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 The Flower of Destruction, Hana Chikara [APPROVED, 0-5-]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Flower of Destruction, Hana Chikara [APPROVED, 0-5-]   Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:35 am



花 力


» Name: Hana Chikara(花力), literally translating to "Flower Force", is the name given to the daughter of Hakai Chikara. This name was chosen by both Mizore and Hakai to avoid the damaging reputation they both had in their lives, basically giving her a "pretty" name so that she could rid herself of her fathers destructive based name. None the less, Hana is very prideful in her name and it's Japanese origin, especially since she didn't get to remember her mother whom was the one who influenced it.

» Age: Officially, Hana is five years old. Her age is somewhat misleading however, because her appearance definitely says otherwise. Due to circumstances based around her inner hollow, Hana had been forced forward in both physical and mental age by around twenty years. The physique of an adult woman as well as the mentality. It is important to note she hasn't lost all her childish behavior, however. You can't age that fast without keeping some of those childish traits, including the clinging to her father, explained in more detail under the personality section.

» Gender: Female.

» Race: Vizard

» Appearance:

» Written Appearance: Hana's appearance is something that many people could question, or even deem as sexually clad. If she were to be approached on this, she would mostly not care about their opinion - for the outfit works for her, and it's what she originally decided to be her battle outfit. The most important thing to note here is her fondness of the colour purple, literally ever aspect of her outfit covered from head to toe. From the armour around her boots to even the colour of her hair, she has shown the really strong attention to a dark purple as a fashion statement. Is this for any particular reason? Not exactly. Her fashion sense in battle is simply a choice of her own childish-like mind that wanted a rather monotone outfit that didn't constrict her movements very much.

Going from head to toe, Hana takes on a rather dark but vibrant purple throughout her entire hair. The hair itself falls down to past her behind, stopping just before the back of her knees. As a physical fighter, normally this would be something that gets in the way, but she has trained and used her father, Hakai Chikara, to help her make room and remove it as a problem mid battle. Going down, the most notable thing about Hana is her bright and glowing red eyes she had inherited from her father, the purple from her mother; while not as vibrant, indicating a mixture of hair colours. A lot of the time, she can be seen with a sort of dark purple scarf covering her mouth and portion of her nose when in combat, keeping those features hidden which serves to highlight her glowing red eyes even more. The young Chikara also sports a tattoo of sorts on her neck, being the Japanese word for force, printed on the left side of her neck as 力. This is to show pride in her family and that she will not let them become just another thing of her past.

Underneath the armour mentioned briefly, the first thing someone would notice is a skin tight, almost semi see through material. She is someone who wears this with pride, even as it tightly tones her belly button, butt, breasts and muscular regions on her body. Atop of this, there appears to be straps/strings that are sprawled out over this stocking-like material; both pushing into her skin and slightly displacing, but also holding down the remainder of her clothing that lays over the top of it. Small amounts of armor are spread out over the body, covering the back of her hands and up her arms in patches, cupping around over to her beasts and armoring it up. This armor is open in the front, however extends down her back into a softer cloth like material to act as a small cape/skirt. At her feet, the armor acts a almost skin-tight clothing that runs up her legs, the shoes ending at the higher end of her thighs before reaching crotch height.

If she is not in this outfit, one might normally see her wearing a rather normal outfit - that of many different fashions. It is most common for her to be wearing this outfit however as she does not like changing outfits too much. While she is also a hand to hand fighter, she is often seen sporting a red spear, something in which pertains to her Zanpakutō quite heavily which will be documented later. Hana stands at a height of five foot six, over a foot smaller than her father. Where as her father weighs in at a ton, Hana weighs somewhere closer to 60 kilograms, hugely under her fathers. Compared to Mizore, she is also quite small and light, making her easily the shortest and lightest member of the Chikara family.

» Occupation/Affiliation: As of right now, Hana has no occupation. Alongside her father she is shown to take odd jobs here and there, she lives as a nomad and doesn't stick to a job for very long. A lot of the time she won't bother doing jobs at all, either surviving off skill and hunting alone - or working with the Yuudeshi's alongside Hakai to live comfortably when in Karakura. Her only affiliation is to her father, she belongs to no faction and doesn't want to be thrown into any conflict between "good and evil" as people so easily proclaim, she just wants to be with her father and make sure she doesn't lose him like she did her mother.

» Residence: No defined residence, as a nomad with her father, Hana is consistently moving around and attempting to find a home for herself. This means she travels between realms, all around the human world as a free lance worker and without a home. She doesn't mind the life, in fact she likes it, because she gets to see all these amazing sights and be with her father for it.


» Energetic and Happy: The mindset of Hana Chikara is generally all over the place, many circumstances and increased rate of staging forcing her to go through many different emotions very quickly, shaping how she is today. Overall, Hana is a very giddy and energetic individual. While her mental age has been pushed forward around twenty years, Hana has kept a rather childish approach to life - often annoying people with how energetic and up-beat she can be. If one were to play with her, she has been shown to run them around in circles, constantly wanting to do things - especially when someone like her "uncles", Zin and Kakine. If she didn't have the ability and mental aging to censor herself, it is very possible many people would see her as just another annoying child whom never grew up. Her energy usually is present around those she is familiar with though, if someone she didn't know were to approach her she would be rather hesitant and not spread her happiness and energy to them until she learned more about them.

» Timid and Open: For this reason Hana has caused many people to not even bother becoming friends with her because of how shy she can be around new people. This causes her to stutter in speech and even lose focus of her surroundings unless standing beside her father. Her timid side really arose the older she got, as she began to understand that the intentions of people weren't always for the best, she slowly began to not trust anyone other than the people whom she was already acquainted. Despite all of this though, even through her timidness, she is still a kid whom would talk your ear off - meaning if she got the opportunity to talk and ask questions or comment on situations, she would take it. Due to this, this makes her a very open person, something her father is trying to fix about her. Being taught to not be so open is one of the major things that allows someone to be neutral in conflicts, the more you reveal, the more likely it is you're going to be dragged onto one side of the fight.

» Dull and questioning: Whilst still a learning, albeit intelligent person, sometimes she can come off as a little dull. This is due to her very limited interaction with people during her lifespan and still childlike mentality, she sometimes forgets words or doesn't know words when talking, often fumbling and forgetting things mid sentence. As well as this, her attention span has been shown to be slightly off whack when interacting with people out of combat, often either spacing out or switching subjects so quickly they don't even have time to answer questions. Which leads into the next thing about Hana, she is constantly questioning those around her. Due to her massive interest in learning all she can about the world and others, often she will overflow with questions and thoughts to someone in attempts to learn more about them - but as said, sometimes fails to let them answer some of her questions. This falls hand in hand with her talkative trait, usually only applied to people she is comfortable around or capable of trusting.

» Battle Persona: When it comes to battle, her persona is almost flipped on her head. Whilst she is still a talkative person, she becomes much more focused and shifts into an almost... "battle persona". Her focus is rarely broken during this, meaning that if she was going head to head, she goes into full analytical mode. Although as mentioned, she is still talkative - yet it seems that her timid side goes away, instead taking on a mocking, minor superiority complex to the person Hana's fighting. This isn't to say she consistently thinks she's better or stronger than her opponent, but rather more of a technique used to disause enemies or perhaps enrage them. A tactic learned from her mother, that when one is to fight, anger can cloud their judgement and force them to make mistakes. When sparring however, this seems to be quite a bit different. Instead she is very insightful and learns quickly, picking up on new techniques and correct body motions rather easily. She is also very open, giving advice and hints on the fly.

» Calm and Collected: One trait she inherited from her father was his calm and collected persona, however. Whilst not her most obvious and used attitude, she has been shown to collect herself rather quickly, especially in stressful situations. This is partially the reason as to why Hana picked up meditation as a technique of self control - giving her not only a better understanding of herself and relationship with her Zanpakutō, but composure in normally stressful situations. This is an important factor of her personality, meaning that if someone is capable of breaking her shell of a collected and calm mind, they could bring forward all the horrors she tries to suppress; such as the death of her mother, or the people she's had to kill just to help her father survive.

Another aspect would be the willingness to fight on the side of life, something learned from many of the forces within Karakura. Her uncle Kakine and Zin taught her many things, but the most important to her was that no life was worth less than another. While she holds this teaching close to her chest, she suppresses the horrors of killing those whom have tired to attack her father, attempting to justify it as self defense. In reality, she would be absolutely right. Most of her killings and attacks were against those whom would do her harm, but no matter how hard she tried to rid of it, the teaching of "all lives being equal" stuck with her for a very long time. As mentioned, this is one of the reasons she uses meditation to reduce the amount of stress she has to deal with.

» Traumatized: Every time Hana has been shown to kill someone, she has struggled. Even if she was provoked or not, she remembers every being she has struck down with excruciating detail. The look in their eyes as they take their last breathes, the tears rolling down their face... it's not a sight she ever could get used to. For someone whom is still very young this is a traumatizing experience, scarring her for life. While Hakai attempts to comfort her with different methods, sometimes it becomes too much for her - forcing into a state of tears and agony.


