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 Yuki Kameko [Approved; 1-3+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yuki Kameko [Approved; 1-3+]   Yuki Kameko [Approved; 1-3+] EmptyMon Jun 13, 2016 8:09 pm

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

Race Spec Here:


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Yuki Kameko
» Alias: The Wolf, Little Wolf
» Age: 103
» Gender: Female
» Orientation: Pansexual

» Association: The Gotei Reformed - Combat Unit

» Appearance Written:
Standing at a meager four and a half feet tall (five if her ears are perked up) and with a fairly slim build, Yuki Kameko would initially be associated with terms like weak, frail, or inferior. Adding to this association is her hair, which remains in a constant state of mostly unkept and messy, and its knee height length only makes her appear shorter and more girlish. A sclera of white, a pupil of black, and an iris of gold make up her right eye, while her left is permanently closed with some scarred tissue crossing the lid. Closer inspection of her body reveals some evidence to a hidden might. While her frame is slim, it is mostly muscle. Her small chest (roughly size B) and posterior allow more comfort in the heat of battle. Faint lines, some crossing and some alone, dot her arms, legs, torso, and neck: ancient scars from her training and incidents long in her past, indicating combat training and experience.

Of course, only these features would appear within her gigai. To see her in her true form would instantly give the viewer a feeling of something not quite right, as her family bloodline gives her an appearance not entirely human. Gazing back upon all who peer into them is a sclera of bright red and a pupil of black in her right eye, while her left is the normal sclera of white with a gold iris and a black pupil. A very close look at the left eye may reveal that it is, in fact, artificial. Nearly blending into her hair are a pair of wolf-like ears, and originating from her tail bone is a bushy wolf tail stretching out slightly more than her body’s height in length, both just as unkept and wild and similar in color as her hair. On the rare occasions that she fully smiles, somewhat sharpened pearly whites emerge. If one were to glance at her nails, they would see something more akin to claws.

» Appearance Image:

» Clothes:
Most everyone wear clothes in public, and although Yuki is a strange girl, she almost always does too. The standard shihakusho that most Shinigami wear is the same for her, although the back of her pants include a spot for her tail to stick out comfortably, and a black eyepatch is worn to cover her left eye. She owns two other outfits within soul society that she will wear while she is not on duty. The first is a formal silk white kimono with red cherry blossom tree designs and includes a white eyepatch. The second is a simple hakama with a black bottom, a dark grey top, and a black eyepatch to match.

To fit in amongst the humans, her gigai sports different sets of modern clothes. Due to her shorter size and smaller build, she has the ability to blend in as a high school or college student, and may wear uniforms of those sorts if required. Despite this, she does have a favorite attire in this setting. A pair of black hiking shoes gives way to a set of knee high black and white horizontally striped socks. A black and white plaid skirt covers a pair of black bicycle shorts, which is worn in case a situation turns up that requires excessive movement. Covering her torso is a white button up t-shirt with a black bow tie. Her arms are covered by elbow length fingerless black gloves, and rounding out the entire outfit is a black eyepatch with a white blooming flower design dotting the center.

» Other Appearance:
It is only once one gets very close to another that the body’s faint peculiarities become visible. Despite her sometimes fierce, sometimes wild appearance, Yuki’s body is quite soft, quite smooth, and the faintest bit warmer than most others, although any one of her barely visible scars offer faint elevations and, as such, the faintest of soft bumps. Her smell gives hints to her favorite places of relaxation: a mixture of wildflowers, dew covered shrubberies, and the familiar scent of a fresh water lake. Of course, catching her immediately following a bath would give off an entirely different scent: strawberries.

Other peculiarities with the strange girl don’t require such a level of closeness. The sound of her voice is typically soft, quiet almost, yet filled with determination and confidence. If one were to look upon her reiatsu, they would see a mostly black shade with fringes of red. Her demeanor is one that exudes a quiet confidence, not quite overbearing but certainly not shy or reserved, and generally she is seen sporting an almost unimpressed frown and a gaze that seems to be constantly searching for weaknesses to exploit. Out of combat Yuki is generally stuck with a completely neutral expression.

Yuki generally sits down on her knees, even in chairs, as this allows her tail more freedom to move around and lessens any discomfort inflicted upon it. Those with a particularly keen eye for details might notice that while she is nearly completely ambidextrous, she tends to somewhat favor her right hand. Only by glancing into her medical records would one be able to determine that her blood type is O, although the personality traits one might associate with this type of blood are not all relevant to her.

II. Personality

» Personality:
It is when she is training, fighting to protect the people she cares about, and working to eliminate the evils of the world that Yuki is at her very best. Here her best traits shine like a beacon of light within what she views as an otherwise dark and dreary world. Yuki's courage carries her through the scariest of battles, inspiring those around her to stand up and fight for what is right. Her compassion towards others, while not always worn on her face, can be felt within her actions. Confidence in herself and her ideals drive her forward, and her code of honor stamps out anything that would attempt to taint her as a person. Her loyalty ensures that those who are friend stay that way and may allow others some good reason to trust in her and her actions. With an open eye, open ears, and an open mind, Yuki can detect what plagues the world, and often times her unyielding willpower will carry her through the day to personal victory.

Brave + Yuki wasn’t always as brave as she is now, and she has her friend Takuma to thank for that. The worst case scenario for any situation is death, and having been close to such a thing for so long has left her unafraid of that possibility. Besides, if she isn’t brave then those she tries to protect will only become scared. It just doesn’t make sense to show fear. Even the bravest people feel fear, but they are also the people who keep it hidden and don’t allow it to affect them in an otherwise scary situation.

Compassionate + Yuki loves the good things about life and the worlds she strives to protect, even if she doesn’t always show it openly. Most people are good, and most hollows are more akin to wild beasts feeding only to support themselves. She wants to save as many as she can because she genuinely enjoys helping others. Her early days were spent without much help or support, and that isn’t something she would wish upon others.

Confident + Yuki knows that she is strong, and she trusts in her training and experience. If there is a challenge or a dangerous foe, then victory will acknowledge those truths, and defeat will only make her stronger. Even if she can’t handle something on the first try, she is smart enough to overcome anything if she puts her mind, her body, and her spirit into it! Her confidence is another trait granted to her due to her friendship with Takuma, who helped her to realize that she is not as bad as she thought she was.

Honorable + Yuki is bound heavily by her sense of honor and her moral codes. If she promises something, she will not break it without very good reason. She can be trusted and counted upon because of this, and she rarely if ever bends her moral codes for anything. This one trait above all has governed her life choices, and it was instilled upon her by her father. Keeping one’s word and doing right by others no matter the challenges ahead go a long way towards building a good person.

Loyal + Those able to gain her trust and friendship will find great loyalty from Yuki. Everything up to and including her life is easily put on the line to help and to protect those she cares about most. Years without friends and with constant ridicule and abuse from the world around her have made Yuki almost excessively loyal towards the few people who show true kinship and friendship towards her. Loyalty is also bound to her sense of honor and has the dual purpose of filling the hole of loneliness that once existed within her heart.

Observant + Years of training coupled with years of living in dangerous conditions has turned Yuki into a girl who remains in a constant state of environmental awareness. It is very difficult to get the drop on her, and she can generally pick out small details with ease and swiftness. While this has great potential for battlefield applications, it also helps with picking out details in a calmer setting, whether it be during a card game requiring bluffing or determining whether her few friends really are okay or not.

