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 Recovery and Recuperation for the Damaged Heart and the Damaged Soul [PRIVATE]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Recovery and Recuperation for the Damaged Heart and the Damaged Soul [PRIVATE]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:12 am



Artist: Homestuck OST - Song: Jade Mother - Word Count: 949

"Don't go... don't go don't go don't go! Neoveta you can't do this to me! You just can't! I want you, no, I need you! You can't die on me!"

The beliefs of khalaists were that death was a normal thing, something that should be embraced. Not something that should be feared... but Belle? She was scared, horrified, batshit crazy over losing someone she loved so dearly. Screw that stupid religion, screw Mana, screw everyone, Neoveta was dying, she was going to leave here, forever. Neoveta... the one thing that made Belle feel whole, the one thing that kept her hunger for love, attention, and her lust for another in check... it's leaving. Gone. Goodbye. She couldn't do enough, she couldn't save her, she wasn't strong enough, she nearly killed herself for nothing! So useless, so despicable! Why?! Why couldn't Belle have been made a demon of life or demon of revival, something that could bring Neoveta back!?

She was too weak now to do anything, She looked frail, thin, and oh so pale. Any beauty she used to have seemed to fade as her cheeks sunk in and bone was visible, she looked ready to die and fade away with Neoveta due to how much she tried to give up to her, but it still meant nothing... She didn't have the energy to lash out in rage at Mana, or that disgusting thing that formed before her. She didn't have the energy to even run at this point, she gave it all up, and it seemed like she would perish here with Neoveta. It... it's not so bad, maybe they'll both get reborn together, maybe they'll see each other in the afterlife. Maybe... maybe that happy ending could still happen. She just needed to look at the bright side, and after everything, they were still together.

"Neo, it's not your fault, please don't think it's your fault... you never did anything wrong. I... I'm sorry for not being able to save you..."

Even now, Neoveta still held true to one thing. The fact that she could feel, that she could love, that she could sacrifice for another. She was going to save Belle, and even if it was a great gesture, the demon hated the idea. She didn't want Neoveta to give up everything for her, she didn't want to lose her, she didn't want to live on missing the one vital thing in her life that made her feel like it was all worth it. even if she hated it, it was Neo's dying wish. Even as she sputtered out her last words, trying to tell belle everything, tears streamed down the girl's pale, sunken cheeks, falling away and dripping on the ground. It hurt so much, not just her body, but just.... just the realization of everything happening. Why... why did it have to be them? Her vision already began to become a blur as Neoveta began to use the last of her power to bring them far away. To tear away from the clutches of death just for another day, just for another chance at happiness... Belle was breaking down, she couldn't even see any of this with tears flooding her vision...

Belle's frantic mind was interrupted by the feeling of Neoveta herself. Fingers trying to clutch unto her, to hold her tight as she returned the notion. Arms trying to wrap around the demon's body, holding her tight and letting her share a warm embrace as best as she could, even in this hard and trying time.

"I'll never let go... I won't. I won't leave you, just don't leave me..."

And soon, that grasp faded. The feeling of someone she cared so much for was gone, as she was left alone. By herself... only with what remains of the person that filled the void in her heart. A single sphere of light, all that was left of this wonderful, beautiful being that only wanted to see the best for her race, and to do what was right. It... it just wasn't right. The demon cried and cried her heart out, breaking down and shattering her mind into a million pieces as she remained in this new, strange place, hidden away from everywhere else. A hide-away just for them...

As time passed, the girl began to recover just enough to wipe the tears away and clutch the sphere even tighter, holding it closer. She didn't have much energy, hell, she barely even had an ounce left, but she could try one thing. This sphere was Neo, and maybe if she used her magic, she might be able to make something small. Something for that sphere to inhabit, something to let her just talk to her again... With the little bit of energy Belle had from the time spent tearing up, she began to fashion a body, more specifically, a doll. From a mix of demonic energy, earth, and a bit of blood drawn from Belle's thumb, a small figure was formed, slowly crafted and materialized in the likeness of Neoveta herself. Only had a height of six inches, it... it wasn't much at all, but it was something, there was still the dress she wore, the long hair, everything... now she just needed to pray for it to work.

The small sphere was gently and lovingly placed within the doll, slowly brought forth whilst Belle remained on her knees, tears still streaming down her cheeks from everything that had just happened. Her life had been shattered, and now she needed to try to piece back the shards to try and make it whole again, and to do the same with Neoveta.

"Please.. please work... let me just... hear you again.... one more time..."

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Recovery and Recuperation for the Damaged Heart and the Damaged Soul [PRIVATE]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:21 pm




Song: N/a STUFF - Artist: N/A STUFF - Words: N/A


Days and weeks passed by, but still the doll in Belle's hands did not move an inch. While it succeeded in taking on the remains of Neoveta's soul, there still seemed to be so little life nudging within it. Yet, the warmth of her spirit would still be at the side of Belle. It was almost as if she had never died and her gentle embrace was still cloaking her most beloved even in slumber. The Demon would notice day and night that this presence was overseeing her, watching her and taking care of her while she fostered the extract of The Demon Princess's ethereal self.

Eventually, there would come to pass a day within the month of May 2416 where all of this would come to a cease. On the 19th of that month, there would be an eruption of power and life beginning to surge within the doll. It could throw Belle out of a slumber, it may cause her to react wildly or she may not even be able to comprehend what is occurring. No matter the case, however, this tiny six inch doll would begin to radiate with hues of crimson and silver illumination. It was consumed, baked and drenched in the prowess of The Demon Princess, yet the gentle touches of Belle's energy subdued and quelled the atmosphere of this foreign power.

After a few seconds of materialization, mutations would begin to occur within the shell and it's first breathes of life were upon the horizon. First, this vessel expanded and grew to be the size of a healthy and thick sized feminine figure no bigger than five foot nine. None too long after that, shimmering white hair erupted down to the waist of this unknown entity's body. Next, blood dyed robes started to adorn the woman's supple body and made her decent as she ascended back to the realm of mortals. This came to a pass when the lights faded and this newly formed being slipped into the arms of Belle.

There would be a few seconds of quietness before movements started to occur within the entity. Twitches of her legs, arms and face started to occur until the woman's sky blue eyes gazed wearily back into The Careless Whisper's plum gaze. Everything was fuzzy, warm and utterly surreal. Where was she? Who was she? No, no, no. Something was coming back. Whoever she was with now was a safe person. She could feel a strong sense of passion and love for them and they were meant to protect her.

But -- everything else was pretty hazy.

Yet -- despite that -- she knew everything was going to be okay now.

'Belle will keep us safe.'

That voice played over and over and over again within the woman's eye until she rested her head against her chest and uttered these words out:

"Belle...that is you. Tell me: who am I and what happened? I feel...lost."

In those weak sounding words, this creature spoke it's first words and hugged her ever so softly.

Though, the question remained: could Belle figure out a way to trigger this woman's memories?

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Recovery and Recuperation for the Damaged Heart and the Damaged Soul [PRIVATE]
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