» Conception

Within the first few moments of her life, Hana was in danger. Being born of her father Hakai Chikara, alongside her mother Mizore Chikara, many people had simply wanted her dead because of her name sake. The spawn of Hakai would carry a heavy title - partially why Hakai had kept Hana's existence on the down low for the first few years of her life. Born within the ice fortress conquered by Mizore, Hana had been born in the year 2411, however her birth was far from smooth. At multiple times directly after her birth, Hana would stop breathing for multiple minutes at a time, forcing her parents to almost consistantly watch over her for the first few days. At the time of this, both of her parents hadn't understood why this was happening - when taken to doctors based around all of K-world and Monsuta, she was said to be completely healthy. At this point in her life, they were unaware of why, but within the first year or so it became rather apparent.

At a year into her life, she was still a rather young girl. During this time, her father was still the leader of the Monsuta and was recognized as one of the most destructive people in existence, making her ability to live a normal life almost impossible. Although one thing was for certain - Hana did not look like a one year old, in fact over the first few years of her life she was aging much faster than what one would normally imagine, by the time she hit a year old looking like a ten year old. Throughout this first year, Hakai and Mizore had not known why this way and attempted to figure out the reasoning for this. Throughout many studies and violent outbursts from Hana, it became apparent that she had been born with a hollow inside of her - the spirits of both Mizore and Hakai's hollow clashing at the time of her conception, birthing not only Hana, but a this hollow in the process. At the time, nobody knew why this was. In fact they didn't think it was possible for an inner hollow between two vizards could procreate, making Hana a rather massive anomaly in life. At the same time, this also explains why Hana was having trouble breathing during her childhood, for the fact she had a hollow to try and survive against since birth, consistently cutting her life-force.

Although, as she began to grow through life, it was noticeable that she was never... really on bad terms with her inner hollow. In fact, it became more and more apparent that the hollow growing within her saw Hana as a friend. Maybe it was a side effect of having him since birth, but Kano (her hollow) was someone whom grew and respected Hana, removing the idea of competition with her since the beginning. Although even with this, she did struggle with moments in time of battling against her mask, times where Hakai and Mizore would spend days and weeks within isolation, teaching her how to control the mask itself and make a relationship that was beneficial with herself and her inner hollow. Never the less, if one were to look at their ability to coincide within one body, they might even consider Hana a prodigy for a new style of Vizards. A style of vizard that is not only born with theirs hollow, but healthily grow and work in unison with them. At this point, is an amazing feat that Hana didn't simply die upon birth or during her time in the womb, most people wouldn't be able to survive having such a being inside their soul at such a weak and young age.

A complicated child at the time, aging beyond that of what should be normal - it meant she could rarely live a normal life. Something that Hakai and Mizore wanted for her so badly, to live and make her own decisions.


An immensely complicated portion of her life happened two years into it. At this point she appeared to be a teenager, looking around the age of fifteen - still learning and mentally aging incredibly fast. During this time she began to wonder more about the world, and any friends she could make throughout it. For the first two years, Hana was isolated, hidden from the world and kept within a safe space to avoid the possibility of being hunted to a minimum. At this point, she wanted to explore. Despite her mentality being way further advanced than anyone her age, she still had that child like dream to see the world and do absolutely anything she could. She had started studying martial arts with her father and was being taught to control her already overflowing resources of energy; often training in the art of meditation as well. If not for this, her ability to control and manipulate her reiryoku had advanced well, almost to the point in which many shinigami would strive and work years to achieve. If not for this, Hana wouldn't have even dreamed of the gift she was about to receive.

"Hana, my darling. Come here." Hakai spoke with a rather deep and monotone voice, within his hands appearing to be a block of dense crystals, the length of it resembling that of a spear. On the inside of the crystal outside cover, the red light of a staff shone through - illuminating the crystals to give a deep pink glow. "W-what is this, father?" Her voice at this point was still rather high pitched, and stuttering at the confusion before her. "No matter how far you go in life, every vizard needs a method of protection. I think you're ready to accept this." As Hana's hands became closer to the crystal, the red light only got brighter and brighter. As her hands touched it, they weren't stopped in their path. In fact her hands slipped right through the center of the crystal until her hands met a red, stiff metal pole rile down the middle of the ice. While normally unmovable from this block, her hands seemed to just slip right through it. It was like she was being accepted as the wielder of this weapon purely by her existing. Hakai then went onto explain the origin, and why she was being given the sword. He explained that the weapon was a family member of his own sword, Iwa Kinzoku, albeit couldn't tell her the name and she would have to strive to work with it to learn it's secrets. As she yanked it from the crystals, a bright red spear appeared, ancient hieroglyphics written all over it with etched markings all along the sides of the spear.

The moment she accepted this, she went out with him and Mizore to go practice, even finding members within the Monsuta to practise with and teach her the way the world works. Although this was her first exposure to real life, and the moment she made herself known, the entire family knew she was in danger. Hopefully, by the time they all found her, she would be strong enough to protect herself or perhaps escape from the grasps of her enemies. For months and years, she was isolated, guided, fought, sent away and even put near death for a lot of her training. Whilst many people would consider her training to be intense, it was something that she wanted. Sending herself out on missions, using her own body to learn about the world for the first time - it was all exciting stuff, especially for someone whom had grown to fast within a small timezone during isolation. She had been so dedicated to her strength and growth that any downtime she had was usually spent sparring with Hakai himself, after the death of Mizore, to train her hand to hand combat. Her justification behind this was to try master a form of combat that required little to no weapons in case her Zanpakutō - the spear - had been misplaced or destroyed.

Although her time was spent learning and understanding the world, she ran into a lot of people whom would not only try to do her harm, but remove her from the planet. During the third year of her life, Hana had been challenge and approached by many a people, her natural talent to learn techniques and all forms of powers at a increased rate were put to the test with the more people that hunted her. At the birth of her shikai, was put in a near death state, literally portions of her body being at the point of collapsing and being removed. If it weren't for her Zanpakutō, Utsukushi-sa, speaking to her in a quick manner she would have died in the snowy mountains of K-world down south at three years of age. The moment it spoke to her, the smoke that erupted drowned the sky - a pure white plume of smoke surrounding her entire area. As she leaned over her body, bleeding and breathing heavily, she let out a wild scream that may have deafened all those around. As she screamed, more smoke continued to poar out of her body, covering the surrounding area of a hundred meters in smoke before she involuntarily collapsed everything around her into one point, shifting mountain sides and drawing people people together and crushing all their bones and limbs in on themselves - constricting their breathing, and crushing their entire being. This was the first moment she realized what she was capable of, and the fact her Zanpakutō spoke to her in her time of need proving their friendship was indeed growing, and all of the time she spent studying and training wasn't for nothing.


Her entire history isn't exactly one of length, in fact it is quite the opposite. However what she has accomplished within those years is much more important than the length of time spend doing so. He endless hours of training, the blood and sweat put into the battles was nothing to ignore and was perfect time for her to learn that Hakai could not always be there to help her - she had to rely on herself for many different situations. Even through the moments of near death, she hadn't forgot the people she had fought or killed however. Every body she had removed from life, every essence she had destroyed - even those of Hollows and demonic entities - will never be forgotten in her mind. She hadn't even been like her father, whom never remembered the people he killed and just rampaged through life, she couldn't just forget the things. And perhaps that is where she differed, but also remained the same as her father. In his later years he had turned to the side of peace and tried to atone for his sins, but she had lived every single one of them with regret. Hana felt isolated, even with her father a lot of the time.

In the modern age, her time had been spent roaming the human realm with her father Hakai; training, traveling and battling opponents whom had attempted to kill them on the road. While she traveled around, it is important to note that she was actually within Australia during the massive war in which her father changed. At first, she didn't recognize him at all - in fact she struggled with talking to him for the first few months, her body would lock up and treat him like a stranger. Over time, she realized he was the same man she loved - the father he was secretly behind his destructive personality, just pushed into his forefront personality. Traveling with him was the first point in time that she felt free, seeing a foreign world for the first time; seeing it's sights and studying their culture, her main focus being on the Japanese culture due to her heritage. Her name being of Japanese origin and her family being of Japanese origin was of great interest to her, studying Buddhism alongside many other religions. Practicing their forms of meditation was of great help to her; in terms of calming her mind in times of stress but also learning about her mother whom she had very little time with until her death.

As of the current age, a lot of her time had actually been spent within Karakura central and the surrounding area. If it weren't for her interest in learning more about the people whom Hakai had now called family, she would have loved to keep traveling and not settle there. But for Hana, this was an interesting time in her life that let her to meet Zin, Kakine and Shadin. These three whom are part of the Yuudeshi family had a major influence on her current life, looking up to Zin and Kakine as if they were uncles while having a rather disconnected relationship with Shadin and some of the other Yuudeshi's. Hana spent a lot of time training and practicing with members of both the vanguard during Azure's reign as their leader - as well as those within the Vizard corp, using a lot of resources into bettering their members and also herself. On some occasions, she would train with her uncle Kakine and Zin in combat, sparring them and asking them to not hold back. She continued to get herself beat up by them consistently, however she didn't just fall flat. She would get back up, strengthen her defenses and run right back into the fight. Especially by training with Zin, her will power had only gotten more impressive; even when taking massive damage.


