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Yoshiaki Yoichi
義明 妖一

Basic Information

His full name would be Yoshiaki Yoichi. Yoichi being his current name of choice, has more of a ironic meaning to it as it's his way of poking at his circumstance. Yoichi deriving from the Japanese language has four distinct meaning depending on how it's spelled, all of which pertains to the "first son". 与一 meaning participating first son, 洋一 referring to foreign/ocean first son, 陽一 translating to clear/sun/pride first son and lastly 妖一 bewitching/seductive first son. While all of these translations can refer to Yoichi he prefers the last one being bewitching/seductive first son due to his womanly appearance. As for Yoshiaki being another name that comes from Japanese origin has only one known meaning; 義明 translating to clearly/evidently correct. Once again this is not his original last name and it's yet another ironic jab at his appearance. As for his original name it's something that is way more bland then what other people would have believed it to be and also a name he wished he would have to forget. Since he takes pride in his family name and require to use it when working with the Wareyashis; his last name is of German origin "Eberl".

Time is such a complicated and fickle thing in this world, something that is believed to never change yet beings on this world can manipulate it so easily. Yoichi has just gotten into his 21st year of his life, in reference to the age he should have been. If you were to count the years he had lived it would have been 354 years, not all of it was a jolly and happy as other beings who can live for long periods of time would say. A lot of his "normal human years" were spent trying to prefect his families studies known as 煉丹 (Rentan) also known as the Elixir of Life. While the truth was within his grasp, patients wasn't his greatest suit; by only taking a portion of what his family had made Yoichi tried to reach for prefect immortality with an imperfect concoction. It was needless to say that it had a sort of backfire to him, which both helped his cause and worked against it. In short body was shut down from all spiritual connections he could have had for over an century. By pausing his left he was also unable to aid the procedures of his family's work forcing it in a standstill by doing so. Which would only explain some of his age gap, the other would have been the help of different scientist to figure out a way to better gain immortality while he waited for the rebound effects to wear of. No-one has ever gave him the all knowing cure to mortality, they have been able to slow down his aging, make his immune system better, or in some circumstances worsen the punishment of his "betrayal" even more.

Even though his appearance is very girly and sometimes even what he does can be considered that way, Yoichi is very much consider himself as a man, and as for his physical aspect, yes he was born with a penis.

If one person was talking about a specific organization, such as shadowfall or even the Vanguard; Yoichi wouldn't be affiliated towards anything. He would be doubtfully classified as "Rogue" however this isn't entirely the truth. Being the way he is, anything or anyone that will benefit his end he will affiliate with them in some fashion. This can be said with the Wareyashi family, having some interactions with them over the years, Yoichi feels as it wouldn't be a big deal to help them out whenever they need. The same cant be said though for the Yuudeshi, even though he plans to get into contact with one of their members, it would be more of a give and take relationship if anything and he's not the type to lay down his life for a favor. Other than that Yoichi's Loyalty to different people all depends on his safety or if they can help his goal in the end, other than that everything else is extra.

Appearance Description
A small and pretty young male, Yoshiaki Yoichi or Yo-yo for short is known for looking like a young girl rather than the man he should be. After being cursed by the incomplete elixir of life, Yo-yo wasn't granted the ability to grow in age however fast acting cells such as his hair continued on in a slower pace. His dark greyish hair looks like it has hints of purple and blues mixed into it, however towards the ends of his hair turns lighter in pigment. In contrast to his darker hair colour, Yo-yo pale skin looks practically white due to the dark colours making it seemed more “washed out” however because of the slight colour in his unruly hair, the male’s blue eyes are far more vibrant than they normally are. Something that isn’t common with regular humans would be the dog ears and tail that companies his already strange appearance; these canine add-ons are the same dark greyish colour but instead of getting lighter at the ends it instead becomes more purple. As to why he has these add-on could be due to the curse he received, unsure what they mean he would normally refer to them has an ironic statement as being a dog to god.

As for Yo-yo’s attire seems to be definitely lacking to say in the least, wearing a very large sailor uniform found within most animes. Normally the male would only pull one side of the shirt part of his onezie over one of his shoulders as it’s too big to fully wear normally, however the oversized attire isn’t the thing that makes his outfit strange. The leather straps that cover his entire body much like a weird bondage fetish is what gets people to turn heads, from his torso down to his right leg everything is tightly fasten with black leather straps and metal rings. These straps are attacked by a large black fluffy colour that doesn’t seem to have sort of zipper or seam. Last but not least would be the platform boots in which have purples soles, while this is also covered in a couple of buckles the boots seem to be separated into white and black to match the rest of his outfit. Due to the nature of his outfit it makes it nearly impossible to see his tail unless someone were to look up his shorts.

