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 "Who Wants To Fight?!" [Private, Henrex]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: "Who Wants To Fight?!" [Private, Henrex]   Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:12 pm

WC: 824

On a day like this, most are probably smiling and waking up to birds chirping. They're happy about today, they're ecstatic about what new challenge life might throw at them. But for one person in particular, this is not the case. Because a certain female has been awake for a while now, and she is anything but fine at the moment.

"...It's boring."

Are those words she used to describe how peacefulness is. Sure people get to be safe and all in comfort, but it leaves her without anything to do. She has nothing to kick the butt of, nothing to really yell at. All she can do is sit down, maybe do some training and sleep. She's so unmotivated at this point that she has not even thought about summoning out her amazing companion. A hand was resting on her cheek, sitting in her living room with one leg crossed over another as she flipped the channels of the TV a few more times. She was not sure what her next choice of action should be but..for all intents and purposes, she felt in the mood for a fight. She wasn't sure why, what her reason. The red head just wanted to fight someone, whether it be training or beating down a baddie. But the thing here was that she didn't know where she could find anyone or anything happening like that. She was going to have to just leave it up to chance and try venturing out of the house.

The female stood up and got off the couch, turning the TV off now as she did a few stretches and her lips curled into a confident and cocky smile.

"I need to get out there and find someone to fight!"

So with that being said she placed her "morpher" onto the side of her hip. She was in a maroon hoodie, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. She didn't feel the need to be too showy since she's trying to fight someone and not impress any. When she thinks about it, the last time she's had a brawl was...really, really long ago. One that challenged her, a new one was just what this perky little female needed. Where she's forced to go all out and improve herself in some way or another, that same intent on the refusal to lose being present. She glanced down at her companion. Due to the circumstances she planned on getting herself into the next few minutes, it was best if she held off on letting her friend come out and play. For now, she'll just let her relax so she can be nice and well rested for whatever fight may be at hand.

The door was opened quickly and she closed it behind herself, locking it soon after. With a sigh of excitement she began to move around town.

"First priority is to find someone's butt to kick or a sparring partner. But since they'll be brawlin' with me, it's all the same!~"

She was far too full of herself for her own good but that's not a bad thing, right? So as she started to walk and scope out anything suspicious, she was already distracted in moments before she could get into the meat of things. Her stomach had let out a loud growl, causing her to blush a bit as she went to rub it.

"G-guess before I go butt kicking searchin' I should try and kick the butt of my appetite! Oh yeah!~"

She hit her own chest a few times, letting out a small "ow" as she made her way over to the nearest Chinese place so she could get her grub on. When the waiter arrived she noted that what she wanted was a Coke, and she made sure to order all the food she wanted right then as well. Minutes later she had her food presented right too her:



Orange chicken and salmon sushi rolls, an amazing combination of flavor. She could eat this dish all the time if she had the money too. That being said, she took a short break from butt kicking to pig out. Eyes of the other patrons in the restaurant fell upon her from all over. Wondering where such a small girl can put it all. It most certainly wasn't going to her chest, after all.

After three cups of Cola she finished her meal and let out a small burp.

"Scuse' me, ahahah!~"

Leaving her tip, paying for the food, and absconding from the restaurant.

"Probably should'a grabbed a fortune cookie. Might have told me where the fuck I need to go looking..hrm..."

So with that small comment being said, the female is back to square one as she searches for someone to fight. Simply walking right through the city!
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: "Who Wants To Fight?!" [Private, Henrex]   Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:19 pm