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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 An End To The Madness

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The thick acid-like blood that soaked the man's clothing hung in the air, it's sickening smell continuing to feel each little crack it came to. Azure Iramasha loomed quietly before a thick mass of bones and meat. To Azure, the creature that laid before him was simply known as "Naomi". In reality, the woman was far from his reaches, his fingers dug deep into the impostors chest without remorse for its life. Being stripped of his voice, the man's sobs remained quiet and depressing, the tears that followed suit only adding further effect to the silent scene that unfolded. The scratching and shuffling of corpses behind the room he knelt within only furthered his need to move. The only problem was that the legs that were meant to carry him forward wouldn't allow him to. It was as if the statue of a man failed to understand his situation.

'Well this sure is rough. Don't you think all the blood you're losing could end your life or something buddy? I mean, I'd rather not die alongside you given this has grown out of hand. What do you even plan on doing? Look at yourself, a mess of a man that only resembled a hunk of meat is looming over a creature he just ravaged like a five course dinner. Don't you kind of hurt?' Husk made little room for respect for Azure, his lifeless eyes continuing to focus on the melted mess before him. "Let's get this over with, huh...?"Stumbling to a standing position, Azure's soaked skin glistened against the awkward lighting of the room as he quietly lifted the creature into his hands. Of course, to anyone watching the scene unfold they would know it was simply a creature of nightmarish appearance, but to Azure? The on he loved quietly fell silent within his grasp. Naomi Miyake sat lifeless in the pale arms of the broken man.

Without much effort, the lifeless man stumbled his way to his final destination, the room expanding too far for him to physically view its end. Due to the immense blood loss he had suffered, Azure could only faintly make out the outline of the red haired male that stood within the center of the room. He couldn't make out details that one could focus on, but he knew all too well who the bright red locks belonged to. Finally making his way to Kamui, Azure's mind filled with yet another injection of hated, his pride quickly making its way to his surface before it bubbled outward. The anger soaking Azure's face created an illusion of killer intent. Deep down, he knew that the next moments would make his grave certain, the fear continuing to run rampant as he attempted to seem strong.

"... Your death will bring the world joy, Kamui Cruor." Despite the silent lips that attempted to exert sound, the same effect could be found in the deep words. Azure's anger had boiled to its highest point before quickly burning away into nothingness. What he believed to be Naomi continued to hang within his grasp, his slow stumble towards the Sugiura being his only focus now. The words the man emitted mattered little to him, phasing them out of his senses entirely.

'It's sad to have to come to an end in such a gross way, Azure. I thought we were going to go far, buddy. What happened to being the all-powerful leader of the Vanguard that attempted to "Save the world" huh? What happened to the passionate attempt you had made on the world?' Husk continued to beat at the man's mind, his words simply dissipating as Azure's body lurched forward, foot after foot. Kamui had shifted and moved silently, Azure's eyes making out the faintest of details as he attempted to find his way to the man. Without a moment of rest, his senses quickly picking up on the blasts of air that attempted to turn him into literal mince meat.

Four waves found their way towards Azure's position, the first quickly being evaded as Azure quietly shifted his body to the right in order to allow it to sweep by. The second was more fortunate, his movements allowing it skid gently across the smallest of areas on his shoulder. If it was simply air, nothing would have come of it, however this wasn't the case. The slicing power of the pressure found its way slicing right through his upper right arm, causing his grip to loosen entirely from the creature's figure. Latching onto it fully with his left arm now, Azure shifted to the left in order to dodge yet another before the fourth and final blast found itself completely tearing his right arm from his figure. The blood that previously found itself within him was now spurting quietly within the air.

"..." If it weren't for the slowing of his blood loss through his chaos energy control, Azure would have surely been dead on the floor then and there. Despite such a fact however, he continued to edge himself towards Kamui with the large creature in tow. He knew nothing of his future, memories of his past slowly filling his vision now. The dull senses that once existed were now in full effect, the very moments he imagined before him feeling as if they were entirely real. Due to such a thing, tears once again filled his ducts as he quietly wept.

The man without a voice continued to gaze back on his life as he attempted to reach Kamui, his death being the only attempt he could make in order to make his life worth anything in the very moments that now passed. Without it, it was all for naught. His actions worthless to a planet of those in need.

A failure.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: An End To The Madness   Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:23 pm