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 A Most Violent Hero: Erna Iramasha [Cirno Expansion]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Most Violent Hero: Erna Iramasha [Cirno Expansion]    Wed Aug 24, 2016 4:24 pm



I. General Stuff

» Name Of Character: Cirno Iramasha

» Link To Character:

Meaning Behind Erna's Name: The reason why her name changed to Erna is because that is her Fallen Angel Form. It's essentially a personified state of her mind's negativity infused into one being. It's suppose to take the more twisted aspects of her former heroism where she believed being savage, fighting dirty, losing herself to her own psychotic nature and pushing herself to be the strongest in order to become dominant was the way to force her heroism on the world.

It stems from a thread which occurred between her and Reigen post-Australia; and the name itself is the Feminine form of German Ernust, meaning "battle (to the death), serious business." It's why Erna first encounter against Nemain began with this line:

"As for who I am? My name is Erna Iramasha: The Fallen Angel and Lost Hero. Let us have a nice and serious battle."

Since it refers to the meaning of her name and the fact that she is the embodiment of what Cirno has suppressed and worked to avoid becoming fully.

Appearance: The Appearance of Erna can take on two states; just as Cirno herself can. More often than not, many will often meet the visage of a young blonde child with hair no longer than her necks length. She'll often have eyes as red as freshly drawn blood, while her height will be no more than 4'10. Her skin may be as smooth and tender as a newborns with a pigment akin as warm as orche, or it may be as pale and dissolved as the whites of her eyes.

Alternatively, when Erna assumes a fuller sense of power and control, or deems an opponent or person worthy of seeing her evolved form; this Fallen may also shift and grow into a 5'7 form. She will have golden hair that spans down to her waist, while her bosom will become more plush and well developed. She turns into what can be assumed as a woman in her early to mid 20's by this point. And this is to signify her own spiritual progression as well as Cirno's for having found the balance to maintain this state of being fluently.

General Purpose: Erna is suppose to be the sum total of Cirno's sin and corruption. Therefore, I've designed her to be an alter ego that is capable of taking on the sins of others. So, I feel her purpose and theme is to allow other characters redemption. While, at the same time, Cirno could keep her sanity through Erna herself being sacrificed. Additionally, she'd also be a more savage protagonist then Cirno and one capable of making more aggressive, lethal and daring decisions to better deal with the sadistic minds which inhabit the Platinum Hearts Universe.

Erna is also designed with the intention of absolving, understanding, mastering and coping with sin. As these are major elements in her personality and power design which come about quite frequently. Since Erna herself is capable of cleansing spirits of all sorts of negativity, evils and sins; while at the same time she herself is a mass cluster of it and she understands the nature of foul and decency to form a more whole person. In turn, her powers reflect the core of her embodiment and seek to enforce it through Immoral Mind's power.

At the same time, she is also being crafted to further add more depth to Cirno's personality by showcasing how fractured and severed her mind is. As, over all, Erna was born so that Cirno's consciousness could be clear and so her focus and willpower could become as strong as it is now. And, for Cirno to have accepted this portion of herself was also meant to show how at peace and in control she was of both her positive and negative portions of her spirit. Ultimately paving way for a happy medium as the overall goal of her training

Background: Essentially, to prove a point to Nemain, Cirno decided to release a seal placed on her mind. It contained a lot of trauma infused within her head following the Australia War. At the time, Cirno had greatly suppressed her mind to the point where she was almost deluded into thinking the world outside of the Iramasha Realm was suppose to be a carefree place. The Soul Society at the time was stable (enough) to the point where she believed that her own strength could change the world and she had entered the war for glory ultimately.

However, after taking part in her first war and seeing how her actions produced a lot of horrible results (Shisome being put into a coma despite her attempts to seal off Lilium, losing her soldiers on the field of war, seeing Moonie go apeshit, conflicting feelings towards Sagumi since she wanted to protect Shisome from him at the time and Australia ultimately ending up in a non-conclusive state after the war despite all the lost), she was put into a questionable state of mind.

One where her values were put into question, the person who she was had became uncertain and she was at a vulnerable place. Reigen then capitalized on this, broke Cirno a bit mentally and formed that persona you saw in the thread taking place. It was a manifestation of him showing how murderous Cirno could gbe when she was caught up in herself; since he had her accidently kill a few bystanders in the fight, forced her to fight him with a more serious intent and eventually had her transform into a fallen Angel.

After that clash, she eventually had to seek out treatment by the Iramasha and The Psycho Seal was made to otherwise suppress that. Since that form she took was the cluster of her mind and spirit's instability and Nemain's chaotic and maddening influence had triggered it to come out. So, by showing her that portion of her soul, she would show that while the entire essence of Cirno was not holy and right, she was trying to work from it and that you didn't have to be chained to it.

As, more than anything else, she felt they had a lot of in common and were two opposite sides of the chain. And, in that moment, she practiced what she had taught her own pupils in the act of gaining a greater control of her soul's own darker and negative portions in order to lessen the need for the psycho seal bit by bit.

And, in doing so, she was able to enhance her own mercy, forgiveness and generous nature that her child self originally tried to strive for and it turns out that her different forms all just wanted to be strong; but in their own different ways. The child Cirno wanted to be strong so she could gain fame and strength to fight against the strongest Iramasha, the matured mind of Cirno only wanted to gain power in order to change the world for the better, protect others who could not protect themselves and to become a proper Angel; and the Psycho Seal only desired to be strong so that she could assert her dominance over others, extend the reach of her child form's desire and reach a point of trying to emulate what Reigen taught her about the world and being ruthless in her own form "heroism"; since she labeled herself as "The Lost Hero" given her Fallen Angel status.

With that said, she ultimately concluded things by trying to remove the sins from Nemain's body, giving her a second chance and hugging her and wishing that she could understand before getting blown away by her final attack. An attack which had enough strength to destroy a good chunk of the moon; and managed to place burns across 100% of Cirno's body. However, in response to a calamitous event taking place, Cirno used one of her event abilities called "MIracle Break" in order to summon a miracle that would suppress the brunt of the explosion, prevent a mass lost of life event from occurring and to empower all protags by two times in the event after it's energy dissipated.

Following that, Cirno started to faint in a mile deep crater and was waiting for the medics to begin healing some of her injuries. Though, ultimately, Cirno only desired for Nemain to have her mind ever so suggestively changed. She doubted that she could ever pull her away from the alignment of antagism, but if she could manage to quell Nemain's maddening rage to the point where it was only dished out at her targets, and away form innocents, perhaps that form of mercy would be enough to prove her worth as an angel in producing a miracle of the heart and mind.


I. Personality Section

» Direct: For the most part, Erna is a very direct person. If she means something? She'll say it plainly and without any mysticism behind it. This is on contrast to Cirno's more refined and matured symbolic tone that she has grown into following her personal evolution. Erna prefers for everyone and everything to know exactly where she stands on the matter. If she believes you look like a sorry sack of crap? She'll damn sure let you know and tell you how to stop being such a sorry sack of crap.

This personality trait was spawned as a result of being a more direct and confrontational version of Cirno. And, since Cirno struggles with this form of bluntness, Erna is often used to dispel that and get straight to the point without much drivel and bullcrap to get in between. So many opponents, allies and family alike may find this rather off-putting in the sense that she doesn't hold back. However, if Erna is around those whom Cirno is found of, she'll often try and add a hint of niceness to it and give them the tools to correct themselves.

For example: there was an incident between her and Henrex where he was mourning the lost of his family. She outright told him there is nothing she can do about the past, but she did offer to be his sister and assist him in whatever power she had in finding those who whom he had lost. This illustrates that direct, but loving sense of nature. As, after all, she still considers herself a hero. Just a more aggressive and violent one. Therefore, if someone needs her help, she won't shy away from it and she'll more than let them know that she is helping them.

