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 Andraste Airmid [Approved; 2-5-]

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Coding In Template By:


Symbiote Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Andraste Airmid
» Titles: Kindred, Lamb
» Age: 219
» Orientation: polyamorous pansexual
» Gender/Sex: Female
» Origin: Life
» Kingdom: Eastern Kingdom
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue

» True Appearance Description:
» Height: 5’ 8”
» Weight: 267 lbs

Andraste has always been a tad awkward in appearance. When she was younger she was often made fun of for the odd way her ears rested on her head. In her small clan it was common for people to be born with animal like ears instead of human ones. Instead of having rabbit like ears like the rest of her family she was born with lamb/sheep ears. Extremely rare, her family saw it as a good luck sigh. She didn’t really mind them one way or the other. In her youth, Andraste kept her hair cropped at shoulder length and was always rather chubby. Despite that, her muscle definition was always apparent even in her younger days.

In her youth she spent her days running among long stretches of fields and playing with other children. Her want to always stay moving inspired her passion of athleticism which changed the way she grew. It was natural for people in her clan to be incredibly tall however she was on par with the height of many of the men of her clan. Flexibility ran in the family as well. Her mother would spend her evenings teaching different types of yoga and of course, Andraste learned, and trained her body, learning to bend and contort her body into different mind boggling positions. This left her with a thin, slender body wide hips, larger legs, and an overall toned physique.

As of now, Andraste stands at about 5 feet and 8 inches. Despite her incredible height, she’s still a tad bit chubby around the stomach, thigh, and butt area. Though much more so on her legs than her stomach. She has a very elegant body with long dramatic features. Despite her lengthy proportions, she still appears well balanced and has “evened” out with time. She has a very “natural” appearing c cup, not too big but not very small either. Her dark skin has only darkened as time has gone on thanks to the brightness of the sun tanning her skin and her nomadic lifestyle. She has a few random freckles spaced about her body and many of them are located on her shoulders and cheeks. Her lightly colored purple/blue eyes combined with her darker skin tone make the color of her lavender tinted white hair appear even more pale.

» True Appearance Picture:

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:Lamb is a very somber, quiet, and shy individual who prefers to keep to themselves if they can. While they watch and learn from the shadows, they forever stick to their roots as hunters, and Kindred is incredibly serious about the land around them and does their best to uphold their own personal code of honor when moving about the lands. They hate wasting things and do their best to use anything and every bit of anything that comes into their possession. Every resource is precious and everything can be used to the very last bit. They spend obscene amounts of time in nature, climbing trees, hiking, dancing around with Wolf or simply hunting or saving forest life. Lamb has a fond love of the woods, mountains, grasslands, or anywhere lightly populated with few spirits lingering. They find joy in wasting their days away relaxing and simple observation of the natural world around them.

If you wanted to break Lambs will and spirit, the quickest way to do it would be trapping her in a small confined space, with no windows, and an obvious lack of natural light. Being in small spaces very quickly can send Lamb into a anxiety ridden frenzy. Claustrophobia and other things terrify lamb however that doe s not mean she doesn’t have the mental capability necessary to help direct her behavior in such a way that would allow her to overcome her fears. However thinking of the situation itself would call forth many demons Andraste would rather abound bringing back to the front of her head.

Lamb has a natural aura of wisdom showering their being, making sure to always just listen and pay attention rather than get rowdy and up in peoples faces. They tend to do their best to avoid human or other spiritual activity but will not hesitate to respond if called to protect someone outside of their makeshift “home”. Lamb is a protector through and through. While they almost play a knight like role for the people who need them, Lamb does not cater to the weak of heart. They have a strong belief in people making their own luck and self improvement. So while Lamb will whip up a potion or elixir to help someone in need it's rare that Lamb ever assists someone in a fight unless it's absolutely necessary.

Balance is key. Kindred acts and behaves according to strict rules and laws partially based on the clan they were raised in and partially self enforced. The honor code makes Lamb behave with little to no cares. Balance is all she wishes to obtain. Balance of soul, body, spirit, and mind. This causes Lamb to be standoffish with people but also explains her complex and odd nature. She rarely feels true anger and has a firm belief in time and change. “This too, shall pass” Is a phrase often used by the pair and Lamb lives her day to day with this knowledge, never fearing death or those who choose to oppose her.

Their rampant disdain for the living has compelled them to keep themselves leaving Kindred lacking for good set of social skills. Because of their unfamiliarity with social situations and “proper” behavior they stay true to their tribal like lifestyle. They live by their nomadic ways, roaming the land, adventuring and learning more and more about life and the world around them. When it comes to socializing Lamb is a bit awkward. They tend to be a bit fumbly with their words or phrasing and often speak low and slow, no matter who is present. Their slight accent also makes their slow speaking somewhat of a necessity. Despite the slightly awkward “unmodern” behavior kindred displays, they are not incapable of learning and adapting to any situation in which they find themselves. Their sharp wit and intelligence makes getting out of sticky or unwanted situations easy.