» Intelligence: Hana tends to take a strong influence from her father, someone whom values intelligence of paramount importance to the world and ones own growth. A lot of the time this means Hana will be very analytical and logical, drawing strings between two subjects rather simply. Taking after her father isn't always a good thing, especially in the intelligence department. Even though she is considered energetic and childish, a lot of people seem to underestimate her capabilities, mostly her ability to comprehend the world around her and ingenuity. She has been shown to craft many different weapons, mechanics and items within a few days or moments with limited components and resources, something her father taught her to survive by herself, should it ever come to that. This also extends to the battle side of her intelligence, being able to pin point pressure points and locations on the body to strike at the right time is a specialty of Hana's, something that came along with her hand to hand combat training from Hakai.

» Impressive strength: Hana's rather small body is normally misleading to most people, being that she is small and rather slender, yet can hit like a truck - literally. Although it is not so surprising considering her outfit, lining her toned muscles all across her body, one probably wouldn't expect such power to erupt from a smaller body like hers. Due to the extensive physical training, she has shown amazing aptitude in almost all physical endeavors, even being able to injure Hakai in some of her attacks, sparring with the Yuudeshi family in small amounts of practice and understand how combat works better. She also has shown her strength against a few members within the Vanguard, sparring them to train and grow stronger. The same could be said for the vizard corps, even using her as a training bot for a lot of their members, hitting two birds with one stone more or less.

» Enhanced hand to hand combatant: Her hand to hand style of combat is one of her most fearsome natural and learned talents, using intense blows from a variety of different martial arts in coordination with her strength. The ability to mix and match all these different and unique arts is one of the most important aspects of her fighting style. Taking after her father after training for endless hours with him, she has mastered many different techniques. In a straight up hand to hand fight with people, should would almost undoubtedly come out on top, if powers and such were removed from the picture. Many of these different martial arts learned come with different meditation techniques, all of which are still being studied and practiced even to this day. She also plans to teach others the same way she was taught, maybe creating a similar bond to the one she made with her father.

One of the most prominent fighting styles she has learned was Muay Thai, mixing an amazing amount of powerful kicks in with her fighting style. Due to her immense strength, a lot of these muay thai kicks have shown to leave shock waves of their power, crushing blows that could injure people just by the waves they give off. While a main force, she mixes Karate, Kendo, Judo, Taekwondo into a lot of her attacks. She is the essence of a mixed martial artist. While not a master of them all, she strives to understand them and learn given her short life spam currently. If not for the pressure to study the arts of her father, she would have stuck to her spear combat style. It was mostly taught as a way to prepare her for the real world, where she can't rely on her weapons.

» Spear Combatant: A main point of her combat comes from her ability to utilize a pole-arm like weapon, a training not taught to her by family or those around her, but a trait she gained through friendship and relationship with her Zanpakutō Utsukushi. If not for her Zanpakutō, she wouldn't have this training - but Utsukushi pushes her to consistently practice this art, no matter how much Hakai trains her to be a hand to hand fighter. While he supports Hana's spear combat, she doesn't try to lecture her in it. The more she meditates upon her Zanpakutō and the training she receives within the world, she slowly gets the training and practice she needs to grow and become a better combatant.

» Image Processing: One of the things that allows Hana to attack so quickly and process all of her spear movements correctly is this passive ability. The normal human processes images at a limited amount, Hana's vision processes images and motions much smoother, allowing her to follow faster moving objects than normal with ease. The constant twirling, spinning and flicking of her spear makes for some really fast movements and attack speed - making it nigh impossible for someone like a normal human to follow the movements of her spear. Even those whom can follow fast objects might have trouble, seeing only the red outline of the spear dance through the air as it constantly strikes at the opponent.

Limited Kido knowledge: Despite the tremendous amount of energy reserves she has, Hana doesn't utilize or have the capability to cast very many kido spells, if any at all. At the highest level, Hana has shown to use kido up to the number of ten in both Hadō and bakudo, rarely ever relying on this technique. As she is not trained in it very much, it would require an immense amount of concentration and energy reserves. She has been shown to go higher, but as mentioned, the concentration required would almost make it not worth the effort, so rather she sticks to her hand to hand style of combat and leaves kido to the magic users around her.

Advanced Shunpo Technique: One of her most comfortable techniques lies in her ability to use utilize shunpo to it's near maximum efficiency, using it in very swift motion, weaving it in between attacks and often using it in conjunction with her spear combatant style, slamming them from seemingly multiple angles by using the shunpo technique to appear all around them. Whilst no where near the fastest person in the world, she makes up for this in her shunpo use, trying to match the speed of many advanced speed based users. Like many people, she is capable of using this in quick succession to make visual clones of herself. Whilst the clones may not be able to actually attack or take physical form, the consistent shifting at a pace faster than light allows copies of herself to appear.

Pasted from the Shinigami General
Konso: This is the course of action most Shinigami go through in order to send wandering Souls in the Human World or other realms and send them to their respective place. If they had lead a neutral or acceptable life, the most probable place a spirit would end up is in the Soul Society. If the subject in question had lead a destructive life that was full of senseless murders, endless amounts of theft and causing general pain upon others, then they'd generally be sent to the pits of Hell itself. Moving onward from that, Konso is usually carried out by using the hilt of a Shinigami's Zanpakutō to press against the forehead of a Soul; thus transporting them into the afterlife. However, it is possible for more skilled Shinigami to perform a mass version of this through a massive burst of their spiritual energy in emergency circumstances. It's also worth noting that this can be applied to other races as well; but the Shinigami actually has to kill them in combat. So, for example, a Shinigami can send a supernatural human to the Soul Society if they engaged in a battle and the Shinigami ended up slaying the human.

Pasted from the Shinigami General
Jigokucho: Otherwise known as Hell Butterflies, The Jigokucho serve a large multitude of purposes. When once is summoned by a Shinigami, they'll appear completely black, expect for a small outline of maroon along their lower wings. They are utilized in order to guide the Shinigami through various portal's which are made possible in the 25th century if they have not a good idea of the general area they are travelling to. Though, more commonly, they are used to guide the Shinigami inside the paths of a Senkaimon when travelling between the Soul Society and other realms; saving them the inconvenience of generally having to resort other methods of interdimensional travel or being forced to pass through the Dangai. Hell Butterflies are also used in order to swiftly and almost instantly warp important messages to loved ones, allies and sometimes even foes as a warning. And, for the most part, these creatures are often taken care of by new and inexperienced member in the Seireitei. Lastly, much like Shinigami themselves, Jigokuchō are only visible to spiritually aware beings.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Flower of Destruction, Hana Chikara [APPROVED, 0-5-]   Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:13 am



花 力

噴火 美しさ

» Zanpakutō Name: Funka Utsukushi-sa (噴火 美しさ), literally translated to Erupting Beauty, is the name of Hana's Zanpakutō. The Zanpakutō itself is a direct sister of Hakai's own Iwa Kinzoku to fall in line with her direct family member.

» Zanpakutō Spirit: Utsukushi-sa is a spirit of composure, a warrior of the same family of Kinzoku, her brother. Similar in fashion to Kinzoku, she is a rather silent and more composed Zanpakutō than most others - the main difference between the two being she actually communicates and works together with Hana like a team. While she may not share many words between the two of them, Utsukushi uses this opportunity to teach her both meditation and mental growth. She sees this as an important aspect of Hana due to her losing a good portion of her youth, or rather time as a child. Due to this, when Hana is not found with other people she is usually meditating and accessing her inner world to try and build a everlasting relationship with her spirit. The fews words Utsukushi says to Hana end up being words of advice, or to calm herself.

When Utsukushi talks, Hana has described it as akin to rain drops upon the roof of a house, the small gusts of wind rattling the surrounding trees. This is to say that she always speaks fluently, almost as if she is a part of nature itself. Due to the lack of speech, Utsukushi never really allows for Hana to hear her voice for longer than a few seconds, saying if she were to hear her real voice consistently, she would not only go deaf, but be so entranced by the voice her inner hollow could take control. Her "real" voice is non coherent, not in any known language or of any that a Zanpakutō might normally use. No, rather her voice cannot be described. For two reasons, the main being she hasn't used it, but the second being the potential damage it could cause to Hana.

When it comes to appearances, Utsukushi appears to be wearing a rather simple outfit, a seemingly single body skirt clad in black and purple. Her purple, spike shaped boots run up her thighs and reveal a small gap of skin between her skirt and boots. On her arms is the same type of armor, running all the way up to her shoulders and covering her hands entirely, almost like entire arm versions of a gunatlet. Her hair is draped down to her feet, splitting cleanly into two sides at the back, a white and blue flow glowing throughout it. Her weapon of choice is not the appearance of her own red spear wielded by Hana, but rather a crystal-love shaped spear which is as long as he body, being at around six feet tall. Her entire outfit is clad in black, purple and blue as her eyes maintain a very bright violet glow.

» Zanpakutō World: The inner world of Utsukushi is said to be covered in diamonds, from corner to corner, from roof to floor, the entire world. The world is usually a plane of hills and oceans, multiple colours of blue, silver, white and green spreading all over. In every step you take, every way you look, massive bergs of crystal are towering over everything within the world, thousands of kilometers tall. The oceans are filled with water, but even underneath there are spikes of crystal poking out of it. If one were to dive in and under the water, they would see a seemingly endless pit of darkness encompassed by water. The best comparison would be looking into the depth of the Earth's oceans and seeing pitch black.