» Earnest: One can assume that Erna has a high drive of willpower and determination from the fact that she isn't afraid to aggressively throw herself into any situation. She is willing to give her all at a moments notice in order to finish any task thrown at her. This seems to stem from the fact that she feels she is a protector and a protector must be one who is strong willed, determined and resolved enough to handle anything which may come their way. As she is the anchor which keeps Cirno balanced and she will guard their body and psyche with every last bit of strength she can muster.

Although, from Cirno's giddiness, Erna is also more earnest to jump into non-combative or training situations. For example, if someone offered to teach her to cook, and Erna had a desire to do so, there is a high chance she would just leap at the opportunity and go at it with everything she had as that is the nature of Erna sometimes. Granted, she isn't like this all of the time, as there limits to ones own mental stamina and energy; but it wouldn't be out of character for her to take a high interest and drive in something if it suit her fancy enough.

Strong Confidence: It would take a supernova level explosion to dissolve the confidence of Erna. She can almost be considered the strongest state of self-assurance that Cirno possesses because of the fact she refuses to let anything corrode her belief within herself. This is because she needs to be strong for herself, Cirno and their family and all who follow behind their justice. Therefore, she feels a calling and that external force helps to amplify and intensify Erna's tenacity to near unbreakable levels so long as she knows the path to take to guide Cirno and herself to their ideal reality.

Granted, Erna is aware of it's faults as well. Anyone can have immovable confidence, but it's another to have the self-awareness to work alongside it to understand when it blinds you. Which, in a sense, makes her assurance that much stronger. As, even if Erna is outmatched, outwitted or in over her head; she has sense enough to know when to call it quits for the time being, but she will rack her mind and spirit over ways to continue and will rarely be discouraged by setbacks. As, there is no easy path to success in her mind and there will be obstacles. And, it is those obstacles which help build character and form the foundation which resolve and confidence rely upon.

As, even if everything goes to all hell, Erna has belief in herself that she will be able to endure the storm that comes. Whether the days be blissful and sunny, or filled with damnation, bloodshed and fire; she is ready for whatever will come and is ready to face it with the utmost of self-assurance in herself, in her ability and in her spirit to preserve.

» Violent: While Cirno has her moments when triggered, Erna does not spare any expense once an enemy target has been identified to her justice. She will skewer limbs, destroy organs, torture and outright kill whatever the threat is until it has surrendered, made unable to fight or is terminated. Being that she grew out of Cirno's mind, Erna knows every bit of what Cirno is capable of doing and enforces her potential to the greatest extent of her ability.

This violence comes from the fact that she sees the world as nothing more than savage beast ready to be slayed at a moments notice. She's seen how the world operates, how cruel it can be and how she must protect herself, Cirno and their justice in order for anything to be done about it and to change it. After all, there is little doubt that the world would show her mercy: so why should she? As, more importantly, Erna represents the aggressive and cut-throat nature which The Angel of The Ice consumed herself within following the Australia Arc. And it is that nature which she believes gets things done when Cirno herself cannot handle the task.

Since, more than anything else, Erna often is summoned or takes control when she needs to handle a dirty job. Whether it be a truly sadistic opponents, demons or just having to put the final kill into something; this violent hero will do what it takes to make sure that desire is done and she won't hold back punches while doing so. Anything less and she feels she would have fallen short of what she was born and designed to do. Sure, it may be extensive at times as she isn't afraid to create collateral damage, but this Fallen Angel believes that someone must do what others can't and she is more than willing to bare that burden for Cirno. For she loves her and this is her savage love.

» Realist: Unlike Cirno, Erna doesn't have much optimistic or hope for the world. There isn't much to be happy about, there is a lot that is chaotic and the future only looks blacker than the void itself. Indeed, she sees the whole world as a dull, destructive and hellish place to call ones existence. It's a miserable realm and she considers it rather sub-par when compared to the wonders of the Iramashsa Realm or Heaven itself. Most of the people are disgusting, many of the villains of this world are deprived and the sense of balance is more than skewed to say the least.

However, on the flip side, that does not negate her desire to want to be a hero and uphold her demented sense of justice in the world. For while she accepts there are many things that are foul in the world, Erna still believes that angels are there to help and she feels that her foul nature is needed when more proper methods of the angel race fail. Furthermore, she still is, in essence, a portion of Cirno's ego. Therefore, it would also make sense from that prospective that she would want to continue her will even if things look more than a little grim.

She still has Cirno's willpower, determination and impulse beating within her conscious; so she intends to carry that and uphold in a more "real" manner. At least, what she considers real, anyway. It can be assumed that Erna is a rather grim and pessimistic individual, but she thrives and feeds off that despondent point of view. You can't be disappointed, caught off guard or sad if you already accepted everything is horrible. So, it can only go up until she or Cirno dies. Thus, she feels this gives her a sense of invincibility as nothing is scared, attached or bound to her thanks to what she believes she sees in this world. Everything is finite and foul, so she is free to do as she pleases because of the fact she is prepared for the worst and embraces it.

» Jovial: Now, while Erna has all these wonderfully violent and aggressive traits, that doesn't mean she is some depressive harpy whose only goal in life is vengeance and bloodshed. No, no. Erna is actually quite the happy and lively indivdual to be around; both in the middle and outside of combat. When not in some kind of battle, Erna seems more relaxed and very nonchalant about a lot of matters. She doesn't care what kind of problem people have, she doesn't care how dire or grim circumstances are and she certainly doesn't care about proper etiquette; all she cares about is having a good time and extracting pleasure from life. So she likes to shake people up, drag them out of their shell and see how they respond to her rather upfront and very cordial behavior.

Though, in battle, this turns a bit more grim. For instance, she isn't above laughing, taunting or playing games with her opponents while in the middle of a fight. To this extent, there also seems to be a sadistic trait to the woman as she likes to see the pain and fear in their eyes when fighting against an opponent. If she can't get that, then seeing them get irritated or upset does the trick as well.

An instance of this occurring took place during her match against Nemain Calliope during Shadow Fall's invasion of the Vanguard's moon base. When this encounter took place, Erna was noted as making jabs, insults and laughs at the expense of Nemain. The reason for this is because she was pleased to finally see her beginning to lose her cool after doing much of the same to Cirno. So, she had more than enough amusement in throwing her weight around and extracting a karma based sense of justice on The Espada because of the fact she felt she deserved for all the sickening acts she committed.

So, this can both be a positive and negative trait in Erna's disposition. It is good because she can easily insert herself into any social circumstance and not feel the least bit out of place. While, on the more extreme side, one can assume she has psychotic and sadistic traits when more of her violent nature begins to come out during combat.

Guarding: This entity did not come into creation by chance or by random. No. Erna was made with a purpose to protect the depth of Cirno's happiness. The base of The Fallen Angel simply wishes to protect the innocence, naivety and essence of Cirno's pure spirit. Even in Erna, this beauty of a child-like glow is still ever so faint. To remember those days without worry, without stress and without pain; they seem like a distant past, but it was HER past as she IS Cirno, but in a different light. So, with this prospective, Erna understands that reality does not measure up to these sublime memories. However, Erna is ok with being the crux and foundation that The Angel's confidence, will and good spirit can stand on by carrying this realistic outlook for Cirno

It does not matter if she will be looked at as a killer, savage or someone not befitting of the title as Angel. No. Erna only cares about saving herself and allowing Cirno to live without that guilt and worry of those she has killed, those who she has wronged and the mistakes of her past that pile on like an endless tidal wave of heartache. For it is that pain which makes her powers so potent and why she fights so hard to prevent others from having to turn into the foul monster she considers herself to be.

For while she was initially thought of by Cirno as a scary monster that should be suppressed, locked away and beaten into submission; both Cirno and Erna have come to understand that they need each other. Erna yang to Cirno's yin; for neither cannot exist without the other. They are bind and intertwined at the core of The Angel's psyche. And, after coming to accept this, they have a better union and state of being because of it. As, more than anything else, Erna just wants Cirno to be saved.