When it comes time for serious behavior they do not falter at all. Kindred is humble enough naturally but deadly ruthless where combat is concerned. She wastes no time once a fight begins. Every blow is meant to result in death and it is apparent in her fighting style and the aura that surrounds her when she enters the mindset of a hunter.

Kindred was raised in a clan where female sexuality was not frowned upon and was in fact encouraged. At a young age girls in her clan were taught to feel no shame towards their bodies, and were raised to believe themselves as powerful, spiritual beings. Andraste carried that belief with a passion. She has no shame and rarely ever suffers from things like embarrassment or being flustered. She lives for passion and feeling and emotion and sex is one of her favorite ways to waste the day. Being told she has the privilege to feel another's being in such a way of intimacy. Feeling another's neck, hair, hands, feet, and face are some of her favorite sensations and she is often incredibly close and affectionate with anyone she has any bit of respect or admiration for. Because of this the line between lover, friend, and relationship get so foggy it makes people who speak with her and form some type of relationship (friendly or otherwise) have a bit of a hard time getting her to draw the line. She lives for the moment and has no regrets and lives life to the fullest.

If you asked Lamb what her favorite thing is in the whole world, it would be existing. Having the privilege to live,and breathe and exist at a time where she has the honor and pleasure to experience and feel the world around her is a passion and feeling she can rarely ever hope to have anyone else feel. Because of her intense love of self discovery/exploration (usually conducted through meditation, training, or simply sitting with herself for days on end in solitude with nothing but her thoughts, etc) above any type of physical activity she has become incredibly self aware, careful to analyze every given situation and thought that may wander into her mind. Despite this she is also incredibly carefree and wastes no time doing her best to “go with the flow”

» Likes: Lamb has a deep love and appreciate for the “natural” and loves being surrounded by plant life and foliage. She always has a complex understanding of weather, temperature, and often says thank you no matter the kind of day she’s having. A few other things Andraste loves include hunting & gathering, music, dancing, and any and all forms of training.

» Dislikes: Lamb has no dislikes, mostly because she has a deeper understanding of “why” rather than the “how” and very few things anger or upset her.

III. Guardian Beast

» Name: Fenrir
» Nickname: Wolf
» Age: 500
» Gender: Male
» Origin: Death

» Location of Resonance Marker: Similar to his partner Fenrirs resonance marker is located on his forehead. It’s a shiny off white colored marker and thanks to his fur being the shortest around his forehead the mark is obvious. It is also on his skin as well. Lambs marker is extremely similar to wolfs except it is upside down and dark. It looks more like a tattoo except if looking closely the same blue/violet colors that pulsate on the rest of the markings on her also glow in the marking as well. Same thing goes for Fenrirs marking as well.

» Appearance: His lamb mask is worn on all of his forms and has a small black marking on the forehead of the mask, matching Lambs. Fenrir when in his battle form, stands about five feet tall (at his shoulders) and when on his hind legs he is about 10 feet in total. No matter the form he has numerous dark ominous shadow orbs floating around him. The color of these balls resemble the color of his fur in the same sense that it “swallows” light. His fur is jet black and is fairly shaggy, reaching about two and a half inches in length.

If you were to shave his fur off, under the fur is a speckled pooch with tough skin the same consistency as carbyne, a material that is stronger than diamond, making hitting him a risky endeavor for the lesser trained combatant. Scattered about the fur on his body there are a few purple/blue streaks through it, that much like lambs body when she enters into her final form. Around his paws and the tip of his ears, the purple and blue is much more vibrant and the color seems to “pulse”, constantly switching between the blue and purple.

» Personality: Fenrir AKA Wolf is a very angry creature in spirit. For the entirety of his existence, he has been recognized as a sheer force of wrath, hatred, and fear. He unlike Lamb has a short temper and is much more likely to pick fights with people than his partner. Despite that, he does tend to have a very equal amount of hatred for his surroundings rather than hating any one thing more than the other. While Wolf is much more prone to snapping quickly, he too worships the land and the natural occurrences of the world around him. Once introduced to it, the code of honor that Lamb works to uphold, was then taken in by Wolf, and he too works to be as useful as possible, defending those who absolutely need it while also looking out for himself. He is very much so an alpha at his core and because of this his loyal, honest, and caring nature is evident in everything he does.

Wolf is incredibly wise but in a completely different way than his partner. While Lamb looks to life for guidance and often understands that everything will be reborn, it is the space in between that Fenrir uses to guide himself. Wolf believes strongly in “This too shall pass”, a phrase that means the end of all things to him. He doesn’t see the world nearly the same way that Lamb does. While she tries to teach him the beauty in the living, he just doesn’t grasp it. This however, allows for endless conversating about the world and everything in it. When he’s not striking fear into the hearts of his prey he is enjoying learning. Quick witted and merciless, Wolf takes a near opposite approach to life than Lamb, while also holding the same basic beliefs especially in the cycle of the universe around them.

Wolf is naturally fearless and has no knowledge on feeling anything associated with it. Intimidation, uncertainty, anxiety, Wolf feels none of it. While being fearless, he is also incredibly ruthless. He hates wasting time and nothing infuriates him more than injustices served to those who don’t deserve it. He believes in protecting the weak, but only when it’s absolutely needed. Wolf believes strongly in earning your keep, meaning people need to earn his assistance.