Unyielding + Yuki has an amazing amount of will power and is quite resolute in her actions when she applies herself towards a goal. When she really commits to something, it will get done to the best of her abilities until it falls into the realm of impossibility, and even then only if it is proven to her that it is so. Without this trait, she wouldn’t be where she is now. Instead, she’d probably be starving or dead within the slums of the southern district eighty.

When the going gets tough, Yuki can usually pull through, silently grimacing and with wavering confidence. To get her to her worst self requires something great: the death of a friend, the shattering of ideals she holds true, the failure to save others, or any of the really life changing things that can hurt a person. While in a tough enough spot, or when faced with loss, Yuki's normally compassionate and attempted optimistic view upon the world falls away, revealing the inner pain of her past and her anger at all the bad which plagues the world around herself. Mercy falls away, and Yuki's aggression takes hold, driving her to destroy whatever it is that lies between her and her own personal victory conditions. Her pride takes over, and goading her into making a move comes more easily if she believes that she is winning. The faith she puts into the words of others becomes diminished, as her mistrustful nature takes hold, and even her friends may find it difficult to reach her if she is at her lowest. Even if in a losing situation, her stubborn nature may keep her in a fight, pushing her towards the path of victory or death. The wild animal kept caged within is unleashed, pushing her into a very risky combat form which may leave her in more dangerous positions. When the fighting is finally at an end, and her foe lies bleeding and crying out for mercy, her only response is a swift cleave and the exacting of any vengeful feelings upon her prey. Even in a non-combat situation she can be affected: her shameless disposition may get her more enemies due to reckless words and blunt honesty, and her naive nature may lead her into further trouble. A constant battle between her desire for companionship and her fear of losing it again has left her somewhat cold, outwardly, towards other people, as she unconsciously seeks to push them away.

Aggressive - In the heat of battle, especially against someone who has really hurt her or someone she cares about, Yuki can become quite aggressive, bordering even on vengeful or blood lusting. The animalistic blood boils within her body and wrath overcomes all else. Aggression can give way to anger, and if this isn’t cured by the end of a fight, it may lead to her seeking out fights. Years within dangerous territory were survivable because of this aggression.

Arrogant - Yuki’s great confidence can be her undoing, as it turns instead into arrogance. Her pride takes hold in these cases, believing that she knows what is best, and she will act on this until it is explicitly pointed out as false by those she trusts. Challenging those more powerful than her comes more easily to her than simply backing down and may land her into more trouble than is needed. Of course, without this great confidence and pride, she might never have attempted to join the ranks of the Shinigami in the first place.

Cold - Yuki has only really known three people in her life, and each of them were violently torn from her. While inwardly she might be kind towards others, and even optimistic, there is a constant shadow looming within her mind, compelling her to distance herself from other beings. This makes it difficult for her to accept other people's friendship, or even just their assistance.

Mistrustful - Years were spent living in the worst slums of soul society. Her pleas for help constantly ignored, her appearance constantly ridiculed, and her body constantly assaulted has caused her to become very cold to other people. This is perhaps the trait she struggles with the most, because even after years of seeing the very worst in people, she still tries her hardest to find the best in them. While she isn’t immune to trusting others, it is very difficult to gain that trust, and to break that trust would be one of the worst things to do to her.

Naïve - Most of Yuki’s life was spent living in poverty and in conditions which did not allow her much travel or studies. While she does have some street smarts and has learned somewhat how to read and write thanks to the academy, she still suffers during formal and academic settings. Her naivety doesn’t expand into everything, but she is certainly behind in quite a few subjects.

Shameless - Yuki is generally quite transparent when it comes to her opinions on things and people, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She likes to think of it as being completely honest, but there are many times when this is simply the wrong thing to do. This extends to her physical appearances as well. She cares little about how others view her clothes (or lack of at times), as she takes comfort in her own decisions on these matters. A life of living in the worst slums has led her to be straight forward in her opinions and uncaring of her state of dress; although the latter has been improved upon since she joined the ranks of the Shinigami.

Stubborn - When Yuki puts her mind towards something, she really puts her mind towards something. She likes to see things through to the end, and when something clashes with her ideals, she can’t help but fight against it as hard as she possibly can. It can be very difficult to change her mind, even for those she trusts, mainly due to her arrogance. This is yet another trait she associates with her father, because he was the same way.

Vengeful - When all else fails, and she ends up losing something or someone very precious to herself, the worst of her traits accumulate into pure vengeance. She will pursue what hurt her the most and she will unleash her fury upon it until it no longer exists as a threat, and sometimes even further than that. In this case she will have trouble letting go of the accused until she has found herself satisfied with a level of payback equal to or greater than what was inflicted, even if this might get her into a lot of trouble. When one lives amongst the worst conditions that society has to offer, one cannot show weakness, and letting others get away with the bad things that they do is just another sign of weakness.

Wild - When it comes to being well cultured and well-mannered, Yuki is not exactly a beacon of admiration. Most of her life was spent in the slums, and much of that time was spent fitting into her role as a wild, feral, monstrous beast child in order to scare away some of the baddies and bullies of her neighborhood. To be fair to her, she has attempted to fix this during her time spent at the academy, and while she has made some improvements she is far below any passing grade for the nobility of Seireitei.

» Likes / Dislikes:
Yuki’s three favorite activities to partake in would have to be fighting, taking hot baths, and eating good food. Her favorite color is blue, as it calms her, and her favorite food is strawberries which, it so happens, also is her favorite smell. She tries to have as much fun and enjoyment with whatever she is doing, even if it doesn’t always show. Her three most disliked activities revolve simply around her friends (when she has them) or herself getting hurt or abused in some way. Her least favorite color is brown, as it reminds her of dirt and mud. While her least favorite food is Brussel sprouts, her least favorite smell is the smell of any decaying or rotten food.

» Fears:
Yuki has very few things that she actually fears. Currently her greatest fear is companionship. Everyone she has ever been close to is dead, and she fears suffering that loss once more. Her second greatest fear is fire. It brings her back to dark places and dark times in the worst conditions of her life, and while it may not cause her to flee, it will most certainly push her towards her worse self. To a lesser degree damage to her left eye can bring up the same memories and damage to the eyes in general also hold a very small chance, depending upon the situation. Sexual situations may also bring up old memories and, while not as strong as her other fears, this might affect her. For this reason (and her fear of companionship) intimacy might become a problem for her. She is somewhat afraid of being rude to people, although this has more to do with her code of honor and is simply something she tries to avoid.

» Moral Code / Goals:
Yuki’s primary moral code revolves around bettering the world for others with special care taken for anyone she would consider close friend or kin. If this means a little bit of self-sacrifice, then so be it. She also abides by a code to protect the weak and innocent from the strong and evil, no matter the cost or circumstances. Fighting those who are weaker than herself is considered dishonorable, and if she can avoid it then she will. All of this ties closely into her motives and goals, which are intertwined into the simple desire to do good and to help people. Of course, gaining strength is a minor part as well, but she ties this into the idea of using that strength to carry on her primary goals. After all, the weak cannot save the weak. One long term goal would be to bring a better standard of living to those within the slums of soul society.

