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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Henrex's Fully Stable Shikai and New Piercing Shadows/Kajet's Evolution [PRE-APPROVE APPLICATION]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Henrex's Fully Stable Shikai and New Piercing Shadows/Kajet's Evolution [PRE-APPROVE APPLICATION]   Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:32 pm

» Name Of Character: Henrex Astillon

» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Unlocking Shikai with it fully stable. However, this will only be effective in actual threads after the Hero Quest.

Unlocking a new way to use Piercing Shadows, which was first used in The Horde Mode Is Real.

New Virus Attacks for use in combat with Kajet. Also noted, these attacks are completely new, and will never have been used before on Kajet. Also, these attacks will also only be available for use after the Hero Quest with Cirno Iramasha.

» Why:

Shikai Reasoning:

Henrex had finally unlocked Shikai. It was in the most desperate of times. Kuro was attacking him non-stop. Henrex nearly was dead. But when he made one final attempt of an attack, it changed. He made one final plea to his Zanpakutō. He attempted Shikai. It worked. The blade of Chiya dissolved into shadows, leaving on the hilt remaining. Shikai had been achieved. However, what Henrex didn't know, is that, during that time, he was still only a 4-1. His power was not enough to unlock Shikai fully. That form of Chiya was the unstable, or, should I say, incomplete version of his Shikai. But, now that he's traveled to the Summit of Heroes, and is now training with Cirno Iramasha, his power is increasing. As such, his Shikai is stabilizing. With his Shikai stabilizing, the form of it now has changed. The form of his Shikai now resembles a pure black scythe, which would glow with a purple and black aura. This scythe is the fully stable version of his Shikai. A few things have changed with this new form. Henrex does not need to power it down back to his sealed form. In fact, he is very well able to keep his Shikai in a constant-like state. This means that his Shikai is now much more durable, giving it a defensive option if need be. This new form also gives Henrex a new offensive option, with him actually able to get in his opponent's face, rather than be forced to stay at range.

Side Note: This Shikai thing was discussed with Frost in his communication thread, and he said this should be okay. I only added a few things that would have changed. It's nothing major, and nothing overpowered, I hope.

Stable Shikai (Scythe Appearance):

Piercing Shadows Reasoning:

Piercing Shadows. A simple attack. One of the most simple beam attacks one could make. You just take a beam of black energy....and you shoot it in a direction. Incredibly simple. However...what happens when you attack and fire it....and the lack of area coverage gets you killed? Or what if you miss your mark with an initial sword attack? Well, in The Horde Mode is Real, Henrex changed that. When he was fighting a Hollow, he decided to try something new with his Piercing Shadows skill. Instead of allowing the beam of energy to flow in a single direction, Henrex allowed the energy to flow in all different directions in the direction of the tip of his sword. This would cause cause black spikes to shoot outwards from the orb of energy that would gather at the tip of the sword. This is a separate form of Piercing Shadows, and is the same thing as the original, but this one sacrifices the massive range of the straight beam attack to make this immensely close range version of the attack.

New Virus Attacks and their Reasoning:

Henrex is evolving. He is getting stronger. Therefore, wouldn't it be only natural for Kajet to as well? Well, he has. Not in anything such as the Enhanced Strength that he gains. Those have not changed a single bit. They have remained the same. The main thing that has changed within Kajet is his versatility in attacks. With this new evolution in attacks, Kajet is now able to be ever more versatile when he possesses Henrex.

Virus Beam: Mildly different from Virus Shot. Instead of firing a single sphere of static, this attack fires a long, high range beam that can cover about 40-50 feet. However, this beam does take a bit of a toll on Kajet. Upon using it, this beam leaves him extremely wide open to attacks if avoided. This is due to the reason that this beam lasts for quite some time before the beam would thin out and vanish. This skill also can only be used once in a post, with the next post being the cool-down of this attack.

Virus Spear: This attack, is, in all honestly, the one with the most range out of all of them. This attack is very simple. Kajet would draw "his" arm back, with static forming on his arm, which would eject outwards, forming a spear. Kajet would then thrust his arm forward, leaving a trail of static that would very lightly shock anyone within 2-3 feet of the static trail. However, the spear head that Kajet had fired would fly extremely fast, traveling up to 1-1.5 miles. If it were to strike an enemy, the tip of the spear would be the most deadly area of the spear. If hit with the tip of the spear, an immense amount of pain would volt it's way through the enemy's body, leaving only a small puncture mark, similar in size to that of a needle. However, if one were to make contact with the sides of the spear head, the pain would be 5-10x less than contact with the spear head. Avoidance of the spear head for this attack is HIGHLY recommended.

» Extra: N/A

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Henrex's Fully Stable Shikai and New Piercing Shadows/Kajet's Evolution [PRE-APPROVE APPLICATION]   Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:09 pm

I see no reason not to pre-approve this so im gonna go ahead and give ya the all clear.

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Henrex's Fully Stable Shikai and New Piercing Shadows/Kajet's Evolution [PRE-APPROVE APPLICATION]
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