» History: Fenrir is a giant wolf in Norse mythology Other names for him include Hróðvitnir ("fame-wolf"), Fenrisúlfr ("Fenris wolf"),Vánagandr ("Monster of the Van river") and Fenris. He is the father of Skoll and Hati (who are surnamed Hroðvitnisson), whose mother died after giving birth to them. Wolf was created with a bit of emptiness and an ever lasting self-awareness that challenged those around him. With an origin like death it was no surprise that Fenrir was born with abilities that made men quiver and crumble before him before speaking was even necessary.

From the moment of his creation he was a creature who many others feared. Legends were left on the stones of the lands he roamed telling of his shadowy like appearance, his ferocity, anger, and his hellish like nature. In reality Wolf was young at this point, still learning and growing. He proved to be responsible, proud, and perhaps a little too arrogant. He eventually decided that the way he was living was not really enough. Using his natural hunting abilities he tracked down a pack of beasts similar to himself, and quickly became their alpha. Spending his time focusing with leading them through the lands, he became more and more powerful at every opportunity that presented itself to him.

He led hunts and took on every single challenger that came his way, leaving the corpses of those he defeated in his wake. His hunts were quick, silent, and relentless. His demeanor turned hard and cold, and although he was still in his youth, he had become an incredibly wise leader. His sharp wit and intelligence made him a force to be reckoned with. His pack followed his lead without question or hesitation, the cold emotionally void leader was one they had been searching forever for. Having someone so qualified to give them orders was enough to satisfy even the most snippy and argumentative of the pack members.

Finally after having been through every kingdom, Wolf found himself back in the Eastern lands, his birth place. After finding a few more extra members to join his pack, he decided it was time for a much needed recovery month. As he spent his time living a somewhat nomadic life, eventually, he found a small village, and found himself enraptured with it. His pack roamed close to this village, using the nearby cover of the forest trees to move about and protect the families who resided there. Learning their ways, and listening to their prayers melted his stone heart, returning the feelings of sympathy and empathy to his being. As he moved about the shadows and assisted them in their battles the village adopted Fenrir as a deity, and worshipped him, leaving offerings and many other ritualistic items behind for him and his pack to find.

The first time he saw Lamb in battle, his outlook on everything changed. Her grace and heart and pure desire to change the world for the better changed something in him. No longer was war all about victory...honor and pride and justice took their hold of him, and the resulting shift in his moral code caused an uproar within his own clan. After weeks of fighting and arguing, the clan eventually just...left, leaving him to guard the village alone. He was hesitant to let it happen without coming to some sort of agreement, but he knew better than to argue for a pointless fight. He sent his lover and the rest of his now ex clan away, leaving his second in command in charge. After a week or so of parting, his ex mate had found out about her children, and she vowed to never tell them of their father or his fate. She passed when his children were born, and to this day, neither of them have any idea about who their parents were.

Wolf carried no objections to being left, knowing full well there was no point in fighting to lead when the people didn’t want to listen. So instead, he returned to his previously founded ideals, and fought for the people of the village he now protected. He spent his time fighting on the sidelines, attacking in the cover of night, leaving the men of the villages rival armies insane or dead. He played the role of a silent defender, stalking and moving about the shadows, listening late at night to the village elders discuss the details of war then act accordingly. His powers were enough to take out dozens all while taking little to no damage. When daylight approached and the knights of the village marched to battle, Wolf stalked through the trees, howling, striking fear into the hearts of those who dared fight against those he vowed to defend. He was careful to guide and protect Andraste as best he could.

Their system had felt flawless. She would pray and speak to him using her abilities and he would only listen, and act as she commanded or requested. Their alliance benefit them both, and things were perfect until one day, when after hours of battle, he stumbled upon her body.

Battered, cut up, bloody and bruised it was astounding that Andraste was still alive. Assisting her with gathering materials to help save her life, Wolf spent the next few days running her errands, and helping her once again rebuild her defenses. He brought her special stones, wood, and other assorted things, and within a few days, Lamb was back on her feet. Wolf and Lamb then made a pact to never leave the others side and to this day, they remain partners, roaming the kingdoms and serving their Queen back in the East.

» Flimkien Powers:
Tempus Conscientia
This ability, shared with Lamb, simply means at all times, no matter Wolfs location, he knows exactly what time it is, down to the attosecond. Wolf practically has a mental clock, which never stops, turns off, or is ever incorrect. From the moment he wakes up in the morning until the time he once more slips off into deep sleep. Using this ability and his knowledge gathered from reading and studying the world around him, Wolf can accurately predict events and what time they will occur. Using this ability Wolf can make location guesses, and have the exact time of arrival memorized in his brain.

