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 Kazuya Yashida [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kazuya Yashida [WIP]   Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:37 am


ENTER Kazuya Yashida


» Name:Kazuya Yashida
» Titles:
The Architect
Heir to the Yashida Clan
Warden of the South West
» Age: Seventeen Years Old
» Place Of Birth: Karakura Central, Japan
» Gender: Male
» Species:
» Sexuality: Heterosexual.
» Martial Status: Single.
» Nationality: Japanese
» Appearance:Body: Kazuya's appearance is one that gives him a more effeminate frame than most men, he has smaller features with a slim figure which some might even describe as lanky. Despite his body appearing weak and lacks most capability to intimidate he is actually quite well toned. He has a body that was trained to achieve what it needs to do and less on the appearance of being strong and powerful. From a young age he was put through a variety of training regimes which made his body deceivingly powerful and athletic.

His skin is a pale white, despite the fact he is more pale than most of Japanese descent his very pale complexion can be attributed to the lack of sunlight he gets, from the time he usually spends inside and this ultimately means he gets a lack of sunlight from his work. His skin still appears healthy though, and has a smooth texture to it when touched.

strong>Hair: His hair is nothing special, to the outside observer he doesn't have any special colour to it. It is a simple brown which doesn't exactly make people notice him due to a strange hair colour, it is usually seem on his head as a semi-neat way which he has to do every time he wakes up, ultimately his hair is quite short and barely goes past the back of his neck.

Eyes: His eyes are a deep shade of green, which is a strong trait in his family. They tend to have a curious gaze, as they take in the world around them they display Kazuya's true nature, while his eyes tend to change to suite different situations. They have a way of drawing people to them, a sort of seduction which lures people to ignite their own curiosity about him and his enigmatic self.

» Rank:
The Yashida Clan - Heir
The Yuudeshi Clan - No Rank (Affilated for family matters)
The Vanguard - Warden of the South West
Gotei Thirteen - Vice-Captain of Squad Twelve
» Residence: TEST GOES HERE
» Frequent Locations: TEXT GOES HERE


» Calm: Upon meeting Kazuto one is struck by his strange aura which makes him appear calm, he always seems to be calm and to see him panic is almost unheard of. He is able to handle difficult and stressful situations well which far surpasses most other individuals ability to remain calm and collected. To others it can be seen as charismatic, his nature and the way he remains so calm has a calming effect to those that are around him. His charisma and devotion has lead to him to be able to charm people into firing up their own devotion and this leadership allows him to easily improve morale and attitude which is one of the reasons he serves as a Warden in the Vanguard.

» Articulate: He is a very well mannered due to his higher class in society than most others. He speaks in a soft tone which makes him very easy to approach and talk to although he often speaks with very good English and has a formal tone to what he says. This aside he is not a snob about his tone, he often tries to make it seem less noticeable by using less articulate terms and language with those who would get confused by his more sophisticated language.

He is a very respectful individual, often speaking with kindness and a respectful tone to everyone. As well as some enemies he has been known to respect, he respects everyone and treats them the same until a reason presents itself which supports why he should not respect or trust them. Unless you do something to make him think less of you then you will be respected, that said he is by no means a judgmental person and when he does make judgments it is done with logic and fact to support his opinion of them.

» Likes:
• Water ~ Whenever it's a swim in a pond, a walk on the coastline or a hot shower, Kazuto is at his peak of joy and confidence, when around water.
• Experimentation ~ Kazuto didn't dedicate himself to science, because of a certain ambition, nor does he blink in the face of what another might perceive as failure. He experiments, observes and writes notes, paying little to no attention to the initial outcome - a success or not, each experiment offers valuable knowledge.
• Gourmet ~ Kazuto displays a passionate love for cuisine, a highly sophisticated palate and an appreciation for vintage wine, and is quite the chef himself.
• Language ~ Intrigued by the written and spoken languages, the meaning and the origin of words, one could call Kazuto an enthusiastic and a skilled linguist.
• Evolution ~ The process of development as a human being, which leads to learning from the past mistakes and eventually, becoming a better person.