Appearance Picture
NSFW Warning:

Personality Traits

Contrary to his appearance Yoichi acts very differently when around different types of people, in this case when it's men. He's more likely to throw his feet up on the table and continue playing his video games rather than trying to initiating conversation. He won't really seem to get too excited unless if it's something that he's passionate about, so he'll not have much to offer a conversation. Most believe this is because he's shy while this isn't not entirely a lie it's mostly because he'd rather not be bothered to do something. A performance of living would be to sit back and let someone take the reigns while observing the outcome. Due to his laid-back nature it means he isn't too stressed out on not showing his disinterest or tiredness in obvious manners; such as breaking eye contact, responding non-nonchalantly and even yawning. His laid-backness can be viewed as him being a dick or just aloof; however he can be nice and caring even to those of the same gander.

Simple physically habits exhibiting this sort of personality trait would be as mentioned before how he would sit if given the choice, sometimes even pulling her feet up onto his chair and/or slouching down so he wasn't sitting up anymore. Even when he's standing you'll see his hands either on his portable game devices or his hands within his pockets. Taking almost any opportunity to sit down or even lean against a wall is a bit fault for this guy.

When he's dealing with women his nonchalant is slightly changed to fit towards what he finds is more appropriate to them. Rather than changing his personality his actions would be the main things to alter such as; resting an elbow on the table and resting his chin within his hands rather than kicking his feet up. He'd also be the type to give up a seating spot for them and try to keep as much eye contact so it seems he is being attentive.

As a person Yoichi isn't an introvert in the slightest, he does love to be social with people on his own terms. Because of that the conversation that attract him the most is gossiping. Watching other people's misfortune or learning about it is nothing but pure fun, however whenever it happens to him there is that small sense of thrill that comes with it. This is for the rest why he enjoys leaving behind those small amount of misfortune by teasing people. More accurately not giving them what they want. when withholding information or manipulating the information to let people run around trying to get every hint they can is beyond amusing. If he were to express these feelings into words it would be a sense of superiority to manipulate them in a way they could be in your beck and call. But just as easily he can gain this feeling he can just as easily lose it which is why he needs to surround himself with people who can feed this sort of desire.

Nothing is more fun to him other than not giving what people want, either it by keeping secrets from people or purposefully leading them the wrong direction, Yoichi loves to mess with people.

(This is self explanatory. What does your character like?)

(This is self explanatory. What does your character dislike?)

BDSM results

Background Story

» Background
(Please create at least three paragraph's of background history for your character in this section.)


Small Amount of Judo Lessons
Judo while it can be used in a full-body fighting form it's primary focus is to catch the enemy off guard and use their center of balance against themselves. Self-discipline and patience is required for this fighting style as match in between two Judo practices can drag on. Unlike Pencak Silat Yoichi didn't spent much time researching this style of art because he has experienced it first hand. As a child he would indulge himself with a small community which practiced it. Having a simple understanding of a few throws, choke holds, pins and how to manipulate people's center of balance Yoichi eventually left to take on his family's studies. Sometimes he has regrets of never going back to his practices he still believes it was the right choice to leave to get him this close to immortality.

Web Researched Pencak Silat
Pencak Silat is a full-body fighting form in which can be used both defensively and offensively. Many of the styles have different styles of strikes, grappling and throwing with the addition of weaponry. While never really trying it out on someone, Yoichi studied many different forms of being able to incapacitate his rivals both with his hands, simple items around the house or even with weapons of his choosing. The simple movements and fast paced attacks allow the user to be able to create a lot of the motions with only one hand, making passing weapons from one hand to the other or even just attacking while throwing his opponent mere child's play. While the most common branch of this is bare hands it is something that can't be covered over a course of a short time, and is something he could have a teacher to teach him properly with. Because of the nature of it's attacks and the rate in which they can do immense damage, Silat can increase the chances of placing psychological fears into people as well as teaching someone how to be more reserved, well spaced ,and precise with day to day tasks and battles.