» Other Personality:
If Yuki was to be tied down to a specific alignment, it would have to be neutral good. While good laws are always an honor to uphold, not every situation is the same and not every law works in every situation. Sometimes, laws need to be broken for the greater good, and doing good is her primary concern. Her primary prejudices are towards those hollows that are intelligent enough to know that what they are doing is wrong, mostly because she can at that point no longer make up excuses for their actions. Some prejudices remain towards the wealthier denizens of soul society, as she believes they do not do enough for those who live within the slums, something she has had plenty of first-hand experience with. As for her sexual preferences, she sees herself as pansexual, as she is attracted to people based mostly upon their personality and partly upon their appearance, and not so much upon their gender. Simply put she is essentially bisexual.

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Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

Race Spec Here:


Enter The Shinigami

III. History

» History [M/NSFW]:
The Tale of Shiori and Taichi
The story of Yuki’s origins begins with the tale of her mother, Shiori Kameko. Hailing from ancient Japan, the young Shiori was brought forth to Soul Society during a time of peace, stricken down by an invisible murderer and saved by a man in black robes. Entering Rukongai was entering familiar territory, and at first glance it had appeared that she had entered heaven. Unfortunately, no solace would be found in this new world, and it was similar to her old life in ways less desirable.

While the first district was peaceful, she could find no home here. She was new and nobody cared for her. Hoping to find the sort of life she’d missed out on in her past life, she decided to venture out from the first district, to search for a home. As time and distance passed, the conditions of the city grew worse. Eventually she did manage to find a place of residence within the seventieth division in south Rukongai, although this was brief and she was quickly run out by some less than desirable folks.

Starving, cold, and tired, the young woman continued to wander to the south, until at last she was set upon by a group of thugs. She fled and they gave chase. In her weakened state, she didn’t make it very far, and found herself dragged off into one of the many run down and decrepit buildings of the slums. Unknown to the thugs, also new to the area, was that this residence had an owner.

As they kicked in the door and entered the darkened rooms of the old building, a roaring voice and a flurry of fur and claws met the intruders. Half of the thugs were killed outright, and the young woman’s left arm was left with deep gashes. The pain and loss of blood coupled with her already weakened state caused her to pass out.

When she next awoke, her arm had been bandaged by rags, and a basic meal of yams was provided to her. Sitting nearby was a great beast, a massive wolf-like creature with the demeanor of a human, covered with rags barely held together by thin strings. The being introduced himself simply as Taichi, as he had long abandoned the name of his cursed family. While Taichi typically did not care for the others who wandered the slums, his rage had injured the young Shiori, and his code of honor would not allow him to simply throw her out to the streets. So, while she healed, she would be allowed to stay.

As it turned out, Shiori was an excellent cook, and even the barest of foods were made to taste on a level as of yet unknown to Taichi. Thoughts of throwing the woman out quietly slipped into the back of his mind, and the two shared the place of residence. As time was spent together between them, they grew to further enjoy each other’s company. Shiori did not look upon Taichi as some simple beast, and instead saw within him the kind, gentle, giant guardian that he truly was. In turn, Taichi saw Shiori for the kind soul that she was, and their friendship eventually grew into something rare within the slums of district eighty: true love. After a couple of years, their love spawned the hybrid child, the true focus of this story, Yuki Kameko.

The Tale of Hardships
Yuki can only barely remember her earliest childhood. While initially her parents were able to support the new add on to their family, her later days were most always spent hungry, as there was little food to feed the three of them, and Yuki had begun to develop a growing potential for reiatsu early on. Very few possessions belonged to the family, and her only set of clothes was a poncho of rags given to her by her father, barely enough to cover her body but enough to keep most of the cold away.

Despite the conditions, she was lucky: she had a mother who loved her, a father strong enough to protect her, and shelter to take comfort within. As long as she remained hidden away within the meagre comforts of home, she would be safe, and she would have a chance at life, however pitiful it was. However, as children are to be, Yuki was curious and grew bored easily. When she had mastered walking, she started to venture out into the slums.

All sorts of people traveled the streets, and most cared not for the tiny undernourished child. She had no possessions to take, she was too young for prying eyes, and she was just another denizen of the southernmost slums of Rukongai. However, unlike other children of the slums, Yuki was different. Her father’s cursed bloodline had manifested itself in a way more cruel than it had for her father: while mostly human, a few distinguishable traits from her father remained, most notable being her wolf-like ears and tail. She was just human enough to offer her hope for a life without ridicule amongst the others and just wolf enough to deny it.

Adults looked upon the girl like she was a freak of nature, and ridiculed her. Some would tease her with food, get her to do tricks or to bark like a dog, only to laugh and continue on their way. On the occasions that she was actually given food, she’d get harassed by a group of children who she called The Baka Brigade, or the BBs for short. Mostly boys around her own age or somewhat older, they would call her names, throw rocks at her, steal her possessions, and occasionally beat her up. Thankfully, they knew better than to follow her home completely, as her father had grown a reputation for his ferocity.

As Yuki grew older, the bullying only grew more physical and, at times, bordered on the lewd. She noticed that some of the adults started to pay more attention to her, only in ways that made her completely uncomfortable, so she started to avoid them completely. Unfortunately, the BBs had also grown older, and with age came the physical developments that made them stronger. The girls that once hung out in the group seemed to gradually disappear, and with their disappearance came the increase in aggression within the group.

She started to get into more fights, and due to their greater numbers, she generally lost. While before she would return home with bruises and maybe a few minor cuts and scrapes, it was now common for her to return with a black eye, a gash, or even fractured bones. Growing concerned for his daughter, Taichi gifted her a black wooden sword, one with a heavier weight than any other wooden object of similar size that she had held before. He told her tales of the Shinigami and taught her the very basics of the weapon’s use.

With weapon in hand, Yuki started to even the odds against the other children. She grew stronger, and eventually, she became the hunter. If they had something she wanted, she could fight them for it, and sometimes she could win. This meant more food on the table for her family, and as she grew more aggressive, her father started to teach her his code of honor, so that she would not get out of hand with her actions. Unfortunately, these lessons didn’t really stick at the time, as she was more concerned with the well-being of her family.

On her off time she would train herself, and to keep her strong, her father started secretly giving up more of his rations. Yuki’s personal training ultimately culminated in the formation of her great pride. She started to win every fight against the BBs, and finally deciding that enough was enough, she stormed their little hideout. The battle was fierce, as their numbers were much greater in their home turf, but the end result was a victory for Yuki. The gang of bullies was scattered and Yuki stole their hidden stash of supplies.

When she returned home her family celebrated with a feast, although for any normal family it could have been considered a typical Monday night’s dinner. Her father only lamented, jokingly, that they had no drink to go with their celebration! The next morning, she set out for the BB's hideout, to make certain that nothing had been missed. She had been quite thorough, and the BBs seemed not to have returned.

Deciding that she could finally take a break, she took to seeking out some drink for her parents, feeling that they had deserved it. It took some time, but she managed to find some one day whilst on her way home, a few bottles of the stuff tossed away into a heap of trash. Unbroken and still quite full, Yuki hurriedly returned home with the discovered treasures, which were presented with glee to her parents! Her father praised the young wolf and her parents celebrated during the night. Exhausted from her search and filled with pride, Yuki quickly succumbed to a peaceful sleep. Days had passed and the BBs were nowhere to be seen. Life finally started to look up for the little wolf girl.