Under this water there is said to be a wild beast that roams freely, swimming and taking control of the oceans of Utsukushi's world. This is said to be the God of the Crystal World, he is the life blood of the realm and without him consistently swimming and existing, the world apparently would collapse in on itself. Whether this is true or not? Nobody has ever found out, for anybody whom had the opportunity to enter this realm hadn't lasted long enough to challenge the beast below.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: A red spear covered in hieroglyphics, small portions of it jaded out to be sharp on both ends - the tip of the spear clearly sharpened for stabbing and slicing.

SEALED Zanpakutō

» Utsukushi's Defense: Similar to her father, Hana is someone whom specializes in close quarters combat. When it comes to defensive fighting, her skin has been shown to be absolutely amazing in it's ability to stop attacks from piercing her skin. Even though she is still young, her training and endless hours of self discovery have caused her sealed Zanpakutō state to allow a constant aura of defense. Hana has been shown to withstand hits such as cars, chunks of buildings landing on her and simply walk it off after she rebounds. This isn't to say her skin is impenetrable, those with enough force are capable of piercing through her defenses, it is just to say she can withstand amazing amounts of punishment. This doesn't just go for physical assault however, she has been shown to walk away from elemental and spiritual based attacks with relative ease, depending on the power used. This isn't to say she can take these hits without a scratch touching her, it simply means she can take a hit and keep going. It is very common for her to take a hit mentioned above and walk out with lacerations or small cuts on her skin.

» Utsukushi's Strength: Due to the extensive training her young, mortal self has undergone, she has been shown to grow in tremendous strength by the day. While not necessarily considered anywhere near "strongest on site", Hana has been shown to not be weak my any measure of the word. If she were to punch someone, it is very possible she could break ribs with a single blow, a lot of her physical power transferring over from her father and mother. Even thought she is still young, sitting only at 3 years of age, she has shown remarkable growth in terms of strength and defence. According to Hakai himself, she could perhaps match him in defence and strength one day. This blessing of strength from her Utsukushi is the most important aspect of her physical fighting, as it is a constant effect given to her, she can now hit harder than she previously was able to (without unlocking this portion of her power) while using hand to hand combat and even her Zanpakutō.

» Crystallized Skin: As a part of her sealed Zanpakutō powers, Utsukushi has allowed Hana access to one of her more defensive and protective abilities. At her will, Hana is capable of crystallizing portions of her skin and even adding chunks of crystal before her body. The crystal that forms is harder than your typical crystal however, even atop of it's already amazing strength. Many people whom would attempt to strike her whilst her skin has been crystallized would find their swords simply bouncing off of it like slashing at a rock. If this were to be punched, some people would even find their fists crushed and maybe even destroying fingers. This isn't to say it is an impenetrable shell, however it does require some force to crack. It is also important to note that this isn't a constant active, meaning that it can only be temporarily activate and held as a defense.

This isn't just used in defense however, Hana has been shown to coat portions of her body in this hardened crystal, making her hand to hand combat something that is feared by most. When fighting in hand to hand combat, coating her fists in a crystallized shell would not only protect her fist, but it also is capable of ripping skin open by spikes of crystal sticking out from the fist. She can also channel this atop of her skin, meaning she can form her arms into literally crystal and diamond shaped swords, spears or gauntlets. This means that she can use her hand to hand combat to stab and slice, using things like powerful Muay Thai kicks to not only rupture opponents organs, but even split open their body by crystallizing that portion. As mentioned previously, atop of turning her own body into the crystal, she can make it appear atop of her skin - a thin layer of defence before actually hitting the skin itself.

She is also capable of coating her spear, her Zanpakutō, in this coating of crystal. This is so make sure that she can not only hit with maximum efficiency, but also sprout different attachments to the spear mid fight. An example of this would be a quick crystallization of a hook on the side of her spear, meaning if she swung it around, she could potentially rip into someone with said hook as well as slash them, or extend the blade up to fifteen meters before her, making for surprising slashes, stabs and attacks. Whilst her spear is nigh indestructible, the shards on it can be broken however. This is to say if she swung it in the direction of someone with intense defense, it could very easily shatter the crystals and rid of the extension in its entirety.

Typically, within sealed state, Hana can only materlise portions of her crystallized skin three times in a single post, meaning she leaves large blind spots in her defense against certain attacks. Atop of this, it also means she can't coat all weapons she has in a thick, sharp crystal based coating -- limited her to either putting it on her weapon, fists/feet or in a more defensive manner. Each crystallized portion is said to fade after five seconds of being summoned.


» Release Phrase: Shine, Utsukushi.

» Shikai Appearance: When Hana uses her Shikai, she has shown to not undergo that many changes in appearance, rather her red glowing eyes now become filled with an aura of gold and silver. The best way to imagine this would be bloodshot eyes, but instead of read, each eye has veins of silver and gold protruding towards her red iris. Her outfit doesn't undergo any massive changes, nor does her weapon, in fact these things stay the same. The only difference being the eyes and what the opponent might feel on a metaphysical level. For example, upon release Hana's spiritual energy explodes into a massive cone around her, waves of energy blowing out like intense gusts of wind. Her reiatsu colour during this has shown to be a pure white - a similar aura as to what one might see on an angel. None the less, when the spiritual energy fades; it will reveal a figure of Hana, however with very slightly difference in aura.

Atop of the white reiatsu that floats around her body, there will seemingly be a floating, smoke like effect mixed in with it. This smoke is similar to Iwa Kinzoku, Hakai's Zanpakutō, in the behavior it takes - however instead of being black, is pure white. The smoke itself twirls and dances mid air, having properties that tie well in with her hand to hand combat, which will be explained below. While it is described as "smoke", this is more just the way the substance handles, almost like a smoke and moves in a similar fashion. Twirling and floating mid air. When her Shikai is activated, one almost might notice that her skin slightly shines more, it doesn't get whiter in tone, but rather reflects susbstance and appearance as if it was wet, almost. Shining like a diamond might in certain aspects, albeit weaker.

Many things about Hana's shikai appearance give a hint as to what her powers might be, but the red spear being the most surprising portion. As it doesn't change in appearance at all, one might assume this isn't her Zanpakutō at all - however it is, and this is another tool that gets amplified throughout the duration of her shikai.

» Enhanced Strength: Upon activation of Hana's shikai form, her physical strength is shown to be enhanced beyond that of what would normally be thought. Due to her physical prowess in close quarters combat, Hana relies on this strength as a defining characteristic - all of her other abilities stemming from her immense strength and defensive properties. Even when it comes to wielding her Zanpakutō, her amazing strength comes into play when slamming it like a staff into someone. She has crushed bodies with this strength, as well as a variety of different, extremely defensive (or so proclaimed) objects. Her strength is both a result of the power gained from her Zanpakutō, but also her natural training and influence of Hakai in her life, attempting to so spread the influence of his strength onto her.

» Enhanced Defenses: Similar to the gift gained of strength, she accepts the strength of the crystal style skin from her Zanpakutō with grace. The shining of her skin during her Shikai isn't a literal crystallization of her skin, rather it shows how it has an influence over her appearance. This isn't a passive that should be underestimated by anyone, especially with lower tiers than her own, many of the attacks they might try could potentially end up being completely nullified. As a result, in Shikai, this actually allows her to be quite immune to many types of sneak attacks unless they prove to be overpowering. This isn't to say no blade can crack her shining skin, or no punch would injure her, it just requires a long fight or intense blows to officially take her down. This is a prideful factor in her abilities, her strength and defense a staple of her family - in her eyes.

» Kagayaki, The White Smoke: As mentioned within her appearance, Hana now has access to a pure white "smoke". This is described as a smoke because of the way it behaves, floating and dancing within the air, elegantly being used as a catalyst for her power. Kagayaki, the smoke, is a power that can be controlled by Hana's own mind, twisting and bending it to whatever shape, location and angle she wants. Often times this is used to coat portions of her limbs in a thin layer of smoke to then strike out and hit someone, causing the additional effects that come with it to apply. The most important aspect of this is that the reserves of "energy" or "supply" are seemingly endless, the more smoke she exerts the more it will fill the battlefield. However it is NOT limitless, meaning if she literally flooded the entire area with the smoke she would run into the trouble of energy, tiring herself out to try and cover a large area.

The main attribute to the smoke is the constriction it applies upon objects it touches. A good way to imagine this ability is to strangle a location on someone, or to place an object underneath a compression machine, basically forcing all atoms and spiritual energy together to cause it to implode and collapse in on itself. When this is wrapped around her own limbs and used in assaults such as hand to hand combat, by condensing the air or space between her and her target, she can send powerful punches that focus on crushing the area hit. If she punched someone in their chest, it is very possible that the smoke could aim to compress their chest, obliterate ribs or even internal organs. This compression isn't instant however, and will only "compress" for as long as both Hana wills it, and the smoke is touching the portion of that body. If someone were to be coated head to toe in this white smog, they could literally feel their bones to chip away and compress together. The stronger and higher tier Hana gets, the more intense the compression become, meaning if she latched this smoke onto an object, say, a boulder; she could cause the boulder to literally crumble in upon itself, defying the laws of physics and reality to constrict the object into rubble.

