainly to experiment with them and to have them. From doing that she has grown to like human music, as well as some human games that she has found on the device.

» Chocolate: During her time in the human world she had found many things to eat and do. One of the most delicious things she found was Chocolate. After Arianda stumbled upon chocolate she found herself obtaining some whenever she could and eating it to her hearts content. Likely the best way to make a deal with Arianda is to have some chocolate.

» Food: She also found many different types of food that she absolutely adored. To her all of the human food was very strange, and didn’t look like it’d taste good. However, she exposed herself to many types of food causing her to become infatuated with food; even more so than when she still lived in hell. Frankly, food of some sort is another great way to keep Arianda from trying to kill you, or to make a deal with her.

» Formidable People: Since Arianda has been battle bound for much of her life, anyone who can hold their own against her she will gain a liking to, no matter their gender, race, age, or anything like that. She believes that someone who is powerful is worth admiring. In cases like those she may try to get them to take her under their wing; to train her in some way. It all depends on how much she likes the person, and if this person isn’t tricking her in some way.

» Hell: Even though Arianda left hell at quite an early age, she has always liked her home. If given the chance she would return to hell or bring elements of it to her. She misses her home, if someone tried to take her back to hell, say the queen or her family, she wouldn’t resist. However, that all depends on the situation.

» Shinigami: Ah yes, she likes Shinigami alright. Of course this like is to mainly kill them. Not out of cold blood or anything, it’s just because she wants someone to fight. She loooooves to fight Shinigami, however that would be the only reason why she likes Shinigami.

» Dislikes

» Braggers: Arianda absolutely hates anyone who brags. If someone starts gloating, she wants to take her scissors and jam them into the person’s skull without any regrets. Even if this person can back up their gloating with actions, she will still hate this person until they stop bragging like an insolent child or until their actions outweigh their gloating.

» Humans: Despite how Arianda likes what humans do, their food, and their devices; she has a large amount of hate for humans. She mainly hates humans because she believes that they are a despicable race that treats anything that could be good, or is given to them, like trash; throwing it away like it is nothing. She believes that humans aren’t able to improve on how they act, but she doesn’t believe they should die for such things.

» The Weak: If Arianda sees someone weak she will do one of two things; the first would be to straight out kill the person or thing. The second would be to look at the person or thing and then plainly walk away, not giving the thing the time of day.

» Shinigami: Arianda has a love hate relationship for Shinigami. She loves them just to fight them, however, she dislikes Shinigami because some of them hunt her just to kill her, or the Shinigami she’s stumbled upon are weak. However, she has heard of some strong Shinigami that she’s wanted to face but has never been able to due to their lack of presence in the world of the living.

» Bloodshed: Strangely Arianda doesn’t always like bloodshed. It truly does depend on her mood, but if she’s remembering the time where she destroyed a city of humans she won’t be trying to attack anyone. However, she can bypass this slight dislike if her life is in danger.

Background History

» History: Part 1: Arianda, like some demons, was born as a demon. From a very young age she showed expertise in battle with most types of weapons. Throughout the years, as Arya slowly grew, she gained expertise with weapons of different types. One of those weapons being a giant pair of scissors. Even past that, she trained her youth away using mainly the giant scissors as well as training with demon magic a little on the side. Despite her expertise in battle she never truly joined any armies or any sort of forces that the demons have. All she did was train and train, attempting to reach a new level of power. She trained so long and so hard that some believed she was to be quite powerful when she grew up.

After a time, some Shinigami somehow got into hell and attempted to attack where she lived. She was, in truth, annoyed by the presence of the Shinigami and she went alone to kill the Shinigami, despite the fact that she was only in her shifter form at the time. Alone she went, to dispose of the Shinigami. When she arrived they laughed at her and one of the Shinigami approached her to bat her out of the way. She promptly beheaded the Shinigami with her scissors, with great ease. She looked at the other Shinigami with a look of pure hate and immense blood lust flowing through her entire being. As she looked at the dead Shinigami in front of her she began to laugh. Laughing evilly now, to the point where the Shinigami have grown slightly scared, she slaughtered the other Shinigami without any hesitation. As she stood amidst the corpses she discovered her immense blood lust, how she loved to battle and to kill. Soon enough her blood lust outgrew her desire to stay at home and she left.

Arianda left to different parts of hell, killing whatever she could. She would sometimes venture to the human world, find stray humans and slaughter them just to witness blood other than that of a demon or Shinigami. She never tired of her blood lust, however, she did learn how to control it so she doesn’t kill everyone. She instead found ways to make it so her blood lust and aura wasn’t as prominent as it used to be. She began to wander around dimensions she could reach to learn more and become more powerful if possible. As Arianda travelled she learned many things, about the human race, some about the Shinigami, and the overall fear for her own Race. She had no idea of this such fear but instead of filling her with a desire to be what she isn’t; she decided to be what she was, and try to fight for her own ideals. Even if those ideals were mainly bound by the will to fight.