Even if Erna herself is long pass the point of being saved, if she can just allow Cirno a new start with her desire to be a hero, then Erna will seek it out and destroy, kill and push away any and everything to keep that precious dream alive. Body by body, fire by fire and sin by sin; Erna will use these building blocks to nurse their ego back together and she'll use herself as sacrifice to make it happen. Nothing else in this whole world matters more than that.

A Sense That All Will Be Right: The mind of Cirno is one that is in a great amount of disarray. There are so many different fractions of herself that are lost, broken, changing or in a total state of confusion. These little things make it very hard for both Cirno and Erna to sometimes understand the fine line between themselves; despite being the same entity and sharing the same vessel that they call a body and mind. Yet, despite how decayed and distorted their essence and ego is, both of them understand one thing -- it will be okay.

It does not matter how strained, dismayed, busted or lost they are; they both understand that they have the strength and will of mind to overcome these obstacles. They have a higher goal, a higher meaner and a great sense of comprehension on where they are in life at this point. Even if the future turns out to be the grim view that Erna views it, they are both prepared and ready to embrace this path and Erna allowed for this feeling to blossom within them. Yet, she herself needed this feeling most of all and it helps to prevent them both from totally being devoured by the weight of their sins. This is their way to make their life work and to move on from the pain.


I. Upgrades

Immoral Mind

Immoral Mind can be considered a primary power of Erna Iramasha. Before getting too in depth into the power, the bases of this ability stems from the fact that Fallen Angel's are often referred to as angels who have sinned. With that much known, there is a core of "immoral" (note: Immoral Aether is what Cirno refers to it as) Aether which is activated within Cirno's body when the persona shift into Erna occurs. When it is awakened, Erna gains the power to pull into a well of power that is based off of sins.

Thus, this power set allows her to become empowered by a wide variety of sins which encompass different religions and beliefs. However, this only applies to those that have been documented throughout time. For instance, if there is no written scripture to refer to, then Erna is not able to otherwise manipulate it and bring it to life. That is one of the primary principles of her Aether in this state because it needs a source of reference in order for it to work. And, when Erna takes over, there is an in-depth library of magical grimoires stored in her mind to allow The Fallen Angel a point of reference to build upon when invoking her powers.

This is because Immoral Mind's principles rely that it take a form of pre-existing ideological premise to induce it's effects. Without that crux, there isn't a medium for Erna's mind to pull resource from and it cannot translate that into her aiblities. Thus, her Aether would not have a link to attach it and could not produce Immoral Mind's abilities or techniques.

Though, with that said, it's more important to understand each ability and technique has it's own set of different limitations. So, in order to better understand how Immoral Mind works, one must begin to view and observe it's many different abilities. Thus, in the sections below, Immoral Mind different feats will be listed out.

Bodily Benefits Of Immoral Mind

Access To Cirno's Abilities: Since Erna can still be considered Cirno, it makes sense that she would have access to all of her abilities as well. In fact, Erna even considered herself to have a greater edge than Cirno when it comes to using their powers, abilities and techniques. This is because she does not hold back her punches and isn't afraid to create more lethal and disarming blows as she doesn't have the same patience or tenderness Cirno does when fighting. Hence, she is more prone to using the best of their abilities to swiftly take down opponents without hesitation.

Immoral Core: While Erna assumes control of Cirno, there seems to be an additional source of energy and Aether which brews within the depths of her body. This allows for Erna to have double the amount of stamina, speed, strength and potency that Cirno would normally have because this core serves to give them more resources and fuel to work with. Therefore, it is the reason why Erna can become so aggressive and swift with her attacks because she has more energy to burn through than Cirno would normally. When Erna deactivates herself, however, Cirno loses access to this extra energy core.

Corruption Resistance: What exactly is Corruption Resistance? Since Erna can be considered a corrupted version of Cirno, it stands to reason that the metaphysical nature of her ethereal body can resist abilities that otherwise decay, corrupt or taint her existence. She can be considered the sum total of Cirno's sin and her very essence reeks of that of a Fallen Angel. Hence. by this definition, it specifically works on a spectrum of powers, abilities or techniques which corrode Erna or Cirno.

To give a better illustration of this bodily ability take Death Energy. Most owners of this energy possess a trait that allows them to corrode and rot out materials or living beings with the energy they use. In Erna's case, she could have a resistance against this due to the nature of her own body. This would not totally negate it, but there is a strong chance it could reduce the potency and effectiveness of these techniques by roughly close to half.

Sometimes more depending on variables related to the potency of the opponents attack, the amount of energy put into the attack, the amount of skill behind it, if Erna is worn down, if the opponent is worn down and things such as that can determine if this goes up or down in it's effectiveness.

Sin's Embrace: When Erna is in the presence of sin, in context to her libraries of various religions stored within her minds grimoires, Erna gains a sense of mental, physical and energy enhancements. Mentally? She'll feel more aware, awake and process things faster because of the fact she is in the presence of her powers nature. Additionally, her body will be able to siphon this abstract energy, break it down and convert it to Aether so she can improve her stamina and release rapid attacks. And, lastly, her speed and strength will be slightly improved as any excess energy is converted down into physical augmentations.

However, these improvements cannot be stacked; nor can they be repeated in the thread. For example, it is possible for her to gain a boost after seeing the sin of murder committed in front of her, but if it keeps being repeated in a war thread she cannot infinitely loop it and stack it. She would have to find another sin taking place if she wanted to keep improving and restoring her strength. This will generally restart with each and every new thread. The boosts will also be somewhere between 3-15% enhancements based on random variables relating to the intensity of the sin. I.E. if there is only one person being murdered in front of her? Chances are she will see a two to three percent boost. Whereas, if there is a war, and thousands are being killed, there is a potential for it to go upwards of 10-15%

It's also worth noting that as she takes more damage and becomes drained, these boosts will gradually fade away from her during the course of a fight. Or, if she has taken damage, and managed to find a Sin to embrace, it can attempt to recover energy, stamina or fatigue lost or gained during the clash.

Prayer Based Regeneration: As long as Erna is still conscious, it is possible for her to activate high speed based regeneration. This is primarily obtained through her Aether and acts on the notion of her praying to the gods to forgive her sins and cleanse her. A series of mental prayers are generated within herself through vocal or mental command in order to help begin the process. Once that is achieved, her Aether will begin to rapidly restore broken bones, ruptured blood vessels, blood loss and even entire organs or limbs within the same post more often than not.

Additionally, this regeneration has a secondary ability of outright purging most external influences away from her body when it is detected by her body. This works by her aether dissolving and breaking away toxins, chemicals and other magic based influences away from her body. For example, if someone poisoned Erna with a paralysis inducing agent, she could summon her Aether and attempt to expunge the foreign substance away from her body in order to stand and begin moving again. These can apply to metaphysical or physical toxins so long as she can still think and summon energy.

However, like anything else, there comes a point where it stops. And, with that said, this prayer based regeneration is reliant on Aether more than anything else. Therefore, when that resource is drained, so to will this regeneration's extensive effects. Henceforth, Erna prefers to always keep supplies of aether near her just in case she needs to heal or recover herself. Along with that, rapid regeneration can grow tiresome and it is still in her best interest not to waste precious resources trying to restore herself. As there is more she could be doing with her energy then trying to recover her wounds during combat.

Aggressive Aura: The difference in atmosphere that the energy of Erna and Cirno possess are two totally different beasts of nature. As soon as Erna assumes control of their body a sense of heaviness will begin to spread throughout the region. It will increase the sensation of gravity against Erna's enemies by five to ten times depending on how resistant they are against the effects of Erna's aura. It has an effect of one hundred meters and does not seem to effect those whom are allies of Erna, or those whom Erna has declared as "innocents". In fact, many of Aggressive Aura's effects can be controlled easily enough by Erna since it is a production of her willpower bleeding into the world.