Kazuto Yashida was born seventeen years ago to his parents Izumi and Hazama Yashida. He was born into the powerful Yashida Clan which resides in Karakura Forest, about thirty kilometres away from Karakura Central. His family preferred their isolation but despite this the family kept a strong influence within Karakura Central due to their power in Yakuza organisations and other corporations which they own and run. Yes, he was born into quite the wealthy family with a very large sum of money and lots of companies with lots of resources. His birth went well, being overlooked by professionals and born without a single issue. With this event Kazuto was born into the world as a healthy young boy.

His early years were one of training and learning, it was the way in which things must happen and all members of the clan were expected to get a very good education. Kazuto was no exception and from a young age he received a very high level education which far surpassed anything another facility could get him. He learned much from these tutors, from a young age they instilled in him Mathematics, high level sciences and also a variety of languages which would give him a good chance at going places in his later life. He was a dedicated and hard worker at a young age with his parent’s influence as he developed a drive to succeed and reach the pinnacle of what he could do.

As a child he attended the best learning facilities that his family could afford which basically meant he could go to any facility he wanted without a limit to the money required, he received anything and everything he needed and this made him able to hone his skills in combat from a young age. He was first taught to fight by his father Hazama who started teaching him about the ways of combat and how to utilise his skills and abilities correctly. It was at the age of five that me met his two best friends Aegis Yuudeshi and Indra Hashirama, he met Aegis Yuudeshi when he started attending a school temporarily in order to pursue his interests in psychology which the school was well known for having a good program to learn the topic. Aegis was a descendant of the great Shadin Yuudeshi and Kazuto and he got to know each other well before they met Indra a few months later in the streets who was the son of a shinigami couple who moved to the living world.

These two people had quite the influence on young Kazuto, from Aegis he learned a strong sense of justice and his goals to protect people became Kazuto’s as well. His friend Indra was a rather hot headed individual who believed that peace should be attained at any cost which created the occasional argument between Kazuto’s friends. The three of them would stick together for quite some time after meeting each other and despite the three sharing a goal to become the strongest beings in the universe to bring peace tragedy struck the group when Indra’s parents were captured by the demon Asmodeus who came to serve Mana Asthavon, he had been keeping tabs on the three due to the fact that Aegis and Kazuto were of very prestigious families and he had plans for them. His attempts at luring the three to Indra’s parent’s aid worked much to Hazama and Izumi’s disapproval although they failed to stop Kazuto before he ran off to help his friends.

The three of them raided Asmodeus’s base in order to rescue Indra’s loved ones although it was a trap that was designed to capture the three of them, after serving their purpose to the demon he executed Indra’s parents and mortally wounded the boy which is when Kazuto’s demon heritage surfaced. It dragged him into his initial form and with this increase of power he was able to free Aegis although after escaping with Indra and Aegis it was made clear that their friend was not going to make it and in his dying wish Indra gave his shinigami powers to Kazuto to help him and as a farewell gift. In their escape though Asmodeus survived and was left scarred for his efforts, he disappeared for a few years as he formulated another plan to attain the two boys.

Upon returning home he learned the truth of his heritage and how he was part demon, and also part shinigami after his friend’s gift.

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

» Height: 5'9" (176 cm)
» Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)

x THE DIPLOMAT: [strangers]

o First Impression:
- Collected, Calm
- Sociable, Direct
- Politically Correct
- Respectful, Considerate
- Honest, Genuine
- Compassionate
- Charismatic, Diplomatic
- Soft-spoken, Articulate, Expressive
- Prefers not to show his cards

x THE ANALYST: [superiors, comrades, subordinates]

o As a Subordinate:
- Efficient, practical, responsible, hard-working
- Perfectionist, demands a lot from himself
- Driven, ambitious, determined, dedicated
- Loyal, but defies authority when it's unlawful or unjust
- Takes on new projects with enthusiasm