Civil Disobedience
This ability is somewhat of a last resort. When this move is activated, Wolf goes into a kind of “frenzy.” He has a hard time listening and obeying Lamb. His temper flares, his vision grows foggy and cloudy, and his intelligence and moral is pushed out the door and replaced by blood lust. This ability then proceeds to coat the inside of his mouth with a strong black acidic substance. It replaces his saliva and due to his near suffocating bloodlust, just being within a few feet of wolf can feel suffocating. His smokey body is replaced by a shadowy one, resembling his normal form, but has wisps of black and purple flame like whips of smoke flying from his tail and every ankle on every one of his legs.

He becomes rabid, unpredictable. His movements are imprecise and sloppy, every move made with the intent to kill. Lamb refers to this as the ultimate hunter mode. If and when she’s the one who instigates the form this ability can be activated in the sense of “dipping his toe in the water”. He is able to only activate some less extreme form of ragnarok. Then Lamb is able to direct him and have him use this in their hunting or while fighting. If wolf is pushed to his limits he only has a 50% chance of “recovering” his sanity, making this move somewhat of a last result if it can be helped.

Fractus Catena (Broken Chains)
This power gives the both of them (Lamb & Wolf) the ability to break chains literally and metaphorically. This is what makes them both so incredibly ruthless in combat. They are able to remove empathy and all emotional attachment to anything of their choosing (person, beast, animal, object, etc) instantaneously. When “activated” it is a permanent thing, although bonds can be reforged but it can take days, weeks, even years depending on the thing they detach themselves from. When empathy and sympathy are removed from the equation this allows for the duo to be the hunters they are, meaning they are granted the opportunity to show no mercy and have no regrets or any sort of attachments to their prey. Fighting can happen with little to absolute no distractions.

In terms of literal chains this ability is applied to all forms of restraints and never falters or gos away. No amount of bonds (chain, rope, collars, weights, etc) can keep him immobile unless incredibly strong magic is used (for example some type of seal or enchanted items). The ultimate “recipe” for rope was made by Lamb, who will give that information away but for a cost. She made a rope called Gleipnir, containing the roots of a mountain, the breath of a fish, the sound of a cat's footfall, the sinews of a bear, the beard of a woman and the spittle of a bird, all of which are “impossible items”. The weight of the chain is also not a factor that applies to wolf as it would take cosmic amounts of force in order for such restraints to be useful on his person.

This ability, meaning darkness, is a speciality of wolfs. When wolf is in this form he is granted the ability to use the smoke orbs and ensnare his prey. Once sealed inside the ball, the person trapped within is likely to begin to lose the sense of their “senses”. The inside of the orbs grow enough to leave them a bit of room but within the ball the trick is to not suffocate or sap power but instead to send people into a psychological breakdown. The inside of the orb is 99.99 percent soundproof. Much like the darkness of wolfs body, the inside of the ball swallows all light, and sound, and the more time someone is trapped within the ball, the more and more the person is pushed to a breaking point.

The sound absorption is capable of causing vivid, and sometimes gruesome and fear inducing hallucinations and can even make someone hear their own heartbeat after about five minutes within the ball. After the heartbeat the person can begin to hear their own spiritual power, and after that, taking a breath can be become ear splittingly loud. If an an hour is spent within the ball, the person may lose all of their senses. This ability gets more and more lethal with every form Wolf takes. There are limitations to these orbs. It's not impossible for the orbs to go from the normal six foot diameter to ten time their size but it would take immense amount of training but even when wolf grows in size, the balls normally don’t, however he is able to create more of them for a short amount of time. And in terms of breaking them, it can be done. The material the balls are made of are fairly ok in terms of absorbing impacts but if someone can muster up some sort of attack above 70,000psi, then the ball will simply shatter, and set them free.The trick is to doing that before losing your senses.

You can punch your way out whenever, however, the longer you remain within the ball before getting out, the more likely you are to permanently damage your ears, body, or leave yourself traumatized.

One of wolfs more simple abilities is the ability to grow about ten times his size. When performing this ability is able to cause an incredibly amount of damage but he can only hold this larger form for about thirty to forty minutes. His shoulder height increases to ten feet and when on his hind legs his height in total is about twenty feet which is equivalent to some two story buildings.

Bite Strength
Like any other animal, Fenrir has a bite strength psi. Most average wolves have massive molars and powerful jaws. Said jaws are used to crush the bones of its prey. The biting capacity of a wolf is 1,000 to 1,500 pounds of pressure per square inch. The strength of a wolf's jaws makes it possible to bite through a moose femur in six to eight bites. Now, compared to a common crocodile which a psi bite force of 3,700, the difference seems to be incredibly staggering. Wolf's bite strength is about 9,000 psi. Meaning he has a bite force of 68,947.60 newtons. This bite strength grows with his body, meaning it gets 10 times stronger when he grows bigger, allowing him to snap whole buildings with little to no effort.

This power comes through mostly when wolf is able to enter his full form. Wolf was “born” with unimaginable physical strength. From the time of his creation he was able to lift incredibly heavy objects, throw things hundreds of miles, and his a vertical jump high enough to pass the peak of the forest trees. This natural talent became something he worked to train. Spending a few hundred years with thousands of hundred pound weights strapped to your body causes the body not only to adjust, it grows. His overwhelming patience and determination gave him frightening amounts of physical strength to the point now where if wolf is not careful he could do far more damage in any situation than he intended.