With that said, the psychological effects of this aura can be immense on those around Erna. Even if one has a Grand Master in willpower, they will still feel a great sense of weight and pressure gnawing at their body and mind from the impact of this presence. While, for those on the lower end of the will spectrum, they may see portions of their willpower begin to leave them and may be persuaded to give up the fight before it begins. It is possible to try and resolve ones self against this, but it gets harder the lower and lower you are on the willpower system. As it is possible for her to make whole hordes of NPC's potentially stand down with just the feel of her energy.

Additionally, this aura can have odd effects on the weather around Erna. It can make the temperature extremely cold, or it can make it immensely hot depending on how Erna sees fit to use it. And, the sheer potency of it seems rich enough to even dissolve some attacks before they hit. This is possible because of the fact that Erna's pure essence is always in a defensive or aggressive state of being. Thus, this translates into her aura and it is always working to burn away attacks before they have a chance to hit or harm Erna.

For instance: it would be possible for the Aggressive Aura to potentially try and weaken a bolt of lightning shot off by Erna by disrupting the flow of electricity within it's bonds and having it scatter away from Erna. Or, in another illustration, it could be used to burn through a mist of poison passively without Erna having to use some of her more active abilities. As it would have the purifying effects of her angelic aura amplified to a great degree and intensified by the heat of power from Erna's energy.

With all that said, a lot of these effects will more than likely lessen as she gets worn down in a fight and may cease once she is tired or heavily injured.

Vessel Reflection: Vessel Reflection is the bodily ability which helps to enhance Erna's power and abilities if she needs to reach deeper into the world around her. As, most Iramashsa gain their powers not from themselves, but from the existence around them. With that said, once she begins to grow her halo and wings, Erna will often use these as a form of antennas to pick up the metaphysical frequency of holy energy blessed by various gods of lore and religion.

This works by the fact that Erna is performing a form of imitation of an angel. They often revealed as messengers of god throughout more lore. And, even though she is a fallen angel, Erna still classifies as a messenger of god by her connection to Cirno. Hence, through this ethereal protocol being reached, Erna is able to call upon more of this holy power to increase her power and potency.

If the wings and halo are formed at the start of a combat post, then she will effectively be at 130% of her power. Essentially, that would simply mean she is in a state of overpowered existence and her attacks will pack more of a punch. If they are formed later in the thread after taking damage and fighting, then it's possible for her to regain 30% of her health and energy when these appendages are formed around her.

In either state, the area of effect and quality of her attacks may go up by a measurement of ten to twenty percent. This means her energy will be in a more enriched state and harder to dispel. Which translates to the fact the opponent will need more force, effort and focus to combat her when she forms these holy appendages. She may also be able to release rapid fire attacks of more powerful abilities, techniques and magic while in this state as well. Although, this does not negate the amount of energy it drains from her. It merely lessens the strain and drawbacks to an extent of her body being able to handle the stamina required for it.

Abilities Of Immortal Mind

Sin Awareness: Sin Awareness is an ability of Immoral Mind that allows Erna to perceive most sins taking place within a city wide area of effect. These act as extra eyes and allows her a greater scope of awareness depending on where she decides to focus her attention. For instance: it would be possible for her to observe a couple indulging in the act of sex, or she could peer into a dark alleyway to see someone trying to commit the act of murder.

No matter what it is, the requirement for this ability is that they must be committing some kind of sin in the context of any recorded religion stored within Immoral Mind's database. Additionally, she may use her sense of energy detection to try and better refine what she is looking for. As, at any minute, a countless number of sins can be taking place at a time. So she looks for abnormalities in the air and tries to filter out useless noise when searching for a specific target. She tries to remember the look of their face, the feel of their energy and uses the power of her mind to try and speed through these analytical processes.

Lastly, this ability can be used as long as she has at least five percent of her overall energy since it is primarily used for sensory purposes. Hence, why it has such a large range of effect as it doesn't do much more than that.

Sin Forgiven [Plot/Story Ability]: Sin Forgiven is the ability that Erna possess to absolve others of their sin at the cost of taking them on herself. For example: if a man had murdered, but tried his best to repent and make up for the sins, Erna would have the ability to ease his mind of them. This would result in mental traumas being subdued, while the potential for blessings could occur. These blessings could include the bestowal of a new power, the erasing of a sickness from their body, curses being undone and things of that nature.

The primary requirement that is needed is that they simply must work to undo their negative karma in the universe. All Erna needs to know and observe from them is that they are trying to fill the world with more positive actions and she will activate this ability if the other party is accepting of her offer. Additionally, when this transferal takes place, the sin is stored within her mind and spirit and may manifest itself into a weapon, technique or potential new ability.

For example, Erna may be able to to unlock an ability which allows her to feel the murderous intent of others by absorbing the sins of a murderer for her own. This could allow her to try and discern whether or not someone is genuinely going to murder her from the knowledge of this sin being turned into a power. Although, this is primarily all done in the effort to prevent others from becoming as lost as Erna herself. As there is a desire within her to change the paths of others who walk a similar road as herself and to help them not to find this source of hell.

Weaponized Sin: One of the abilities that Erna possesses while she is in control is the fact that she can create weapons that are based around sin. In fact, she can even create these while in a thread or during combat. However, there are some protocols which must be achieved before they are created. One of the first is that these weapons can come in the form of her index of religions addressing any sort of passages, writings, commandments or sayings based around sins.

The second protocol needed is that when Erna is able to visualize the weapon, it MUST be in the form of a weapon. Whether that be a sword, knife, gauntlet or whatever else have you; one of the conditions to use this ability is that it cannot be free-range. Thirdly, most of her weapons that are made in thread will often stick to one or two abilities to prevent it from overloading the weapon. If it is made outside of a combat thread, then it is possible to add more effects to it as she would have more to refine and improve the craft of her weapons.

Weapons that are made in thread will generally only last a finite amount of time until they are damaged. It is when weapons are given a name, a definite purpose and time to be reinforced that they last forever in the sense that they don't disappear. As, after five to ten post, it is possible for the weapon to degrade and disappear if Erna does not have time to reinforce it. Hence, why she prefers to usually try and create them out of thread.

Additionally, most weapons need to be within her range of power. For instance, it isn't possible for Erna to create a weapon that destroys entire planets in the blink of an eye. However, Erna can create something on the spot like a sword which feeds off the power of wrath and becomes empowered when in the presence of someone who is under this sin. Or she can create a shield which casts away the influence of sin in order to either negate or lower the strength of different attacks with the intent of sin behind them.

Furthermore, Erna must be at at least thirty percent of her overall health and energy in order to use this ability. And, usually, there is some sort of mental calculation needed in order to assure the structure, stability and core of the weapon is functional enough to be used. As converting immaterial thoughts into tangible objects is something that can be an exhausting affair for most beings. Which is why it can also be taxing on her energy if it is abused.

The Abstract Of Sin: The Abstract Of Sin can be considered a reality bending power. The reason for this is because of the fact that it alters the existence around Erna based in context of her religious lore on sin. However, there are a few protocols needed in order to summon it. One of the first is that an identifiable threat must be observed by Immoral Mind. This is required because The Abstract Of Sin will not activate against non-sinners. So, Erna may have to observe the opponent for a few posts before it activates.

The second protocol needed to activate The Abstract Of Sin will more than likely need to be a prayer. This can be done mentally or vocally, but incantations work the best because it works in a similar manner as a kido in the fact that it becomes further empowered when the words are spoken into reality. And this is because the third protocol required for Abstract Of Sin to work is a projected and plotted course of action. By this, Erna has to mentally configure and determine the usage of her reality bending so that it stays in relation to the sinner and the sin they are committing or the sin she is summoning. For if it strays from that path, and goes off something which is not related to her power, then it will backfire and injure Erna.