There are major limitations to this however. Unlike her father whom can cover massive areas in this smoke, Hana can only extend it to herself and immediate surroundings. This means that within around fifty meters of her body she can spread the smoke, but finds it virtually impossible to extend beyond it. If exerting herself and using large portions of energy she could focus this into larger areas, but tends to avoid it. There is also a notable way to fight against this, but highly depends on the opponent. If the opponent is capable of fighting and keeping clear of the white smoke, they can avoid the constriction entirely. If they have some way of combating the smoke from constricting, such as manually spreading the particles she is trying to condense, she might find it tough to implode a certain object.

» Shingō, The Crystal Mark: Another aspect of this white smoke is how it seems to "tag" those whom pass through it. If someone were to be covered in this smoke, they would quickly find themselves "marked" in a sort, as they pass through the smoke getting shards of crystals stuck into their body. Shingo is the ability that allows her to not only track enemies, but also extend her powers and give her access to new abilities based on the enemy she has marked. The way this works, without jumping straight into powers, is the crystals latch into people's skin, not causing intense damage or anything like that - acting more like a nuisance than anything else. By the time they exit the smoke, they would find their body covered in shards of crystals, protruding from their skin rather lightly. Even if a single crystal remains on their body, they are still considered "marked", so unless every single crystal is removed from the opponent, they will be considered a target.

As soon as one is marked by a crystal, one of three abilities become active - alongside many different natural effects which are said to invigorate her body.

  • Striking spear, Inshō-tekina yari (印象的な槍): Hana's main ability gained when an opponent is marked is the striking spear, her ability with the spear becomes that of amazing speed and power, boosting the rate in which she strikes. As a wielder of a spear, Hana uses this as a rather massive boost to her fighting style. When an enemy becomes marked with these crystals, when using her Zanpakutō, she will strike at double the pace, lightning fast strikes from her spear, spinning, slicing and obliterating opponents by it's sheer force. While it also works at double the speed, it also hits with double the power. Basically, imagine everything in doubles. If it would normally obliterate someone's right side of their ribs, or stab them once in the stomach, it will be replicated in strength AND strike. If she stabbed with the Zanpakutō twice, the strength would be replicated twice over - atop of four stabs going out. The smoke would form and solidify in the shape of her strike, doubling the stabbing technique, but also keeping the strength and speed of the original. This original strike can be blocked with fast enough reactions, as can the solidified version of smoke, however it would require an immense amount of focus to avoid.

    For the most part, Hana is capable of double-paced attacks up to six times a post. While this might seem a high number to attack at double her original potency, this is her literal only form of fighting. No magics, very limited understanding of Kidou and adept in hand to hand combat. Her spear strikes in powerful ways, and deadly fast, meaning six spear strikes to her? It is actually a smaller number than it might seem.

  • Scattering, Sanran (散乱): Upon a marked target, Hana is capable of scattering crystallized flower petals all over the battlefield and surround the target. Each flower shaped crystal has seen to float delicately in the air, not falling, but rather dancing around. When Sanran is activated, she can spawn a large amount of falling petals, ranging into the thousands. It is important to note that she can only spawn them in an area of a few hundred meters surrounding her opponent, and will only last for as long as they are marked for attack. If even one shard is sticking onto them, their clothes or weapons, they will be considered marked - allowing the spawning of crystallized flower petals around them. At her will, she can form these petals into the shape of many different weapons. To create these crystallized weapons, Hana has to simply touch one of the petals. Once the petal has been touched, it grows and expands almost instantly into the shape she wills, many of these weapons taking the form of her Zanpakutō.

    During the same power, Hana is capable of merging petals together to make them grow into much larger objects or weapons. A good example of this would be forging two petals together to create a spear as big as a car, or in extreme circumstances swords as build as buildings and such. This is a rather extensive and well rounded ability, if she were to try and merge metals together, with the right amount she could virtually form anything she wished. This isn't exactly the same as creating anything however, and it would be considered more akin to a weapon smith. She cannot create mechanically based items out of the crystal, nor anything that requires electricity - however is not limited to 'types' of weapons, rather whatever shape she can imagine.


Bankai Appearance: When her Bankai is activated, she doesn't undergo that many changes, surprisingly, considering her massive increase in power attained from this. Never the less, her appearance does change slightly. Her weapon itself remains the same, the same red spear it has always been from sealed to bankai, but more notably, Hana herself changes. Her once red eyes begin to glow an immense, pure white, indicating her ascended state of bankai. Atop of this, her entire frame appears to have an outward glow akin to that of a heavenly being. Atop of this is her skin. While not clearly shown to be completely crystallized, she has kept a really bright shine all over her body - causing her entire body to also turn more pale as a result. If it weren't for this, one might not even tell she has entered Bankai at all. Despite the immense surge of power that explodes around her the moment she mentions 'Bankai'.

To activate her bankai, or rather when she does, an explosion of immense reiatsu has been shown to go off. From within this sphere of reiatsu, her red spear has been shown to melt away within her palm and run down her hand and arm, finding their way up to her mouth before the liquid spear itself becomes ingested and her body jolts with life. Moments later, the same red spear will appear in her right hand, twirling faster than the normal human eye can see. Once this is all said and done, her white eyes will be present, as well as the white glow surrounding her body and the shining skin mentioned above. Although one other thing is noticable about this, on her back, there appears to be a formation of crystallized, red flowers sprouting. Each one having a respective "pin" at the base of the petal, which will be explained in more detail below.

Gift of the Crystal - Incredible Strength: Once bankai state has been entered, Hana has shown not only an amazing amount of reiryoku, but alongside it a huge increase in her physical capabilities. All her strikes, including those from her spear and body, would be amplified to amazing lengths, using swift motion in conjunction with this strength. The gift given by Funka Utsukushi-sa is named as such because she is literally lending her strength to Hana, giving a gift of her crystallized, near impenetrable body to Hana - in turn allowing her to strike even harder than before. Whilst the "Gift of the Crystal" is directly inherited from Utsukushi, she doesn't lose her own sense of physical prowess in the process, rather adding another layer given on top of that, boosting her own reiryoku to allow much harder hits when spiritually enhanced.

Gift of the Crystal - Hardened Defenses: This is one of the more obvious techniques upon using her bankai, but her entire body becomes hardened, taking on the idea of being one with the crystal realm. This means that many whom try to injure her or cut through her skin would fall extremely short, those of intense and overwhelming power proving the ability to do so, but even then is nothing short of impressive. These defenses are good for multiple reasons, as a physical fighter it allows her to stay up and in combat for much longer than her rivals might originally be able to, but it also means she can protect herself against things like sneak attacks - or cheap shots. Due to the nature of these strikes often being killing blows and important locations on the human body, her natural defenses can block them with ease, unless the strike has proven to be immensely powerful or even armor piercing in it's nature. While not impenetrable, Hana boasts her ability to withstand almost any assault, perhaps talking herself up a bit in the process. While she can defend against a lot of direct impacts of both physical and magical, this isn't to say repeated attacks and such can't take a toll. A good way to describe this would be consistently attacking the same location, or even defending against a big strike. While she may not take the full damage, if powerful enough, she can be injured.

Although her natural defenses in this form are strong, one might imagine the gift of the crystal to not stop there. Rather, how she can coat portions of herself in crystal, she can do this to a much larger extend in her bankai. At her will, she is also capable of covering her entire body in the crystal, acting tremendous shield for herself. Covering her body in this can allow her to not only tank things with her very being, but also take a constant assault and laugh in their face as they try to injure her. Although it must be noted this is NOT impenetrable, and it can be blown off with repeated assaults or large attacks. If one can figure out a way to remove her crystal based armor that protects her from damage, she is virtually unable to cover her entire body again - at least for a long time. Although she may still be able to cover small portions like fists or legs, not her entire being.

Smoke Grasp, Kemuri no Haaku (煙の把握): Given that she is not only a crystal user but a wielder of the Zanpakutō that is a sister of Iwa Kinzoku, Hana also utilizes her own smoke abilities which have proven to be very useful in a variety of circumstances. As mentioned in her Shikai, Hana's smoke focuses on constriction and implosions, meaning that whatever her smoke touches will eventually start constriction and pulling the atoms closer together until they break. This is a direct opposite from Iwa Kinzoku which literally acts as an acid and eats and erodes the target, making it an interesting combination if used together. None the less, her "smoke grasp" is now much more potent, in both area of effect and power. Unlike before, she could only spread her smoke into an area of fifty meters around herself, as well as coating her body in it. Now, however, she has the capability of spreading it over hundreds of meters with relative ease. Atop of this, her reserves of smoke seemingly appear to be endless - meaning that no matter how much of this smoke is somehow destroyed by her opponent, she will be able to keep bringing it forward and attack with it.

While before it may have drawn a lot of energy from her to constantly summon, Hana no longer has this problem, often filling up large portions of land with this pure white smoke - meaning she can constrict entire landscapes to crumble in on themselves in some circumstances. While it is controlled by her mind, it is important to know it acts like smoke, meaning it can also temporarily be moved like smoke if influenced. It is important to note to compress something into a point she needs to surround the item in question completely in smoke, sometimes impossible if it proves to constantly manipulate her smoke or the item is big enough.

None the less, the "smoke grasp" in bankai has the capability of manipulating the very pressure of the surrounding area. This basically means that wherever her smoke is capable of touching, she can compress the space/air/objects within it to not only gather into a single point, but move it around with her mind. This means she could also take the air out of an arena, assuming her smoke touches every corner of it, and compress it into a single location - therefor restricting any airflow that people would need. This is more or less a matter of capability, in practicality, her smoke is actually capable of surrounding an object or attack and condense it, either destroying it by imploding it in on itself or increasing it's mass.