While being within the idol career it is pretty common to be in situations in which fans could take things to another level. Being attacked, attempted kidnapping and even murdered are fears that all celebrity have the moment they get known and crazy fans are normally the cause of even thing. Having something like this under his belt would have been beneficial to have for self defense however between him trying to have a normal male life, researching immortality and his idol career having time to train has also been difficult. It doesn't have that he doesn't have anyone to teach him such things without much questions being asked and could hopefully take him when Yoichi is Yoichi rather than RE: on. While he does want this for self defense purposes it wouldn't help but to take this for it's offensive capabilities if the time ever comes, however these are hidden desires she doesn't want to express to much people. With that being said everything he knows about Silat is what he had researched rather than been taught and these explanations are his understanding of the art.

As a simple idea of how normally these battles would seem from the outside point of view; one would keep themselves nicely spaced from the other taking in time and opportunities to go in and strike them. Kicks would be the most common, especially when throwing one would allow the change to get someone to go right in while also giving you that spacing in between the others. With this style of fighting being in control of your body as well as making short and quick movements is one of their strongest suits meaning countering an attack and even using their motion and body is rather simple. Doing for joints, point of balance and even pressure points or sensitive sections of their bodies isn't uncommon for these types of fighters, and even some of their attacks and blows even call for hitting someone in the groin.

Because of this style of fighting can use weapons as well here are the many types of weapons that are the most commonly found. Combat knifes in which are easy to have access too, quick light and fast with their movements are very good for this style of fighting. Their simple movements and quick movements allow them to still hold onto you and the weapon at the same time because of it's size. Since they are quick and fast they would be able to land quick strikes to the chest, joints or even to the most damaging areas like muscles, arteries and even sensitive tissues in quick and fluent successions. Another great thing about these is that since you have to get so close to your opponent to do such things, your strikes and attacks are much stronger since your arms aren't stretched out to attack.

Another weapon in which is commonly found is Karambit, a very small curved blade, it's bladed area is much smaller than that of its hilt making them great for twisting and flipping them in between fingers or hands. In some style of blades have the blade with a hooked edge making their cuts do that much more damage, especially when they come into contact with the flesh making rigid tears and grips along the swift slice. Since this blade is much much shorter than that of the combat knife they are needed to get that much closer. Larger weapons would have a harder time hitting someone because of the close range and getting hits on the neck is much easier. These are great for face to face battles with each other.

Sarong is something in which both can be improvised with a simple scarf, but it's most damage can be done with fabric that is stretchy or even rubber exercise scarves. A common way of using them is tightening wrapping each end on your hands, just enough that opening your palms won't automatically loosen it and then using both the band and your hands to catch your opponent off guard. If you use something of rubber material has a strong grip meaning when it come in contact with skin it makes it much harder to try and remove it. This give someone the cutting advantage to grip onto someone and disarm the rather easily. Another great thing about it is that if she gets them into a position to coil it around their neck, because of it's grip and stretchiness of the elastic. Tightening it around their neck as well as pinching any arteries, nerves and veins becomes that much easier with just a sudden pull of the elastic. You have to be very quick with your movements and are better for quick and quiet assassinations. Another way in which you can use it is looped around our torso much like a messenger bag. This way frees up both of your hands allowing you to use free reign of the tradition free hand style, but gives you that added attack of hanging them by their neck when given the chance. The band in this state is mainly used as a finisher rather than a way of countering their moves, if you use something smooth as a scarf then you'd have an easier time twisting it and wrapping it around someone's neck, making it harder for them to try and adjust themselves since the fabric will slide and follow along them. Once they are in this position sometimes just leaning back is good enough to choke someone out.

Other than for just bare hand combat the lastly commonly taught weapon to use with Silat is the Kali stick, the Kali stick is a thick wooden stick or if custom can be made with a very strong material. It's a simple rod most commonly found with a metal tip and this is used for landing strong swift blows to the opponent while staying within a close-medium range of them. The Kali stick is commonly found landing blows to the head, hands, and wrist to cause their opponents to lose grip of their weapon, since it isn't bladed you can hold it from any end you want making mobility with the weapon much easier and safer. Though since it isn't bladed it doesn't slice the skin like most weapons and will instead leave blunt force attacks and with enough strength and do a number on someone.

Skill Sheets

Chi Skills
    Sei Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
    Dou Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
    Buzhou Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
    Chuxian Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
    Durability Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
    General Speed Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
    Strength Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
    Weapon Skill Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
    Willpower Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
    Mental Deduction Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
    Pain Endurance Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
    Focus Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Coding Done By:



Who is She?

