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Enter The Hollow

I. Basic Information

» Name: Skyria
» Age: 20
» Gender: Female
» Race: Gillian

» Association: N/A

» Appearance Written:
Skyria's white solid body is near obsidian black with a very light sheen, causing an onyx-like look to her body. Her eyes are dead and conveniently where her Hollow holes are, however this does not hinder her sight in any way. Her mask has four horns around the forehead like a crown, her teeth are jagged and are a shining white.

As Skyria walks, she causes concrete to crack and shatter, and every step causes destruction in her wake. Her arms are usually under her black cloak that most Gillian have, her white body underneath looks deformed like a bone based arm only coated with the most pale skin the Spirit King could find.

II. Personality

» Personality:


Carnal Hunger- As a Hollow, Skyria is hungry, almost always. She'd eat pluses of criminals, pluses of past marks, even eat other Hollows, fellowship at her age of being a Hollow hasn't developed.

Stalking- Despite her size and the destruction her feet cause, her height brings an advantage to her range of sight and makes studying her pray easy so long as she's far enough away.


Death- Skyria, being a near feral Hollow at her age of being a Hollow, has a natural and feral fear of death.

Starving- Another death related problem centered around her feral behavior


Evolving- Because of her size and the destruction her presence alone causes, it is very difficult to sate the hunger she has. She understands that she can evolve and become smaller and more efficient at hunting.

1 Food- Souls or Hollows to be exact, as she is currently a feral Hollow she just wants to be fed.


1 Boredom- The hunt doesn't always have to be a chase, nor does it always have to be a stationary or unknowing victim, so long as she gets fed.

2 Fear- Dravocn has this problem when it comes to fear, as fear means hesitation and without prior thinking, he won't mind if you are scared, but this is again a problem he has with himself, and it is nothing but a simple annoyance that he will try his best to quickly throw away... keyword... try.

III. History

» History:
Life: Skyria was never the one to be slacking in anything, though she would always find time to hang out with her family, they were always the kind of people who would show their love in the most complicated of ways... one time when Skyria got into her school's track team, her parents gave her a goal to achieve in terms of laps and time. Every time she achieved something these goals her parents gave her another one, simply put, tough love. Skyria's parents weren't exactly the most happy with people, nor the most appreciated. We're talking a couple who gave their daughter marks to do awful things to without getting caught or they'd deny ever knowing that she was even gone. Skyria treated everyone how she thought they deserved, as a person, though she unconditionally loved her parents despite how she felt they deserved resentment. She never allowed herself to become lazy or let herself peak, she knew she needed to get better, always, living her life on the 'survival of the fittest' aspect.

Skyria never skipped a grade, and never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, she had crushes on some people but that didn't hinder her skill progression nor the way she treated anyone. Skyria had graduated in honor roll with flying colors and had gotten a free admission to any college with a track or swim team she wanted, she was proud of herself, her family gave her a few brochures on each college and demanded she was the MVP of whichever team she joined. This was their last goal they gave to her before they got arrested for association with the Japanese mafia. Skyria was old enough to live on her own, but her parent's assets were frozen and kept from her since the government assumed everything they owned was bought with crime money. So without money or a home, Skyria had to make a life for herself.

His sisters, who were still bawling about their parents passing and having to leave town, since no one was in town anymore, they wouldn't be able to get anything. Dravocn took his sisters several miles walking to the next populated town, they weren't even running out of food because luckily they were in a forest full of fruit bearing trees. Then they reached town and had to start a new life. Drav worked hard as help for several different stores at once while trying to put his sisters through school and studying for school as well.

Dravocn doesn't like most people, Drav has always hated people, for their corruption, for what they do to others, their greed, he's hated them for these reasons. The loss of his girlfriend and parents had only solidified his opinion on the world and it's people, though for the sake of his sisters he learned to tolerate people a heck of a lot more. Dravocn hung out with his sisters whenever they wished even if he had work to do, he'd make time, they appreciated it and understood what he's been doing for ten years.