Part 2: During Arianda’s time in the human world, she only found out one thing; humans are annoying… as fuck! Despite that she still didn’t kill any humans, she truly believed that humans weren’t worth bloodying her weapon. She had mainly roamed in areas that were there were no humans. Say forests, abandoned villages, caves, mountains, any place that’s abandoned and where no humans roam. She always wandered and never kept to one place, trying to avoid humans as much as possible. However, while she wandered she always found something to fight; whether it was a Shinigami sent to the human world or a hollow. Her blade, and blood lust, did not discriminate between the two races.

However, as time went on, she started to actually want to try and protect some humans since she decided that if they weren’t worth killing, she may as well try to protect them. As a result, she integrated into human society for the sole purpose to “Protect them.” Which for her, meant to kill every single being that she could that attacked that specific city, or even a Shinigami that appeared in the city to “defend it.”

Contrary to what Arianda wanted to do in this town, except for the whole stealing a phone and headphones, she ended up killing a human…many humans actually… but what was ingrained into her mind was killing this specific human… a human she had gained a liking to. During this time, she found a woman, not a man, that she had taken a liking to. It wasn’t because of her body or anything, it was because this woman… this HUMAN reminded Arianda of herself. During this time, she got infatuated with this woman and attempted to get to know her better and be with her. However, Arianda soon found out who she was… she wasn’t actually a human she was a Shinigami stationed there. Arianda found her soul pager one day, crushing it in her hand. She later found the girl, her mind full of rage, her eyes unfocused and full of malice and murderous intent. She killed the girl, who had been lying to her and in her rage and complete udder disregard for life at this moment she destroyed the entire city, wiping it off the map at that time in her life. From then on she resumed her normal wandering and keeping distance from everything that was a Human. She decided that getting close to humans was a bad idea, considering how easy it is for her to lose it. Arianda ended up not caring who she killed eventually, as long as it wasn’t a human.


» Natural Abilities: Arianda has Shadow Movement, as well as the normal affinity for hell, sacrificing incantation, Curse Effect, and body manipulation, even though she can’t control body manipulation yet. She has gained the ability to use Shadow Movement quite well due to how much she fought just to sate her blood lust. During her training she gained expertise quickly with Shadow Movement, as well as the ability to use Demonic magic. However, she is only able to use one or two spells, which she can only use one of the two per day. Due to her vast training she has gained an Akuma Kyodo that is rather durable and can resist most attacks, except for those that are meant purely to pierce her defenses. He best ability, however, is that to use weapons. She can use weapons quite easily no matter the type, except for any modern weapons like firearms. She has mastery with the giant pair of scissors she wields instead of normal weapons. She can cause the scissors to split at the joint and use them as two separate swords. However, she can also spin the scissors around and slice with them as if they are a giant great sword.

» Body Manipulation: Before Arianda had started to train with Mana, she had never used Body manipulation. But, ever since then, she has gained to like it quite a lot. She also gained proficiency rather quickly, learning how to change her shape into that of another she's seen, create "eyes" that were able to see all the time bound to Arianda's conscious constantly, and generally altering her body by forming tentacles, making her skin steel, etc.

» Constant Awareness: The eyes that Arianda can sprout inside of herself and from herself allow her to see everything around her at all times. They are basically mini-consciousnesses strewn all around her body. They allow her to anticipate attacks as long as she can see her enemy/opponent. However, if she can't see them she won't be able to as easily anticipate the attack.

» General Increase to Abilities: This new Tier has given Arianda increased everything. It has augmented her strength, dexterity, and the like. Allowing her to lift more, and dodge more. In the case of her strength, her newfound power has slightly boosted how her body can handle and tolerate weight and her overall muscle density has changed without visual effects. When it comes to dexterity, Arianda's newfound power has allowed her to become a little more nimble, letting her move energy through her body and to dodge how she wishes.

» Unique Abilities: While Arianda is not the most powerful demon in the world, she is definitely quite powerful in comparison to her age.

» DE Force: After Mana had implanted her energy into Arianda, giving Arianda a seal with said power/energy. This allowed her to gain Death Energy control, giving her the ability to do what can be done with the energy, absorb it from corpses, breakdown, barriers, all those abilities. Of course, with her different forms she can manipulate Death Energy to a greater degree at the cost of more energy, which means she does not use such abilities often. Arianda hasn't had Death Energy for that long, so she won't be an expert at it right away, though she will have enough knowledge to use it.

» Dexterous Movements: Through Arianda’s training she gained the ability to move quite well on the battle field and in general. This allows her to manipulate a weapon in combat better and to target vital points much better. It also helps her when she decides she want to throw her scissors at an opponent. Overall, this dexterity she has is meant to make it so she can cause enemies to suffer when fighting them.