This strength has also greatly affected his speed, agility, and of course his overall power. Punching his body would feel like punching a sheet of diamond (but even more hard) covered with fur and to the less trained would probably result in a few broken knuckles. Because of his intensive training he has been able to get himself in peak physical form, which Andraste uses completely to her advantage.

» Matul Ispiritu Appearance: Lamb:


In this form, after breaking down into Eidos and reforging into a metaphysical state Andraste takes a form of a flame themed warrior and wolf becomes a legendary weapon. Many claim that the blade of this form was crafted in the very depths of hell itself. Black steel, a polished and decorated hilt, this blade is beautiful. On the top area of the sword, is a pale glowing red light. In battle, when swinging it about, it will leave behind a luminous red light trail, and it isn’t uncommon for sparks to fly when other metals collide with the blade of the sword. The blade itself is about thirty five inches in length and when sheathed it remains on Andrastes hip at all times. When pulled from it's resting place, a black, thick, light swallowing, shadowy substance leaks from the blade and coats the steel of the sword.

In this form Andraste has multiple areas on her body that can be seen thanks to their pale glow. This form is not used to hunt prey so much as intimidate opponents in battle. She wears a special designed archery glove on one of her hands, leaving the other free so she can shoot accurately. Her primary weapon changes color once summoned in this form as well, and takes on the same red appearance that the rest of her body takes. A top her head is a large headpiece. Instead of the white wisps of hair, red fiery wisps replace it, moving about as if the wind was blowing it around. Instead of the typical purification/light arrows that her bow shoots, in this form, her arrows take on a more fiery appearance but also appear darker as well, a trail of the dark shadowy substance following after them as they’re fired. Andrastes voice changes in this form as well, dropping a pitch or two, and coming out as a raspy, emotionless sound.

» Matul Ispiritu Powers:
Ragnarok is done with Wolf and only is performed if previously discussed or they both give their consent to perform the ability. Once activated both Wolf and Andraste detach themselves from the fight, their opponent, and their surroundings, and don’t dare pull any punches. This ability sends them into an absolute frenzy. They tend to not exchange any banter, and enter a state of mind otherwise unreachable by mere meditation alone. They enter a totally focused state, their eyes begin to glow with the same flames that erupt from their head piece, and Wolf will usually exit the sword form and enter into a new form, similar to his full one except instead of blue and violet dashes of pulsating color on his fur, the lights change to a redish color. His teeth become longer, he becomes absolutely ferocious, and typically, Andraste will mount him at this point, and remain on his back.

This mode turns them into the ultimate hunters. They fall into the shadows around them and use combined skills such as speed, strength, stealth, and ruthless tactics to defeat opponents. Wolf enters a state of mind that makes him a bit harder to control and he will hunt his prey until they are killed or devoured. This mode has a max time of six posts and can be incredibly taxing on the duo once they activate it.

La Lune (Moon)
This ability is beneficial in stormy weather, when near a body of water, or anything of the sort. It grants Andraste the ability to pull water from the atmosphere around her and use it in battle. It can be used to push things, lift things to her, lift herself. She can control water and also give it shape, and make it hold said shape. The larger the body of water the more of her energy she has to use in order to harness the water. She is unable to change the natural flow of water and can only control larger bodies of water for about a hour, meaning she prefers to wrap fight up quickly. While this water cannot be used to flood or drown opponents directly, it can create large constructs such as fists or blunt objects to attempt to bludgeon or crush an opponent. These kinds of uses, however, drain Andraste’s energy considerably, and she can only use it for offense up to five times per thread.

La Solar (Sun)
This ability uses “solar power” to charge up and then harnesses said solar power to control fire. This fire can be used to light any environmental object within Andraste’s line of sight ablaze. This applies only to non-living things defined as environmental objects such as trees or other things not brought into the area by either Andraste or her opponent. When focus is applied to this ability it allows Andraste to tap into the core of their being, and using willpower alone, can help them generate lava in bursts akin to a blast from a hose that carries roughly the burn and damage potential of a flaming cero. Andraste can do this up to five times per thread.

La Tierra (Earth)
This ability similar to the previous ones allow Andraste to wield the power of the earth, meaning she can control the growth of plants, and can manipulate rock, dirt, and even precious minerals and use them in battle. Essentially, Andraste can extract the core components from the earth around the battlefield to craft crude weapons simply by touching the ground. These weapons can take the form of any melee weapon that Andraste could conceivably wield, and have roughly the strength and durability of a sealed Zanpakutō. Andraste can do this up to six times per thread.

La Cielo (Sky)
This ability allows Andraste to control wind. Using this she can form large tornadoes which will course around the battlefield doing scratch-type damage with dagger-like cutting strength to any opponents that can be caught within. The tornadoes will perform around ten scratches each, and Andraste can have up to three summoned within a single post. She can only summon up to nine of these per thread.

