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 Shǎndiàn Zhànshì [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shǎndiàn Zhànshì [WIP]   Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:16 am

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Warrior of Lightning

I. Basic Information

» Name: Shǎndiàn Zhànshì (Lightning Warrior)
» Alias: Azure Striker, Bolt Boy
» Age: 790 (Appearance Age: 16)
» Gender: Male

» Association: Gotei Reformed/Kido Corps

» Appearance Image:

II. Personality

» Personality:

Laid Back: Shandian is not exactly a very hyperactive person. Always relaxing at the first chance he gets, he seems very, very lazy. He hates doing things that actually involve him working. If he has to do, for say, paperwork, he'd just say tell you to shove it and walk away. He will avoid work at all costs. However, this entirely changes when he enters combat. The kid loves combat more than anything. He will willingly throw himself into the head of battle just to get his blood pumping. The kid may be very lazy and laid back, but once he enters combat, prepare to be scared.

III. History

» History:

IV. Equipment

» Equipment:

V. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:

Extended Life-Spans:

Reiryoku And Reiatsu:

Enhanced Endurance:





VI. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Hangyaku no boruto (反逆のボルト Bolts of Rebellion)

» Zanpakutô Appearance:

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:

Lightning Generation:

Thunder Field:

Tag, You're It!:

VII. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Discharge with the bolts of rebellion! All lightning and thunder come together to form a strike that will light the planes of existence bright with the bolts of an Azure Heart!

» Shikai Appearance:

» Shikai Abilities:

VIII. Bankai Powers

» Bankai Appearance:

» Bankai Abilities:

XII. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Will Skills
  • Willpower:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

Racial Skills
  • Hoho:
  • Kidō:
  • Zanjutsu:
  • Hakuda:

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Shǎndiàn Zhànshì [WIP]   Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:25 pm

[adm]Archiving this upon request.[/adm]


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Shǎndiàn Zhànshì [WIP]
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