» Manipulation of Weapon: Even though the giant pair of scissors Arianda carries look extremely dull and nowhere near malleable; Arianda can manipulate the scissors to her will. She does so by channeling a slight amount of Magic through the scissors, causing the scissors to change only slightly. Arianda is capable of about three manipulations currently.
First Manipulation; Twin Blades: In this form, the scissors split apart from the joint which holds the pair together. The general structure of the scissors remains the same, except the blades gain sharper edges.
Second Manipulation; Great Sword: In this form the Eye rings of the scissors break off from the top and fold down into a single handle. This causes the blade to seemingly bind together, as well as the edges becoming sharper.
Greatsword Appearance:
Third Manipulation; Bladed Staff: The Scissors do the same thing as when they transform into a great sword. However, the scissors split at the joint and then bind at the eye ring. This creates a staff like weapon with blades on both ends of the staff.
Manipulation 4; Chain Scissor Blade: In all basics, it looks like a giant chain blade. Except, the blade's are the scissor blades at each separate end of the chains. The chains themselves extend from the eye rings of the scissors which basically combine and form a sturdy place for the chains to be linked to. The chains aren't exactly abnormal, they look black and are able to resist hits from other blades since the chains are made from the same material the scissors are.

» Increased Strength: At a young age Arianda trained and trained, getting as strong as she could. She kept on training and fighting to further improve her strength just for the sake of getting stronger. Because of this she gained abnormal strength, even for that of a demon. This abnormal strength allows her to wield the giant pair of scissors she uses as her weapon. It also allows her to lift heavy objects up to 300 pounds in weight.


» Giant Pair of Scissors
» Material: Unknown
» Arianda has had these scissors since she learned how to use weapons. They don’t have any special attributes besides being absurdly huge for a pair of scissors. The scissors themselves are about the same size as her when she's in her shifter form.

Adjustable States

» Adjustable State 1; Appearance Image:

» Adjustable State 1; Benefits: In her first transformation Arianda mainly gains an upgrade to her current abilities as well as general improvements to survivability in battle.

» Demonic Strength: Her strength is augmented even further, allowing her to pick up objects up to 600 pounds instead of her normal 300. It also allows her to use her giant scissors, if she wishes to use them, to full capability. Also, this large amount of strength allows her to deal back strikes that she may not be able to do the same in her Shifter form.

» Enhanced Speed: Her own speed nearly doubles while she only gets a little bit faster with Shadow Movement. As a comparison from her Shifter form she is able to move fast enough that it nearly seems like she’s using a slower Shadow Movement. However, this only allows her to move about twice her base speed. If her speed isn’t all that good to begin with she will only gain a doubled version that may be about average for some and vise-versa.

» Natural Weapons: Her claws grow to be quite a bit larger, at least 2 inches long each. Each claw has the strength of a Zanpakutō but is far more durable than a Zanpakutō itself. Her claws have the capability to break a Zanpakutō if the users reiatsu isn’t focused into the blade well enough. However, the same cannot happen against a Shinigami’s Bankai. With this claws she can deal severe damage to any exposed skin that isn’t protected in anyway, be it with focused reiatsu, hierro, or some other sort of defense.

» Increased Durability: Her skin lives up to its scale-like appearance and becomes much more durable than it used to be. Her skin, which looks like dragon scales, can easily deflect most Zanpakutō, and even some Shikai attacks. However, until she uses other transformations, she won’t be able to easily resist the strike of a bankai. Her skin also has some resistance to even more Kido than normal. This allows her to have resistance up to 50, however, any kido past 50 will break through her skin and cause damage progressively or trap her depending on the Bakudo.

» Flight: This transformation allows Arianda to have flight as long as she has the energy to and she is manipulating her Zoa Koa energy properly to maintain the webbing of her wings. This flight allows her to gain many more opportunities in battle, allowing her to flank enemies in ways that may not be possible in her Shifter or true form. It also allows her to strike in ways that is unavailable to her in Shifter and True form.

» Increased Potency of Attacks: Because of her obvious shift in strength and dexterity, Arianda is quite able to deliver attacks that are far more potent. Because of her increased strength she can push her opponents to their limits much quicker than normal. Also, with the better dexterity she can target more important appendages more often than not.

» Transformation 2

» Adjustable State 2; Appearance:
Adjustable State 2 Picture:

Adjustable State 2 Wings:

» Adjustable State 2; Benefits

» Flight: Yet again, Arianda can fly. However, this flight is far more dexterous and she can fly for extended periods of time, unlike in her first transformation. Not only that but her wings have gained bones that are far more suited for flight, as well as the wing muscles becoming stronger as to be able to fly more.

» Strength: Arianda’s strength is augmented even further now, basically tripling what she is capable of. However, she can only do such feats of strength for as long as her body can endure, say, carrying buildings. Due to this large amount of strength, Arianda ends up using mainly hand to hand combat instead of using her scissors. She may also use random objects in a fight, depending on the situation.

» Decreased Durability: In this form her scales are completely sacrificed for better strength and speed. Because of this she can be injured far more easily than before, but because of her utter disregard of herself in this form, she normally ignores all wounds she gains until she starts loosing far too much blood. However, if she does take severe damage she WILL notice it and definitely take a different approach on things.

» Natural Weapon: Arianda still possesses the claws as natural weapons in this transformation. However, this time they are much stronger and are now equivalent to a Shikai in terms of force. Otherwise, any attack made with her claws has the force to easily break through a Hierro that isn’t exceptionally strong. Her claws also could be able to actually break a Zanpakutō just like in her first transformation, except this time there is a higher chance for this to happen.