Dravocn came home one day while he had finished shopping with his sisters, he heard a deep and loud screech, his sisters even heard it, though no one else seemed to be paying any attention to it, it was loud enough, he knew they weren't deaf, and his sisters heard it too, so it wasn't just his imagination. What was that? That night Drav heard the roar again, but it was a heck of a lot louder, it was definitely closer. Dravocn got up out of bed found his blades and heard a loud scream, it was one of his sisters. Drav ran to both of his sisters rooms which he bought with the money he'd been earning, their walls were broken, and they were floating, one of them had their nightgown wet and becoming wetter as she floated. He smelled something dreadful, and felt a breeze, bad breath? But who? His sisters cried for his help and he dashed toward them jumping to the nearest sister and landed on.... nothing. Dravocn tried picking his sister up but she wouldn't budge. Dravocn then felt around where he couldn't touch his sister and his hands were floating above her while still touching something. He took out one of his blades and sliced it off, a deep cry occurred and he was flown into his wall, whatever has his sisters... it's alive.

Dravocn's vision must have faded a bit after the hit to the wall because he started to see a figure, it was holding his sisters. Drav knew what to do, he had to get his sisters loose NOW. He rushed the faded figure and cut off of it's fingers once again this time dodging it's flailing arm and cut it off as well dropping one of his sisters, she landed hard on the floor but at least she was safe... for now.

The other arm however was brought toward the mask of the beast and bit clean through Drav's other sister. Dravocn was horrified, depressed, and entirely furious. Dravocn jumped toward the creature's mask and sliced it trying to make it drop her, but he didn't even scrape it. In fact its other arm grew back along with its fingers. It turned around satisfied at getting food and left through a strange void. Drav was up against a wall, feeling useless, and excruciatingly sad. He ran to his sister that was still there and she was unconscious, he didn't know what to tell her later, he didn't know what to do.

The next day his sister woke up and he was busy cooking breakfast sullenly, his sister came up to him to ask him what was wrong, not even asking where her sister was. Drav didn't understand, they usually get up at the same time, how did she not notice that her sister was gone? Dravocn chalked that up to suppressed memory and proceeded on with his daily thing, though a lot more sullen than usual. He still treated his remaining sister the same as he always had. Months of this had passed and he died via protecting his sister from bandits again. He succeeded but died via blade through his gut, his sister was fourteen. He died happy knowing he was useful enough to protect his remaining sister once again, but upset that he couldn't save his other sister from that monster.

Death: As months passed, Drav watched after his sister, rather surprised that he was a ghost, but didn't pay any mind to it much, he was happy that he could take care of his sister further. Dravocn had watched his sister for some time, hearing monstrous roars in the distance all the time, trying his best to help her in any way he could find, even pretending to be her invisible Jimminy Cricket to make her study for school.

Dravocn couldn't help himself anymore, he had to see what this creature causing these noises was, a creature with a mask again, this time entirely different in form. He had no idea what it was, but he wanted to get rid of it. for the sake of his last sister.... come to think of it... his first sister died around the same time he did... where is she? That didn't matter now, note it for a later date, for now he focused on the monster.

Dravocn was impressed that he kept the blades he died with but decided to use them for the fight, the monster just laughed at him and told him he was weak and the blades were useless. Dravocn looked at his blades and frowned looking back at the monster, staring at it. He rushed the creature and slashed at it, once again his blades went through the body, in fact it cut like butter, why didn't it do anything? He looked back at the monster, the only thing that wasn't black, the mask, his new target. Drav rushed again, this time rushing the mask. Dravocn was immediately swatted away into a nearby ledge. He rushed again and sliced at the coming arms then slashed at the mask's mouth. His blade stopped in the creatures mouth, not making it past the jaw. It only laughed and got more aggressive and ripped the blade out of its mouth.

It tried smashing him but another being swooped in the way and blocked the blow. The new person looked toward Dravocn and sliced through the creature's mask and it faded away. The victor looked at Drav after sheathing her blade, Drav just looked at her awkwardly. She smirked with slight interest and pride, and told him that she was impressed he survived as long as he did and was actually able to find the weak spot, not many are able to do anything to these creatures apparently.

She told him to stay still as she put the base of her hilt to his forehead and told him that she'd talk to him on the other side. Of course Drav was cautious but was willing to obey his savior, only thinking to wonder what was going to happen after she was done, but it would be too late as she already tapped his head with the base of the hilt and he faded out again.

Rukongai: Dravocn was soon followed by the person who sent him here, the place was rather sandy and filled with decrepit buildings that was also filled with several people. Could he have been teleported somewhere? It is unlikely but creatures that he had faced were also unlikely, as well as his ghostly form and several other details, so teleportation was a reasonable thought. There were children and very few adults, why this was, he could only assume they were dead too. Though the thought seemed to have saddened him because most of the people here were children, meaning death occurred more to children than adults which doesn't make sense but he was transported here so it can also be assumed that these children were the ones his new acquaintance and several others likely could transport in time.