Media Common Knowledge
Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン), originally named CV02 (CV01 ending in a complete failure) was the first Japanese VOCALOID to be developed as a sentient cyborg. She was created and founded within Karakura before being officially released in December of 2407. Her creators were apart of an organization led by Fujita, Fumio (藤田文雄) many rumors are said that this was triggered after the death of his only daughter, Fujita, Saki (藤田咲) however this is only speculation. Since her first creation there has been numerous installments the biggest being her VOCALOID2 installment; this installment was the biggest development in idols of her kind as it was when she gained her own sentience. Soon after that installment VOCALOID3 was an upgrade to her voice libraries which allowed her to sing in English as well as different “tones” called the ‘Append’. While the original creator Fujita Fumio has long passed, the developing team for the VOCALOIDs has announced her new update VOCALOID4 in which was a huge development which pushed mechanical into organic. Kagamine Rin even though is completely artificial from the soul down has been developed on so much that she is scarily similar to that of humans, so much so that she had even learned spiritually aware traits known as “Chi”. The developments of her training on such a matter are unknown but it’s believe to be non-existent as there are no sighting of Kagamine Rin expenses these abilities. However with producers now saying that there could be another development VOCALOID5 some have theorized that this could help close the bridge between human and technology. This is because of her great success comparatively speaking about her other VOCALOID members; Kagamine Rin is considered to be the most popular and well known as she was the first to become a global pop star.

♫ Known Name As written above Kagamine Rin is the name she is most known by. However it isn't because of how the cute the name may sound, or if there were subtle yet pleasant ring to how it rolls off the tongue. Her name of choice was decided on the meaning of the characters instead. Kagamine traditionally known to be her last name is made up of two distinct meanings; one being 鏡 Kagami which translates to Mirror and the other 音 ne which translates to sound, noise and report, note (music), or even fame. In the case of her last name Kagamine stands for “Mirrored Sound” 鏡音. As for her first name Rin, it’s only focused on one out of it’s many meanings; リン Rin in the case of her name represents “Right” because se was designed to have a male partner as her duet, however due to fundraising at the time they couldn’t make two of the androids. Kagamine Rin’s voice was copied and applied to another placeholder to represent the “male version” of her voice, while now this can be changed people have come to love Kagamine Rin for who she is. All in all the meaning of her full name Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン) stand for “Mirrored Sound From The Right Ear”.

♫ Age Being the fact that she is not made up of flesh and blood; Kagamine Rin has two distinct ages; the first being her visualage. Kagamine Rin was created to be a preteen idol as it can cater to the majority of her listeners, so with that in mind her developers had created her with the physical age of 14 years old. As for the second age would be her birth age, for further translation the date in which she was created. Kagamine was released in December 27 of 2407 thus making her actual age 9 years old; a vastly different number compared to her appearance. However her true age doesn’t depict her mental age what so ever as she does in fact think much like a regular 14 year old or sometimes older. As a bonus fun fact, if she were born in a traditional manner then perhaps her personality would have been more influenced by her horoscope of “Capricorn”.

♫ Gender You see the truth about Kagamine Rin is that she was actually created was a boy, however due to the way she was raised and her love for idols; this drove Kagamine Rin to become a female thus getting her sex change. Of course that isn’t the case, but rumors like this get passed around due to the misunderstanding of her duet partner. In some of the songs they have a male-like voice that sounds rather similar to her, and even in videos there seems to be a male twin. This is because her developers wanted her to have a duo partner which was a male character however scrapped the idea. Kagamine Rin was created as a female she also consider herself as one, making both her sex and gender to be a female and the male they see of her is nothing but a placeholder.

♫ Race/Heritage: Kagamine Rin doesn’t necessarily have a biological race/heritage however if one were to choose for her it would be clearly Japanese. This is because of how she was created and brought up within Karakura town making her a Japanese Citizen. Though in the terms of Race within the PH Universe is slightly different and seeing how she is an android the closest thing would be a chi human; this is because she is still infact an artificial human.

