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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Miniburst 17 Upgrade For Henrex [FINISHED]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Miniburst 17 Upgrade For Henrex [FINISHED]   Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:08 am

Darkness take you!

Enter The Upgrade For The Soul With A Shattered Past:
Henrex Astillon

Artist: ThunderCats | Song: Wilykit's Lullaby |


» Name Of Character: Henrex Astillon

» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Tier: 3-3 -----> 3-2

Pain Endurance: Beginner -----> Adept, Advanced if possible.

General Speed: Beginner --------> Adept

» Why: During his currently very short time on Platinum Hearts, there is one thing that Henrex has done more than anything other than hide and wallow in his past. And that is getting thrown around like a rag doll. That is one thing that Henrex has gotten done to him immensely. Almost all the time in a fight, Henrex is hurled around at the very least once. However, this has caused him to adapt and get used to the pain that he has been given. With this, Henrex can become a very deadly combatant. Within many combat threads like the fight in Sector D, as well as other ones, Henrex has been thrown around quite a lot not just from the enemy themselves, but their attacks. The amount of pain that he had gone through was immense, but it was also something that he could get used to. This was something that was also induced from Shadows and Shikai, since the immense amount of pain that a 0 Tier like Kuro Okami put Henrex through was something that would definitely increase his Pain Endurance. I would like to have it be Advanced if possible, since I was planning on waiting for a few more combat threads to finish so that I could upgrade his Pain Endurance after all of that.

Now, for the General Speed reasoning. The reason that his speed is being upgraded is mainly because of Henrex's favorite thing to do: go fast. In combat, speed is key for Henrex. With him dashing around in his shadows, staying hidden and taking people by surprise, speed is by far one of the most important traits and the most liked trait that Henrex has. Henrex is most likely going to have a very high speed in his set of skills, and a very high Hoho/Shunpo skill, since Henrex relies mostly on his speed to win a fight. Not only that, but his Zanpakutō can rely on speed to use to the full extent. Such as his Mist of Darkness ability. With a thick, black mist covering the area, Henrex must be able to move around his shadowy creation efficiently and quickly to be able to use his mist to the full extent that he can. I feel that it is necessary to increase his speed, rather than his Shunpo skill, since he is already fairly decently skilled in Hoho for his tier, however, within the solo thread I am doing, as well as the Greece battle with Nemesis, his Shunpo skill is increasing, and it may or may not be in deserving of an upgrade later.

And finally, the Tier Upgrading reason. Not only from the miniburst reward, but Henrex, in truth, kind of deserves this. Fighting so many highly skilled enemies, and being defeated multiple times by so many, Henrex has learned from this....somewhat. He has learned what he has to do to get stronger. Fighting Nemesis is helping him with this. In Greece, there was one thing that always occupied Henrex Astillon's mind. Where did she get her strength? How did she get her will to fight? Where did all of these people, who were all so strong, get their strength? Their willpower? Their durability? Nemesis told him. From emotion. Her desire to achieve her goals is what lead her to where she was now. With everything that has been happening in Henrex's second life as a Shinigami, Henrex has learned that there is one thing that he does not have, in all reality. Desires. All the young Shinigami has is vengeance. He wants to kill the one who took everything from him. He didn't have desires. Aside....from one. To get stronger. That is what Henrex wants more than anything. He wants to get stronger. Perhaps to make his mother, father, sister, and his master proud. Even from the grave.

» Extra:

I walk a path...with no end....

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Miniburst 17 Upgrade For Henrex [FINISHED]   Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:50 am


Approved. Pain endurance will be boosted to advanced based on the events. Add it into your profile and go nuts kid.


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Miniburst 17 Upgrade For Henrex [FINISHED]
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