As he proceeded to follow the girl, he noticed that the people here didn't like her and were curious about why he was following her too, could his circumstances be uncommon? She did say that his abilities were rare, so that could make sense... but where was he going? He seemed to be the only one in the town alive that could hear it's voice or even see it when he was hit, so could she be recruiting him? Again, a reasonable thought, though not entirely certain of it.

He walked all the way up to a giant wall, this wall was unlike any substance he'd ever seen before, it was white and had red designs up near the top, at the wall a giant was blocking the way, what doesn't exist in this world? Seriously! The giant looked to him then the woman, he nodded and opened the door. Apparently its an authorization restricted area, though Dravocn couldn't help but think that this world was just fascinating and needed to be studied as soon as possible. He attempted to proceed to follow her past the walls, but the giant stopped him in his tracks, clearly not wanting him to proceed further into this mystical labyrinth where logic ceases to exist. The woman smiled at him and giggled lightly, she told him she'd be back for him someday and the giant shut the gate and once again stood at attention of the wall.

Dravocn looked to the rest of the new place he'd been transported to, the children playing, the rare yet elder looking folk staring at him as if he seemed a parasite. Dravocn sighed and got to looking at the new place, he had to find out what this place was, he figured that this must be a new world, and as such he decided to study everything about it. He looked out to the village and decided he should find himself shelter, if not lie in the open for muggers and creatures to feast on, he found no such shelter. He instead built one from the ground up, it was small and humble, but he only needed to house one person so far.

Drav, as the loner he was, spent most of his years in the small shelter he had built, studying the substance of this world with a makeshift microscope, as he didn't know what a microscope was due to his time period, he figured it was an invention he could call his own. He used glass he'd found from nearby broken homes, cleaned them up, and got some wood for the structure. He took several different substances, which made him look odd when he had picked up different colored grains from the dirt of the road of the village, and took them home to study, sometimes he even took some wood from his home to examine.

Of course Drav did have his nights where he stared at his flat ceiling and thought about his sisters, where they were, trying to recreate them in his mind, even creating them as imaginary people, the only people he really talked to here. He thought of his deceased girlfriend too, recreated her as he did his parents, he missed them all, over the last few decades. He would look at his home and his mind would literally fool him into thinking they were there, then he'd come to terms with reality and they'd disappear, every day.

Everyday, Dravocn would study what he could find, even taking dead skin from his bed just to figure out if he was made of the same stuff as when he was alive, the results were obviously that he wasn't, but he didn't know that before, now he did. Sometimes he'd look at the villagers and get jealous of how easily they seemed to cope with their families being gone, or got upset at how easily they could replace their families with others.

Every once in a while villagers would try and communicate with the reclusive weirdo and he'd respond, act as if he liked their presence, but never bothered to hang out with them or even leave his home or daily schedule. They didn't seem to notice his distance, they thought that he was still hoping he was alive and traumatized, he wasn't, but they weren't entirely wrong. He was wishing he was alive, he had wished he was with his sister, no matter how old she was now, he wanted to be with her and protect her again, make up for his failure to protect the other sister.

It was quite a few years later that the shinigami that saved him from that creature came back and told him to follow her. He sighed and did so with a smile, however fake it was. She lead him past a giant hulking being that supposedly and according to the villagers guarded the gate to the Seireitei, in of which he payed no mind despite the interest and intrigue that such a person of his size existed.

Dravocn soon found himself in an entirely new area.... the place was as clean as the clouds in the sky, most of the area was white and the roofs were black, but it was still an impressive area regardless of how plain and dull it looked. He was brought to more people, and shown off like some kind of prized sow to be chopped up for the community dinner, he didn't appreciate this though he didn't speak a word as one false statement and he might not live long enough to study this new place. The beings all surrounded him and examined him, they seemed impressed though he didn't know why, he didn't do anything... what was there to be impressed about? The beings called in a character unlike how they had dressed... he was dressed mainly in black and was rather respectful toward those dressed in white, clearly his superiors... noted. They whispered something to him and he nodded, he walked up to Drav and smiled, Dravocn only watched.

