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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Make things a little better (OPEN)

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Make things a little better (OPEN)   Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:22 am



Artist: RWBY - Song: Neon - Word Count: 704

Sophia smiled kindly to the two gentlemen. She looked at Masaru and nodded. As he spoke she gauged his presence and the danger he could potentially cause to the people around. After all, he did attack an on duty shinigami. "Masaru Sumeragi, I'm a human...and I want to find allies so I can keep Earth safe from threats, here seemed like the best place to come for such." Sophia giggled but bit her lip, "Well Unfortunately, the Rukongai won't be of very much help! If you head to the main soul society entrance, you'd probably would garner more attention!" She looked around and noticed that they were garnering unwanted attention. She paced it out and just kept a look out on their environment, she didn't want to alarm any of the villagers. Sophia's eyes squinted a bit, "A human... probably doesn't look that good coming to the Rukongai..."

As Henrex offered his hand, Sophia made it a point to bow in front of him before receiving his hand. After holding his hand for a moment, she could sense something off about his reiastu and spiritual energy. Suddenly, her hands began to glow, a warm pink light shaped itself around Henrex's hand. As Sophia's reiastu and spiritual energy coursed through his body, he would a warm slow comforting energy flow through his body. It feel like absolute bliss. Whatever was the happiest memory he's ever had would cross his mind. She smiled as sweetly as possibly, "I hope you don't mind, I was just trying to balance your spiritual energy... Maybe help you with whatever thoughts you're having" Sophia hadn't met anyone from the Covert Ops unit yet. She was excited to finally meet someone. She noticed he seemed more withdrawn, but she finally understood why. She noticed both of the fluctuations in their spiritual pressure. Unknowingly to them, she had an acute sense for reishi and spiritual pressure. Sophia could immediately tell that both gentlemen were getting more offensive. She noticed that Henrex reached for the handle of his katana and Masaru's energy began to quake and tremble. Sophia managed to exclaim, "I suggest both of you boys settle down..." She smiled and casually patted off her skirt. The murmurs from the civilians watching became louder as they crept up closer to get a better look at the three individuals. Something was going on and they wanted to know.

In an instant, Sophia whispered to herself, "Bakudo #26. Kyokkō" Around her the lights shifted gracefully and she concealed all three of them completely visibly. The lights around them shifted over their bodies like a blanket and to their knowledge the boys knew that she had rendered them invisible. Following up, her tails broke a part and surrounded all three of them like fallen sakura petals. They lined the blanket of bent light, "This is silencing our spiritual pressure, as far as everyone's concerned we just vanished into thin air!" Sophia began to pant a bit, her exhaustion was beginning to show. She still hadn't rest from her previous encounter and she's been healing civilians non-stop. It was beginning to take a bit of a toll on her body but she held it together. She leaned forward and caught her breath. She looked up at both of them and smiled, "I think we should be fine in here! Just don't make too much noise." Sophia looked around and the civilians all settled down and began to pay attention to their respective things. Sophia quietly sighed and thought to herself, "That would have been a close call. I don't know protocols with humans, but I'm not trying to get into trouble." Sophia scratched her head in frustration but turned to both gentlemen and smiled as sweetly as possible.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Make things a little better (OPEN)   Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:22 am



Song: Besaid Island - Artist: Nobuo Uematsu - Words: DUNNO

As Henrex seemed to get uneasy his hand he gripped his eyecon in his hand. He simply watched Henrex and to be sure he wouldn't suddenly attack, there wasn't much he could do anyway since if he was to be suddenly attacked he'd need to pretty much just defend himself and try to get away. In a realm filled with shinigami he was most likely to end up hiding and trying to survive in the rukongai, eventually giving up and turning himself in. But he was here for allies, that meant he might just be able to make friends with the woman and maybe acquaintances with the male shinigami that was on edge now. He still had to actually answer the question asked him. How did he get here? Well there's a lot of answers, the most believable one is magic, but he wasn't well versed in even his own magic.

"Short cut" he said to answer Henrex, but really he had managed to open a portal here but by sheer luck. He had no way of keeping the portal stable either so...he might be stuck here for a long while. So the chances were he would be attacked, arrested and executed before he can prove he's a friendly not a hostile. The ganma would only make things worse as well seeing he mainly used them as soldiers. So he was pretty much on his own now.

Then he heard Sophia tell them to cool it and then found out the three of them were now invisible. She also looked a bit strained at this stage as well, he put the eyecon away and just moved to Sophia and rested a hand on her back "I apologize for making you waste your energy on us, but I really don't mean any sort of harm to anyone..." he looked to Henrex as if that point was mainly pointed at him. He then felt his stomach growl, he didn't bring anything with him to eat either, well now this plan was more or less a failure, no human can live without food.

The growl was rather audible as well, muffled by the kido but someone very close...might hear a small dog growl out of nowhere. He hadn't eaten since breakfast, a nice bowl of chili would be nice right about now, if only he carried a portable kitchen with him.


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Make things a little better (OPEN)
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