» Extremely Potent Attacks: Because of Arianda’s vast increases in strength and dexterity her attacks become far more potent to enemies. If she hits any vital areas in an attack an opponent can take severe damage unless they have a strengthened Hierro or focused reiatsu on that point. However, because of this vast increase in both strength and dexterity, Arianda’s defense is at base level, making her vulnerable to attacks herself.

» Further Enhanced Speed: Due to her second transformation going one step further, and focusing mainly on offense, her speed increases so she can avoid attacks more and close space to attack an enemy. With this speed increase she is mainly able to keep up with enemies more, and overwhelm them with attacks from seemingly all directions. It also speeds up her attacks, but only to the point where most opponents wouldn’t be able to see the attacks.

» Adjustable Demonic States: Arianda only has 2 transformations at the moment. She believes that she should try to make it so she gets to her maximum power as quick as possible when she is in a tough situation or finds an opponent who she feels she can actually fend against her transformations.

» Adjustable State 3; True Destruction

» Adjustable State 3; Appearance: Whenever Arianda releases this altered form, she loses all clothes that were present, if any clothes were present. She only appears naked for a single moment, not long enough to get a good look though, before crimson red energy bursts upwards, covering Arianda entirely.

When the energy fades she can be seen, about as tall as she was before, about 6'1", with the same crimson energy covering her legs only partially. They wrap around the middle of both thighs, around her knees, and around the upper parts of her calves. The same red energy covers Arianda's backside as well, since it connects to a part that covers the back, which wings and a tail come from. These wings don't cover the same span as before, but they're the same height as Arianda. However, these wings, well, they can't be used to fly. They have many applications but flying. But, from these wings, at the bottom tips, the crimson energy, which does look like blood, seems to be constantly oozing from the wings. Above the wings Are basically looks like a giant collar. It spikes up from her back and the spreads out. A couple of what appear to be hooks spike from the edges, meeting the tops of the wings. Once more, this energy looks like blood. All of this crimson energy covers the skin in a way where you can't see it unless you get under Arianda.

Even then, she's still wearing clothes. Those said clothes, well, they're skimpy to say the least. The first article of clothing is, to put it bluntly, a thong. This covers her no-no zone in this form. It has leather straps keeping it in place, and those same straps also hook to a strap that leads to the bra/top. The said top that is worn in this form isn't as revealing as one would think; given the bottom piece of the outfit. Though it does show some under boob, it covers most of Arianda's breasts rather well. Of course, her breasts don't stay the same size as they were. They shrink a little, so Arianda doesn't have to deal with them in this form. The top of her clothing in this clothing has a strap coming from the right side and going across her chest to the left side of her neck. This strap then links to the straps that are holding the top. However, there are no shoes or anything on her feet, she is completely barefoot.

Seemingly covering Arianda, are chains. These chains seem to be mostly wrapped around her neck, though if someone tried to tighten them, it wouldn't work. The chains part from around her neck and each strand goes to a specific area, in a way. About three chains wrap around the area just below her shoulders, loose enough that they aren't chafing against her skin. While the chains can be grabbed, doing this wouldn't be good, since all the enemy would be doing is dragging Arianda closer in for a kill or to give them a severe injury. The chains that wrapped around her below her shoulders go to her back and snake down to wrap around her legs. The wrap in such a way that they act like a secondary skin and they do not limit Arianda's ability to move.

Of course, that's not all. When Arianda changes to this form, her hair grows shorter and changes to be silver. Coming from the hair are ears, bat-like ears. That's not all, she also gains what appear to be claws. Claws that are much bigger than her hands are but are completely linked to her being. This hands are born from her scissors, which basically meld with her when she changes into this form. The claws extend to about her elbow, upon which the material spreads out and looks as if the ends are, again, made from blood. When looking into the hands, where they are open, all that one can see is the hands are directly linked to Arianda's arm. Of course, this means that Arianda has EXACT control over the arms. The claws are as sharp as Arianda's scissors, and as durable, each finger about 8 inches long each. These claws also appear to be a shade of brown or black, about the same color as the chains.

» Appearance Picture:
Warning, NFSW:

» Adjustable State 3; Benefits: This form completely changes how Arianda fights, this is so that she can confuse enemies and catch them off guard.

» Relenting, What's that?: When in this form, all of Arianda's attributes become three times of what they used to be. Strength? Even more powerful than before, of course, if she uses her full strength of this form, she will tire. For example, lifting up semi's or buildings. Her general reaction time, movement, and abilities have been increased to accommodate the fact that she truly does want to decimate her opponent.

» Special Scissor Manipulation, Claws of the Devil: In this form, Arianda's scissors basically become one with her arms as she transforms. Since the enemy doesn't see this because of the crimson energy that erupts around her when turning into this form. However, what exactly happens is quite interesting. The scissors basically melt onto Arianda's arms, covering her hands and forearms completely. The scissors meld with Arianda's skin, creating neural links so Arianda can still feel what she does with them. In this form, the scissors are literally an extension of herself. However, this only occurs when she transforms into her third demon state. Also, any attributes the scissors had before will not be transferred, unless it is a powerful effect. At that point half of the effect will be transferred.