The Tale of Blood
When she was awoken from her slumber, Yuki’s senses were assaulted by the stench of blood. It took her a couple of seconds to adjust to the darkness within her home, and by then, it was too late. Standing around her bed were eight boys who she instantly recognized as members of the BBs. They seemed to be soaked with something foreign at first, but as she adjusted to her awakened state, she noticed it was the point of origin for the same scent she had detected earlier.

They held knives, and before she could move from her spot, the largest of the boys, their leader, plunged his knife downwards. A pain rippled through her body instantly, like nothing she had ever felt before, and it originated from her left eye. She tried to move her hands up to grip at the boy’s arm, but the others held them down. She tried to kick her way free, but more hands pinned her legs. She was allowed to scream, and she was allowed to watch, as the knife was pulled free and, with it, one of her eyes. It was plunged down again: a blade small enough not to kill her, but large enough to inflict a permanent wound. Under the pressure of her screams she lost her voice, and within seconds she thankfully blacked out from the pain.

A slap rocked her from her moment of peace, hard enough to make her ears ring. Her body, now bare and exposed, was covered with damp sweat. A hand held the back of her head, pinning her face against the wall behind her very simple bed. She couldn’t move her arms, as they were tied together in front of her. The boy said something, long forgotten by the passage of time, or perhaps never heard at all due to the ringing in her head. Pain followed below her tail, but not something she couldn’t handle by now, as the pain from her left eye seemed to dampen everything else. Eventually something else followed, and the boy took a moment to relax.

While he caught his breath, so too did Yuki, and it was then that she noticed something important: the knife remained in her left eye socket. Adrenaline and rage surged within her body and mind, and she slumped forward, to pretend that she had grown weaker, when in reality it was to hide the withdrawal of the knife by her bound hands. When the boy tried to sit her up again for was she assumed would be another round, she turned and struck out with the knife. His neck was torn open, and his blood splashed out across the faces of his friends who were, moments earlier, cackling and jeering. Their shock was all she needed to push away and to flee from her home.

Weak from loss of blood, body wracked by pain, and filled with fear, Yuki found solace amongst the garbage and remains of an old hut, only a mile from her home. She slipped in and out of consciousness for what seemed like her to be days. Dreams of a mysterious world visited her, one bathed in blue hills and pools of gold, and always present was a figure of black, a figure that towered over her, one which quietly watched over her.

When she finally did manage to recover enough to stand, she found herself naked, covered in blood, and tightly gripping onto the wooden sword crafted for her by her father. She didn’t even remember picking it up on the way out, but here it was, clutched within her hands. After chewing apart the ropes that bound her wrists, she returned home, only to find a pile of charred, smoking wood. Fear filled her heart, and in desperation she searched through the rubble. Unfortunately, she discovered the very thing she’d feared most: the corpses of her parents, charred to a crisp, lying still upon what was once their bed.

A voice, deep and cold yet faint and metallic, spoke up within her mind. Destroy. A single simple word, and yet just enough to fuel her for what was to come. Dragging her sword tiredly behind herself, the girl shambled along through the streets, ignored or avoided by most. The few who actually did speak up to ridicule her were met with her gaze, and immediately they knew to flee. As Yuki neared the hideout for the BBs, she heard the distinct clicking sound of something metallic. Following the sound, she noticed that her wooden sword had opened. All of this time it had merely been sheathed, something real and dangerous and hidden from her by her father for fear of her taking the wrong path.

She wasn’t ready then when she had been gifted with the sword, and she wasn’t quite ready now, as her mind was still frazzled from her earlier experiences. Gripping the blade properly, she removed the sheathe, and entered the hideout. They boys within were quiet, keeping a close eye upon their dear leader, who still recovered from his vicious neck wound. Their initial reaction was one of surprise, and anger, and ridicule. Everything flushed away and only fear remained once she started to cut into them. Only the leader was spared a quick death. With one swift cleave, his legs were removed, and he was awoken from his slumber by his own screams. With some help from a nearby lamp, the hideout was set ablaze, and Yuki took her leave, although now with some rags and some food.

The Tale of New Beginnings
Fashioning the rags into a simple eyepatch and a hooded cloak, Yuki spent years slaying any who dared harass her. Remembering her father’s stories, she made her way to the north, towards the fabled land of the Seireitei. As she calmed down, she stopped outright slaying anyone who messed with her, and by the time she reached the inner districts, her temper had cooled completely, and she was instead filled with intense feelings of sadness, loneliness, and guilt. The death of her parents was her own doing, and while vile, the others certainly didn’t deserve to die. Her father’s code of honor stuck to her, and she pledged to live her life by it, no matter the cost, to make amends for what she had done. A promise was made to better herself, and to better the world, and the only way she was going to accomplish that was to join the Shinigami.

Ridicule followed her even into the central districts, but she had sworn her life to a new cause. Even so, despite her greatest efforts it still affected her, and she kept her ears and tail hidden by the cloak of rags fashioned from her victim’s clothes, ashamed by what she was and fearing ridicule and rejection at the hands of the Shinigami. Finding one of their recruitment offices, Yuki applied to the Spiritual Arts Academy. While she waited for the exam, she spent her time begging for food to get by, as she wished not to cause a disturbance within the central districts. After a couple of weeks, she was invited to one of the exams. Her combat skills were fair enough, but what really impressed the examiners were her reiatsu potential and her raw ferocity, and so she was accepted into the academy.

If there was ever such a thing as heaven, Yuki entered it when she first entered the academy. Clean buildings and clean streets greeted her initially, along with clean people in clean uniforms. Nobody was out to kill her, or hurt her, or take things from her. She was assigned a place to live, and it too was clean, but more than that was the level of comfort it provided: there were no holes in the walls for gusts of wind to invade through, there were no rodents or bugs, and the bed was the most comfortable thing she had ever felt in her life. And then there were the baths! Hot water cleaner than anything she had tasted, and it was used for cleaning the body! She felt as if she were melting away the first time that she used it, and it quickly became one of her favorite things in this new life. She tasted foods that she’d never experienced before, and she could eat to her heart’s content. But the thing that excited her most were the uniforms.

She’d never had a set of clothes that fully covered her before, nor had she ever worn shoes or sandals or anything of the sort. It nearly brought her to tears when she first received them. When she figured out how to properly care for the red and white uniform she was provided, she took the utmost care in its maintenance. She kept her tail hidden down the back of her left pants leg, and the rags were converted into a new eyepatch and a matching hood with face wrap, which she wore in order to cover what could be ridiculed. Despite this, she was ridiculed, only for different reasons. For this reason most she looked forward to her zanjutsu and hakuda classes, as all ridicule disappeared when it came to close combat. If she was to be a beast, then she would become a beast in the training area.

The Tale of Friendship
It was during her first year at the academy that Yuki met the boy named Takuma Wakahisa. She took notice of him during their zanjutsu courses, where he proved himself to be a worthy rival. Or, at least, she considered him to be her rival, as he was one of the few who could stand toe to toe with her in their class. While she held a few victories against him, most of the first year was spent nursing her wounds after defeats. She likes to chalk this up partially to her learning to hold back her aggression while practice sparring, but deep down she knows that it was simple weakness on her part. Even so, zanjutsu was her best course of study during this year, followed shortly by her hakuda training. Unfortunately she seemed to completely lack the skills in any other area at this point.

