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 Triple P Day ! ( Open !)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Triple P Day ! ( Open !)   Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:34 am

Paul Peyton AKA Spider Man Stiggy Iggy
WC: 859
The sun was out and shining through his window, as Paul continued to sleep happily in his bed. On the bright side with it being the summer, Paul didn't have any school work that he didn't need to worry about. On the downside of course, he had to worry about working even -more- hours to get the damn pizza delivered. But this was all going to pay off for what the short, skinny, nonathletic nerd had planned :

A day of pure and utter fun.

That's right, he had been saving up those pennies and dealing with customers yelling at him about how there was pepperoni on their cheese pizza for the ultimate reward anyone his age could have. Just a day to treat himself, a day to have fun, a day where nothing would go wrong and he probably wouldn't even need to transform! Yes, Paul Orlando Peyton did have great power.

But today DAMN the responsibility he says. Because today is the Paul fun day. And finally his alarm had woke him up, the male stretching as he got himself warmed up for the big day he had planned for himself.

"I've been saving up so long for this one!"

He most certainly has. And for the first time in a long time he actually jumps into the shower excited with a bright smile on his face.

"I just know it! It's gonna be a good day and not a darn thing is going to go wr-


He hopped out of the shower about as quickly as he had ended up hopping in, water dripping to the floor as he shivered a bit and shook his head.

"That..that is not apart of the good day. But I know it, I know it, I just know it will be a good day. Just gotta keep ooon hoping. Woo, positive minded! Think positive, Paul! Triple P, Positive Paul Peyton! Wow, that's got a nice ring to it."

He nodded to himself and started to wash himself off after that short moment of self monologue. He's trying to think keep his mind on the things he wants to do today. Maybe see a movie, eat copious amounts of food, go for a relaxing jog in the park, upgrade his computer. All the fun things that he doesn't get to spend a lot of private time doing. But deep down he knew that it wouldn't be that easy. That someone or something was always scheming against him and planned to ruin what should otherwise be a peaceful day. So all that he was hoping at this point was that whatever decided to show it's face around him was going to be friendly and not too rude. He's been rather lucky with crime lately as there has not been a abundance in havoc creators around the neighborhood. Maybe this was because people finally moved on to find better things to do, or because they knew all about how he handled people that came uninvited to the city!

Since he is, despite his powers, still kinda wimpy he's just going to assume the ladder. It is the summer, bad guys have to relax every now and then too right?

At the same time, out of seemingly nowhere the thought does hit him he'll be spending today well..alone. That he doesn't really have a lot of friends due to all of the extra stuff he goes out of his way to do. It's not that he's complaining about being a bit lonely, but it didn't mean this did not bother him. Yikes! Negative thoughts!

"B-back onto Triple P! Positive Paul Peyton!"

Because nothing was going to go wrong today. He was going to have a good one and there was nothing that could stop him. After being sure to wash himself off he hops out of the shower and proceeds to dry himself off then brush his teeth. Once that and the spray deodorant is applied, he slides on his boxers and goes to pick out a rather simple outfit he knew he won't get any strange looks on.




Lanyard (worn around his neck):


For a nerd, a number of people would find his choice in clothing surprisingly well.. good. He might have the grades of a geek, but he most certainly didn't dress like one! After prepping himself and putting on the signature goggles, he heads downstairs to give his mom a big hug, who happily went to pat him on the head. Making sure that his morpher was at his hip and ready to go if danger made itself known.

"Are you heading out now sweetie?~"

"Yes ma'am! Triple P!~"

She nodded, giggling and going to hug him gently back. The woman seem to be only a bit taller than him with matching brown hair and eyes, curvy figure with a apron on as she seem to be cooking breakfast.

"Just make sure you're safe, okay?"

He nodded and with that quickly ran out of the door, locking it behind him as he started his tread down the sidewalk, streets busy as ever in the city he lived in as he looked around to see if anything or anyone might catch his interest. Hell, they might end up coming to him!

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Triple P Day ! ( Open !)
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