» Blood that Boils: As states in the appearance of this form, there is much crimson energy that wraps around Arianda when she becomes like this. However, what isn't apparent is that this crimson energy, let's call it blood for now, is boiling hot. While it does not effect Arianda, those who touch it will get burned severely. Of course, the burns will be limited by how durable someone is and how resistant to pain they are.

In all basics, the blood is basically like acid, to put it simply. It burns those it touches and will burn through material or skin if left untouched. Arianda mainly will gather the blood from her wings, gathering them with her hands. She then will either leave them there to assist in damage or she will throw them in an enemies face, or at them in general. If this lands on someone they could experience immense pain. If they experience the pain they could have a hard time with avoiding attacks Arianda may put out.

» Chains Carved by Death: Wrapping around Arianda are chains. These chains can extend and retract at Arianda's will if she decided to use them to attack. When she does, these chains can wrap tightly around enemies. However, they only will wrap around an enemy if they have a higher strength than Arianda does. If it is equal, they will have to struggle a lot before getting out. However, if the enemies strength is lower than Arianda's they will be bound by Arianda until they find a way to shake the chains off, whether with abilities or otherwise.

She can also use the chains to block attacks from a distance or close up. However, the chains can only block a single attack, they aren't good for blocking area attacks though. However, if an area attack does occur she can pull the chains around her to block the attack. Though her Akuma kyodo will be damaged slightly in the process, the attack won't deal as much damage as it would if she didn't block it.

» Who Needs to Fly With Wings!: In this form Arianda's skill to control her Za Koa increases to the point where she no longer needs wings to actually fly. This allows her to fly as if her wings actually functioned; allowing her to move in the air freely and easily. Of course, flying like this uses much more energy than normal, so, she only will use this flight to chase enemies or travel short distances.

» Rage of Satan: When Arianda is in this form, the crimson energy/liquid around her can be injected into the tip of her claws. From there, whenever she makes an attack with the claws the crimson energy can get into the wounds of enemies, or those she's struck. Given how the Crimson energy is basically acid, whenever the energy gets in a wound, as long as the wounds aren't on Arianda, the crimson energy will start to burn the flesh, causing large levels of pain and making wounds worse. However, this does not allow one to bleed out, not does it melt flesh to the bone. It is mainly meant to weaken whatever Arianda may be fighting so she can take them out easily. As stated with the description of the crimson energy from earlier, this can be resisted with high pain endurance and durability.

» Death Energy is Mine to Control: In this form, Arianda utilizes her Death Energy much more than before. She can absorb it form more sources and at a much quicker pace. It also allows her to infuse her claws with Death Energy for a short time, about a thread or until she returns to normal; whichever happens first. This also allows her to use her Death Energy in more abstract ways. For example, while she has the normal shield and breakdown, all that, she can combine the two to create a shield that can cause a breakdown. Of course, combining different DE uses can take a good amount of energy, causing her not to use them often. However, if there are many to take DE from she will take said Death Energy and then use that to fuel the breakdown shield.

» Catastrophe: Arianda's best attack in this demonic state. When she decides to use this ability all of the crimson energy around her writhes in excitement, seemingly waiting for the deaths of many. When she actually uses the ability she sends all of her chains out, binding any enemies possible, catching them in the crimson energy. If they are hit with the crimson energy, the same effects as normal will be felt when the crimson energy touches them.

When the attack has been released Arianda brandishes her claws, gather Demon Magic in them to send out a wave of fire all around her. This will cause immense damage to anyone who is below her tier, high damage to those a tier above her, and those who are in 0 tier will likely take either no damage since they could avoid it. Or they will take a medium to a small amount of damage depending on their overall durability and defenses.

After this ability is used, Arianda will immediately revert to her shifter form, her scissors back to normal, her normal clothes return, and she is extremely weary. This ability is a last resort for her and she will only use it if she really wants to kill her enemy or if there is nothing else she can do. Of course, being a little evil, Arianda will sometimes use the beginning of the ability to fool people, when she actually is using it as a distraction for her to change to her fourth demon state.

» Adjustable State 4; The Truth is a Strange Color

» Adjustable State 4; Appearance: In this state, Arianda actually remains visually the same as in her shifter form. May seem underwhelming to most, sudden shift from her third form, which is skimpy as heck, to her fourth form; the truth of her power. In this form, her appearance looks nearly like a mix of Mana's and her own, though it definitely looks much more like Arianda than Mana. In this form, her general appearance is slightly augmented to the point where she looks the same, but at the same time, doesn't.

In general, in this form Arianda reveals her true power as of current events. Her hooded cloak gains a green tinge to the edges all around the cloak. Sure, it looks like Christmas in a cloak, but, she green looks more like Mana's blood, a deathly green, black, unnerving. While the crimson of the hood gains a much darker color, almost looking like one of the darkest shades of red. This can cause the cloak to look black in certain lighting, but, in truth, it really is two separate colors. Not only that, but, from the black green, strips basically ooze down from the top of the hood, creating multiple staggered lines on the back of the hood and cloak.

