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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 When the light shines [Niflheim/Open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: When the light shines [Niflheim/Open]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:39 am



Artist: Mogeko Castle - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Noise. People/Places. Warmth/Light. The rukongai was a haven for the souls that had newly passed over, or just decided to call it their home. The quincy had not too long ago left someone here, one of her friends, a wolf named yuki. Ever since then she had the unnatural craving to explore this place more. What had changed since then though? That was quite simple, the sternritter grandmaster had solified her resolve and knew. She knew now it was going to be her turn to take up the mantle , but it wouldn’t be the mantle of emperor. No that position had caused too much pain, too much war, and too much hate in the world. Hence why the quincy thought that maybe it was time to make the head of the quincy not just two people. Yeah a plan was formulating in her head as the ice queen seemed to weave between the crowds, a cloak covering her imbedded with the concept of “concealment” She was here not to fight, but to merely enjoy herself, and if she ran into trouble before then? She really wouldn’t want to have to deal with it.

Hence her Cloak which she had “dubbed” the cloak of silence had a very particular effect at this point. Given while normally it was just a simple cloak when she put her reishi around it , it acted to conceal and even suppress her own reishi to a certain point. This of course meant that for the time being at least she would be able to with a decent amount of accuracy move between crowds as if she was no different than the indivduals that lived here. Simply as if she was nothing but a phantom moving in the breeze. Yuki . . how was that girl doing? She thought as she wandered, and she even then knew. Eventually maybe the gotei would hate her kind and then she would have to go against them. There was a history between the two which would never really allow them to see eye to eye. It was because of it that she had to hide like this in the rukongai. Yet . . it didn’t bother the quincy, this bittersweet feeling that clenched her chest and let the cold of logic and reason resume.

Yes. . . She was okay, she had been okay up until now and would continue to be the same as she always had been. There was no reason getting worked up over something that even if it lasted a lifetime may amount to nothing. Hence why as she shook yuki from her thoughts the quincy had launched herself up over the tumbling shacks which eventually turned into buildings, buildings into skyscrapers and she sat there atop them all, looking out over the vastness her hand moving up to cover her eyes as the light filtered down from above and blinded her. The wind catching her cloak to cause it to billow up exposing her beautiful white hair and her etheral moonlit skin. Her silver eyes the color of platinum as they glanced across this area, and she softly felt a smile on her face.

Before now she had been unfeeling, weak and bound by the logic that was an infallible safe-guard for her mind. One person had changed that for her, and now she felt even if it was just a little, a door had been opened and she was ultimately greatful for that. It had allowed her to transcend her own limits and become stronger. . .Because of it? She was here now and she was glad of it , it was amazing and she sat there her legs dangling off the side of the building and basked in the light, and thought . . .Maybe. . Just maybe. . We can do this.


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When the light shines [Niflheim/Open]
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