Fifth, Erna should create and produce an object in relations to the religious sin she is referring to when activating The Abstract Of Sin. For example, if she was taking a sin from Christianity, then a cross would suffice in this example because it was creating a medium for The Abstract Of Sin to summon and reflect it's power. These protocols are put in place in order to better manage the vast extent of Erna's reality bending and to better allow her to invoke them without wearing herself down heavily from the first usage. As it becomes an immensely abstract ability -- if used with the proper knowledge and application.

For example: she could input the values of what constitutes a person as a sinner from the index of Christianity and transfer that knowledge into the particles of her aether energy. After creating a cross in front of herself, making a prayer to the christian gods and calculating the projected course of action to take with this reality bending; Erna would be ready to summon The Abstract Of Sin. From there, both Immoral Mind and The Abstract of Sin would trigger and attempt to spread across a twenty meter radius. And, in that radius, Erna could potentially prevent people with the sin of murder from encroaching upon that terrority without taking some form of mental damage, physical injury or lost of their energy.

In this illustration, for the sake of convince, one can assume she has had time to observe the person and she could account for the sins they've committed. In this way, she could inscribe that fact into her altered reality and have it punish the person for having partook in those sins. This could result in broken bones, 5-10% of their energy being drained or the opponent could outright feel mentally deterred from trying to approach the holy area altered by The Abstract Of Sin. However, it is possible to still try and enter ICly as this isn't absolute. An opponent could attempt to lessen the damage by protecting themselves with a HIGH powered barrier, or they may have the durability needed to force themselves through. And, if a person hasn't a omitted an identifiable sin, they can potentially bypass it as well. There are ways around the ability if one can think abstractly enough.

With that said, some of the limitations of Immoral Mind are in the fact that it is contained within a radius of ten to one hundred meters. Although, these perimeters may alter and change in accordance with her release forms of augmentation boost. Additionally, she is only able to perform one or two reality distortions per post and they take up some energy. So, while there is no cool down, in character Erna would try to avoid using it back to back if possible. Furthermore, it isn't perfect and be countered if the opponent knows what they are dealing with. And, those who are holy or without sin will have a resistance against this ability.



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I. General Stuff

Various Techniques Of Immoral Mind

Principles Of Immoral Mind's Techniques: The primary principle for the various techniques is that it must relate in some way to her knowledge of sins. For example, it would be impossible for her simply summon a technique which allows her to alter reality for no rhyme or reason. Her Aether would become unstable and begin to damage both Cirno and Erna. However, if she is able to convert and break down this information of sins into proper form, she can then summon many types of different techniques with Immoral Mind.

An illustration of this would be if she were to take the concept of greed and design a technique which absorbs energy within a one hundred meters. This would be used to drain the power of others within this radius and would be called upon to enforce the sin of greed. These techniques can also be designed around different scriptures on sin, passages, quotes and so on from different religious indexes. It is also worth mentioning the each different technique may have it's set of drawbacks, rituals or requirements to perform. These will vary from technique to technique.

Activating The Techniques: For the most part, Erna seems to prefer the channel of sigils to summon her magic. This is because they provide a great medium to house the metaphysical knowledge and protocols of Immoral Mind's abilities and techniques. As they create a network of ethereal systems that absorb, store and then summon the different effects that each of Immoral Mind's techniques might trigger. All they need is a little bit of Erna's Aether and they are ready to be used at a moments notice.

Symbol Of Death:

James 1:15 - "These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death."

Symbol Of Death takes after James 1:15. Essentially, Erna has transfused this verse from the Christian bible and tailored it to be a move where she is able to use the particles associated with her Aether Energy in a more deteriorating matter. By imprinting the sigil seen above on to an object, person or place in the environment around her; Erna is able to use the Symbol Of Death to induce decay and rot onto the object, thing or person.

As illustration of this: if Erna were able to mark a ten meter radius of space above herself with this Aether Energy, she could then begin to create the sigil and use it offensively and defensively. If something like a cero were to slam into the sigil? Then the particles within it would begin to disintegrate and potentially be eradicated. If that failed, then the impact of the attack would be lessened and dissolved at the very least. Offensively? It could be used if Erna were to charge someone with this sigil in front of her and she could begin to decay their body. Of course, most of the effects would be temporary in nature. These mostly range from lowering their stamina, releasing energy from their body or lowering their durability depending on how potent Erna makes it with her energy and focus.

With that said, it does have limits. Only four of these circles may be summoned at a time. Additionally, they may only impenetrable upwards of one hundred meters. And, while most of these sigil's are quite durable, it doesn't mean they are implementable and may dissolve or break after a few good hits or one heavy hit. These are measured in either the amount of force held within a persons energy, or through the potency of how enriched their magic is. Lastly, and most obviously, is that it takes energy to summon and this can get exhausting to use if spammed or used back to back. It is recommended that this ability is used while Erna is at least 25% of health and energy.

Dissolving Sin:

"Then he said to me, “Have you seen this, O son of man? Is it too light a thing for the house of Judah to commit the abominations that they commit here, that they should fill the land with violence and provoke me still further to anger? Behold, they put the branch to their nose."
- Ezekiel 8:17

What is Dissolving Sin? Dissolving Sin is a technique which is derived from Ezekiel 8:17 and takes it's power from the fact that the bible spoke out against violence as a sin. As a result, Erna used Immoral Mind's abilities to forge this technique which shields her against the sin of violence against her person. By infusing these holy words into Dissolving Sin's signil, this magic symbol is able to carry out a divine will and shield Erna against those who would dare do her harm in the name of violence alone.

Thus, with that much known about the technique, Erna uses Dissolving Sin order to get out of tight binds. It starts off by Erna drawing the sigil shown in the image above in either her black, energy or ink. Then, from there, the sigil form in a circle that is five meters long in length and width below Erna. After this is summoned, all she will need to do is channel her Aether into the circle and it will be able to negate or redirect attacks which were infused with a sinful desire.

For example: she could activate Dissolving Sin and attempt to destabilize the particles of an attack in order to negate it and cancel it out. At least, provided the attack makes contact within this five meter zone where the sigil is formed. Which means that a form of contact must be made. Through this contact, however, Erna managed to develop the technique further and isn't shy about bringing the fight to the opponent. As she can write out the sigil of Dissolving Sin on to an opponent and attempt to cause them direct damage.

Since, if Dissolving Sin is activated on a person and they have violent intentions for Erna, she can attempt to seal off portions of their power for the duration of the battle to make them weaker and induce damage by the seal causing havoc on their body and constricting it with a metaphysical force meant to restrain and crush the opponent. It would feel as if the body part that Erna tagged was being held in place by chains so tight that it starts breaking through the skin, cracking bone, organ and drawing blood. However, it won't kill them more often than not. It will induce heavy damage, but the seal will often dissolve after one or two post and allow Erna to go in for a more crushing blow.

Lynching Liars:

"For the sins of their mouths, for the words of their lips, let them be caught in their pride. For the curses and lies they utter."- Psalm 59:12

Lynching Liars denotes it's strength from Psalm 59:12 in the way that it condemns liars. Ergo, for this technique to activate, Erna must witness someone lying. Once she is able to see that and record that memory into her sigil, she may then draw this sigil through her blood, ink or marking the foe with her energy. After it is designed, she will need to have to tag them directly with the seal and trigger it's activation.

Following Lynching Liars activation, it will deduct the opponents durability, health and potentially even their willpower by ten percent for each lie they are caught in. For example, if a person had lied to Cirno or Erna five times, or anyone else within their observation, and either of them have proof to show to the sigil that it is true, then they will be able to take away over fifty percent of their energy, health and durability for the duration of the thread. So, in essence, a person has ten lies to tell before their game is up and if Erna can prove them true then she can get the hits in on them.

The seal will naturally go away after one to three post. And, if the opponent is able to prove that they are innocent, then the effects can also be negated or it won't harm them at all.

