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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Unveiling the Conspiracy [Private/Kamui]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Unveiling the Conspiracy [Private/Kamui]   Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:59 pm

Song: 幸せ (Happiness) - By: Us。- Word Count: 1077

Kuanastha's visit to Karakura ended a lot quicker and fairly lackluster in contrast to what she anticipated. Initially, she followed her Karma Threads all the way to the big city, and although she did encounter a good number of interesting people, the closer she came, the more entangled the Karma Threads became. In fact, looking into the information these threads held was a tiresome task even for the slightest moment, as often times the recorded "past" in them was widely inaccurate, and seemed much closer to a plausible future. Kuanastha was quite clear in what her Karma Threads could accomplish, so while the thought of it evolving to encompass not just events of the past but predictions of the future as well was entertained, it was just as easily dismissed. Karma--rather, cause and effect--didn't work so well in terms of predicting plausible futures. Though it did play a hand in determining it, that was pretty much the extent of things as far as Karma Threads went.

So, it was with haste that Kuanastha entered, enjoyed sight-seeing, and abruptly left ultimately coming to no conclusion or sudden insights during her stay. Though, she had to admit the experience was well-received. Karakura wasn't well-acclaimed without reason, whether it be by travelers and tourists or even re sidents who enjoyed the peaceful life. At least, less violent than any other city on the world could be. One couldn't quite refer to Karakura as "peaceful" accurately. There was, however, one thing that caught her attention a countless number of times.

Rather frequently, Kuanastha found numerous glossy, near glass looking threads whenever she opened her mind to them. At first, she payed it no mind despite their look, feel, or any other quality of it being like any thread she had seen before. Once in while Kuanastha would find a new type of thread, so at first it wasn't something which garnered too much interest. But the repetition of these threads cumulatively drew her interest; especially when any sort of news about the moon came up, at which point the frequency of the glass-like threads popping up rapidly increased. One of the most interesting places she found these threads were at any memorial services or recognitions of the late hero, Azure Iramasha: the fallen leader of the Vanguard. With that, Kuanastha finally gave their contents a look.

Even a glance into the stories held within was enough to show her something peculiar, that made these memories nothing like she'd ever seen before. Everything in the memories looked normal aside from the occasional directed word or worldly influence that came out of literally nowhere. Watching enough of these memories play out pieced some things together, enabling Kuanastha to understand that there was something missing from these events; that missing thing was clearly interacting with everything, whether it be during a fight or display of might that caused the surroundings to shift, or just a conversation with what otherwise seemed to be thin air.

The more she looked into these threads during her stay in the City of Heroes, the more astonished she felt after going through the Karma Threads. One thing that particularly stuck to her was anything that involved Azure Iramasha. After some deep searching and nearly an entire day to simply go back far enough into the past, the events of that very regent's demise came up. For the same reason as everything else, the entity responsible was nothing but a blank space.

Everything she witnessed up to this point was, to be understated, intriguing, but while she wanted to seek out the god in her herat, the death of Azure was by all means none of her business. Even if she were to do anything akin to publicising this information--well, what would her word as an Asthavon matter to the ranks of the Vanguard, and what good would doing so bring her aside from unwanted attention. To that extent, Kuanastha went on with her day, mulling over the events as they were a huge subject of interest, especially considering her attempted transition back into the flow of the world's events per Nether's instructions coincided well with reading into these glossed threads, as if it were a way to "study".

The thing was, after leaving Karakura, these glossed threads persisted in popping up, the sheer amount of events missing their mysterious being practically being thrown at her face. Thus, during her travels across the world, whenever Kuanastha came across these threads she'd take the time to read into it the best she could, and even trace wehere it led to. If ever too far, Kuanastha gave up the search until another one appeared.

Having arrived at the Wastelands following her own Karma Threads to trace back her history--as was her quest to begin with, Kuanastha once more found these crystalline threads. Usually, they appeared in bigger cities or areas of relevance to the past few wars in these last two years, but almost never in the barren desert fields of some place like teh Wastelands. That being said, without much better to do other than contemplate the Dao whilst immersing herself in the nostalgia of familiar sights, Kuanastha followed these threads, and the further she went the more transparent they became, until finally disappearing entirely. But, looking far out into the direction the threads traced back towards, a silhouette could be made out. Her spiritual senses failed to pick anything up, but given the trends of the glossy threads, Kuanastha shifted the method to something she used to do during her existence as Kururai.

Instead of sensing for a spiritual signature, through Ksetra Pari Kuanastha spread her awareness to sense the latent spiritual particles for miles on end, looking out for any unnatural displacements she couldn't directly detect; with that, the subject of interest was identified. Considering her ability to sense displacements down to discerning slight muscle movements when she first developed this method of detection as a hollow, in her current form even when miles away she was able to make out all the contours of their body.

Kuanastha would feel entirely inept if she couldn't take at least an educated guess as to who this person might be. While their appearance was by no means familiar, their presence--rather, lack thereof--was nothing but. With a whisper maybe a tinge too loud, the girl let out a soft chuckle which set the waves of latent energies in the vicinity in motion.

"The Man, the Myth, the Legend; what a genuinely exciting surprise."



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Unveiling the Conspiracy [Private/Kamui]
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