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 Finding Nemesis, Ladon's task (Private, YaoXhu)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Finding Nemesis, Ladon's task (Private, YaoXhu)   Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:07 pm

It hasn't been that long since the event at Sector T with Nemesis. Ladon only spent enough time to recuperate in the soul society, after that he got clearance to go on a mission in the world of the living, completed it and then he abandoned the Vanguard and the Gotei. Of course he abandoned the Gotei, he didn't care for anyone or anything that was there. All he wanted was to become strong so he could protect, so he could keep all that he could care for in the future safe. As he wandered in the world of the living he had a very faint idea of where Nemesis may be. Of course, there were points when he used a gigai to travel so he wouldn't draw unwanted attention to himself.

There were points where he had to take out some hollows that could smell him just so he didn't have any issues with them. Luckily because of how fast he was travelling he didn't run into many hollows along the way, but they were always a threat. However, all he could think about was finding Nemesis, he had to find her...

However, he wasn't having much luck with that. Wherever she lived was either well hidden or it was because he is terrible at tracing reiatsu. Whatever the case may be he kept following the faint trace of Nemesis that he had hung onto since the battle they had. Unknown to even him, his ice had frozen some of Nemesis's blood, leaving a slight trace of her reiatsu on him. Because of his below par senses he hadn't detected it in the slightest. However, the tiny piece of frozen ice that still remained on his Zanpakutō that holds some of Nemesis's blood has helped him a little in finding Nemesis, no matter how little of her reiatsu was left in the blood.

After a time of travelling, wandering, and remembering how it was for him to be human he finally ended up in Europe, Nemesis's reiatsu getting stronger. He sighed and kept on moving, not sure where to go. He kept following the reiatsu, in his gigai, wondering where Nemesis could be.

"It would've been nice if she told me where she lived... dammit... where are you Nemesis...?"

Ladon keeps wandering, wondering where he should start first, her reiatsu getting mixed with many other reiatsu in the area. Ladon sighs and he keeps moving, thinking only one thing. Come on Nemesis... Where are you... Ladon looked forward, determined to find who is possibly the only one who can help him, to find Nemesis.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Finding Nemesis, Ladon's task (Private, YaoXhu)   Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:01 pm