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 An End To The Madness

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It was one thing after the other with this damned organization it seemed. Soon making his exit from the Moon incident between the Vanguard and Shadowfall, Azure Iramasha had made his way back to the main headquarters of the group in Sukai Karakura. With the recent actions that were taking place that very second on the Moon, the Leader was in a rather tough spot. Fighting continued to rage as he spent his time investigating a lead that he was recently informed of by Kamui Cruor, an ambassador for the Sugiura that had recently joined their ranks. Of course, there wasn't much power under his belt, but knowing something as important as a traitor within their ranks? It was cause for alarm, at least to Azure.

Without much care, the man flung himself through the many doors leading towards the lone elevator that was used in order to reach the single office within the very center of the building. The office of the Reagent General, Azure Iramasha, was one that sat entirely alone against the edge of the building, hugging it's windows as if it were a safety net. Normally, people didn't know the location of the elevator towards the office, but due to Azure's... rampage, all one had to do is follow the destroyed doors and broken walkways to find its opening.

That being said, Azure quickly made his way from the elevator to his office, his foot tapping as each second passed inside the elevator. Kamui didn't inform him of anything serious other than the possible infiltration of the Vanguard. He only informed the Leader that a traitor may exist, no other details were disclosed sadly. This only put Azure in a greater state of worry, his own distrust for those that had recently turned against him causing his mind quite a bit of distress. It wasn't something that was entirely foreign to him however, his family have the same circumstances happen quite a few times throughout his lifetime. This didn't change the fear that now gripped the Vanguard's leader, to think that he didn't just put himself but everyone in the Vanguard in danger, it just didn't sit well with someone like Azure.

Finally reaching the large, circular room within the heart of the headquarters, Azure continued his brisk walk to the wide semi-circle of windows that directly faced opposite the elevator itself. Approaching the clear two way glass, the man looked down at the vast majority of Sukai's residents. "To think all these people... Each one could be dead by now thanks to me.." As remorse filled the Iramasha's mind, he pressed his forehead against the cold glass itself. Kamui was nowhere in sight as of now, he still knew nothing about the possible intruder and to make matters worse, there were people nearly dying for his cause on the moon's surface. It all felt for naught, his battle for earth.

And so, the man's walls began to crumble. Things seemed to only get worse and worse as he continued to stand with the Vanguard. It were as if Azure existed in his own personal hell. Was there really anything he could do to protect those that were so precious to him now? Only time would tell, it seemed.

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