By the second year of studies at the academy the rivalry between Takuma and herself was openly acknowledged, and their sparring matches grew more fierce. Now her strength in combat matched his completely, and most fights went to a draw. Her skills with hakuda increased somewhat, but still she was very much lacking in other areas. Public ridicule over her appearance had lessened, and most was done so behind her back. People mostly suspected that she was hideous, or covered with scars, and this suited her just fine. Better to be known as a hideous human than the bestial creature that she was.

In the third year Yuki started to grow more comfortable with hoho, although she still lacked skills with it, and more so with kido. She began to fall behind in these classes, and so she begrudgingly approached Takuma and asked for his help. Without even a moment’s hesitation, he agreed to it, and Yuki started to suspect that she had found a good person. With Takuma’s after class training sessions, Yuki caught up in her classes and started to gain the most basic understanding of techniques which, for years, had escaped her grasp.

She grew more comfortable around Takuma as the year stretched on, and when Takuma introduced her to the wonder of strawberries, she was finally coaxed into showing him her true form. While initially surprised, he didn’t ridicule her, nor did he show any signs of ill will. In fact, he encouraged her not to be ashamed of what she was. Despite this, she insisted that what she was wasn’t anything to be proud of, and only during the occasional practice session would she remove her hood.

As the fourth year within the academy rolled around, Yuki’s grasp of hoho techniques and the general knowledge that a Shinigami was required to learn were greatly improving, although her skills with kido were still below acceptable. Knowing that most students graduated within six years, she started to grow worried that she’d never become a Shinigami due to an unacceptable grade with kido. Most of her time spent with Takuma was focused on kido techniques, and even he was having difficulties improving her skills with them. More of her free time was spent studying, and less time was spent sleeping, and all of her classes started to falter because of this.

Yuki’s deteriorating status within the classes only really became noticeable around the start of the fifth year, when students were encouraged to begin communicating with the spirit of their Zanpakutō, and to begin looking into which division they wanted to join. Growing worried for her, Takuma spent much of their time training observing her closely. Eventually, he came up with the idea that she was faltering due to her insecurities with herself, and that the fastest way to fix this would be for her to stop wearing her cloak. Trusting her friend, and after great hesitation, she decided to begin attending her classes without the cloak, although she kept her tail hidden.

The initial level of ridicule was enormous and nearly drove her into seclusion and hiding beneath her hood. However, Takuma stepped in and defended her from the ridicule, and kept her from retreating with his encouragement. With time, even she started to accept what she was, and to take pride in it, eventually making a modification to her uniform to allow her tail freedom. Her classes improved, and she finally managed to achieve the most basic of passing levels with her kido training.

Now able to focus upon her Zanpakutō, she took time meditating within the gardens, in the hopes of contacting it. She started to once again lose out on sleep, as she poured herself completely into trying to contact her Zanpakutō. Finally, after weeks, she awoke within the familiar hilly region that she’d paid visit to earlier within her life, when times were the darkest for her, and there to greet her was a familiar figure of black. Impressed by her level of improvement, they started to chat about what they cared most about in life. While some things were similar, there were many points of contention, and it was only after some time that Yuki remembered that his was the same voice that had told her to destroy those who had destroyed her family in the past.

Angered and confident in her abilities, she challenged him to a duel. Her defeat was swift, merciless, and very surprising, as she hadn’t expected to possibly lose to someone in a fight within her own mind. On occasion, Yuki would find herself returning to the strange dream world to chat with the unknown figure clad in black. Outside of this dream realm, she continued to fare well in her classes and to keep her grades at passing levels. But as the sixth year arrived, and the true exams began, she started to grow inwardly worried.

She had decided to apply for the combat division along with her good friend Takuma, but she still had yet to learn the name of her Zanpakutō. When the exam for zanjutsu finally rolled around, she was paired up in a match against her instructor. Despite her skills, she couldn’t overcome him, and things were looking badly for Yuki. She grew desperate: if she didn’t graduate, she’d be held back, and then she might not be around if Takuma got into trouble on a mission. If he got hurt and she wasn’t there to help him, she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself.

Tossing aside her pride, she made a plea for help, a plea for power within her mind. The deep metallic voice of the black figure within her mind spoke up, and the very same words escaped her lips as a battle cry. With a flash of red light, her Zanpakutō changed. While she still ended up losing the fight, her marks were well within the passing grade. Her other exams were not nearly as difficult, even the kido exams, although she only just barely passed them.

The Tale of Loss
Both Yuki and Takuma were ultimately placed together within the combat division, and initially it worked out very well for them both. The two close friends fed off each other’s success in battle, often times holding friendly competitions with each other, which only further fueled their growth as warriors. Yuki even took to using Kido during multiple outings, and she’d begun to grow more confident in her use of the techniques. With Takuma by her side, Yuki felt as though she could do anything, and their friendship started to blossom into something more.

A great many victories also fueled something terrible, especially for new Shinigami: arrogance. Their games grew lighter, and they started to take their time with the Hollows that they fought. It became a game for them both. Weaker Menos started to flee from them. But with every victory they grew ever closer to their inevitable crushing defeat. It came in the form of an Adjucha who had been stalking the two throughout the day, waiting for the right moment to take his prey. All he had to do was separate them. They would be no match on their own.

The young team was ambushed during the tail end of a simple mission. Neither were tired out, as the Menos they’d hunted was fairly weak, even for just one of them. It had started to rain out, and the two were too focused on each other, celebrating yet another victory and yet another successful patrol with a kiss. Takuma noticed the foul creature first, and for that reason alone Yuki was spared from death. As the creature struck Yuki was separated from her kiss and tossed aside. A familiar coppery scent mixed into the rain, mixed with Takuma’s scent, and she was covered by it, soaked in it, as Takuma fell in two.

Such was the level of shock that Yuki did not even feel the creature’s scythe-like arm penetrate her chest, nor did she notice when she was lifted from the ground, her focus entirely upon her now slain friend. Tears left her one good eye, although they went unnoticed thanks to the rain. Even the Hollow’s arrogant words were drowned out, as he too fell into the same trap that they had. It wouldn’t last quite as long, however. Within those few moments, something snapped.

With a pained scream Yuki unleashed her Zanpakutō and cleaved through the bone white arm that supported her. While in tremendous pain the powerful Hollow lashed out, and over the next few minutes the two of them cut and cleaved into one another, until at last Yuki managed to slay her foe. Darkness befell her soon afterwards. Although she believed herself also slain, she would be proven wrong hours later when she awoke within a hospital.

Takuma’s loss changed her. Once more she was alone within the world, a void left where her friendship with Takuma had once existed, and family before that. When she left the hospital Yuki searched for something to fill that void. The bathes she took were no longer as comforting, the strawberries no longer as sweet, and the fights always left her cold and unsatisfied, as if they were missing something. Her already limited skills with kido grew worse, and she abandoned them completely. They were only a painful memory of what she’d lost.

When she was able, Yuki ventured to Earth alone, too afraid to pair herself with another, fearful of yet another irreplaceable loss. Hunting down the nearest Hollow that she could detect, Yuki threw herself into a battle against it, uncaring that it was stronger than her. She nearly lost her left arm, and it took everything within herself, but after a brief though fierce fight she was victorious. It was faint, but something filled that void within her chest: the battle was satisfying, and she felt warmth again.