o With Subordinates/Comrades:
- Outgoing, empathetic, optimistic
- Dynamic, confident, independent
- Open-minded, receptive of criticism
- Passionate about his interests and work
- Easily bored, which is his poison
- Finds it difficult to focus on one thing at a time
- Takes up tons of work
- Ends up exhausted and stressed
- Doesn't look down on anyone, everyone is his equal

o Feeling & Thinking:
- Observant, analytical, perceptive
- Rational, logical, knowledgeable, strategic
- Calculating, inquisitive, curious, realistic
- Far-sighted, detailed, resourceful
- Insightful, intuitive, original, adaptive
- Innovative, imaginative, creative, artistic
- Relies on both old and new strategies and tactics
- Utilizes feeling and thinking in problem-solving and decision-making
- Natural thirst for knowledge
- Excels in engineering plans and strategies
- Abstract thought process
- Recharges by withdrawing to quietness and brainstorming
- Capable of setting himself in another perspective
- Cannot resist an intellectual challenge
- Prefers to reconstruct and then rebuild; does everything himself
- Fascinated by evolution and development processes

x THE EXPLORER: [friends, lovers]

o True Self:
- Caring, kind, gentle, noble
- Brave, altruistic, romantic
- Adventurous, hedonistic, spontaneous
- Self-conscious; about his appearance and actions
- Noble; wants to make the world a better place
- Self-blaming; sees failures as his fault and tortures himself with them
- Stubborn; does what he sees as the best solution
- Free-spirited; doesn't want to be held down
- Craves for pleasure, thrill and inspiration.
- Seeks for a purpose or a meaning.
- Finds it difficult to truly trust others.

x THE DEVIL: [enemies]

o Dark Self:
- Changes completely in combat
- Cold, ruthless and emotionless, when fighting with enemies.
- Kills/executes enemies without hesitation.
- Willing to sacrifice others for greater good.
- Willing to kill to protect himself or his loved ones.
- Vindictive and grudging to those, who hurt him.
- Unpredictable, when angered.
- Hurts his loved ones in cruel ways, when angered.
- Shocks people, who know him.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kazuya Yashida [WIP]   Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:32 am


I. Powers

» Racial Abilities: Kido, Hoho, Zanjutsu and Hakuda Techs and abilities here.

• Extended Life-Spans: This is quite the unique trait that Shinigami possess over that of Human's. For, unlike human's, Shinigami can retain their visible youth for the many countless centuries to come. Those who are keenly in-tune with their spiritual energy can even greatly expand their lifetimes by upwards of fifty-percent more than usual. More than that, it seems to also reside over into the cosmetic side of things. As trained Shinigami with a good control of their Reiryoku can utilize it in order to preserve their youth for further prolonged periods of time. Furthermore, with the improvements in Modern Medicine over the past few centuries, there are also many various treatments available to Shinigami in order to enhance both their life-spans and physical appearance if need be at times.

• Reiryoku And Reiatsu: Most Shinigami naturally possess good quantities of Reiryoku, otherwise known as Spiritual Power. The level of their Reiryoku varies greatly from Shinigami to Shinigami. As the more of this inner energy they possess, the stronger a Shinigami's abilities will become, the more keen their senses will be and overall they will be a much more difficult being to kill as their supernatural affinity grows and strengthens as their volume of Spiritual Power expands. Additionally, it also grants them the capacity to detect other spiritual beings without needing to resort to their five basic senses. This is achievable because most types of supernatural creatures emit various levels of Reiryoku which can be detected by a Shinigami. Although, the level in which they can sense varies from Shinigami to Shinigami, for the most part almost every member of this pieces can detect it to an extent.

Furthermore, based on the fact that most creatures which possess Reiryoku have different patterns of Spiritual Energy radiating from them, more trained individuals can even tell the difference between allies, friends and even other races. They may even be able to gauge their comrades psychological state, for sudden changes in spiritual energy is a sure sign that they are either fighting or have received great injury. This detection system also allows for them discern the spiritual patterns of other races. As, for example, the Reiryoku pattern of Arrancar are quite simple to realize the difference of from that of a Plus, Shinigami or Human.