Her clothing also gains a slight likening to what Mana might wear. But, it is definitely Arianda in origin. The shorts are still black, but they now extend to her knees, blades coming from the end of each leg. Though they won't cut Arianda, they definitely will cut anyone else who touches them due to the angles they are placed at. Meanwhile, the heels that she wears in her shifter form become vastly different. They become knee high, the red stripe on each shoe now stretches to the top of the knee high heel and changes from red to a more blue color. The tools that were on her right leg completely disappear, leaving nothing to replace it.

Arianda's shirt/jacket remains completely open and unzipped, her breasts, which are bigger in this form, being shown quite easily. In this form they are about C in size, though they don't exactly look it. She also stays about 6'1" causing most of her clothes to match her height. Her hair, eyes, and face are what change the most though.

When Arianda uses this form, it's basically when she reveals all the energy that was implanted in her by Mana. So, her eyes, face, and hair show it. Beginning with her eyes, the right eye changes from the crimson red it is to a dark green; while the other eye remains the same. Her hair also changes from the prominent pink-blonde hair in her shifter form, to a crimson red color, highlights of blue and green mixed throughout her hair. Arianda's face, well, it definitely looks different. It doesn't mix Arianda's and Mana's, no, that'd be weird. Instead, her face becomes much more stalwart, stiff, and, in general, much tougher than usual. In all basics it becomes a complete opposite of what her face normally is; cute and soft. In this form, Arianda shows the colors of her truth, what she really has become. While it may not be as interesting as her third form, it's a form she used as a literal last resort; for now.

» Adjustable State 4; Benefits: In this form, Arianda shows the colors of her truth, what she really has become. While it may not be as interesting as her third form, it's a form she used as a literal last resort; for now.

» Weapons are Deadly in These Hands of Mine: While in this form, Arianda can use any weapons she wishes, using them with even more expertise than before. It doesn't increase her knowledge of battle, it only allows her to use her scissors, or whatever weapons she is using, truthfully however she wishes. Of course, it will only augment how fast she attacks, how she attacks, the general style, and how violently she attacks opponents. It won't augment her knowledge of weapons.

» The Hell Kind of Fighting Style is this?: In this form, Arianda's attack style changes vastly. She no longer throws her scissors, she barely attacks with them. As a matter of fact, she will use them for assist attack if she needs to, otherwise, she will use her fists, legs, feet, head, you name it. She will engage into brutal martial combat even if her opponent has a long ranged weapon. The best thing to do, is to keep your distance, or you may find a foot where you don't want a foot.

» Adaption is the way to Survive: This ability is basically an extreme improvement upon her body manipulation capability. It allows her to adapt to whatever situation she wishes, especially if she is danger some way. For example, if someone throws lava at her, she can turn her skin into material that resists or repels Lava. However, this will only occur if she knows that it's about to happen, and with the help of body manipulation she has eyes around her body, though they can't be seen, at all times. But, she can be blindsided by those who are too fast for her eyes to keep up. If an enemy has a higher speed than her, then they can easily avoid her sight. Someone with the same speed won't be able to avoid her vision, and those with lower definitely won't be able to escape. If any of these eyes are blinded some way, she won't be able to adapt as readily as before.

» Ever Heard of Death?: This ability is literal to it's name. Arianda harnesses the Death Energy around her and causes it to strike out at her opponent(s). This allows her to hit from a distance away without moving if the opponent is near something that is emitting Death Energy. Of course, this can be dodged or block if the person has the ability to see Death Energy as well or they have defenses placed to block against attacks. If the Death Energy does strike, it will cause the areas it pierced to age only slightly. While this cannot kill an enemy, it can lead to their death if they can't figure out a way to counter the Death Energy.

» Playtime is Over: Arianda uses this whenever she is serious, seriously pissed that is. This ability allows Arianda to harness her body in whatever way she wishes, letting her perform attacks that she may not be able to do as quickly or as easily. However, it only augments her general attacks and overall methods of attack. This ability is also limited by Arianda's energy limits. She can use DE to substitute for energy, but only for a short time since this ability mainly depends on her innate energy.

» Rage of the Gods: Cataclysm. Death. Destruction. Arianda will only use this ability with reckless abandon IF she is at the edge of being beaten. It is her true last resort attack of the last resort ability. When she uses this, her body glows with a mixture of green and red energy. The energies mix and create a sickly color. But, that Energy soon goes into Arianda's scissors, if she is holding them. If not, it will form a sword in her hands. When she strikes someone or something with this, an explosion borne from this mix of energy will erupt from the blade. While it will not damage Arianda or her scissors, but, it will cause her enemy, if she hits them with the explosion, to be thrown and severely injured. Of course, that is only dependent on their tier compared to Arainda's and the class of her abilities.

Whenever Arianda uses this ability she will immediately revert to her shifter form. While she isn't completely undefended, she won't be able to move for a good 4 posts. This leaves her vulnerable to attacks with only her Akuma Kyodo to defend her. When she is able to move again, she will not be able to fight, not even a little. This will basically force her to withdraw or be captured if it is an enemy. However, in severe cases, after the explosion Arianda can immediately be rendered unconscious, unable to do anything. If this happens Arianda will be at the will of an enemy, though she won't die, she will definitely be severely injured by any enemies who choose to attack her. Again, this is the last resort of the last resort form. She will only use it if she is pushed to the edge, otherwise, it will never be seen.



Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Adept
  • Demon Magic: Advanced
  • Shadow Movement: Adept
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

DE Control
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Adept
  • Breakdown Skill: Advanced
  • Necromancy Strength: Adept
  • DE Barrier: Advanced


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: See no reason not to approve this. Lemme know if anyone has any problems with this.
Tier: 3-4

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DE Class: 2nd Class

DE Powers: Being a 2nd class, Arianda has three abilities, all related to death in some way.

Rift of the Forgotten: This ability creates a rift in the ground, both physical yet not, through which corpses of those deceased emerge from. They're faces, souls, emotions; all gone. These "people" cannot be identified anymore, unless people knew their reiatsu in live, since their reiatsu is still lingering on their corpses, even now.

These corpses are not meant to be touched either. They have much residual, and violent, DE floating around them. Anyone who gets to close will be attacked by the DE, attempting to kill or weaken the people for their own food. However, since Arianda's necromancy isn't the strongest these will likely not be the most powerful people in the world, just grunts to fuel the cannons of war.

Vicious Deconstruction: In Alchemy there are principles of construction and deconstruction. Well, throw those out the window because all Arianda needs is to deconstruct. This ability is virtually a breakdown on steroids. Arianda can meld her DE with anything compatible and she can hit her enemy with it. However, she will normally use this on weapons that could just be lying around since the Deconstruction is so violent that it will tear apart what it was just melded with. However, it won't do so if the item that it was fused with was infused with DE in some way before. Instead, the capabilities afterwards of the weapon or item will be decreased drastically.

If Arianda actually does hit someone with the DE infused item, and it has the Deconstruction on it, the part hit will slowly begin to deteriorate. It won't be like the aging that can be done with DE. No, this, this will literally deconstruct that area. However, it can only cause things to get worse when it comes to wounds or general shape. For example, if she hit a wound with it, it would eat through the flesh and part of the bone. If she hit someone's organ with it, say stomach, heart, whatever, the DE will damage the surrounding flesh, the organs left with whatever wound was inflicted.

Death's Rage: This ability is quite literal overall. When Arianda uses it, she harness as much DE as she can in the area and shoots out breakdowns in whatever direction she pleases. Of course, it's only about two waves of 5x5 breakdown orbs. So, it doesn't have a mass Area potential. However, that's not all. Once the breakdowns make contact with barriers, shields, whatever, the breakdown will then take out the shields as fast as the strength of the barriers allow.

After that, Arianda will then charge forward, either launching into her DE merge or third form and bind DE to her weapon for a short time, causing people to wither and die if hit directly. While this may seem like a normal tactic for most demons, the ability specializes the breakdowns so they are better equipped to breakdown tough barriers. Also, this ability slightly augments Arianda abilities and attacks with DE for a short time, about three posts.

DE Merge Appearance: Overall, when Arianda merges with her DE Force, so she can better use it, she changed drastically. To some it may look as if this wasn't her DE merge, but, it is.

When Arianda merges with her DE she grows to be 5'8", but, her appearance overall changes. She keeps the cloak she always wears, but, it turns black and loses the hood, leaving only a collar that is sticking up as well as some frills around the upper area of the cloak. She also gains a pair of stockings on her legs, which are attached to her underwear. She is wearing a pair of heels that are black and fit on her perfectly. They basically blend in with the stocking to the point where it looks like they are thigh-high heels; but, they are separate. The rest of her clothes are also replaced by a new set of clothes.

Arianda's booty shorts are replaced with a miniskirt, which is red and seems to have at least two or three layers of fabric. Of course, if one got under Arianda they would have a nice pantie shot, otherwise, they couldn't be seen. Arianda's jacket is replaced with a blouse that is white and has frills at the bottom of it. She also gains what appears to be a cardigan sweater, though it isn't. It's more like an overcoat that is only held closed by a single button. However, when looking at Arianda in this form, it is clear that the coat isn't here to cover anything up exactly. She also gains cuffs that are completely seperate from anything. The cuffs have cuff-links that are skull shaped in design. She also gains what appears to be a charm of some sort that is in her hair. The charm has what appears to be a type of cross, though, a skull dangling from it confirms that it is something else.

However, Arianda doesn't just get a change of clothes and call it related to Death. Hell no. Her entire appearance really does change. Her boobs grow to the size of a C cup, her hair turns silver and grows to be hanging down past her backside, but only a little. Her face also becomes a little bit more shaped, though it is still soft. Her eyes change to be a purple-pink color and her pupils are more likely to become shaped like skulls in this form since she's using it to become more attuned to DE. Her hair becomes bound into a pony tail in the back. What ties her hair back looks vaguely like a skull with bat wings on either side. And towards her bangs is what appears to be a long string of silk fabric. The string look nearly the same as the fabric she has in her hair in her shifter form, except, this acts like a head band. Tied at a certain point behind her head and then the string follows her hair's movements afterwards.