As soon as she was fixed up, Yuki started to return to Earth alone, to throw herself right back into the fight. Nothing else mattered to her. Only by hunting and slaying Hollows did she feel alive again. Her trips to the hospital were initially quite frequent, however the experience she gained only made her better. During the next few months she learned more about Hollows than she’d ever had in the classroom. She came to an understanding: most of these creatures were mindless beasts, only hunting to satisfy their hunger. Yuki was no better than they were.

The Current Tale
Now with a new understanding, Yuki’s trips to Earth have become less about slaughtering Hollows and more about saving the people they represent. She has started to regain her life, but that void remains, never completely filled, gnawing constantly at every facet of her life.

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Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

Race Spec Here:


Enter The Shinigami

IV. Equipment

» Equipment:
Denreishinki v2
Yuki ventures out on a lot of missions. The easiest method to detect and find Hollows is generally to use one of these (although she has trained her keen senses to assist). It is also great for receiving new orders or to send messages when she has a moment to do so. Hers' is linked into her artificial eye as well, allowing for a sort of HUD system.

Feeding Eye
While she doesn't know the exact scientific name given to it, Yuki calls her artificial left eye her "Feeding Eye". Given to her by the Shinigami following her entering their ranks, it has an iris of gold and allows her to see! It is also linked into her Denreishinki to allow her a HUD.

Perhaps its greatest use, however, is as a recharging spiritual energy battery. Whenever she is not engaged in combat this device devours faint amounts of her spiritual energy, although this amount increases while she is asleep. All of this energy is stored within the eye, much like a battery. When she enters combat, however, the eye halts the draining process, allowing her to fully utilize her spiritual energy whilst in battle. If she begins to run low on her own reserves of energy for whatever reason, the eye's battery can then be activated, and she can draw upon the well of energy that it has stored up. Generally this is hidden beneath an eyepatch, and so it is typically employed as a secret weapon, however when it is fully activated it generates a golden flame, and at that point it is not so hidden. It is also useful as a backup should something happen to her one remaining natural eye.

The drawback to all this, of course, is that the energy still comes from her, and it is taken gradually and over time. Prolonged uses of this device over multiple battles in quick succession may draw all of the energy from it. It is, by no means, an infinite resource of energy, and filling it back up might take days.

Feral Fangs
These are a set of sharpened fangs which Yuki was given by the great and powerful Mana following her first victory within the Tournament for Greece! They do a lot of nifty things, which will be listed in the spoiler below!


As with any Shinigami, Yuki has her very own Gigai! However she rarely uses this, as it is quite uncomfortable for her, given her need to stuff her unusual ears and tail into a normal Human's body.

If she is out on a mission, Yuki will bring along at least a couple of these. Not only do they make travel easier, but they have on many occasions saved her life, as they were able to contact reinforcements or, at the very least, medical teams when she had been incapacitated. The little dark butterflies are also very pretty to look at, so that is also a plus.

Liu's Blood Seal
Gifted to Yuki by the demon Liu Xinshen following their match in Mana's grand tournament, this blood red seal appears upon the palm of Yuki's right hand whenever she desires to use it. By tapping the seal's location and envisioning Liu's special energy and an image of her body Yuki can connect telepathically to the devious demon. She could also request an invitation to The Underworld through this method, thus allowing her to teleport to the 2nd layer of Hell to visit Liu at her home.

V. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Kameko Clan Abilities:
While not necessarily a real clan, and certainly not anything that could be claimed as nobility, Yuki considers a few aspects of her fighting style to be gifts from her father. As her last name is Kameko, she claims that these aspects are natural for her self appointed clan.

Kameko Clan Hakuda
Unlike the sort of proper form martial arts that other cultures might employ (including, perhaps, many Shinigami), Yuki's method of hand to hand fighting leans strongly towards what her father's people might wield. Brutal and often times unpredictable movements and strikes are made not just with the hands and elbows and feet and knees, but also with claws and even teeth when she is close enough!

Yuki has taken this a step further with two additions: height disadvantage and her tail. Being quite small, Yuki will normally be out-ranged by her opponents. As such, she tends to move in very close, fighting in such proximity that her opponents find it difficult to strike at her, and it is within this range that she still has a great deal of her own movement available to her, thus giving her the advantage. Of course her shorter size also makes it generally more difficult to hit her, and even allows her to, at times, use her opponent's body as an object to move off of.

Her tail is the second secret weapon that she employs: not only is it exceptionally long (almost five feet in fact), but it is also quite prehensile, allowing her to wield it almost as a third hand! This she will use for tripping, grappling, and even sword wielding if her hands are occupied (although not quite with the same level of skill).

Keen Senses
Thanks to her father's side of the family, Yuki is able to see much better within the darkness, and her ability to hear things is greatly enhanced thanks to her rather sizeable ears. Above all, however, is her sense of smell: she can detect things that most others would not even consider possible! Of course such things can also be used against her. Exceptionally loud noises may hurt, and exceptionally powerful smells may throw off her focus.

Relentless Ferocity
Much like her father, Yuki's ferocity only grows as damage is dealt against her. Pain is shrugged off, replaced instead by anger and a greater resolve to tear into her foes. Not only does she begin not to hold back, but so does her body: adrenaline surges and more blood is pumped throughout her muscles and organs. The body's natural barriers are gradually opened, and with this comes a burst of energy, speed, stamina, and strength.

In turn, her attacks grow more ferocious still, and this will generally culminate in further wounds, which only repeats the cycle. Delving too far down this path unleashes Yuki's animalistic side, and at this point it might become difficult for her to return to normal on her own. Of course all of this is terribly dangerous for her body: not only does she suffer further wounds, but to push one's body in this way might cause internal damages, which leads to longer recovery times post battle.

Because this gradually draws Yuki towards her natural beastial nature, she generally attempts not to wield this ability, as it forces her to become what she has, for so long, attempted to deny.

» Shinigami Abilities:
Despite her lineage, Yuki is still a Shinigami. As such, she has learned some of their methods of fighting.

Enhanced Endurance
Like other Shinigami, Yuki enjoys not only a greatly enhanced lifespan, but a much greater degree of endurance in comparison to other races. The beastial blood of her father only further enhances this: not only is she able to take a much greater degree of damage and withstand a much heavier degree of pain compared to other races, she is able to generally go beyond what is typically acceptable even for other Shinigami.

While speed is not Yuki's primary concern when it comes to combat, she does recognize it as being quite vital, and is continuously working on improving it. This is especially true considering that pretty much all of her abilities and skill require close combat ranges. Like with any Shinigami, she utilizes this via sudden bursts of spiritual energy, allowing her to close distances instantly. Often times she will combine this with an attack, in order to suddenly catch an opponent off guard, and to hopefully finish the fight.

Yuki's primary method of fighting is with a sword. Even her various "released states", as they are often called, are simply used to bolster her sword fighting. Despite everything, she is not exactly the most skilled. Much like her form of Hakuda, Yuki's Zanjutsu is more of a brutal, savage, unpredictable style, holding very little of the art that might be seen with most other Shinigami. This is not to say that it is ineffective, it is simply more to the point.

VI. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Kuchiku

» Zanpakutô Appearance:
Kuchiku is a spirit reflected from the darker era of Yuki’s life. He was forged upon an anvil of desolate wastelands, shaped by the hammer of injustices brought to bear upon a young girl, and tempered by the flames of her unyielding inner self; a guardian fueled by a hatred for the world Yuki strives to protect, the two are often at ends with one another. Where Yuki seeks to forget and move away from the past, her spirit does not, and he insists constantly that she let go of her restraints in order to purify the evils of the world with blood. He also represents everything about Yuki’s beastial side that she’d like to deny: a thirst for blood, savage behavior, and a desire to let loose and engage in every animalistic desire she might normally repress.