A Sloth's Rest:

"Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks."- Ecclesiastes 10:18

A Sloth's Rest gains it's power from Ecclesiastes 10:18 which states that laziness leads to ruin. Therefore, A Sloth's Rest empowers itself with the sin of laziness and transforms it into a power which causes the opponent to either pass out or fall asleep. Though, like most of her sigils which pertain to a persons body, Erna will need to figure out a way to imprint this directly on the opponent.

Once she is able to find a way to make contact with her opponent, she can create the sigil through blood, ink or marking it with her energy. From there, it will fuse itself to the opponent and attempt to induce a form of sleepiness upon them. There will be an opening during the rest where the opponent, no matter what level of awareness they are, to realize that something is wrong.

There will be a heaviness on their body and their speed will become dramatically lowered during the first half of their post. After they become aware, it will be up to them to figure out a way to remove the seal from their body or face being unconscious for the duration of one to three post depending on how potent the spell was.

However, Erna will NOT be able to make any lethal blows to the opponent as a sacrifice for making this technique. Instead, she may only heavily injure or attempt to cripple them. If she attempts to kill them during this lull, then power will back fire and heavily injure Erna or outright move the target out of harms way. Therefore, Erna prefers to use this in order to give herself time to think, move the opponent, make them weaker or to try and kidnap others.

Knives Of Malice:

"He frees me from my enemies. You exalt me above my adversaries; You rescue me from violent men." - Psalm 18:48

It can be inferred that violence is a sin from Psalm 18:48. Therefore, once Erna is able to observe that sin taking place, she can call upon the Knives Of Malice to be released. Once this memory is recorded, she needs to inscribe it into her Aether to store for later in order to awaken the protocols required to unleash this attack. For, after that point, all she is required to do then is create the needed sigils made in her energy, ink or blood and it's power can be ready to be used.

As, The Knives Of Malice is capable of raining down anywhere from one hundred to one thousand knives per sigil which are capable of piercing through steel and tearing bone, flesh and body to mesh. These are infused within a prime source of Aether and many of the blades will be crimson in color because of the red heat of violent intent. They can potentially cut up through all sorts of supernatural and magic based attacks, but they aren't unstoppable. With enough force they can be stopped or brute strength can break them if push comes to shove.

However: they will not harm those who lack this sin. If Erna or the particles of her energy have not observed the sin of violence taking place, then it will simply bypass them and move on to the next target. Additionally, only four of these sigils can be summoned at a time. There is also a two post cooldown before they can be used again as well. They also have a maximum range of one thousand meters before they stop as well. Given that the nature of their speed can reach up to mach three levels if Erna wishes, it isn't a wonder why they can cover such a large distance in a short amount of time if need be.

Cross Cease:

"'I will set my face against anyone who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute themselves by following them, and I will cut them off from their people." - Leviticus 20:6

Cross Cease takes its power from Leviticus 20:6. It translates this verse into the fact that no constructs of the occult will be performed in the name of the lord. And, with Cross Cease, this applies to magic and all forms of it; excluding Erna's and other holy or angelic beings. (So this is effectively useless against other angels) Though, there are a few protocols that must be followed in order to summon it. One of the first is that Erna must make or have a cross on her in order for it to have effect. Secondly, she must then draw, inscribe or fuse Cross Cease's sigil on to it. From there, it will transfer it's power into this medium of the lord and activate against a legitimate threat.

With that said, Cross Cease has a range of effect equal to fifty meters in height, length, depth and width. Within this zone, it will negate and null most if not all forms of magic while it is activated. However, this DOES not apply to supernatural powers. By that, most forms of racial magic can be disabled within this zone, but the opponent is free to use any special abilities they have or other racial. Cross Cease primarily focuses on nulling witchcraft, magic and curses within it's range of effect. Additionally, it will only last for two to four post before it diffusing and breaks the object. There is also a two to three post cooldown before it can be used again and it can only be used up to three times per thread.

Furthermore, if the object is broken, the magic will return. Although it can be guarded and enhanced with Erna's protection, it isn't exactly invincible and will break with enough force. So, if an opponent realizes their magic is being nulled by the object, then all they would have to do is break it and it would return almost instantly within the fifty meters surrounding them.

Slay Falsehood:

"You must not pass along false rumors. You must not cooperate with evil people by lying on the witness stand." - Exodus 23:1

Slay Falsehood is a technique which is crafted around the sin of baring false reports based on the passage of Exodus 23:1. If Erna becomes aware or is observant of an entity baring deceitful reports, then she will be able to activate Slay Falsehood. Once this protocol is achieved, the next will be to mark her target with the sigil shown above. The sigil can be formed with ink, her own blood or drawn with her energy. After these requirements have been made, she will then need to make direct contact with the opponent and trigger the ability with her Aether being the catalyst for it's release.

Proceeding these rules have been met, then the conditions of Slay Falsehood will allow for it to suppress and disable the opponents power in equal measurements to the falsehood they birthed in the world. For example: if they bared a false report which resulted in property being lost, then Slaying Faslehood could potentially damage a piece of their equipment. If their falsehood resulted in a life being lost, then it is possible for Slay Falsehood to disable their power for the duration of the thread and allow Erna an opportunity to slay them.

On Erna's end, however, she will need to be able to fully prove this sense of falsehood to be true. Otherwise, the seal will reject her request and it will not work. Thus, the burden of proof will have to be on her to infuse into the seal in order to make it work and to follow the chain of effect that the sinners lies were connected to. Additionally, while the seal will not kill the person, the abilities that Erna and Cirno are capable of wielding can more than do so if she wishes. As it will leave them with only their general skill sheets to work with (Speed/strength/durability) Also, this seal is not temperament unless the other party wishes it to be. It will lose effect after one thread is role played with the seal placed. It can also be removed from others who are knowledgeable enough to work with seals.

Bitter Bite:

"Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness."
- Romans 3:14

Bitter Bite takes after Romans 3:14 in it's regard to the act of cursing being a sin. If Erna is able to observe someone using foul language, then it is possible for her to activate Bitter Bite. To activate it, however, Erna must create the sigil for Bitter Bite in either her own blood, ink or energy. From there, she will need to find a way to strike them or have an attack hit their throat, mouth or any where on the head. From there, Bitter Bite will then activate and go into effect.

To get things started: Bitter Bite will then induce two acts on the opponents body. One of the first is that they may throw up a large volume of blood from their mouth. This blood will release two to four percent of their energy from their body depending on how potent and effective the attack was. The second is that the opponent will more than likely face injuries to their head and neck areas as they'll feel a metaphysical force grinding against it. If Erna can channel enough Aether Energy into it, she can potentially attempt to knock them out with this force if it is strong enough.

The effect only lasts for one or two post and has a one to two post cooldown before it can be used again. And, depending on how many curse words were stated in the presence of Erna, that's how many times Erna can use it against that target. So, if Erna observes them saying multiple curse words before she activates it, then she can stockpile that many potential usages. It's also worth mentioning that Bitter Bite takes roughly two to three percent of her energy away. Hence, there is a lot of room to use this ability.

End By Arrogance:

"I will punish the world for its evil, the wicked for their sins. I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty and will humble the pride of the ruthless." - Isaiah 13:11

End By Arrogance takes it's prowess from Isaiah 13:11. The way Immoral Mind translates this ability is that thou shall not be arrgoant, prideful or otherwise over confident in the presence of Erna. If she is able to observe that sin, then all Erna will need to do is create the sigil through her blood, ink or energy and then tag the opponent with it and it's effects will begin.

Since, if Erna is able to mark the target with the technique with a direct hit, then The End Of Arrogance will create a metaphysical assault on them that will eat away at five to percent of their energy for three post before it dissolves. In addition to that, it will lower the overall health of the opponent by nine percent for each post as well. So they may see stamina lost, attacks may be somewhat harder to form and a sense of fatigue may wash over them.

