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 Meeting the Queen (Thrane/Mana)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Meeting the Queen (Thrane/Mana)   Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:17 am

Rest... Thrane had enough of that. Something within called to him, and he escaped the fight had been in so long ago. Deep within his mind, there had been a calling, and he found a location, buried himself deep, and slept. When he had awoken, he understood the odd dreams he had been having for so long now.

His eyes opened in the darkness that was the sand tomb he had placed himself in. It was so welcoming, but there had been more that he wanted. Slowly pressing himself up, he forced his way from within the sands to the surface, where the light of the moon washed over him. It had been far, far too long since this light had been upon his flesh.

The stolen Shinigami robes had been wearing were ruined. Time and battle could do that, so with a with a flick of his wrist, there discarded. His body was still naturally armored up, and he shifted his eyes to the horizon. There was a lot of work he needed to do, but his first order of business was one that seemed simple as well: Feed.

Around him rested all kinds of energy of various level hollows. He needed a serious meal, and there were two powers that rested in the range he was after. At his current power, they were not a threat, despite traveling together. Pushing off the sand, a single step in the air would allow him to land before the duo.

Slowly, the dust would settle and they would glare hard at him. One was in the shape of a boar, thick in body and with deadly looking tusks. The other one was akin to a cobra. They had learned that working together increased their odds of survival. They had finished feasting upon the flesh of a weaker Hollow, the bones remained behind for those that were even weaker than these two.

“Who are you? I don't recognize you! This is our territory! Who do you think you are?!” The boar shouted, the snake shifted and motioned to Thrane's sword. “Wait... You can't be one of them? Why out here? Why would the Shadow Fall be way out here?!”

“Shadow Fall? Speak of them and your life might be spared.” Thrane said, stepping forwards as he watched them hesitate. “I suggest speaking quickly, I would rather not have to tear you to ribbons for simply wasting my time.”

“Ok ok ok!” The Cobra shouted, shifting a bit. “They are a group of hollows and demons who have teamed up to make a coalition against the Soul Reapers and Quincy's and all the people of the living realm. They don't like being pushed around any more. I heard they are so bold as to be based out of the living world too!”

A long silence followed as Thrane looked at them. His eyes were narrowed and he clenched his fists, watching the duo shift slightly before him. He was a man of his word once upon a time, and he waited for a few moments, seeing if they would offer up more information willingly.

It was the boar who broke first. “I heard it was in a place the human's called London! They have a base hidden there! Please! Just us go! We gave you all that we know!”

His power burst from him and knocked both of them to the ground, clearly lessers before him. He stepped forwards and place his hands upon their bowing heads. “You two have done well. You shall be allowed to live. If you lied to me, I suggest you find a place far, far away from here, for when I find you, I shall visit upon you much more torment than you have ever known.”
They both broke and ran as soon as his power relaxed. He looked to the sky and soared into the air, bursting away and heading towards what was once the caves he used as his home. He was hungry, and he knew he would need to eat on the way.

There was a wandering band of hollows. They were weak, but they would do. He landed among them and gave no warning. His blade and hand lanced out, and he was driven by simple need for several moments, but that is all it really took. When he was done, a vast majority of his strength had returned to him. A sigh escaped the gore splattered mask, and he opened his eyes slowly.

Covering the ground was the black blood of Hollows, the broken and consumed bodies lay sprawled all about. His eyes moved across them, and saw no motion anywhere. He had ended them all fully. While in some respects it was not fair, he had indeed learned that some times, this world is no fair. The strong feed upon the weak, and they were in his territory, and this was the law of the land.

Walking into the old caves that had once made up his home, he went digging through the hidden places within it. The simple tattered cloth cloak still remained, and he pulled this on over his head. He was at least covered enough to make himself seem normal ish. Once upon a time, he had trouble even thinking of this, but this transition was going to far easier. He had been told of the Shadow Fall once before, and this had made him oddly curious, as though some thing had been missing from his life.

His sleep had allowed him to defeat and consume the ones who held him back within his own mind. Their shattered personalities were gone, and Thrane was the only one left within his mind. He opened the gate that would take him to the world of the living, and he slipped through with ease.

All the wars that had done in his mind were fully silenced, and he could work without fear of being held back the ones who wouldn't stay down. His transition through the inky darkness was easy, and when he reached the other side, the light was almost painful upon his eyes. He had to shield them for a moment before stepping through.

He was within the human town of London, and he could sense all the weak presences here, but the stronger ones seemed... Odd to him. He had his task, and he wasn't simply going to go explore right now. Hollow energy was easy to pick up, Shinigami as well, but the stronger ones weren't the same way in terms of HOW they felt.

Jumping quickly to the roof tops, he closed his eyes and focused, rushing towards where he felt the strongest forces at work. When he opened them, he was headed to a place that he couldn't believe he missed at first. A castle made of blackened stone rested far off, but it radiated such intense energy, he wondered how he missed it at all when he arrived.

Nothing really showed what was within, at least from the outside. When he landed, he did so as suppressed as he could. He was going to sneak in and have a look around before he approached anyone else to find out what this place was really all about.

After all, giving himself away so soon was not the way to go about things.

(1239 words)
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Meeting the Queen (Thrane/Mana)   Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:27 am