This is one of the most interesting portions of her smoke based power, instead of just imploding and destroying a said attack sent at her, but actually increasing the mass of it once compressed and launching it back at the opponent. A good example of this would be compressing a chunk of rock or a car into a small, singular force as much as she could and launching it back at her opponent at ridiculous speeds via throwing it with smoke. Depending on the original mass of the attack or object, this could be forced into a small bullet-like shape but carry the weight of a freight train hitting an opponent, increasing the mass and power of the original strike via pressure changing. This can surprise people very easily, and also cause them to be hit by surprise shots of immense power. Even though she can do this, it must be noted that the bigger and powerful the attack, the harder it is to compress - showing a considerable amount of time to compress it, often leaving her open to attack.

Crystal Flower, Hana no kesshō (花の結晶): When bankai is activated, upon her back appears a flower like formation of crystal feathers, all tinted with a red and pink tone. At the tip of each petal is a sharpened crystal stake, if anyone managed to actually touch these would find themselves quickly impaled due to their shape. At the center of each petal is a pin that leads into her back, a hole into which the pins can slide into etched into the crystals. On the inside of the petals there appears to be a frill, shaped into a bladed edge, meaning it is indeed sharp, if someone tried to put their arm in that area would find their arm cut up. While a large amount of room is taken up by this, it must be noted this isn't directly linked to her back, there is a small gap between the crystal flower and her back, allowing her to move freely and keep her hand to hand combat and spear like fighting style.

With this flower it is key to note each petal allows a certain ability to be activated, and also requires certain situations to use them. To activate the ability from each of the eight petals, Hana needs to use her "crystal mark" by tagging people with her smoke, sticking the crystals into their body. Unlike previously, the crystals that stick into the opponent are incapable of being removed, however also deal no damage at all when sticking into the opponent. The crystals in her opponent also are "meta-physical", meaning they do not hinder movement or cannot be felt - only seen. By tagging someone twice with her smoke, she can generally bump fifty metaphysical crystals into their body, allowing the activation of her first petal. The next fifty shards, the second petal and so on and so forth. When each petal activates, the pin pushes into her back, illuminating the crystal petals with a white glow from their original red. Below is listed the abilities gained depending on how many petals are activated.

  • Insert One, Seichō hanabira (成長花びら): Upon the first fifty shards entering her opponent, or number of opponents, her first flower petal will activate and shine an incredible pure white over her entire back. As the needle sinks in and locks the crystal petal into place, her body is treated as if it kicked into hyper-drive, an intense feeling of adrenaline like buzz rushing through her body. By the time this kicks in, each target she has marked with at least one crystal becomes a target for her spear, not only being able to extend her spear to hundreds of meters long to strike at them, but also increase the speed in which she strikes. If a normal spear thrust were to travel at fifty kilometers per hour, when this is active, the spear would travel at two hundred. If the spear thrust could shatter a boulder, it could now shatter a mountain. The best way to imagine this empowerment is adding a triple effect to all of her Zanpakutō skills, and all spear movements.

    When it comes to speed, even those whom have advanced usage in focus or perceptive eyes sight could falter in the speed of her attacks. The intended target would receive wounds substantially worse if marked by this too, meaning that her most powerful form of attack would be quick succession strikes, allowing quicker strikes to hit as powerful if not more than a full thrust without this activated. When focused into a powerful strike however, removing portions and landscapes from eyes sight isn't uncommon. To break defenses via her incredible strength, atop of her triple amplification allows for some devastating armor and defense breaking assaults. This is all assuming the target has been marked, though. If one has managed to avoid the marking by keeping clear of her smoke for a good portion of time, this triple amplification wouldn't take place. It must be noted this can also only be performed on the marked target. However if the strike misses and hits something in the surroundings, it will treat it the same as if the target was hit, often causing massive destruction in obliterating settlements or things of the like. Like her previous state, she has a maximum of 6 strikes per post to be tripled in power.

  • Insert Two, Subayai Ugoki (素早い動き): The next fifty petals to land into her enemy allow the second crystal to glow, drop the pin in and activate another powerful ability to her physical fighting. The second petal to activate focuses around the idea of speed, giving her a big boost in this department considering she often relied on shunpo as her main movement technique. Whilst not comparable to beings whose sole focus is on speed, if allowed to activate, this ability will not only allow her to keep up with many people in the universe but perhaps even fight equally with a lot of them. This falls hand in hand with her physical prowess and attack speed fighting style because as soon as that pin locks in, she will assault the opponent endlessly from all angles, raising her speed so she can dance around the opponent with ease, even cover massive amounts of ground outside of her shunpo techniques. Whilst speed becomes a massive component, this petal also allows her to create crystallized image perfect replicas. This means that she could crystallize the image of herself or her opponent.

    Due to this replica based ability she is also capable of creating things such as a 'storms', replicating not only blizzard like behavior in a flurry of dangerous crystals to hurl at the opponent, but also change the pressure and mass of said replicas with her smokes power. This means that she could replicate a blizzard, but every snowflake that hurls is crystallized and has the power and weight of a road train at full speed behind it. Replication also works for her weapons, meaning she could adjust the mass of a spear and throw it via her smokes powers.

  • Insert Three, Kesshō Kōzō (結晶構造): This ability would be best known as "crystal chamber". Unlike her previous skills, this insert doesn't technically work as a physical assault based ability, rather focusing on her generation of smoke. Once activated, Hana is capable of spawning "crystal traps" in and around the battlefield. Whilst essentially appearing just as typical large crystals that would protrude from locations, she can use these crystal pillars to excrete her white smoke and completely surprise enemies through non direct smoke assaults. This is most useful in times when she is directly fighting someone, thrusting and slashing in their direction with her spear and suddenly spawning spirals of smoke behind them to slam into their back and potentially wrap around their body to crush them. This also allows her an easier way to mark people with her crystals than before, allowing those last few petals to be locked into place.

    Although they act as traps and excrete smoke upon command, these can also act as surprise attacks. A good example would solidifying crystals above her opponent and dropping a pillar/pike of crystal directly into them. Another might be growing a crystal from the side of a wall and impaling them without them realizing it. This ability overall has a myriad of uses, but the practicality remains the same: The more people she marks, the more she can strike with equal and excessive force, which is the main focus of the crystals. A dangerous way for her to work with the smoke would be actually getting into a wound or inside someone's body - meaning if someone was impaled by a large crystal she spawned, and then released smoke into the wound, it would be possible for her to course the smoke throughout their body and perhaps constrict and slowly implode organs or even cut off oxygen supply to certain parts of the body. She has been shown to summon up to four weapons/creations in a single post.

  • Insert Four, Fukusha (複写): Literally translating the copying, one might be able to guess the ability of this flower. When she is struck with a certain attack, as long as it is of a physical nature, it can be replicated in a similar force right back at the target. A good example of this would be getting hit by a punch that obliterates through her defenses, if this petal is active, she becomes capable of sending a punch back at the target of equal force. It is important to note that this ability DOES NOT reduce the damage she would take from the said target, and is usually only used once as replicating the power of the strike puts her energy in state of panic, draining it fast. When attempting to replicate the powerful physical strike, it might not be possible for her to return it as the damage caused might injure her enough to avoid this entirely.

    However when this is used in conjunction with her initial flower petal, the triple amplification, this can be absolutely insane as a return. Although when firing back a strike against a target, and tripling the damage and speed could absolutely definitely cause MASSIVE amounts of destruction, absolutely obliterating anything that gets in their way. If it weren't for the fact that it would require intense amounts of energy to amplify AND send the strikes back, this would be an absolutely devastating ability that throws her a punch above the rest of the physical fighters in the world. This fourth flower can be so incredibly powerful when used in conjunction with her other abilities, in some instances even being able to replicate it via usage of her ice, as well as tripling the damage of it through the ice as well as her body.

  • Insert Five, Atsuryoku (圧力): The fifth ability gained is rather simplistic in nature, however is one of the biggest "spammable" abilities she gains from her flowers. Every thrust she uses, a blast of "pressure" is released from the end of her spear. This means that her strikes are so powerful they end up being replicated through her Zanpakutō, the pressure used to strike adding a "wave" like pierce by condensing the air and space around them. The pressure it released takes the form of a deep purple, similar in colour to both her hair and outfit. These pressurized strikes can travel at intense speeds, also at quite long distances, meaning that she can somewhat fight people in terms of distanced battles, fighting with thrust-like strikes from her spear and launching the pressurized air in their direction. Upon impact, the strikes are shown to engulf and explode the marked opponent, often injuring them heavily if no protection is applied to lessen the impact. This can be dangerous when she gets the opportunity to wail on her opponent, constant whips and thrusts of her spear sending out massive explosive pressurized strikes over and over again.