IV. Character Background

» History Lamb was born into a small clan that lived near the northern border of the Eastern kingdom. The Iceni. Born a girl into her small family she trained under many of her tribe's most prominent warriors and some of the top scholars. She quickly surpassed her teachers, becoming incredibly ruthless in combat with a fancy for archery and an affinity for the hunt. In her time, education was simple but rarely seen as very important, so she honed her skills as a warrior, defending her tribe against their more hostile neighbors and enemies, taking off more than her fair share of heads. She became a revered figure in her tribe, almost gaining status of nobility, serving directly under the chief as his most favored “knight” to enter combat when the tribe was called to defend. She cared not for the money or the blessings. She cared only for the love of battle. Each new combatant offered her a chance at a true challenge.

She helped raise her family to fame, taking time to train her brothers. When she wasn’t tending to her duties as a warrior she was helping her mother work outdoors. Taking care of their sheep and cows. When she wasn’t caring for the animals she was with other younger girls, tending to crops and their livestock. Through her many conquests and won battles she helped secure her family. She had a very close relationship with her father who had also helped train her in the ways of the sword. One day, she was pointed in the direction of the keepers of the land. The gods and goddesses of their nations. These figures became an incredibly important part of her “knighthood” within her tribe. She began dedicating her time and her “studies” to a shaman of her tribe, who guided her in protection rituals and spells that would keep their people safe and help fight against her enemies. She taught her the way of the nomadic hunters much before her time.

This spiritual guide led her to learning of hundreds of stories of war, and myth and history. She discovered the protectors of the land, all while being shaped and molded into a woman. The journey lasted much of her life time. At the end of it, she was granted permission to lead the tribe. Guiding her chiefs armies into battle was everything to her. A few years passed. At the age of eighteen and armed with powerful magic and abilities she fought beasts and helped their tribe to expansion previously never thought possible.

Near the end of this life, her brothers and sisters had all married, and thanks to Andraste, they were all settled in their own houses, on their own land, with their own crops and livestock, with more money than they truly knew with what to do. As their village and small group grew, Andraste began to receive visions of a dark and dangerous future that was quickly approaching them. A new clan head had been chosen when people deemed her warnings as merely crazed hallucinations and dreams. The night of the coronation for the new clan head, a beast appeared, attacking and taking out many members of the bigger allied clan, to the west of the Eastern kingdom.

When the beast attacked, appearing in the form of a hellhound, Andraste quickly took action, prepared to send the beast back to hell. Taking a group of men, she hunted it out...and at every turn was avoided. Her comrades, exhausted and dwindling on motivation, fell hopeless and left her to face the threat alone, and alone she did. This majestic monster, she had sworn its head as punishment, and revenge. The beast was evil. Terrifying in nature. This would not be the first or last time she had faced such a malevolent force. However, when she came face to face with the wolf-like creature once more...even after all this trouble, she could not bring herself to vanquish the enemy. Something within the beast called to her.

Fearing her lack of bravery in the face of another great beast, she turned to her shamanic spirit guide, and she received whispers of the words of their goddesses. “That beast is a part of you now..that hellhound has latched onto your soul...feed it...and help it grow...and it will become you...” Heeding these words, she took to the forest, and began her process of worship, luring the beast to her. After many failed attempts. She went back to doing what she did best. Her suddenly frequent trips to the field of full on war kept her pure and humble. Noble and strong. The silent guidance of the hell beast, offered her clarity. She kept this information hidden, fearing her new found source of power, would taint her reputation, and earn her title of heresy, she kept her shrine and admiration secret to all but her shaman guide.

One day, a message was received, directed to the new clan chief. The elders of their largest alliancing nation, had issued an act of war. The neighboring clans whom they had worked very hard to protect and earn a solid reliance with for trade had become envious and vengeful of Andrastes’ power as their huntress, and leadership skills in battle, dubbing her the protector of men, particularly soldiers. Jealous of the lack of territory they had been gaining, the clan heads had made up their minds. They figured an alliance was simply not enough any longer. Mere days after returning home from the coronation ceremony, they demanded The great huntress wed one of the sons of the other clans chief as to bring about “peace”, in reality he simply wished for the uniting of their countries...and without skipping a beat? She outright refused. This act resulted in many small fights with great amounts of tension.

Without much surprise, each attack from their new enemy became more spontaneous and vicious, leaving Andraste wounded and exhausted. Until one day...things boiled over. Now age nineteen, she turned to conquering enemy clans in a desperate attempt to use their armies to defend her own people. Taking their land and becoming the leader of the newly formed clan. She followed orders from her elders, and guided her new warriors and defenders to battle at her side.

Little known to Lamb, the warring clan had received a new warrior of their own. A powerful warrior from across the sea, who had won double the amount of fights and battles, even conquered entire nations. Trained in a brutal sword style that focused on sheer strength rather than honorable combat, when she was called to lead her army into the battle, it was no surprise...she was defeated. She woke up hours later, short of breath and confused. Anger washed through her and then pain and sadness. She had failed her people. Raising to her feet, she had found herself surrounded by hundreds of bodies. She limped into the shadow of the forests, where she began preparing herself.