And, to boot, if a Shinigami is able to continually train their Reiryoku, more interesting developments can occur. One of these improvements is the fact that more advanced level Shinigami are able to control the quantities of spiritual energy which emits from their body. If they were to entirely block this phenomena out, then they could complete hide their presence away from other sorts of spiritual beings. The reverse effect of this, however, is known as Reiatsu, more commonly called as Spiritual Pressure. This is often considered a great show of power, and in the hands of a skilled individual, can become a form of an attack by itself. Those with high volumes of reiatsu can utilize it to paralyze opponents in some cases, cause direct damage to the surrounding vicinity; including living beings and objects alike and essentially produce other variable effects on the world around them.

Should weaker level souls be around a SHinigami of extreme power, and they decide not to control it, it's even possible for their reiatsu to easily kill lower level beings if they did not realize how much spiritual energy they leak from their body. If someone were in great control of their reiatsu, however, they could even begin to alter the area around them. Such as if one were of a elemental origin, they could infuse these properties into their spiritual pressure in order to produce a freezing effect if they were a ice-based user, or an immense heating effect if they happened to be a Shinigami whom possessed a great deal of supernatural ability in the art of fire bending. More than just that, more skilled users can even use their reiatsu to harden their skin in order to effectively protect themselves from a wide variety of attacks. Sometimes leading to varied Shinigami battles occasionally leading to one whom possess a greater level of spiritual pressure if they have nothing else left to fight with.

It's also worth mentioning, as a final note, most Shinigami have different reiatsu based colors based on their personality. If one were to have a feisty temper, then chances are they'd have a red, orange or even white spiritual aura around them. While if a Shinigami were more calm, composed and in control of themselves they may very well have a reiatsu shade of green or blue. What's more, some being can infrequently produce shape or solid forms of their spiritual pressure. Such as one with an animal based Zanpakutō having their spiritual energy take the shape of a bear or one with an affinity for death having that of a skull emerge behind them.

And so, with all the above said, these two tools are of great value and use to Shinigami. Use them with caution.

• Enhanced Endurance: This is quite a noticeable feature in the race of Shinigami. Most Shinigami in general possess a very high tolerance to pain and injury than their human and Plus Spirit predecessors. For what would normally be considered a critical to life threatening injury to a human, a Shinigami would have far higher rates of survival due to the greater amounts of power behind an assault that would be required to essentially kill a Shinigami. An example of this would be a slash to the chest by a Shinigami who is roughly on a Seated Officers level. If this individual had been a regular human, chances are they'd have a good chance of dying from copious amounts of blood loss associated with the tear in their chest. However, since they ascended to that of a Shinigami, they are able to take multiple blows to the chest until they are finally put to a rest. Henceforth, one of the most ensured ways to kill a Shinigami is normally by slashing their head off.

• Konso: This is the course of action most Shinigami go through in order to send wandering Souls in the Human World or other realms and send them to their respective place. If they had lead a neutral or acceptable life, the most probable place a spirit would end up is in the Soul Society. If the subject in question had lead a destructive life that was full of senseless murders, endless amounts of theft and causing general pain upon others, then they'd generally be sent to the pits of Hell itself. Moving onward from that, Konso is usually carried out by using the hilt of a Shinigami's Zanpakutō to press against the forehead of a Soul; thus transporting them into the afterlife. However, it is possible for more skilled Shinigami to perform a mass version of this through a massive burst of their spiritual energy in emergency circumstances. It's also worth noting that this can be applied to other races as well; but the Shinigami actually has to kill them in combat. So, for example, a Shinigami can send a supernatural human to the Soul Society if they engaged in a battle and the Shinigami ended up slaying the human.

• Purging Sinister Souls: When a Shinigami is able to kill a Hollow with their Zanpakutō, this process generally leads to them being purged of their sins. After this effect has taken place, a hollow will typically revert back to their previous state as a Plus and will be led back into the pits of the Soul Society. This transformation system is called sublimation; it's essentially a form of rebirth which Shinigami are able to perform. Though, it should be noted that not all Hollows are sent to the Soul Society. Being that Shinigami only have the capacity to cleanse any wrong-doing this being had done after ascending to a hollow, Hollow's which committed heinous acts in their human lives will still be sent back to hell after they are destroyed. In the case of Demon's, however, if a Shinigami becomes powerful enough, they will attempt to purify their soul so that they can be reborn again as either a Human, or, if they feel the threat is too dangerous, simply send them to the pits of hell. This can also be applied to other races such as other Shinigami, Sugiura and so forth. They'll simply be returned to the Soul Cycle when killed by a Shinigami.