Thankfully, they do seem to share a code of honor and they both seek to better the world around them, and it is these two similarities which allow them to get along most of the time. Kuchiku seems to share most of the bad traits that makes Yuki her worst self and this only makes it more difficult for her to control those urges when the fighting gets rough. He remains her mentor however, and even the conflict with the negative aspects of herself is described by Kuchiku as being a part of her ongoing training.

Physically, Kuchiku represents what Yuki isn’t and, at the same time, what her inner self aspires to be. Towering over the girl at a massive ten feet tall, Kuchiku is a being clad in black full plate metal armor. Parts of the armored spirit glow with hot veins, as if a pool of magma constantly threatens to eat through the armor, and this is most notably visible on the joints, chest, the gauntlets, the visor, and the blades that Kuchiku wields. A wispy cloak of black emanates from his back, like an endless flow of shadow constantly torn to pieces and carried away into the air by some unseen force. A deep voice covered by the faint grinding of metal upon metal emanates from the helmet whenever he decides to speak up.

Kuchiku resides within Yuki's inner world, which itself is a place of wonder. An endless world of flowing hills and sharply peaked mountains, at first glance from a distance one would describe it as being bare of life. Upon closer inspection one would instead discover that everything is covered by a layer of knee high golden flowers, petals constantly in bloom. Most of the sky is covered by thick clouds which, at first, seem to be a pitch black, and these clouds darken everything below in a constant state of nightfall. On occasion light will pierce through the thick layer of clouds, revealing them to be a dark blue color. When this occurs, the light reflects many shades of blue until it hits the golden flower covered grounds, lighting them up to form glowing pools of golden light. Peering past the thick cloud coverage reveals a darker sky above with no hints as to the light’s point of origin. The landscape is in a constant state of quiet peace, with only the occasional gust of winds to stir it up.

Even when sealed, Kuchiku’s influence bleeds through into the Zanpakutō’s appearance. With a blade length of four feet, the sheathed weapon appears relatively normal. A sheathe of black wood covers the blade, worn and chipped in places, and runs up to a darkened gold tsuba which splits off into each cardinal direction as a protruding block, each one sporting a half moon opening in the center. The ito which covers the handle is a pure black, punctuated a third of the way up by a ring of gold, and a golden orb on each side only a few centimeters higher. The kashira is a slightly polished gold. Unsheathing the blade reveals something different from other Zanpakutō: an unusually heavy blade of pure black steel.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:
The Inner Beast Dwells
Yuki's inner beastial side is always seeking a release from its prison. While she may call upon her natural ferocity, Kuchiku is yet another representation of that force.

The beast cannot be set free if its host is destroyed, and so it seeks to protect her by flooding her wounds with spiritual energy, temporarily mending them whilst in combat. This is not exactly what one might call regeneration, as the wounds themselves are not actually fixed, but instead are simply held together and closed by her spiritual power. At this stage it is not enough to hold onto a removed limb, nor is it enough to keep her from death, but it may certainly hold her wounds closed, stop bleeding, and keep organs functioning, provided they remain within her body.

This mending energy also provides a thin film of protection along the surface of her body. While it will not completely negate a stab, some slash or cleaving attacks may slide off, and such a stab may be slowed or somewhat absorbed.

All of this dense energy also carries its own weight, which is reflected outwards as to not slow her down. This might make it a bit more difficult to move or grapple with her, and it might also provide some slight momentum to her strikes.

Not only is this a constant drain upon her spiritual energy reserves, but it also requires some of Yuki's focus, as she is constantly forcing her beastial side back into its metaphorical cage. While physically and spiritually draining (due to the stress placed upon her wounds and her energy reserves), it is also mentally draining, and will often times lead to her exhaustion if she is forced to keep it up for too long.

VII. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Howl, Kuchiku!"

» Shikai Appearance:
When Kuchiku is unleashed what follows is an instantaneous and blindingly bright flash of red light. If looked upon directly, it might even blind most people, at least for a few moments. The energy released manifests itself as a faint aura of black, tinged with red briefly as it flickers as a gentle flame would, covering her entire form. Yuki's form remains otherwise unchanged.

The unsealed version of Yuki’s Zanpakutō appears not to have changed much at all. The blade remains the same length, and the sheathe retains the same form, although now lacking the cracks, blemishes, and chips that its former form retains. The darkened gold tsuba is replaced by one of pure black, wrapping around the handle as a rectangular guard. The ito changes to one of black with red diamonds bleeding through from beneath and the handle ends with a pure black kashira. The once solid black steel blade now contains veins of slightly glowing red, which seems to mimic the appearance of Kuchiku’s armored self. Finally, the back side of the blade is somewhat blocky and not completely curved like the blade.

» Shikai Abilities:
The Inner Beast Howls
Yuki's inner beast is released from its prison, although it remains on a metaphorical chain, as it were. Unleashed from its cage, it lashes out constantly, whilst flooding its host with its beastial power.

The energy that might normally only hold together her wounds now seeks to actively invigorate the natural healing processes of Yuki's body: not only will the wounds be held together, but they will be completely removed given time. A severed limb may even be reattached, although at the most such a wound might only be held together, and not completely healed.

Once a thin film of protection, this protective healing energy now rages like a fire around her body, providing an even greater depth of protection, and with it an even greater weight. Even stabs and blunt strikes may be absorbed. By focusing the protective energy in one direction, Yuki can create a temporarily solid force, generally with her feet, from which to either protect herself from particularly powerful attacks or, more amusingly, to kick off from, thus allowing her to shift her movements while mid-air.

Whilst also invigorating her body with healing energy, this aura of spiritual power also seeks to further push her body's limits, in order to allow for more ferocious attacks! It courses through her veins, refreshing tired muscles, giving them strength, and speeds up body's processes, allowing for quicker thought and action.

Once again this ability is draining on all levels, even more so in fact due to the intensity placed upon the body. Whenever the energy is focused in one way or another, it further taxes her. Even as she focuses upon keeping herself in check, at this stage Yuki gradually begins to lose control, and some of those worst parts of her personality begin to seep out regardless.

VIII. Bankai Powers

» Bankai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their bankai?]

» Bankai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Bankai?]

VIII. Skill Sheet


Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master
    Yuki's willpower and determination are now unmatched by many of her peers. She can now temporarily resist and lower the effects of her own limitations (allowing her to begin resisting those things she might have a weakness to, potentially up to between 30% - 50%, although this state would generally only last between three to six posts and then down to 10% after three post period). She is extremely resistant against most forms of mental manipulation and generally only requires a second thought to defend herself against creatures similar to a succubus, or those who induce emotional manipulation, memory control, psychological control, or even telepathy. With focus she could reduce her bodily needs for extended periods of time.

  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
    Yuki's is starting to achieve a mental clarity of sorts. Her critical thinking skills are improving and she has started to really attain a wealth of knowledge for combat situations, thus allowing her to react very quickly to most circumstances that might pop up in front of them. Should she come under the entrapment of a hallucination she'll be able to discern what it is and will eventually be able to break free of it at a moderate pace.