With that said, though, it isn't impossible to remove the seal. If the opponent can figure out a way to remove it, then the seal's effects can be stopped or mitigated. Additionally, there is a two to three post cool down before Erna is able to use it again and it will usually cost somewhere around five percent of her overall energy to create the seal. So it's something she generally uses if she knows for certain it will have an effective influence on her opponent.

Blasphemous Star [Mission/Event/Intense Situation Circumstance]

"See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven." - Matthew 18:10 New International Version (NIV)

Despising one of God's children can be considered an act of sin in the context of Matthew 18:10. Ergo, one can see where Blasphemous Star gains it's metaphysical prowess from. With that said, before one can even begin get into the ability, there are a few protocols that must be met in order to summon it. One of the first is that there must be a situation to warrant it's usage. It simply cannot be a random enemy trying to attack Cirno that isn't a sufficient threat.

Once that requirement has been discerned, the second covenant needed to summon this technique is that Erna must be using the full power of her Vessel Reflection to activate Blasphemous Star. This is because it requires her to intimate and reflect the visage of an angel so that she may guise herself as a chosen child of god. As, once again, most Iramasha gain their strength from the world around them and it's metaphysical construct. So, by doing this, she is meeting these ethereal requirements and unlocking the esoteric code needed to unleash this technique.

Hence, the final requirement for this ability to be made is that a physical object must be used as a medium. This is because something must be infused into the world for it's effects to travel through. Often times Erna uses crosses because these help to increase the potency of the attack by infusing more religious symbolism into the power.

Nevertheless, after these standards have been met, those who bare ill-will towards Cirno or Erna, take action against them or show malice will be met with it's ability. A cross shaped star will be summoned and this can be expanded from one meter all the way to covering a one thousand meter area in the sky or ground. If an opponent were to look into the star, then it is possible for this technique to be used against them in order to steadily drain them of power. It will continue to zap and suck away once they've made direct contact with them.

And, depending on the difference in strength or tier, it may have a variety of effects. There is the potential for it to cause weaker characters to begin to become paralyzed or outright faint after being in the presence of this holy curse. In other cases, some characters may find themselves having their body begin to rot out by having bones, organs, muscles and other body part begin to become less durable, injured or begin to fail. Sometimes, they may simply lose energy at a rate of 5-10% per post, while in others it may jump to 30% if there is a wide gap in strength and no defensive measures have been taken against Erna.

With that said, these effects can be stopped if someone were to approach the sigil and destroy the object which is causing them this discomfort. Granted, there will be a dense cluster of holy energy around it, but it is not impossible to break and those with potent magic or strong energy can attempt to break through. It can just be assumed that Erna will more than likely be protecting it and wanting others to not tamper with it.

Additionally, there is no real time limit for this technique. Furthermore, it can even effect people from different sides of the planet if it happened to be broadcasted at the same time. For example: if it was reported on enemy communication channels, and they viewed this symbol, then it could effect them in an event thread. However, with all of that said, if Erna falls below 30% health, it will deactivate. So, as long as she keeps her energy and health above that meter, it can remain in effect for the majority of the thread unless it is destroyed. So an opponent can either try to destroy the object, shield themselves from it with magic to mitigate it's effects or they can outright try and injure Erna to the point of causing it to dispel or forcing her to drain her energy resources fighting them.

It's also worth noting that this ability won't work on a majority of those who are proclaimed as heroes, angel's or other holy spirits because this is meant to work against those who are opposing the divine, angelic and heavenly. If they already possess these traits, then it won't have much of an effect. It also will not effect those who are clearly defined as Cirno's allies or those working alongside her.

Known Equipment Forged From Immoral Mind [As Of This Posting]

Blade Of Immorality [Must be used when Vessel Reflection is at 100% and has her wings + halo out]

Appearance: To get a full view of the sword, you can view it in the image above. Otherwise, it can be described as a large black blade with crimson markings scattered all over it's hilt, edges and tip. There are also markings etched within it that are made in hebrew which read "להב של חטא". This can be translated as "Blade Of Sin" and is repeated over and over throughout the weapon. One can also view a crimson gem sealed in the middle of the blade which looks as if an eye is observing the opponent at all times. There are also three other gems that are sealed within the blade's hilt. The Blade Of Immorality is also a sword that is rather lengthy. Erna is 4'10 in her child form and this blade is roughly three feet long or so.

The Weight Of Sin: Sin can carry an immense weight on a person. Therefore, this interpretation of it is inscribed into the blade and represented in the fact that it's as heavy as a moutain. One swing of this sword is sufficient enough to take out entire droves of men in a single strike from distances upwards of forty meters away. It's capable of smacking back attacks akin to a grand ray cero back at it's owner as if it were an impenetrable wall which could not be broken. Hence, it is why Erna seldom uses the weapon to begin with as there aren't many who observe seeing the end of her sword.

Furthermore, Erna is leery of wielding this weapon as the potential for collateral damage is immense. And, while she has a great sense of control over her strength, it still leaves her uneasy. Since, after all, Erna still possess the will of Cirno and Cirno would not want to endanger innocent lives. Even Erna herself doesn't as she is more than happy to kill anyone who is an enemy, but has no malice in her bones for those who have nothing to do with her strife. So this is another factor in trying to find the appropriate time to use The Blade Of Sin to begin with.

Additionally, the force of power which generates from this blade can sometimes strain, tear or break the bones or muscles in her hands, arm and shoulders because of the amount of strength which it can generate. Therefore, Erna tries to make sure she is in total control when wielding the blade to prevent causing harm to herself. As, she is an immensely durable creature, but she isn't interested in causing un-needed damage to herself when in the middle of a critical battle. Plus, while swinging the sword, the speed of Erna may slow down due to how destructive it can be.

Therefore, she tries to do one of two things: she'll either limit herself to one to four heavy strikes while using The Blade Of Sin, or she will use her Aether to lessen the weight and allow for more rapid strikes if need be. It all depends on the situation she is in and what it calls for.

Sin Crux: This weapon has the potential to be just as strong as Erna herself when it comes to the volume of energy that it can store. However, this comes with a few protocols that must be met. At the start of each thread, it will often only have 25% of her energy starting out. By using the sin of greed, the blade is capable of consuming numerous acts of sin in a five hundred meter radius of Erna.

Each act that it can identify will steadily make it more and more powerful. The percentage that it can get from each sin will vary based on how severe the acting sin was. For example: it would possibly only get 0.5% for each curse word that is uttered out of someones mouth who is in this region. While acts of violence, malice, murder, destruction and so on would rack up higher percentages. Murder could see a jump in 30-40% energy, hostile intent against Erna could gain 5-10%, destruction of others property could account for 5-10% per act and so on and so forth.

It will eventually cap off at a 150% power as that is the max that can be stored within the blade. Additionally, once it reaches that peak point, it will be unable to return to it until the next thread. So, if Erna attempts to place her sword into this overdrive state again, it would not work and she can only return it to 100%. Furthermore, this blade can grow dull, get worn down and it's durability can cause it to have problems. As an illustration of this: if the blade took a direct attack that damaged it, it would eventually repair itself in another thread, but it's effectiveness may decrease as a result of taking on this damage during the thread.

So, like any other person or thing, it can be worn down and weakened as it's used throughout the thread. And, it also takes lower amounts of energy for Erna to maintain. She also notices that it irritates her body to an extent and may be persuaded to discard it if she herself manages to take damage, is exhausted or is low on energy or health.

Sin Purge: Sin Purge is tailored around the fact that Erna herself is capable of absolving, consuming and vaporizing sin with her fallen angel embodiment. With that said, Sin Purge takes this construct and theme within her and allows Erna the ability to erase that which has sinned. For example: if Erna and her sword were able to observe someone committing sin and they intended to attack with malice intent, Sin Purge could activate. As the needed protocols for this ability would have been met and she would have full clearance to let it awaken and begin to do it's task of erasing sin from the world around her.

