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 Children Of The Stars [Past RP][Private]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Children Of The Stars [Past RP][Private]   Fri Jul 15, 2016 11:53 pm



Alright! Haru and Luna had a plan from here on out, despite their slight confusion in meeting each other. One was here to find the other while the other wanted to save their mother. It seemed that fate had landed them in the same spot for a good reason. This filled Haru with not just hope, but joy. Sooner or later he might be able to learn a thing or two from the little girl as well as the people of Earth. Things were looking up for the Sunny Iramasha, his mind filled with determination.

"We both did it, if it wasn't for you my hand would have gotten hurt again, you know." Glancing in the girl's direction, Haru smiled and let out a relieved sigh. It was good that he didn't have to run head first into the huge door again. It wasn't easy though, looking at the other side of the room. An energy that he hadn't felt before lingered in the large sector, something that could be described as worrisome or dreadful. Shaking his head, the boy clung to the young girl's hand as he raised his other hand in victory. "Nothing's going to stop us now, right?"

Turning to the girl once again, she leaped upward to the boy's face with the intent of prodding him now! Instinctively, the boy leaned forward to try to bring her hand to a stop but it was all for naught, his nose being attacked without pause. Stumbling backwards, Haru took his once raised hand to his nose, rubbing the spot that Luna had fingered. As confused as he was, he didn't seem to dislike the prodding the girl decided to send his way. Before he could continue thinking of the weird interaction, he had slowly begun to be dragged throughout the newly opened room without hesitation.

The duo made their way quietly through the new location, each step being taken in caution as they looked this way and that. The loquacious girl continued her crusade, informing Haru of the coming Energy across the way. It wasn't the only thing she felt so needed saying, however, her easy going conversation allowing her to explain her feelings towards finding the boy. He didn't understand what it meant, the two of them coming together, but that didn't change his happiness from the small victory, now did it?

"Lucky? I don't know, maybe it was supposed to happen ya'know? Someone had to help you, and I needed to find you. Ya'know?" Without anymore thought, the two continued to find their way from one end of the now extremely huge room to the other, reaching a doorway that resembled the one he had previously ran into before stumbling upon the big one that was in his way for so long.

So.. it's these things that make it open right? Gazing to the side of the door, the panel that accompanied it only had a solitary button on it. The only thing that worried Haru was the energy that they were feeling so heavily, it seemed to have been coming from the area beyond the door before them. There wasn't anything the boy could do to mess it up this time though, right? Here goes nothing. Pulling Luna behind his tall figure, Haru pressed his finger against the door quietly, the door responding appropriately by sliding open.

"No more going so fast, alright? Just... stay right there, behind me. At least it worked this time..." Haru informed the girl of his concern, his fingers gripping ever so tighter to her small digits. He wouldn't let whatever existed ahead to harm her or the Moon she called mother. Whoever or whatever it was had better be ready, Haru's crimson eyes flared with anger as he slowly crept forward.

There wasn't anywhere else to go from here, they reached somewhere that would hold information for them. Good, or bad.

Coding Partially By: [THEFROST]


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Children Of The Stars [Past RP][Private]   Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:45 am

Coding In Template By:



Full Size Here

Word Count: 504

Moon - Yokko Kanno / Origa (Clicky!)

“Yeah! Nothing will stop us if we work together!”

With some haste Luna moved across the massive room, never breaking into anything faster than a quick walking pace, though it was clear that she might have if she weren’t holding Haru’s hand. For now their companionship would act as a leash, and with any luck it would keep her from moving too recklessly into something that would perhaps be somewhat dangerous. It didn’t help that they were both filled with such hope and determination. After all, it only fueled her reckless behavior even more!

Supposed to happen? But how? Could this be Mother’s doing? Oh! Maybe she wanted me to meet him so I could have a friend! Mother is so nice!

Glancing up towards Haru again Luna smiled, nodding cheerfully in response to his answer after a couple moments of thought. “Yeah! That has to be it! Mother probably had something to do with our meeting. Or something. I guess it could’ve been something else, but it was probably meant to happen like you said! How else could it be this perfect?”

Perfect it was indeed, for not only was Haru very nice, but they were both very similar! Plus they had immediately become friends! People didn’t normally do that, did they? She could be wrong of course. Earth’s children, once again, would know more.

We really need to meet them! After we save Mother Moon though.

As the two young Iramasha reached the next door the energy that the felt only grew more distinct. It was clear that whatever lay on the other side was very strong! If it was a bad thing then they’d most certainly need to work together, provided of course that they couldn’t talk their way out of things. But Luna had full confidence in both of them! Besides, good could only always triumph against evil, right? Nothing too bad would happen. They would stop the ones who were hurting the Moon, hopefully through peaceful means, and then everyone would be happy! Maybe they would even make more friends!

I bet it is all just one big misunderstanding! Even the bad people will actually be good! Then we can all sit down and be friends, and maybe do whatever it is that friends do!

The petite bunny’s eyes sparkled as she was absorbed within her fantasy world of perfect outcomes. It wasn’t until she was suddenly pulled behind Haru that she snapped out of it, glancing up towards the back of her friend’s head while he opened the massive door in front of them. His words were quite concerning, and for the briefest moment she actually did grow a bit worried. However she quickly managed to recover, simply nodding once while she smiled again.

“Okay! If you say so! But don’t worry. Everything will be okay! Especially since we are together.”

With that she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, poking her head out from behind him in order to look ahead towards whatever might lie behind the door!

===== EXIT THREAD =====

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Children Of The Stars [Past RP][Private]
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