Suddenly, the man unsheathed his blade and swiped at Drav, who only responded by instinct and unsheathed his own swords which he was surprised he was allowed to keep entering here... which should have told him something like this was coming... once again ... noted. Dravocn's blade sliced clean through this man's own who simply quivered at the point of Dravocn's blade... perhaps due to his blade being sliced like butter? Or because the threat of death was not expected?...Clapping echoed throughout the room and more hands joined in until the entirety of those dressed in white were all clapping. Dravocn sheathed his blade and looked around curiously confused and wondering what was so impressive. They told him they'd welcome him into some sort of academy.... a shinigami academy. If Drav remembered correctly, shinigami were gods of death.... he was to be trained to kill? Perhaps he did need some training considering he's almost died twice, but still.... it was not his wish to be trained to kill... though it seemed there would be no other choice as he was instantly turned around and sent toward another building. This confused him, and worried him at the same time.... he was told to keep his blade as a keepsake if he wished, his new blades will be coming in shortly. He was then shoved into a room with a bed and a small table.... his new home he guessed... though it seemed to be better than the alternative considering what the other side of the wall looked like.

Academy: Months had passed since his coming here took place and he finally took to understanding that he was being trained not to kill, but to protect... this made him happier as this would mean protecting his sister further and better than he did before. He had been working his hardest while training at home and at school took place more and more with each passing day. There were a couple times that Drav had encountered hollows while he was in the Academy, which he relished as he either attempted to take samples to take home with him... or flat out slaughtered them when they got too cocky, yeah.... being egotistic around Dravocn .... NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Dravocn would proceed with doing what he used to do while he was alive and study and train as much as possible... with meditation in between those times. He had a blast examining live specimens that he ended up trapping with nets that he developed thanks to several failed past attempts, so he had to develop better nets... nets strong enough and made with a special reiatsu based metal in order to contain and keep the hollow from escaping.... yeah... he never let anyone know that he had been doing these things... he just.... kept them secret for further testing and development... like I said... scientific genius .... just not... mentally stable. He never told anyone of his developments, nor shown off his results to anyone... he always kept to himself and his platoon/training group/partners were kept in mind as they were the key to his progress in the academy... presumably at least.

Dravocn still doesn't like people, still only thought of his family and wondered what happened to his sister that died, as well as where the heck his parents went.... seriously... he was dead, didn't see either of them.... his sister died not too long before he died .... where the heck was she? WHERE THE HECK DOES EVERYBODY GO? These questions flew through his mind as he slept and trained... they only distracted him slightly ... enough to get him cut at least once in almost every sparring session. He put these questions on a sheet of paper to stuff in a dresser so as not to distract him too much from his current goal to get as much power as possible in order to help his family, and keep the promise he made with his girlfriend.... who by the way..... WHERE DID SHE GO? Dravocn had some serious issues with these questions, they were concerning, and he had been thinking about these a little much, another problem. Drav had only been distracted for a couple weeks... then he wrote the questions down and put them in his dresser again.

At that point his determination had increased, he'd become more focused now that he had noted his questions for further questioning later. Dravocn, now that he was focused had dominated in sparring and training, putting his opponents to shame with his finesse and cunning swordsmanship as well as his analytic abilities when it comes to hunting hollows and leading a platoon and planning strategies.... he was downright brutal... yet always calm... like he didn't care, he never showed any pride or ego... or really anything for that matter, leaving only a mystery for his colleges, seeming so cold and distant from everyone..... well... you know... until someone decides to talk to him in which he'd respond in his usual polite manner, and even more kindness shown to women, even though he doesn't want anything from them.... well... nothing but undying loyalty to him... but that's not something he'd be able to ask for in his position.... he knows his place.

After several years, Dravocn had finally graduated from the Academy, he didn't show any pride at all.... he just took it in stride and proceeded to work on his projects, he took his things out from his dorm and brought them into his new room.

IV. Equipment

V. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities: [You can put any customized racial skills/abilities/techniques in here that range from your hollow's acidic skill, Garganta, cero, regeneration, Negacion and so on. If you don't want to, skip it.]

VI. Powers

» Hollow Power: [Please specify their unique power. You can have up to 2-4 power sets.]

VII. Skill Sheet

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Acid Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Garganta : Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

[Click the Spoiler for details on each skill section]

VIII. Role Play Sample

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I don't know what's going on here, but it's taking 5EVER. This will now be going into the archives. If you wish to pull it out just post in the thread below:

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