♫ Sexuality/Relationship While you have ever growing popularity of an Idol everyone is in your business especially when it comes to relationships and even your sexuality. For Kagamine Rin it was no different; everyone would poke and prod at what her interests were in people and from what she was letting people know she was hetrosexual, to those who do not know what that means; it means to only like the opposite sex so in her case, men. While that is the case it still never stopped people from editing picture, drawing out pictures, fanfic you name it; this however is something every popular person would have to deal with. Another thing which a huge interest to her fans would be her relationship status; however because of the career she choose to have relationships isn’t a thing one should think about. In fact when becoming an idol having a relationship could even destroy your career it means that you are no longer available to your fans and destroys the illusion that your songs are for them. To keep that idea in her fans heads Kagamine Rin wishes to not get into any relationship which was a choice that wasn’t hard to make seeing how she doesn’t have a single person she feels that way towards. However while she had her “duet partner” people had assumed that the two were lovers rather than just twins or even as simple as duet partners. This didn’t tarnish her appearance as an idol since they visually looked so similar and it only added to the “taboo” of love to her character, but it was nonetheless embarrassing to say in the least.

♫ Occupation Kagamine Rin’s main occupation and purpose was to be just an idol however over time her character developed into doing a lot more than just singing and performing. When she was first created there were many issues however the main selling point was her adorable features and her voice. Many people were drawn into her innocences which brought in enough revenue to continue developing her. The more they worked on creating a more life-like android the more her popular begun to grow; singing behind a glass panel wasn’t the only thing she done, and she started to go out on stage with her VOCALOID2 release. Seeing an actual face behind the voice had brought in even more fans, even children around her age were getting inspired to become an idol much like herself. As more and more updates and installments came in the more the Android was becoming a human drawing in attention to developers and other mechanics to see how she worked. Before the time of her next huge installment VOCALOID3 was coming in Kagamine Rin was already modeling for different brands. Since she wanted to gain as much popularity as quickly as possible she wasn’t picking about the places to perform, or even the brands that she posed in allowing a lot of different places to pitch in. Sometimes she could even get outfits designed by her fans created to then model for them.

While she hasn’t been within large films as of yet, she had participated in many different music videos. Though in many different interviews Kagamine Rin said that she really wouldn’t mind performing theatrically such as in theater or even in film. However due to the time restraints she gets already it’s been harder and harder to find time to even do such a thing. All in all with her new VOCALOID4 update; Kagamine Rin has been more than happy to get back up on stage and perform to her heart's content! <3

♫ Affiliations While having no real affiliation with any sort of organization within the PH universe, Kagamine Rin would be apart of the group VOCALOID, music industry and even other celebrities. By keeping herself neutral within the world’s affairs Kagamine Rin hopes to have everyone of all different types enjoy and listen to her music. With that being said while she doesn’t have any affiliations to organizations themselves she does involve herself with members of society. Warayasui Moroi is one member in the team of scientists that works on her tune ups, while this isn’t necessarily public knowledge with the media following her it still can be found through a small amount of research. She hopes that she could get into good terms of the people who protects Karakura City as well as the people who could possibly oppose it, learning all sides of a fight s the best way to try and figure out a solution.

♫ Living situation Her main place of residence would obviously be within her hometown, Karakura. As she can found frequently within the city streets on her rare days off; with that being said though as to where she lives in Karakura would be within a very small area. This area is heavily guarded by many different types of police force and body guards and she cannot be the only rich person to live within this closed off community. Kagamine Rin has a rather modern looking penthouse filled with as much advance technology her “co-workers” can find. She doesn’t need to worry about simple stuff such as food or even washrooms, but her house does have these small things just in case he ever invites people over. Now talking outside of Karakura, Kagamine Rin isn’t completely lost for finding places to live; with the amount of money she has ad her popularity she can easily find herself a play to stay within high end hotels. Spending money down on things such as a vacation house hasn’t crossed her mind yet as she is still looking for a “safe” place to put her next house.

♫ Likes Oranges, Bananas, Road rollers, Dresses, Frills, Hair Bows, nail polish, doing her hair up, long hair, singing, concerts, modeling, sweets, heels, and high school.

♫ Dislike Homework, sour things, slimy/stinky things and silence.