» Psionic Abilities:

» Telekinesis: Kazuya is well known for his psychic abilities. He tends to use his telekinesis to a great level in battle and in general life, to define his ability it is simply the manipulation of objects or anything that is constructed by matter with his mind. This allows Kazuya a range of feats which attribute to his versatile and flexible power. Telekinesis allows for a variety of functions on his behalf, due to its nature the entirety of its range cannot be described but it allows him to achieve feats such as binding an object or person in a single spot, even lifting cars or other objects with nothing but the mind, his ability can be employed to achieve the ability to manipulate even himself to achieve flight, heightened levels of strength, speed and other achievements with his psychic energy that is produced to enact on the physical matter/objects.

On the most basic level of his ability he can use his telekinesis to achieve simple feats. Moving objects with his mind, which is pretty easy and the smaller they are the easier it is. He can harness his ability to hold someone still, use objects as projectiles or even simply increase his body's capacity by manipulating his body with telekinesis or achieve flight. This is merely the tip of the iceberg for Kazuya though, using the basic level often doesn’t take that much mental effort to do. The only real thing that can cause problems is something such as trying to stop a meteorite due to its mass and velocity, he could also potentially be overwhelmed if he tries to apply this in too many objects which could be detrimental to his ability.

As Kazuya goes into the further depths of his power and into more advanced applications he is capable of much more powerful feats such as instead of simply moving objects he can will the object to hit the target to achieve a form of tracking projectile. At this point he can also achieve more diverse effects on objects, examples which he is known for is crushing something with his willpower or even making it explode and break to pieces, and even reconstruct them to a certain degree, however when only using a small level of his powers he cannot induce the reconstruction of something as complex as the human cell, it would be more akin to objects with more basic components. Kazuya can also use his ability to figure something out like an object and how it works by coating it with psychic energy to figure out its inner workings. Due to the higher skill of manipulation of the energy that his mind uses to achieve these feats he is capable of using it in an augmenting fashion to boost his body’s natural abilities, and also generate telekinetic constructs such as extra limbs, which he can use them for defensive and supportive purposes.

Going further into the ability where the limits are approached but not yet reached. His skills in the manipulation can achieve feats where he can enact his telekinesis onto organic matter and using telekinesis he can forcefully make the cell divide and rapidly regenerate to cause the body or organic substance to heal. He can also use psionic energy to great destruction by creating explosions with the energy. Where Kazuya reaches his limits is when he begins trying to manipulate the very fundamentals of physics. While not impossible if he were to attempt to try and manipulate something such as gravity or matter on the lowest levels he easily puts himself in danger of passing out and possibly getting brain damage or even death.

“Add in Limitations and Weaknesses here”

» Telepathy: Kazuya is also known to utilise telepathy in his psionic power set, the basic levels of his telepathy mainly just include very simple abilities such as being able to receive thoughts and emotions from people, communicating with people in secret and silently which is very basic. He is also able to pick up on people’s thoughts and hone in on a person or small groups to attempt to hear their thoughts. Aside from that he must go a little deeper into his ability to reveal the more powerful stages.

A little further into the true potential of his ability begins to allow him more complex feats such as mentally binding his opponent instead of physically binding them where willpower would be more important than physical strength. Another example would be to take in vast amounts of knowledge and give them to power via his telepathy which allows a very quick learning process through projection and also the ability to replicate it. As he goes a little deeper into his ability one begins to notice a much higher level of messing with the mind, as he can achieve feats such as looking into someone’s memories and project his being into someone’s mind as a mental image and access them although in many cases it usually makes him enter the inner world of a shinigami or the physical manifestation of one’s mind where he can also alter how they perceive the world around them achieving a limited ability of creating an illusion.