  • Pain Endurance: Master
    If there is one thing Yuki is experienced in, it is pain. At this point she could take heavy amounts of firepower with ease (for example, she could take a Grand Ray Cero to the face and mentally continue to fight unimpeded). Being completely bloodied is simply not enough to stop her from putting up a fight: she might need to be disarmed completely, restrained, exhausted, etc. However even if she were to be quite literally disarmed, she would be able to continue the fight. Her body has even adapted physically to handle pain: her nerves have tightened and evolved to the point of only making pain necessary when there is major damage inflicted upon her body or to alert her of something that could damage her further (such as a poison, head trauma, and so forth). All of this expands into the mental realm: if someone were to try and inflict pain upon her with some sort of spell or ability Yuki would be able to dramatically reduce the effects or, in some cases, shrug them off completely.

  • Focus: Master
    Focus has always been fairly important to Yuki, as it is her defense against her own beastial and savage side, and now she has become even better still with regards to this sort of thing. With a mere check of her internal self she can take into account many of the variables that come with the challenge of facing multiple targets at once. Paying attention to different attacks occurring at the same time, the movements of her foes, and the variable signatures of spiritual energy scattered across the battlefield all come fairly easy to her. In this focused state it becomes challenging to surprise her as she becomes in-tune with the environment around herself. She can even notice the smallest details within each attack, knowing just the right amount of force, speed, and thrust required to direct a strike strong enough to level a city block into every inch of a cinder block of concrete. In hand-to-hand combat she could pinpoint just the right amount of pressure she needs to focus into an opponent to precisely damage their body as she sees fit. Her accuracy and control over hr attacks has also grown to new heights. Any mental effects upon her can also be more or less shrugged off with a retreat back into a sense of utter serenity.

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
    Yuki's body is able to endure a few energy blasts and numerous projectile attacks. At this point her skin has even started to naturally toughen, making it more difficult to actually harm her despite her spiritual energy. She could take multiple stab wounds and be showered by bullets whilst continuing the fight. Even tank fire is survivable, and even then she could continue the fight (provided she could stand up to the pain).

  • General Speed: Adept
    Speed is not one of Yuki's best areas, although she is improving. Now she is quick in comparison to any normal creature and a few supernatural beings (reaching speeds of 100 mph easily and even up to 600 MPH in short bursts), although it is still nothing compared those of her kind that have put real training into it.

  • Strength: Advanced
    At Yuki's current level of strength she could move a main battle tank with little effort, destroy city blocks with a focused strike, even lift a Boeing 747 with almost no issue whatsoever. With enough effort she could lift a small cargo ship or even an entire building. She is by no means weak, and now she is starting to really show her strength among her peers.

  • Weapon Skill: Adept
    While others might have the skills to create weapons, Yuki has never delved into such things (although if she did then she might be able to create something simple, given time and probably assistance). If anything this only relates to her ability to fight with said weapons: if she were to pick one up, she could certainly fight with it, even applying basic concepts of those fighting styles. Her striking speeds are not terrible, easily surpassing those who are only beginning to learn weapon combat. However her form leaves much desire, which is perhaps expected given her personal brute force, savage fighting style.

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
    Yuki's skill with using flash step is improving, although she is by no means perfect with it as of yet. Her reaction time has become superb and her speed is immense. She could catch a bullet before an opponent has time to breathe, release her attack with the utmost speed, and dominate the field with her presence.

  • Kidō: Beginner
    While Yuki used to use at least some kido, and her skills were at least at one point enough to graduate from the academy, she has completely given up on its use since the death of her friend Takuma. She simply does not have any confidence in her ability to use it, and so she never does, instead focusing completely on physical confrontations.

  • Zanjutsu: Adept
    Yuki is skilled with her Zanpakutō, but her style of fighting is not on par with more seasoned veterans. Part of this is simply due to how she fights: she uses a style that is savage, unpredictable, and wild. Such a thing leaves much room for improvement. If she were to take more time to create an actual style of fighting focused using her Zanpakutō, then this could perhaps be improved, but at the moment it is simply used as an accompaniment with her hakuda.

  • Hakuda: Advanced
    Currently most of Yuki's fighting style revolves around her self-appointed clan's fighting style. It is a wild and unpredictable style using brutal and savage tactics, and often times using tactics which might put her in danger. Even her Zanpakutō is incorporated, although only as a tool for cleaving, cutting, and stabbing where she otherwise be unable to. Despite its relative simplicity, it has proven quite effective, especially thanks to its unpredictability and fluid transitions from one method of attacking into another.

IX. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:
Beams of soft light filtered down through the wooden trellis overhanging a pebble walkway that Yuki took steps upon, creating the soft scrunching noises that one typically associates with such movement over such unstable terrain. The smell of dew covered strawberries in the morning was one of her favorites, and in her little garden of relaxation she could experience it on most days. It was a place of peace which she used for her morning meditations whenever she was on leave within the Seireitei. Of course, it was also her strawberry garden, where she grew her favorite food and could always enjoy her favorite smell.

I wonder what Takuma does with his mornings she thought to herself curiously. She’d never really seen him in the mornings before, except during missions requiring undercover work, and then only rarely. Perhaps it is for the better. One can only imagine the sort of outfit he wears to sleep.

Then again, she’d already changed as well, if it could even be called changing. More like putting on clothes in the first place. There was just something liberating about sleeping in the nude. Perhaps it reminded her of times spent with her parents? They never had much to wear.

Her head shook slightly and her right ear twitched once in annoyance. No, she didn’t need any reminders of those times. Now was her time to relax, to gather her thoughts and to free her mind from the daily slog of training or patrolling or paperwork. Her one good eye darted across the landscape before her and unconsciously her head shifted to the left.

An open pebble garden area faced her, and in the center sat a stone table of white marble. Wooden stools remained stacked from the night before a couple of meters to her right. Further ahead to the right lay a gently curving stream, which cut through the rock garden and provided a trickling ambience of further serenity. To her immediate left stood a neat row of red clay pots, each of which contained a strawberry plant.

Shifting on her heels, Yuki turned to the left and approached her precious plants. When she neared them, she stopped and rested her hands upon her knees, carefully crouching down, leaning forward so as to allow her to take in the scent of the delicate fruits whilst allowing her outfit to remain free of any abnormal creases. Today she had decided to dress in her white kimono, the one with the red cherry blossom tree designs and the white eyepatch. Rarely did she receive the chance to wear such an outfit, which was a shame. The silk made it comfortable and light, airy yet offering of some protection during the colder temperatures. It was kept clean and folded away properly, always in good proper order, stark contrast compared to her hair which she rarely applied effort into shaping.

“Almost time” she remarked quietly, pushing off her knees to stand herself up straight. Soon she could indulge in the sweet delicacies, but they were not yet completely ripe. If gardening taught her anything, it was patience, a virtue she could use more of within her life and one she could easily put up with a little bit for her favorite food.


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Will Skills
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  • Focus: Advanced


Hello! First of all I'd like to say that this app was a phenomenal read and incredibly well done. I actually do not have any notes that would require changes, as this is a fair and balanced power set that should be interesting to see in action! My only note really is that I would like you to keep in mind that her protection will be less effective against attacks used by stronger opponents. I will be keeping an eye on this ability as you are still new however this app shows me that you know how to fairly balance a powerset so something tells me that there aren't going to be any issues!

Otherwise, approved!!

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