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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Interview with Dellapero Grance (Campaign)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Interview with Dellapero Grance (Campaign)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:22 am

Artist:TTGL OST - Song: Row Row Fight The Power- Word Count:837

Who am I?:
Well, no one special. Just a guy doing what he can to make things a little better every day. I've always been more of a soldier than a leader, fighting under someone else's banner for about as long as I can remember. All the way back from when I hardly knew a thing about the spiritual world to today, I've always been fighting for what I think is best for people, and this is another big step in that venture. I'm sure I'm a little lacking in renown for someone applying for such a role in things, but that is going to change very soon, if it hasn't already. Never had any special rank or place in things like some of the others. This would definitely be a first, but I'm ready to tackle it with my best like everything else.

Why are you fit to lead the Vanguard?:
Conviction and determination, mostly. When I set myself on doing something, it is getting done. Never say die, you know? We need to be strong, especially in a time like this after the recent wars and tragic loss of Azure. Things aren't going to fix themselves. People like us have to keep pushing forward to make the world we want to live in. That is one of the biggest reasons I'm running! People need to be inspired, pushed past their limits and sculpted into the best them they can be. I want to bring that out of people so they can in tern bring that out of others and build this world up as high as it can go.

Fighting? Well, I'm pretty good at it. Always looking to improve at every opportunity and taking on the strongest opponents I can find. My abilities are pretty few, but they come in handy with a lot of situations. Still working on developing new tricks though, so there will be a god arsenal in no time. I've battled with a -lot- of people over the years, including some of the strongest from Hueco Mundo, the Monsuta, countless soldiers from Shadowfall. This guy..I think Starrk was his name? He was fun to fight. A bit more laser-spammy than I prefer, but it was a great workout. And there was some kid from the Monsuta..Don't think I ever got her name, but she was pretty powerful too. There is also that fight with Azuma...Still a little fuzzy on how that ended, but I showed him a thing or two about why not to go destroying things while I'm around! Point is I can more than handle myself and am only going to get better as time goes on.

Despite being more of a soldier, I've got plenty of leadership experience. Its the small things that count, and I'm definitely good at calling a rally and getting people pumped up. Never been in charge of something on this scale, but I'll adjust to it. and be the best I can be. My most qualifying characteristic for the actual -leader- part of things. I'm a people person, both to the common man from my life as one back in the old days, to those fighting in this crazy ,place the world has turned into now. I think I can get along with just about anyone eventually. Maybe there is a few exceptions. like some eldritch abomination in Shadowfall that only comprehends moon-speak. Can't win them all though, right?

Plans for the Vanguard?:
Work hard and get shit done.

Ask away, make comments,. whatever you feel like doing. I'll just chill and respond to the best of my ability.

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Interview with Dellapero Grance (Campaign)
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