  • Insert Six, Mitsukeru to koroshimasu (見つけると殺します):
    The final petal of her bankai becomes locked in place, finalizing her full bankai state. Once this petal is locked in, a gigantic crystal spear materializes mid air and slams in between her and the opponent, causing massive destruction to anything around the spears point of impact. The spear itself appears to be five hundred meters tall and takes on the direct, deep red appearance of her own spear. Anything caught in the initial blast is destroyed, people have been obliterated and others have barely survived. To take a direct hit from the falling spear would be almost impossible to survive, even those with high defense would struggle. Never the less, the falling spear is the least of the worries once it actually comes into effect. The large spear then quickly fades, scattering over the location and coating every single thing in sight in a crystallized, red and white glow. If Hana is capable of activating all six petals, all of her physical attributes are enhanced by five times.

    Whether it's her pressure strike from thrusting her Zanpakutō or her simply trying to thrust her spear at the opponent for a normal attack, all of her attacks and power are invigorated, applying absolutely insane power to everything she does. Considering her strength, attack speed and durability were already intense to begin with; having all of that amplified five times more calls for a rather large concern. This is a hard point to reach though, because if someone is stupid enough to let so many crystals fall into their body - they themselves allowed her to reach this point. It is simply reaching the full potential of her bankai. A good example of the power would be taking her original strength -- Hana had shown that obliterating mountain sides with a powerful spear thrust wasn't impossible. Instead, now, Hana had gained five times that; meaning that a spear thrust in the right location could not only pierce virtually any form of armor, but also obliterate and potentially destroy anything it even so much as touched. For higher end and stronger people, this would prove harder -- however, it must be noted, the piercing style of her spear and strength shouldn't be underestimated, even crushing those of incredible strength with such moves.

    Atop of this amplification, Hana is also capable of calling down more of those giant spears to crush anything and everything below her like the initial spear. These spears are massive, and dodging one can be a hard task. None the less, in total - she can call down five at an adept bankai, twenty at an advanced and fifty once her bankai has been mastered. Each time the spear falls, plumes of white smoke fill the area even more, making it easier to have smoke take influence of the battlefield, controlling the environment to the point where she is the master of the arena, and any who try to use the environment against her are playing her game; destined to lose. Attacking at five times her normal power can happened once, twice at maximum, a post while working in conjunction with the other inserts. Atop of this, she can summon only one giant spear every post; with a usual maximum of five per bankai usage at this point.


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狩 野


» Name: Kano Chikara is the name given to Hana's inner hollow upon birth, as she has been there since her conception and waited to show herself later in her life. The name Kano literally means "dexterity" or "skill", making a quite fitting name for a woman whom also uses the same Zanpakutō as Hana herself. Never the less, she also shares the name Chikara, mostly self titled, to try and add herself to the Chikara family.

» Age: Five years old, the same age as Hana. As previously mentioned, she has been with her since birth - meaning that she grew through childhood in a similar manner. While she may have not always been attempting to control her body, she has existed within the depths of Hana's existence, the protection of both her mother and father allowing her to grow despite her being an infant, whom would normally be destroyed by such a thing.

» Gender: Female

» Race: Hollow, making Hana a Vizard.

» Appearance:

» Written Appearance: Kano doesn't take on the appearance of a typical hollow, she does not look monstrous or inverted in pure white. Instead, Kano takes on the appearance of a tall, strong looking woman clad in black armor and long flowing blonde hair. Unlike Hana, her outer appearance is much more strong and bulky, a larger chest atop of thicker thighs and waist. Her most prominent feature is the blonde hair, flowing rather far down her back and towards the back of her knees. Her eyes are rather large, at the center being a strong golden glow, standing out from the normal eye colour and retaining a sort of "golden" hollow glow. Compared to other hollows, this glow is really tame, and one could easily pass her up as just another person. She is usually found sporting a confident smirk, even in dire situations

The hollow's body is quite different to Hana's however, whilst Hana definitely doesn't lack breasts, Kano's are noticeably larger and protruding through a one piece style vest, an outfit that reveals her belly button and shoulders, down to her armpits, and runs down her back and front, covering small portions of her back and stomach. At waist level, Kano's hips are covered in a rather large looking piece of armor, at the top seemingly being metallic armor that slowly fades into a sort of open fronted skirt, a torn and ripped cloak going from her butt down to her feet. Her arms are covered in gauntlets that stop at the wrist, finger less gloves covering the hands. With her legs and feet, under the massive boot like shoes she wears, Kano sports black thigh highs, a soft white frill at the top of said boots.

Atop of the rather revealing one piece outfit appears to be sorts of chains sported around her chest and left arm. It is unsaid the purpose of these chains, but Hana assumes they are placed in there for the purpose of reminding her she's a hollow, shackled to Hana since birth. To Kana, personally, she doesn't mind. She is on good terms with her host, and to her there is no reason to resist and fight Hana. Atop of her head is a mix between a crown and head piece too, wrapping around the frame of her face with white etched markings into it.

» Occupation/Affiliation: This is a strange aspect for Kano, as she officially has no occupation as a Hollow. However, unlike some other Hollows, Kano actually works towards the betterment of Hana as a whole - affiliated only with the Chikara family itself.

» Residence: Kano actually doesn't reside within the inner world of Hana's Zanpakutō, rather she lives as a projection of the inner soul. This means that rather than being confined to the inner world of Hana, she projects a non-physical form into the world. If someone were to attack this projection, it would simply phase through. The same if she were to attack someone else. It must be noted that even though this is a sort of "physical" manifestation, the form in front is a direct image of the soul - meaning that they remain linked, despite appearing to be two completely separate beings.


» Laid back: The main point of Kano's personality is her ability to always seem laid back, no matter the situation and problems she encounters. Even when Hana is in danger, or herself, she will often treat it with disrespect or just simply be apathetical, letting comments slide and removing any hostility from her persona. Hana jokes and says that she's the living embodiment of Sloth, but Kano disagrees and simply says she's not lazy, but rather that she sees no point in getting worked up over trivial matters such as the affairs of humans. Whilst a dangerous mindset to underestimate and be uncaring to most situations, she doesn't really see this as a deficit to her personality - more that she doesn't really see a reason to get worked up over all the things that go on.

» Mocking: Even despite her laid back attitude and will often let comments/actions slide without repercussion, this doesn't mean she won't jokingly or mockingly throw shade back at the person in question. She does this all the time to Hana, even when unprovoked, she will mock and mess with Hana on a personal level just to see what the hell will happen. For the most part, she messes and mocks anyone she can try and get a reaction from. She even might purposely overreact to a situation, simply to yawn and spit back in their face with a "non caring" type of attitude. Kano isn't afraid of using herself as a stepping stone to mock someone; often self deprecating to tear down another person for the fun of it. In her mind, it's a matter of "something they say can't hurt me more than what I already think." Which is something that implies Kano thinks rather little of herself, which is a little strange for a Hollow. She almost acts as if she is ashamed to be a Hollow and would prefer to, one day, be human or break from her shell.

» Confident and Encouraging: Whilst kind of self loathing, Kano is still rather confident in her abilities as a Hollow and someone who wields the same Zanpakutō as Hana herself. Despite everything, she will often mock the opponent whilst sporting her own skills as a confident woman capable of destroying even the most powerful of beings with her spear. In reality, though, Hana is often more on the surface than Kano, making it hard for her to show off not only her skill - but actually be as mocking and cocky as she would like. Often time she will simply be the projection, meaning that even though she is confident she could beat someone, she will often have to just sit back and try to encourage Hana to win and show off instead of actually winning the fight herself.

» Battle Persona: Kano's battle persona is kind of flipped on it's head from her typical attitude, from what was once loud mocking and joking around now turns into a more serious and collected fighter. When locked in a heavy and intense battle, she will often be found not even talking or mocking the opponent, but paying them the respect they deserve and trying to overcome them. Although one of the most important aspects is she will still take an opportunity to demean them when she clearly has the upper hand, but not nearly as much. An example of this would be present in her Resurrection, summoning that large being and mocking the person it is used against. If close enough, she will be silent - focusing calmly and head into the battle with a clear mind ready to destroy and obliterate anything in her path.


  • Cero is a highly powerful and relatively swift energy blast which can be fired from various body parts, such as the mouth, tongue, hand, or fingers. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Vizard have used Cero attacks, and it appears stronger entities can use it more efficiently and forcefully. With the exception of a few Cero techniques and users, Cero requires some time to be used effectively, so the enemy must be not moving, busy with something else, or too badly wounded to even simply dodge it. There exist a number of variations of Cero, which are usually unique to the Arrancar using it.

  • Garganta is how Hollows and Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tōsen, Kisuke Urahara, and recently Mayuri Kurotsuchi have demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy which must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

  • High Speed Regeneration is an ability which allows a Hollow to heal most injuries very quickly, with the exception of the destruction of the head or vital organs. Ulquiorra states most Arrancar gave up this ability for far greater strength.

  • Negacion fields are used to rescue fellow Hollows/allies.

  • Bala is a faster but weaker form of Cero, concentrated into a small blast that can be fired in quick succession. More commonly, Bala is used to barrage a location which would normally take a Cero twice as long to reach.


» Name: Zugaikotsu no za (lit. Skull Throne)

» Appearance:

Unlike previous Vizards before her, Hana's "Mask" doesn't actually cover just her face, rather it covers her entire body - from head to toe - in a thick, black like armor that appears to be something a knight would wear. Despite this, the armor behaves in almost the exact same way as other Hollow masks, with a few slight adjustments to fit Hana and her new found appearance upon donning her "Mask." At the very tip of said mask appears to be a long, rather thing accumulation of reiatsu like hair that protrudes from the tip of the helmet. Across the metallic, dark face of the helmet is a slit in which the eyes would sit, however appears to be filled with a blood red glow. From neck down, it continues the dark, armor filled outfit. Most of this armor is not heavy looking however, it appears light and still allows the user very much freedom in their movements. With spikes and free movement allowed in this armor, it suits Hana's fighting style rather well - giving her the strength, durability and overall power to fight against odds which might be stacked against her.