The clan was quickly put under the rule of the warrior and his men, giving it to the warring nation, that had gone through a good half of their population to try and defeat Andraste. They pillaged her hometown, sending her family to the gallows, as well as the new chief, who had begged and pleaded, and died a traitor to his people. For the first time in a thousand years, the Iceni descended into darkness. Andraste did not wait long though. She sought out the hell beast who guarded her, and looked to plot her revenge.

One day and one night later, exactly at midnight, and exactly on a new moon, a mist rolled off the calm sea and coated the ruined lands, casting eerie shadows into the broken homes of the hopeless. Sounds of death and anguish sent many of the families to sleep, fearing for their lives, casting blessings and protection spells over their homes. At one am, the shaman cried demons, but none listened, as she was now of elderly status. Many assumed she had just lost her mind, or become too paranoid. At two am, from the forest beside the sea, rose a creature. Pure in heart and spirit, tainted though were they by the feelings of sorrow and regret. Andraste once again moved through the village she called home, her soul craved to take revenge and bring down those who had ruined her. At three am, the creature loomed from rooftops, and emitted an eerie screech. The shaking of beads and the faint sound of drums echoed through the village. The lack of any other noises, not even the crickets, left the people terrified, and that was just the first day.

And on the fourth day, the creature emerged from the woods once more, bounding quickly through the tall grassy plains, and sought out the warrior from across the sea. Distraught to learn he had passed from a battle wound, the creature echoed one final call of the forgotten, and slipped back into the darkness. Soon, a plague ended the Iceni rule over that land, and they all simply...vanished. Without a trace. Andraste roamed, with a weapon crafted from the very anger she held onto for so many years, they took on the role of defender, staying true to their ways. She fought for the noble. Not the necessarily good or pure. Defended those who needed her most, until she faded into the background, spending her days roaming the kingdoms alongside her beast companion.

V. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities
Venator Figura
This ability was earned through hard work and lots of tapping into what their bodies are capable of. When hunting or just moving from place to place, Lamb prefers to do it in this form rather than her true appearance. This allows them to use this form as a disguise and keep their true appearance hidden. When in this form, Wolf is nothing more than a shadowy floating wolf head with his mask. His body has been replaced by a constantly fluxing dark purple shadowy body that twists and moves about, never staying still, and moves around Lamb in a circle, always prepared to guard or fight for her. The same light swallowing darkness of his fur color happens here in this form as well, but moves with his head, following in a fire like trail. The mask that is worn across his face when he is in his normal form is worn here as well, his eyes still the bright blue/purple color they are normally.

Andrastes skin is replaced with a soft silk like fur that’s about an inch and half in length. The light gray almost white color of the fur covered her whole body except for below her knees, and from her forehead to just below her naval. Her mask is worn in this form, concealing the face underneath. The purple and blue swirls which are normally on her ears cover her legs and arms in this form. A faint blue/violet aura is seen moving from the eye holes in the masks. From her knees to the hooves on her feet, instead of the white fur which covers her whole body, this bit of room has been replaced with a short thin black fur, which goes all the way down to her hooves.

Animula (Little Soul)
Andrastes origin is life itself. Because of her closeness and familiarity with souls, the ideals of existence, and understanding the whole picture and not just the good or bad, it has allowed her to tap into the deepest center of her being, and call forth an immense power. This ability, animula, meaning little soul, allows her to summon a few spiritual companions to aid her in the hunt, or combat, or, in general, it allows her to communicate with those who have passed on to the world after life. They can range from spirits, to actual small pieces of souls, entire souls, or those who have passed on. The companions come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but tend to never be TOO powerful unless Andraste applies her focus ability to this but even then, calling forth a powerful spiritual companion takes immense focus, and can take anywhere from an hour, to days. Speaking to the dead has always been a talent of hers, thanks to her meditation and close ties to life and the cycle of rebirth.

Tempus Conscientia
This ability, shared with Wolf, simply means at all times, no matter Andrastes location, she knows exactly what time it is, down to the attosecond. Lamb practically has a mental clock, which never stops, turns off, or is ever incorrect. From the moment she wakes up in the morning until the time she once more slips off into deep sleep, this ability is active. Using this ability and the knowledge gathered from reading and studying the world around her, she can accurately predict events and what time they will occur.

This ability was gained through training her animula ability and taking things a step further. This ability allows her to make temporary contracts with creatures or in some cases, people, and summon them to the field of battle whenever she needs them. The contract has to be signed in blood, and can happen without a trade or receiving something in return. Each contract's details are discussed in depth with those who are agreeing to the contract. The people/creatures summoned with this ability can only stay in the summoned area for up to an hour, or will simply vanish if they’ve taken too much damage.

» Resonating Signal

This move is a complicated one and can only been done when Andraste has total focus. Luckily for her, her intense training and time spent meditating and focusing her abilities, this move can prove to be incredibly lethal. When the hunt begins, Andraste will put her hand to the ground below, and begin using her spiritual energy to vibrate herself, and this in turn, sends out multiple small pulses through the ground as WELL as the air. Doing this gives her a total 360 “view” of the world around her. Her vibrations affect everything in her surrounding area differently. Living things (such as other animals or a bird flapping it's wings above her) Are felt/heard due to her vibrations echoing off of them. After a moment, she can feel heart beats and breathing, and if an opponent with a deadly strong spiritual pressure enters the vicinity of her pulse ability (up to about 20 yards, and with enough focus the number can be pushed to 50) she can feel the spiritual energy vibrate back against her body. While using this ability certain physical aspects of her change. The blue/purple swirls on the fur on her body begin to glow brighter. Her ears and hair begin to float and her eyes begin to glow.