Kazuya’s ability can allow him the ability to achieve a level where he can limit someone’s potential to make them limited, an example is if someone knew they could use their Zanpakutō but Kazuya mentally inhibited them then they would have to find another way around the limitation or somehow take away his concentration as to make the inhibitor fail. His ability can mask his psychic presence and even allow him to track certain people through mentally pinpointing their minds, he can resist and/or negate outside attempts to use telepathy, illusions or other psychological factors on him.

As one continues to explore the possibilities it is not impossible for Kazuya to be able to allow other people to use him to communicate with others telepathically, if he could focus on a specific mind he can even use the senses to his advantage to perceive what his target sees or even reaching the level when he can manifest his or others thoughts to be visible to others although this manifestation is only a visual picture and cannot be interacted with.

» Extrasensory Perception (ESP): The original idea of the Meta-psycho project was to enhance the brain's capacity to enhance the sensory capabilities of the brain and thus grant inhuman capabilities to perceive the world, this ultimately had an extraordinary effect on the participants and gave them what people would describe as a "sixth sense", they were incredibly perceptive as the part of their brain dedicated to awareness made them also capable of enhancing their senses to the point of being able to read someone or something and understand them completely, it was one of these reasons the project was feared by those who held secrets.

Due to the nature of this ability his natural senses such as hearing, sight, taste etc are all enhanced well beyond what they normally would be this ultimately gives him the innate ability to see great distances and on multiple levels such as varying levels of vision, this includes radiation, infrared and UV even X-Ray. As well as being able to see a wider range of colours and being able to be highly aware of movement with a further peripheral vision making him a hard person to sneak up on, however that is simply his eyes. He has a very keen sense of hearing which if necessary can be manipulated to lower levels although he tends to be able to hear things up to hundreds of metres away from him at its highest level. His sense of smell and touch are also vastly improved to the point of being able to learn what makes up something just by smelling or tasting it when it comes to food and some chemicals. His last enhanced sense is her sense of tactile feeling, his sense of touch makes him very sensitive making him able to feel his body in so many ways that pain and pleasure can be enhanced although like everything else it can be manipulated so it isn't so sensitive.

Despite the benefits it gains from his higher sensory capabilities it is nothing compared to what has been dubbed "the sixth sense". Kazuya possesses unnatural abilities when it comes to this "sixth sense", he acquires traits like clairvoyance to be able to visually see things when he shouldn't be able to, this includes things such as seeing through walls, being aware of his surroundings on a omnidirectional basis with no explain as to why or how. Another common aspect of this is Clairaudience, where Kazuya can hear sounds and audio without the use of his ears, while this tends to be used to be able to hear people speak when he is not there it makes him excellent at gathering information with these two aspects of ESP alone.

His lesser used aspects of Extrasensory Perception is his ability to taste and smell aromas, scents or have tastes without the use of his physical nose or mouth, something that should also be noted is the fact that ESP can occur in the future, past or present. This makes everything quite confusing although Kazuya can determine when it is in the present he has a harder time with distinguishing the past and future. Kazuya's ability with ESP to the level in which he can use all of his five senses in this sixth sense makes her capable of a form of Astral Projection, he does this by entering a state of meditation to project his consciousness in the form of an ethereal being, in essence he is a ghost and cannot be detected by any form of sensor except another psychic, during this state he can pass through solid matter such as obstacles because he has no physical mass in this form, he is ethereal and as such he can travel to any place she desires although he can still be trapped and attacked by psychics who are aware of his presence. This is usually used for spying and information gathering, he can also achieve a feat of pseudo-possession to use a person's body although this can only be used on those who are NPCs.