» Dual Spear Weilding: Something unique to her hollowfication is that her Zanpakutō is replicated. This doesn't mean she has double the power of her original Zanpakutō, rather that another red spear manifests into her left hand. This is said to occur because her hollow side and shinigami side seem to be "merging", so Kano is lending the spear to her for a duel wielding fighting style. With two spears, Hana attacks incredibly fast - almost to the point of blinding, stabbing, thrusting and slashing in absolutely amazing speeds at twice of what she normally did. The main purpose of duel wielding these spears, other than twice as many strikes, is the ability to surprise. She will often throw her spear and then sonido, attack with the original and grab the other where needed. There are many techniques which she has practiced with this, making her a deadly spear wielder.

» Advanced Durability and Strength: Upon hollofication, Hana gains a rather extreme burst in both defense and strength attributes. Despite her already tremendous strength, the armor donned around her body acts yet again as another hard shield to keep her safe from oncoming attack, however remains her to be flexible and agile in her movements. Like many other Vizards, the mask donning also ups their physical strength, and this remains the same with Hana. By undergoing hollifcation, Hana becomes an even more fearsome opponent that can send powerful punches, kicks and spear thrusts into an opponent to eventually obliterate them. Whilst strength is upped, it is mostly added into her spear strikes - meaning that any movement or spear attack while masked is effected, increasing both attack speed and power of said strike.

» Enhanced Reflexes and Agility: As breifly mentioned, Hana gains rather large enhancements to her overall reflexes and agility based techniques, allowing her to not only use things like Sonido much more efficiently and in quick succession, but also react and strike at much greater speeds.

» Hollow Abilities: Upon hollowfication, Hana gains access to a few of the rather signature hollow abilities - the most obvious one being the Hollow signature movement technique - Sonido. Replacing Shunpo with the Hollow's own Sonido isn't exactly practical in anyway, it is more of a sign that her body has undergone extreme amounts of pressure and managed to tap into that dark and powerful hollow within. Below is a small list of things gained from her hollowfication:

  • Cero: The signature move of a Hollow, Cero, becomes available to Hana during hollowfication. Despite the amount of energy it takes for one to fire a cero, it seemingly appears that she can fire these with relative ease and use it to obliterate people into dust. Whilst most would struggle to conjure a cero, her good relationship with her Hollow actually allows her to continue down this path of "understanding" the Hollow within you.

  • Garganta: A signature movement technique used by Hollow to consume and transfer between realms. Although Garganta can be used to travel between Hueco Mundo and other realms, it has been used to transfers smaller locations - an example would be one side of the planet to the other, or from city to city. It has a myriad of uses, none of which are limited to Hana.

  • Bala: A smaller technique used by some Hollow, weaker than a Cero but travels at almost twice the speed. For Hana, this is often used in quick succession for a barrage. Albeit she hasn't actually mastered or practiced this - meaning it can be difficult for her to use to it's full potential.

  • Sonido: A Hollow technique of movement which she has attained due to her Hollowfication. Once her mask is donned, her shunpo is replaced by Sonido. As mentioned briefly, this has no adverse effects on the fight and typically just showcases her hollow influence. Many people argue which step technique is the best, but for Hana, it doesn't matter - she simply uses what resources are available to her.

  • Resurrection: Like some vizards whom have gotten to the point of desperation or simply unlocked that level of power, Resurrection becomes a massive boost in power that is akin to a Shinigami's Shikokai or a Arrancar's Sengunda Etapa. Hana attaining this is a massive boost in power once activated, and is something that will be explained in more depth in the sections below.

» Reiryoku enhancement: One of the very important aspects of a Vizard undergoing Hollowfication is their ability to immensely boost their own levels of reiryoku. By undergoing this change, their personal levels of reiryoku jumps amazingly, a massive burst of reiatsu absolutely smashing and drowning the surrounding area. This also means that they partially become reinvigorated when fighting, also gaining stronger techniques with their skills. By adding this spiritual pressure to their arsenal, they become very fearsome. Many people have been crushed or killed simply by being around Hana when summoning her mask. The pressure it gives off would be akin to a torrential rain capable of caving in houses falling. This also means she gets a boost to any form of magic/kido/hollow techniques, enhanced through their unified spiritual energy.


Resurrección Name: Kyūkyoku no Shi, 究極の死 (lit. Ultimate Death)

Resurrección Appearance: Hana's Resurrección takes on a rather drastic appearance, something that truly morphs her entire existence to bring on something much more terrifying. Initially, her entire body becomes coated in a thick black goo. Assuming she wasn't masked, her now new appearance takes on the form of her inner Hollow, Kano. Kano, however, isn't exactly... normal. Even as Hana's body changes to her Hollow, a massive hand begins to form above them, twisting and turning like blood being coiled into a tornado like spiral. As the hand forms and reaches down, it finally forms and picks up Hana. As this happens, the rest of the Resurrección begins to form - a giant being clad in blue, black and golden armor holding the Vizard. Slowly placing her close to his chest, the giant being partially merges himself with Hana - kind of melted into the core of this being. For lack of a better name, this giant being goes by the name of Shi (lit. Death).

The giant being appears to be clad in black, blue and gold trimmed armor, similar in fashion to what Hana's mask may appear. The being itself stands at around a kilometer tall, it's hands also covered in a thick armor whilst at the end of it's gauntlets appears large, curled talons akin to that which would be on a dragon. Upon it's back are large, black and gold tinted blades which act as wings - allowing the being to not only fly, but also cause injury/allow it's special ability to be used. Below/behind these wings are four large split capes, tinted in red and gold, following behind the being. Shi doesn't seem to have any personality to be shown, as far as it can be seen. When it speaks, it speaks in a voice that is a deep, rumbling, whilst remaining deafening to those it is around. Within it's hands is a giant black and blue blade that is tinted completely gold around the edges, a giant blade that itself stands at around 700 meters tall.

This being isn't seemingly out of nowhere, however. This being is the original intended form Kano, a "kingly" appearance of a Hollow that stands incredibly tall whilst also ruling over everything below. In the middle of Shi's chest is where Hana is laid, sorted between gaps in the armor/surrounded by skin and blood dripping. Whilst very little is known about Shi and the Resurrección itself, Kano claims that he is the intended form for her - if she hadn't been born an inner Hollow, she was intended to be a sort of "King of Kings" type of Hollow, something that could rule over most other Hollows with very little to challenge it.

Overwhelming and Crushing Strength: The main attribute of this is the absolutely overwhelming crushing strength that Shi can acquire. Whilst mainly using swords, Shi uses this absolutely crushing strength to swing that gigantic sword down and powerfully crush everything and everything below. When this is activated within a city, it is very possible for Shi to obliterate entire landscapes and remove cities from the map simply by swinging the sword. One must definitely not underestimate the strength acquired here. The same could be said with strikes from any of Shi's abilities, it can absolutely crush things simply by walking or moving in that direction. Often, Shi will use it's Wings to take flight and do a dive-bomb like effect into the Earth to cause absolutely incredible damage to the surrounding area.

Incredible Defensive Capabilities: Alongside of the strength, one might imagine something that big and armored up would be very durable when it came to physical assaults. Trying to pierce the armor of Shi with a sword would be like trying to cut into a tank with a pocket knife. If the said individual has enough strength and capability to turn that durability and strength against Shi, it can cause massive damage however. It is not impossible to pierce the armor of Shi, however if one were to try? It would prove to be incredibly hard. The main weak point of attacking Shi is Hana in the center of it's chest. If one can remove her, attack her or try to injure her - it is very possible it could remove the being entirely and win the fight, causing Hana to fall unconscious or maybe even die to the stress upon releasing.

Unlimited Death: Unsealed/Shikai Release Depending on the form in which Ressurecion is released in, the form will have a different final ability than the other. There are two main release states, the first being Shikai and Unsealed Ressurecion. Whilst deadly in it's own right, Unlimited Death is used to completely obliterate and remove large amounts of opponents from the map and barrage a location until there's nothing left. Flying high up above the battlefield, Shi begins to charge the giant golden blade in his hands and point it directly at the target below. By this time, hundreds of large, glowing blades will have appeared in a circle around Shi. All ranging in different patterns and appearances, each sword holds within it the ability to strike and crush anything that sits below.

With a swift arm motion, these swords are sent flying down into the surrounding area. Each one that touches the ground sends a massive plume of dust upon impact, crushing around five hundred meters around each sword that strikes. At maximum, this ability can cover up ten kilometers of pure destruction.

Vizard Skills
  • Power Augmentation Master
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Mask Protection:: Advanced
  • Hollow Control: Advanced

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Advanced
  • Garganta : Master
  • Cero/Bala: Advanced
  • Regeneration: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: Kyle and I went over changes I requested and they have been made. Awesome app.
Tier: 0-5-


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The Flower of Destruction, Hana Chikara [APPROVED, 0-5-]
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