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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Awkward Arrival [Private/Hayden]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Awkward Arrival [Private/Hayden]   Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:11 pm

Wayfaring Stranger
Out through a Tānāgati portal, Kuanastha stepped forth just at the barrier of Karakura Central. To her geographic knowledge concerning Earth--thin as it may be, she had arrived at the outskirts of the metropolis. Considering her primary motive for coming here was in pursuit of her Karma Threads, and the whole idea surrounding her travels around Earth and all other realms was just to follow her Karma Threads, there really was no reason to hesitate entering. Except, perhaps, for the fact that Karakura represented likely the worst place on Earth for someone of antagonist origin such as Kuanastha. Especially considering the Asthavon blood running through her veins, to which she held no doubt that the powerhouses residing in Karakura Central would detect.

Well, maybe they wouldn't mind her entering anyway. She held no bad intentions, and all the terrible deeds she had done were, for one, on other demons and hollows, and for two, solely in the Wastelands, America, Demon World, and Hueco Mundo. So, maybe they wouldn't have any beef with her. If anything, should things come down to it, Kuanastha would make a quick getaway after coming across anything life-threatening. To some extent, the girl held some level of confidence in her capacity to run away, given her multiple avenues of instantaneous escape, and natural speed on top of her abilities that worked quite well in weakening her opponents.

That in mind, Kuanastha stepped through the barrier, a tinge of pain coursing through her body. At this point, though? That level of pain was easily shrugged off. There have been far too many occasions where she has felt worse. Even the sweet embrace of Death, almost to a literal extent at some point, was taken with gritting teeth. Thus, Kuanastha failed to even wince, at least until the power behind what bore down on her steadily increased in an attempt to subdue her.

"Oh... Maybe I'm actually, literally, incompetent."

With those self-deprecating words in mind--spoken aloud actually--Kuanastha closed her eyes for a moment. As she opened them, the world changed to an incredible degree. She could see, hear, feel, and even spiritually sense the existence of an infinite number of threads crossing about, some going from just a simple pebble on the ground to the dirt at her feet, others going from the sap on some tree all the way up to space, some even tying Earth to other dimensions. They varied in thickness, length, textures, the sound of their *twang* was different. Most noticeably, a variation in colours, with some coiled in spirals and others just running straight through, strained almost.

"It'll just be for a bit... nothing too drastic..."

With a focused face and furrowed brow, Kuanastha's eyes and hands were drawn to the millions of threads surrounding and connecting to her. As a Visera Demonio, as with most creatures of some hollow-descent, or any entity that gained stability or power off of devouring and consuming the souls of others, Kuanastha held a considerably large number of Karma Threads bound to her, so it took a few moments for her to find the thousands of threads she sought. With some delicate pinches and tugs here and there on various threads and various parts of those threads, any remnants that connected Kuanastha to various events in her lives--namely any that connected her to the Asthavons--temporarily did not exist, not a single trace to be found.

With that, Kuanastha took the next step to her attempt to go incognito and shifted her body into a different appearance--that of a normal girl, around her early twenties perhaps, with clear japanese descent in her numerous features that honestly made her look like a natural born citizen. Unfortunately, the energy she exuded wasn't as easily disguised, so she instead prompted to entirely cut off any sort of energy her Visera Demonio genes provided. Of course, many functions of her body would be utterly inaccessible had it not been for the sudden burst of Nether Energy flowing through her veins, replacing any sort of necessary energy-relative sustenance her body required.

That, unfortunately, would not have erased the fact that her entrance was already recorded by Karakura's natural defense system, and the event of this happening was something that completely went over the girl's head, thus her failure to look for it in her Karma Threads and temporarily remove. With that, given the nature of her energy signature, and the initial burst of power she instinctively gave off to counteract the pressure from the city's barrier in order to suppress her, it was a little too late to take things back. If it wasn't for her simply releasing that burst of energy as opposed to actually directing it towards anywhere, such as any residential zones, perhaps the alarm would have sounded beyond just the local area where Kuanastha entered. Whether that was lucky of her or not, depending on the actions of a nearby Vanguard Higher-Up Vizard, was up to fate.



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Awkward Arrival [Private/Hayden]
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