When Sin Purge activates, it will take a sum of Erna's energy or the energy store in it's gems in order to induce a form of reality manipulation. As, it will try to eradicate the sense of sin it senses lingering in the intent of their attacks and will attempt to negate, erase and outright destroy the attack. Additionally, if it is able to hit the opponent, then percentages of their energy and health will begin to vaporize. If grazed by Sin Purge or within five to ten meters of it's blast range, then it's possible to lose five to percent of your health. If one takes a direct hit, then it is possible to have six to fifteen percent of a characters health and energy be taken away. These results will vary, intensify or weaken based on values of tier, durability, resistances, skills, Erna/Cirno's state of being (are they tired/fatigued/at peak power etc) and the state of being with their opponent.

However, this isn't automatic in the slightest. If Erna's assumptions are wrong, then it will have no effect on the opponent or their attacks. Additionally, those who have not sinned or are pure will either have lessened effects or it will not work at all. As this is less effective and potent against other angel's or holy beings; even if they sin. Furthermore, this will take away two to five percent of Erna's energy or the weapon's energy with each usage. This ability also has a range of one hundred meters, but it is often used in a range of meters equal to five to twenty. So, when it is extended, it takes more energy and focus to manage. Lastly, she is limited to two to three of these strikes per post.

Heat Of Immorality: Unlike Cirno, the persona of Erna is one that is ripe with fire and filled with the fire of a sinner burning forever eternally. Therefore, from this abstract construct, the Aether attuned itself to this attribute and inscribed it's concept into the blade. Therefore, The Heat Of Immorality is a power that allows her to burn and melt through sin. When she first summons this weapon to her side, many opponents will often feel as if they are being smothered, scorched and constricted by the intense metaphysical heat that this weapon generates. And, this is no mental or will effect.

From such dense sin being condensed into a single tool, the aura of energy from this sacred weapon is able to induce these passive effects. If the opponent lingers around the blade for too long without protection, it can even begin to passively cause damage by the heat draining them of their energy for each post by a variable of 1-20%. This is measured by the difference in tier between Erna and her foe, how potent their defenses are in regards to what abilities or equipment they may possess, how skilled their abilities are honed (I.E. a 2-3 Shinigami with a master in kido could produce a potent enough barrier to mitigate the effects or something along those lines), if their health or durability is in a low state and other similar fluctuations that occur in combat.

Additionally, it is possible for her to send waves of crimson energy that have this heat infused into them at the opponent. This can lead to injuries related to heat exhaustion, burning and melting. As an opponent can face extreme burns to their skin, heat exhaustion, have portions of their body melt off and their overall durability can face difficulties or be stressed when constantly attacked by it. Furthermore, Erna can influence attacks in a similar matter and induce a form of metaphysical melting in order to attempt to vaporize the attack and break down the molecules associated with it. However, in exchange, it will often take 2-5% of her energy for each slash swung depending on her state of being each time she uses it. (I.E. is Erna healthy? Did she take damage? Is she exhausted? Is she trying to make it more potent? etc)

With all of that said, most of these effects will lessen if the blade manages to become dull during the battle, the durability of it is lessened during combat or if Erna herself is unable to wield it anymore. As, while it may be passive, Erna has to actually be touching it for it to be active. If she were to drop it, or use it remotely, then it would immediately cease to be unless she was actively focusing her energy into the blade and draining herself of energy. It should also be noted that this blade has an area of effect of one hundred meters, but it does have the potential to be expanded on if Erna enhances it with her magic or other techniques.

Other weaknesses include the fact that most of it's abilities will be lessened and not as effective against those with pure hearts, pure intentions, allies, angels and other similar heroes. Along with that, for those who haven't sinned in Erna's presence, this ability can be lessened as well and it is why she prefers to observe them before summoning this weapon so that it knows they are sinners and can work more effectively against her targets in battle.


I. Why This Is Being Added

» Why: [0-2 TO 0-2+ or 0-2++]

[Willpower from Master to Grand Master]

[Focus to Grandmaster]

The reason why I am wanting to upgrade Cirno with this expansion of Erna is because it adds more depth to her character for me. It gives me a greater sense of development with her personality and I've seen Erna add more story elements with her threads. Just look at her interactions with Henrex, Nemain and Sophia in the way that she has changed, altered and smashed her head in with their plots to change their character.

More than that, I also feel Cirno is deserving of this status because she is running and managing two different factions; The Angel Society and Hero Guild. Cirno is also EXTREMELY active and is always producing QUALITY content with her posts as well that help enrich and motivate other characters to progress, change and make themselves better.

Cirno is also EXTREMELY active in events as she has taken part in Black World, The Platinum Heart Tournament, Iceland, Hero Quest, Operation Moon Massacre and so on and so forth. To say that she isn't a pivotal character on the site at this point is a joke at best. She is always on the frontlines and is always trying to take people along for the ride.

I mean, she has taken on The King Of Hueco Mundo in Iceland and forced him out of a city, Sou Yuuki at his worst while trying to save hundreds of thousands from his rampage, managed to have two pages of active combat with the strongest human on the site in her child form, she has started a major faction group with a strong member base, she has trained dozens and dozens of characters, took on the third Espada of Shadow Fall and managed to push her to the brink, she has developed multiple Iramashsa gems for those in the guild of heroes to use, she has had massive personal development and everyone can more or less refer to her as a major protag on the site.

I also believe that Cirno/Erna deserves a Grand Master in Willpower and Focus because that has been the fundamental aspect of their training throughout the 217 post associated with Hero Quest. The Focus aspect comes from the fact that Cirno was finally able to manage and subdue the chaotic, negative and otherwise corrupted aspects of herself without the need for a crutch. This was something that plagued her for quite some time, and is why she began The Hero Quest which changed so many characters lives to begin with. It gave her the balance, focus and peace of mind needed to calmly assert her powers.

While, at the same time, Erna's very existence is a testament of how strong Cirno's willpower to succeed is. After all, she was forged by the determination to do justice; even if it was in such a corrupted form. This formed every single bit of power and persona found in Erna. Cirno was even capable of altering the state of being of others through the atmosphere of her willpower and focus alone. This made dozens of characters feel at peace, helped to find themselves and progress their development.

This type of mental training even extended into the metaphysical because Cirno, day in and day out for 6 months, constantly went into the depths of her own inner world, the inner worlds of others and learned a great deal of what it is to take both the negativity of life and the positivity life to form a happy balance. This guy her strength, knowledge and assurance that everything was going to be okay.

And since prior to this her willpower was still strong, this could serve as the final nail in the coffin to really bolster and make her willpower ungodly because she has earned that with all the struggle, trials and tribulations she has endured to try and redeem herself and become, what she believes, is a proper angel. One that can make people stronger, have them find their purpose, unlock their potential and make them the greatest they can be with her presence, influence and action.

In addition to all of that, Cirno has been a character I've been working on for almost 5 years going into 2017; 4 years as of the making of this post. Therefore, it isn't as if this upgrade is coming out of nowhere either. There has been steady development, growth and time to mature for her into this state. She has been in a constant stream of threads, events, fights, battles, personal threads and so on since that time and I feel that further adds more fuel to the fire in moving this profile towards a potential 0-2++ approval.

So, from all of that, I feel she deserves some type of 0-2 to 0-2++ in ranking and a Grand Master in Willpower and Focus as she has earned it in my eyes.

HERO QUEST ALONE: [217 posts of content related to her event. Do I have to really grab the other threads? As if need be, I will pull every single thread she has been in since her last tier upgrade in Dec of 2014 to support my argument for this upgrade.]



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Ready for review!
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After having looked this over from end to end, I believe that Cirno is more than deserving of this upgrade. The Erna expansion (which all seems as fair and balanced as it does justified), as well as the massive amount of activity she's shown and importance she's had to the site, totally back-up what is being requested in my eyes.

Approved, and also approving both the Focus GM and Willpower GM and tier to 0-2++

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A Most Violent Hero: Erna Iramasha [Cirno Expansion]
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