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 Hereditary Traits [Private/Stefan]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hereditary Traits [Private/Stefan]   Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:43 am

Omnipresent Trap
The sun was shining and summer arrived! No, no no wait, summer was ending! Summer was ending, so the urgency to get out there and have some good 'ol summer-time fun was like peer pressure on the borderline hikkimori Yuel, except for the peer part given she had none, and hikkimori part because her lacking attendance wasn't of her own volition. Well, no peers because of her lack of attendance and not this overgrown sense of pride she toooootally didn't have, and a lacking attendance moreso of the volition of basic physics.

It had been a few months since the "incident", and by now the majority of her many selves had come to the same chapter at least, if not the same page. Yuel's existence as a quantum anomaly had now been established, so the sudden loss or gain of memories from any period in time didn't impact her nearly as much as it did before, and honestly, she felt she deserved commendations considering how easy it was for her to lose her bearings. So to actually find some level of stability with herself--honestly, some sort of applause wouldn't hurt.

Wait, this wasn't any time for her to mull over the tragedies of her past! After all, there were far too many to count, so there really wasn't any point. Let's back-track; it was the end of summer! School was coming soon, and while the institution never actually held her back considering Karakura High's pretty lax standards when it came to attendance, it still offered an anxious feeling whenever Yuel failed to attend. That being said, a little excursion out to the park, maybe even a trip to the beach or visit to the museum?

Money had become somewhat less of an issue due to various circumstances that gave Yuel some wiggle-room in spending, though no matter what level of income she could secure, the financially tight habits she formed as a result of an inborn need to conserve due to a poverty-stricken lifestyle was hard to get rid of, so something like going to the mall to hangout wasn't really in her interests. Besides, going to a place so social felt like friends were necessary as per cultural customs, ones that she couldn't observe as a result of the missing "friend" factor. Not that a lack of peers in that regard ever bothered her.

Yuel was always one to pour all her time in making her next kooky contraption, and it was her passion to begin with, so she didn't feel any sort of loneliness. And should she ever come across that feeling, Yuel still had her gourd and tiger-skin she frequently had nearby to talk to. They wouldn't really respond considering they were inanimate objects, but after her many fatal encounters throughout the year, and the occasional gaps in her memory that actually stuck out like sore thumbs, the girl couldn't help but find some sort of attachment to these items, and often times treat them with particular care. If anyone questioned her on that particular care? Well, they were still heirlooms received directly from her grandmother, so it was easy enough to fall back on that excuse.

Speaking of, as usual Yuel tied the seemingly never-dirtied tiger-skin around her waste, and placed the gourd on her hip with the latch tucked in-between the tiger-skin and her long white dress. Since the events in Magnolia that permanently left her entire body writhed with alchemical seals and symbols embedded and scarred into her otherwise perfect porcelain white skin, Yuel took to wearing fully covering clothes quite a bit more often, entirely due to a self-conscious worry for others to see.

Having dressed herself up and ready to go out, Yuel walked away from the mirror after affirming her to be outside-ready. Approaching the door, she opened and stepped right through, expecting to see the familiar buildings and streets of Karakura, a part of the noon sun blocked by the massive floating structure overhead. Her expectations defied her, and instead what Yuel found was a grand palace surrounded by a body of water, and behind her 21st century roads connecting to mainland. Recollecting from memory, this seemed to be the "Al-Faw Palace" in Baghdad, Iraq, a location publicised through interdimensional networks like the web.

The feelings of confusion stifled her urge to break down and cry, and Yuel could only rapidly turn around to assess the situation with tears welling up in her eyes. All she had done was walk out the door, and she already found herself in a completely different location. In short, her existence as a quantum anomaly was acting up again, nothing really quite capable of preventing it aside from the god-particle that forced this cruel fate upon her to begin with.

"Wh..w-whyyyy.... Why does this always happen to meeee!!!!"

It was impossible. She couldn't hold it in anymore. Yuel bent her knees and placed her forehead between her knees, tears dripping down at an alarming rate. For someone so young and.. relatively speaking, normal like her, all these unanticipated events took its toll, and it became increasingly hard for her to maintain her usual happy-go-lucky self. After all, this was the third time this week she randomly ported...



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Hereditary Traits [Private/Stefan]   Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:32 pm

Will not be posting in this thread.

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Hereditary Traits [Private/Stefan]
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