One would also notice that her scissors do not remain. In a way they do and do not. The scissors once again change their shape to be a scythe in this form, as if to match the fact that Arianda is ready to reap some bitches. Whenever she takes this form her DE Force looks to be almost like rain. As if her DE is representing what Arianda truly feels...

DE Merge Appearance Picture:
DE Merge:

DE Merge Powers:

Special Scissor Manipulation; Scythe of Amaymon: Whenever Arianda enters this DE Force state, her scissors are also changed to be used properly in this form. Since this is only accessible in this form, the scythe can only be seen when Arianda uses her DE Merge since it harnesses Death Energy better.

The scythe itself is unlike how the scissors are colored. The scythe is pitch black, with a curved handle that extends to be the same size Arianda is, which is 5'8". The handle curves in such a way that it looks a lot like a traditional harvesting scythe's handle. But, there is no handle on the side of the Scythe shaft. Being made from strange metals from hell the entire scythe is rather durable, and can put up with much. But, the most interesting part is the blade. The blade extends from the top of the shaft at a 130 degree angle, it then curves inwards to form the scythe blade.

The blade has blades on both the top and bottom of the scythe blade. The scythe blade itself extends to be about 4 feet long. The actual blade is three, while some decorative/defensive items make up the remaining foot. And speaking of the remaining foot of the scythe's blade, it comes from the scythe blade and creates two circles at the top and at the bottom. The circle at the top has a small hole between the parts of the blade. Blades can be lodges here, and Arianda can break them with this. The second circle extends towards the shaft of the scythe. A space is left between the shaft and the blade there, but it is mainly for blocking and not for breaking blades.

The scythe also has the capability to better harness DE. When the Scythe form is present, DE gathers on the blade of the weapon and acts like the poisonous breath of Amaymon, corroding skin, destroying blades.

Death by Fire: One would likely assume that this skill is literally just fire. Well, they would be both right and wrong. Satan has been characterized to have abnormal flames, in certain aspects it has been blue. And, for Arianda, these flames are blue, with some DE sprinkled in to further reduce her enemies to dust.

When using this ability Arianda harness the DE around her, or enemies, and lights it aflame. This causes Blue fire to dance around the battlefield, burning people to ash if the DE aspect of it doesn't turn them to dust first. However, this ability will only work if there is DE present for it to consume. She can also create an explosion with this fire, driven by a wave of Death Energy. However, the flames cannot be put out by normal means. One has to be able to control DE or counter it in order to put the flames out once they have started.

Berserk State Appearance:

Berserk Enhancements:

Defenses Will be Crushed Before me: Whenever Arianda goes Beserk, her offensive capabilities go through the roof. Her attacks become twice as strong, strength being tripled, so much that she easily surpassed her strength limits in other forms. Her speed increases vastly, to the point where it can be hard to counter her, and she becomes much more attuned to using her DE, but only if she thinks to use it. Her scissors will also change to be their greatsword form and will not leave said form until she reverts back to normal.

Tank!: Just because Arianda is berserk doesn't mean that she is squishy. Hell no! In fact, her defenses basically triple. Her seals don't change in overall strength but, her natural durability is increased, allowing her to get beat on more, without all of it going through. Her skin basically turns into some of the strongest steel in this situation; looking like armor. She will also be completely unknown to pain. Why would she? Her brain literally can't compute pain currently. All it knows is that the enemy must be killed.

Control: It is true that it is very hard, if not impossible, to control one's berserk state. But, Arianda has figure out a set of thoughts that allow her to stay in general control. Though, if she ever loses those thoughts in any way, she will end up causing immense destruction until she either reverts to normal, or she regains some semblance of control. This is the only way that Arianda can control herself in her Bersker state, otherwise, she'd end up hurting those she didn't want to.

Berserk Details: Whenever Arianda activates her Berserk state her skin melds into a set of armor and her appearance changes completely. Whatever ground is around her will also start to shatter. However, she will be in immense pain for a short time whenever she uses her berserk form, since she is going through a mass transformation when her body is weak. Her breasts also grow to be D size, her height increases by two feet, here eyes become devoid of emotion, and her hair becomes extremely short turning white.

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Just a note for all those who read this app to know more on Arianda, she is in desperate need of a revamp. SO! If anyone needs information on Arianda PM me here on PH or on Discord. Either way, PM me and I'll give you a basic run-down of how she is. At least until I actually get her revamp done. I say this because a LOT of threads have changed how she acts from the shut in 'fuck you' tsundere to a more public 'fuck you' who will literally do so AND is also nuttier than a Mr. Goodbar. Either way, please do contact me if you have any question about Arianda's persona.

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updated to 1-5 thanks to this upgrade. -check the approval for the tier-

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Promoting Arianda's tier to 1-4 as well as giving her a will skill upgrade to make her Willpower Advanced.

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[adm]Sorry for not getting to this sooner, but I will be archiving this version as there is a new version in place for Arianda Vael.[/adm]
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Arianda Vael [Approved; 1-4]
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