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 My Colombian Coffee, Tart With Blood [Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: My Colombian Coffee, Tart With Blood [Open]   Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:55 pm

"That was it...?"

The figure asked, one hand reaching down as it gripped the cuff of the individual who had once been in charge of the city of Bogatá. By now, the communications had largely been cut off, as the large barrier outside of the city demonstrated. "...Call me cautious... but I just couldn't let them be this close..." The figure stated, his hand pushing into the corpse's chest as lines of reishi pushed through it.

The corpse's jaw unhinged, allowing for it to nod comically as its teeth clicked. "Just as I thought..." The cloaked individual muttered, before at last pulling his hand out of the figure's chest. The next moment, it crumpled to the ground, lifeless. "Now that was not very difficult, was it...?" The male wondered to himself, slowly walking over to the window. "Yes... they did not do much with their resources, now did they...?" The figure inquired, looking at the chaos outside...

Or rather, the lack of chaos. Indeed, most of the figures on the outside of the building were laughing like... well, mad. They seemed to have gained a fit of the giggles, the power of the Madness Pulsations around them shocking their systems as they went off the grid for a few minutes, taking a break from the world. It was a very pleasant sound to the ears of Doctor Kabuto Hebi. "Now then, my little puppet..." He told the figure behind him, turning his back to the blood red sky. "Time to pull your strings a bit..."

Slowly around the city, people began to awaken. Meanwhile, screens had gone up over the entire area, and within them was their leader, their representative. "People of the fair city of Bogatá... I ask you... what have the Monsuta done for us, but drag us through an era of power struggles and war...?" The figure asked, a dark shadow covering his face. However, it was unmistakably their leader.

"Well... I say... no more... and if they should come for my head... let them know that it will not come easily... for my head is as strong as my heart..." He continued to speak, and the people outside began to grow confused. "Their troops will arrive soon... and will likely kill you all..." He spoke hollowly now, as a dull laugh began to emanate from himself...

The citizens were now banging on the doors of the capitol building, but they were quickly rejected by large hoses. The entire coup had been completed in a matter of minutes. The Doctor knew that his barrier would be discovered fairly quickly... after all, a place dropping out of almost every current observational equipment would not go quietly.

Still, he had expected for the puppet they left here to have a bit of backbone. Perhaps it was the extremely strong sedative in his afternoon tea, given to him by a sunglasses wearing servant. Perhaps it was the fact that the gigantic gouge in the back of his neck could not be simply 'recovered' from. Or perhaps it simply was not his day.

In any case, the Doctor did not particularly desire power. However, he did want this area to be plunged into chaos. He wondered if anyone viewing the current information would even be smart enough to guess that this was anything more then yet another powerful being seeking his own portion of the planet.

No matter what the outcome, however, the pulsations of the Madness Wavelength had already infected the consciousness of most of the people here deeply. They were already beginning to riot, and the blood being spilled would certainly cause for this area to be known as cursed. "A curse.. yes, a curse lain upon this place..." The Doctor smiled. If this place fell, the rest of Colombia would not be much harder. The Monsuta truly had not bothered much with their defenses. Just this clown who had not suspected that he could be overpowered without a chance to fight back.

I suppose I should use this chance... to gain more subjects... The Doctor thought excitedly to himself, his body slowly beginning to shimmer as he returned to the Earth. He would await the being, or perhaps beings, who would emerge as part of his actions, the Rinnegan in his eyes reaching far out as the cloaked figures among the masses relayed information to their Master...

It would not be long, now...


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My Colombian Coffee, Tart With Blood [Open]
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