♫ Appearance Description The most Iconic part of Kagamine Rin’s character would be her hair tie which was actually in question if she should have them or not during her creation process. Her bright blond hair reaches just onto her shoulders in length which makes the daily routine of washing and brushing her hair much easier than the hair length in which she desires so much. In her newest design she also has a white headset that covers her ears with a silver treble clef etched into the right side. This new design was made to look more technologically advanced while still looking human she doesn’t have any anomalies on her face or skin with the exception of a bright red 02 written on her upper arm. The rest of her outfit being very similar to that of a school uniform still gives her that teenager look that they were aiming for along with classic music indicators all infused with her outfit. One of the more basic pieces in her outfit would be her white, yellow and grey top; for accessories this top only has a a couple of buttons following the front seem on the right side of her shirt and along with a large yellow bow. With small musical situations drawn in yellow on the collar of her sailor shirt, the shirt remains sleeveless and without any extra details (such as frills and what not). She has semi transparent grey sleeves in which have a volume indication where the back of the hand should be; the sleeves only start mid way through her forearm and do not flare out.
Her shorts disguised as a skirt has many different design and codes in which some places you can even insert a jack or two in, this is many for the programmers and doesn’t get messed with unless she is hooked up to a machine. Her shirt is is mainly white with the exception of the sides which are inside grey and the ends which are yellow. The layered part of her shorts which gives that illusion of being skirt are designed to look like a keyboard; this is fully functional and she can practice naturally by pitching herself rather than her backup coded in processor. As for her socks and shoes she seems to have a strange design for her grey socks since they hang over her white and yellow shoes. But the socks do have a special feature and that’s the large speaker on either side, this is used as a backup incase something her to happen her to vocal drive and she needs to produce sound. For less practical things about her would be many of the cosmetic choices such as her having turquoise eyes, yellow nails and the extra white bobby pins displayed in her bangs.

As for her older design and a design she still frequently wears; Kagamine Rin is in a much more darker attire then her bright White, Yellow and Grey. With the same hairstyle and colour, Eye colour, red tattoo and even the same nail polish the only thing that really changed was the quality and her attire. Her once white, grey and yellow top had become white grey and black instead with the yellow design being only some of the edges and large yellow sailor scarf tie and a yellow rectangle over the right side of her bust along with yellow frills along the untouched edges. Her grey clear sleeves, have become more solid and black now covering more of her arms since they start at her elbows instead. With there before more designs on them, they now flare out instead of keeping their sleek look in their updated version. Her shorts have become Black and yellow with a yellow suspender strap hanging from her right side. Lastly her socks and shoes look similar however they are much bulkier and the grey is instead in black.

The Face of the Popstar

♫ Bubbly From small gestures to even the choice of words she’ll use Kagamine Rin is a bubbly character through and through. Upon meeting her she’ll always have a large smile on her face, keeping her tone bright and cheerful as she explore places with a childish attitude. NOt to mention that with every step she takes will take on more of a spring to it, this small of hyperactive energy seems to be spilling out whenever she can. Her bubbly self much like the name is not a ball of air, but as previously mentioned a ball of hyper delight and joy. Staying positive and animated is what she knows best and the only way she feels like the right way to act, either this be from programming previously installed or the fact that she is growing and learning to enjoy this type of personality is all unknown. However deep down inside she felt like this is the way she should be, since positivity is so hard to find these days. Alongside her positive antics Kagamine Rin tends to use language that is much more animated as well, sometimes throwing in childish noises in misplaced areas she tries to bring out smiles in other people. If someone were to compare her to anything, this bubbly side of her is like sickening syrup that people find in most animes. So even if the haters come she’s never going to change.

♫ Doubt In every thing she does, Kagamine Rin has a great amount of doubt towards herself, as an entertainer her main concern are her fans. Without them she wouldn’t be able to have anything that he does to this day, and perhaps wouldn’t even be a completed person if people weren’t interested in her. Now being a person that is capable of acting up on stage and performing to her heart's content she is constantly riddled with that feeling of doubt. Is she good enough for her fans? Are they only staying because they invested in it? Perhaps it isn’t her they are coming but just the sneeky adcampains? With these thoughts constantly circling around her head whenever she isn’t on stage she is constantly reminded that perhaps she just isn’t doing enough for them. The most terrifying thing of these feelings is that she unfortunately cannot tell if these feelings were programed into her or are her genuine feelings which only add to the doubt in herself. The idea that she could have been tempered with like so does cause her an immense amount of discomfort and as much as she tries to hide it; it is the thing that keeps her up at night. This doubt that she has will constantly keep building up before her gets overstressed, but with her line of work there isn’t much she can do since she is constantly needed.

♫ Thoughtful Even though she is rich and tends to spend a lot of money on herself, she still has way more money than she knows what to do with it. Other humans celebrities could be spending it on the finest food, of luxurious kitchens, but Kagamine Rin doesn’t require things like this. Her money is sometimes spent towards different countries in where great wars have struck and trying to better different places at different times, however without the proper connections something her money goes to waste. Though through her thoughtfulness she is the type of person to give homeless people more money than most would give up.

♫ Alignment Lawful Good.

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