Through the use of ESP Kazuya naturally has a strange level of accelerated learning, this is due to his ability to remember anything and everything that he encounters which means that he can easily learn and retain information, his use of ESP makes him almost impossible to best in knowledge, by far one of her most fearful aspects of this ability is the ability of Psychometry, a simple yet incredibly dangerous skill his ability bestows him. It works by tactile contact and once established he can learn a lot about someone, this is usually events which relate to them in a way. Psychometry tends to let him easily learn someone's history and backstory to varying degrees although dependent on the person in general things can change ie. while he might be able to immediately understand one person's life history and know it other people might be much harder such as him only getting glimpses or through memories over time. This ability might also require a longer touch and contact to be remained for much longer than others, the way to understand Psychometry is that every time Kazuya touches someone or something and he seeks out things related to it he can instantly learn a single paragraph of a person's history from their application, this isn't chronological but he instead learns more key points about them before background details. It can even allow him to learn about release forms and hidden powers as well as persona.

The final aspect of this ability is what people can describe as the sensing of aura, Kazuya is able to perceive an aura which surrounds people, it is completely intangible and cannot be interacted with, it cannot be touched or used either, it is also only perceivable to those with a much higher than average awareness than normal, an aura is incredibly useful for understanding people. Those who can sense it are able to determine emotions and alignments of people, an aura cannot be hidden by the person in general which makes it a surefire way to determine how people feel and what their alignment is like. As with all of his aspects in ESP Kazuya can activate and deactivate it at will.

II. Spirit

» Name:
Sealed & Shikai: Katanakaji [The Swordsmith]
Bankai: Shin Katanakaji [The Divine Swordsmith] [NOT ACHIEVED]

» Spirit Appearance: Kazuya's Zanpakutō is quite basic, suiting the ability of his weapon the spirit takes the simple form of a blacksmith, his

» Spirit Personality:

III. Sealed Powers

» Sealed Appearance: Raihime takes the appearance of a regular katana, it is well crafted by its appearance and it is

» Sealed Power:
Enhanced Conditioning: As Kazuya's sword is primarily based around aspects of forging then with his sealed form Kazuya has been able to impart upon his sword the highest level of conditioning, if one was to need a sword that was defined as "perfect" then the sword is it. It is incredibly sharp and able to easily sever skin and muscle, it's sharpness is so much that he has to apply barely any pressure on it to eviscerate his targets.

The blade is also made to be "unbreakable" the sealed form of Katanakaji is unable to be broken so it can be struck as much as someone wants the sword will not break, this doesn't mean that

IV. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Forge, Tenka Raihime"

» Shikai Appearance: Upon releasing his Zanpakutō Kazuto's appearance gains white hair like his

» Shikai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami gain when releasing?]

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Initial State

» Initial State Appearance: Upon releasing his initial state Kazuto's eyes change from their rich green to a blood red, his pupils also become slits similar to a cat or snake's. His reiatsu and energy becomes a transparent shade of red to match this demonic change in his eyes.

» Initial State Benefits:

Basic Body Manipulation: Gaining from his ascension he gains very basic body manipulation, it is not at the same level as many other demons due to his mixed blood. The ability of manipulating his body to take on very basic changes, examples which he often shows are the ability to get claws and fangs, get very small changes to his body but it is nothing special as it is mainly used to simply make his attacks more deadly with claws.

Enhanced Durability: Kazuya's body is made more durable due to this change in physiology. The reason why he actually obtains a higher level of durability is because of his mixed heritage taking shape in this form, essentially augmenting his body by flowing the demonic energy within him he can enhance his durability by a factor of 5, this ability is rather useful since it resists the influence of all foreign material like toxins and can even go down to the molecular level and prevent anything harmful from entering him.

Essentially it works like a bubble around Kazuya, a very small bubble that barely encompasses his cloths and items.

Enhanced Speed:

Enhanced Strength:

Evolved State

» Evolved State Appearance: (What do they look like if there is any kind of stage? If they have stages, feel free to repeat as necessary.)

» Evolved State Benefits: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

Final State

» Final State Appearance: (What do they look like if there is any kind of stage? If they have stages, feel free to repeat as necessary.)

» Final State Benefits: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

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I don't know what's going on here, but it's taking 5EVER. This will now be going into the archives. If you wish to pull it out just post in the thread below:

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Kazuya Yashida [WIP]
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