It's no surprise that intense focus is needed to do some of the things Andraste does. This ability allows her to choose how to channel her resonating signal to allow her the best results of whatever her goal is. For example, if she wanted to move/run faster, she would simply need to use her resonating signal to focus all of her energy into moving at quicker speeds. This can be applied to training, fighting, meditating, and anything in between. Because of her intense physical training that she puts herself through focus can be activated and changed in a matter of seconds. For example, mid fight, lets say she threw a punch, and her next move was a kick, in the time it takes for her to make that decision, the damage of the kick itself would already be intensified due to her focus. She can choose to turn it off, or on, but when activated, she does her best to not using it during an actual fight unless her opponent is stronger than her, and she needs to do so.

» Matul Ispritu Gifted Abilities
This ability is simple in nature but when applied to actual battle can prove to be incredibly lethal. This ability simply allows Andraste to use all of Fenris abilities and vise versa. Due to Lambs control, intelligence, and knowing her own limits, having the freedom to use Wolfs abilities while in this form allow her an amazing advantage in battle.

Tempestas Salto
Roughly translating to “weather dance” this ability is conducted give the duo a better chance where fighting is concerned thanks to just how much they can change when this ability is at play. It is performed and activated through a short and simple dance in which the two use their natural influence of the spirits around them to control the weather. If they wished they could form tornadoes, violent lightning storms, flash floods, and on a few occasions, hurricanes and tsunamis. They are also capable of dispersing clouds and causing droughts. This ability can last for as long as they are in the area the ability was cast in. If Lamb is forced to flee or run from a fight, the ability can stop then and if for any reason it's already nearing the end of a fight and exhaustion has set in, the lethality of this ability lessens by 60% (meaning at most all they could do is make it rain a little bit)

» Sacred Weapon
Hikari (光) Light:
Hikari is the name given to Andrastes primary weapon, her bow. This bow can only be used by Andraste. When she is not using it, it vanishes in a puff of smoke, and materializes in a burst of light. It can be summoned mentally in seconds. It also can act as a shield and no matter how many times it breaks, it can be reformed. It fires off “light” arrows, which not only travel at incredible speed, they also have an incredibly strong impact force, usually able to fly through trees, drilling a hole through them in the process. If the arrows meet skin directly they have a 25% chance of not only slicing but shattering bone. When wielding the bow, Lamb gains a slight sight upgrade, having a 15% greater chance of hitting their target, when combined with her years of training and hunting practice it can make for an incredibly lethal blow.

»Personal Mystic Eyes:
Mystic Eyes of Artemis’ Blessing: This mystic eye ability was said to be granted by the gods themselves in reality it took years of training and is still not at it’s peak. This ability grants Andraste the ability to theoretically “transfer” her eyes into someone else, thus giving her a view of the world through their eyes. This ability can also be applied to beasts, animals, and other spiritual beings. Using it with focus grants Andraste the ability to have a “bird's eye view” from practically anywhere and enhances the range of her focus ability ten-fold. Because this ability doesn’t alert the person she’s using it on, it allows her to enter fights with enough knowledge to give herself a bit of an advance, but only if her opponent is coming for her and she’s able to sense it in time, if not, the ability does little good once a fight has engaged making for a good ability usually where planned stealth attacks are concerned.

» Equipment
Backpack: Within this hand woven backpack is an assortment of different materials and supplies that help Andraste go about her day to day. Throwing knives, small bottles, a handmade sewing supply kit, and a blanket are just a few of the items that could be within the backpack. The backpacks are usually filled with various supplies (as mentioned before, weapons and blankets) but also rare herbs and ingredients necessary to complete potions and other remedies for various illnesses. She keeps a few spare weapons and other things to help with survival. Rope, various homemade tools, etc.

Andraste carries this pouch everywhere, and only leaves it behind when fighting or hunting and is always quick to retrieve it as soon as she is able. Because of her nomadic lifestyle she has hidden about ten to fifteen different backpacks throughout the forests of the kingdoms. Many of them are in the Eastern kingdom, as that is her homeland, but even she forgets the exact location from time to time. as the weight from the pack slows her down immensely making hiking and such a bit more difficult, but this is viewed as nothing more than training to her, the weight allowed her to work on quickening her speed, and due to the ever changing weight, her body is constantly put under new trials.

On the rare occasion she is incredibly wounded from a fight, Andraste will simply do her best to escape and await recovery and maybe in the meantime craft a new backpack just until she can get to her previous one, before hiding the new one all over again.

VII. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Remove this message afterwards)

Symbiotic Skill Sheet
  • Sugiura Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Mystic Eyes: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Martial Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Resonancy: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

VIII. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:


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Will Skills
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