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 A friendly visit[Niflheim]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A friendly visit[Niflheim]   Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:40 pm

"I'm going to have to ask you to say that again Narisa," Styn demands incredulously.

The dark haired demoness' eyes slide to the right as she avoids Styn's gaze. She seems to shrink in on herself. "W...well yeah I know it sounds daunting but none of the big names have been seen in ages," she smiles weakly still not wiling to look at his face.

"So to recap. You expect me to attack a fortified position in the artic of what may or may not be the remnants of the fucking Vandenreich!? What's more this is an unsanctioned foray with no official backing or support from Shadow Fall," Styn exclaims with a put upon huff. "I'm then to pick a fight with the supposed leader of this force for the pure purpose of judging their current battle power. Not to make way for an eventual invasion, not on any good authority that the Vandenreich are interfering with any of Shadow Fall's current objectives or territories. I am to take on this dangerous and mostly futile endeavor so that some lazy bastard in the eighth circle can write up a pretty report for," Styn's jaw firms as he grits his teeth. "And forgive me here Narisa, but for fucking Liberty Bell!? Are you shitting me, the eighth is a joke right now, why should I help them?"

A bit of heat enters Narisa's eyes at this point as well as she finally matches Styn's stare. "I don't remember you having such a foul mouth. If you don't want grunt work go become an Archduke you worthless underachiever. You're the only one from the first that can be spared."

Styn holds up a fist in front of his face and stares at it with curious eyes. "Do you want to get hit? You must want to get hit I think."

Narisa crosses her arms under her more then ample breasts and arches an eye brow. Styn puts up a solid front for all of thirty seconds before sighing and lowering his hand as his bluff is called. The demoness nods in satisfaction. "Look Styn tell me that you're not going to do this, its not like anyone can make you do anything anyway, but we all don't have that freedom. If you don't go someone else is going to have to," she states with sudden serenity.

"Someone like you?" Styn asks with a frown. "I was curious as to why you went out of your way to wake me up. I suppose it was too much to hope that you just wanted to say hi." The silence stretches on as the two demons just look at each other. "Fine fine, when do I need to get this done?"

"Now," Narisa says.

"Sure of course why not now?" Styn grumbles. "Can you at least open the Kage Chokyo-shi? I've never been to Antarctica before."

"No support means no support," Narisa says with a shake of her head.

Styn sighs and closes his eyes reaching into the well of power that is his connection to the infinite energy of demon kind, the figurative blood of his entire race. The force of corruption is red hot and already surging through every fiber of his being in an unconsciously directed never ending rush of might. This undirected link doesn't allow for even a scrap of aura to leak into the surrounding air. For most intents and purposes the demon knight is a walking void zone to spiritual senses. Only the most masterful of sensitives, or someone else at the highest echelon can even detect Styn when all of his power is focused on defense like it is right now. The dark bags under his eyes aren't just for show. Being in a constant state of drawing on the full scope of your power can be exhausting even if you're not spending it on something.

A single eye opens on his forehead as his awareness of the entire multiverse comes to the fore of his consciousness. It becomes a simple matter to turn this attention to the frozen north on a single small, yet important planet. Styn sends a few floating threads of Za Koa towards his right, and with a mental twist the fabric of reality bends and distorts into a flat red portal about ten feet in diameter. There is a soft sigh of displaced air as the super sharp edges slice open a hole in the formerly open space. "Wish me luck?" Styn asks with a grin but steps through before Narisa can respond.

The transition is smooth and due to the cloaking nature of Styn's generalized lack of spiritual signal the young quincy staring off into the distance doesn't even turn before the demon knight clears his throat politely. With a quick twist the quincy pivots and brings his arm up, a pale blue formation of energy materializing in an instant. Leaping backward the boy launches a barrage of arrows that Styn doesn't bother to dodge. A plume of snow kicks up all around the demon knight as the formerly still air is rocked with explosive discharges of force. Most importantly, the boy's display should serve to light up the area like fireworks, announcing that all is not right in the current location.

Styn takes the brief lull to close his third eye as well as the Kage Chokyo-shi behind him. The snow doesn't particularly hamper his vision at all, one of the perks of being a thousand eyes type demon was the ability to see through most solid objects. Before the snow has even settled the demon knight has already picked out six similar reiatsu signatures spread out over five or so miles of coverage, most likely scouts like the boy in front of him. Styn is still on the absolute boarders of the camp, without a building or even tent in sight. The intel was very murky on what purpose this area serves, it could be either a temporary station or even the so called main base of the new Vandenreich. The most important thing was that this was reported to be the current location of one Niflheim P, The Perfect Shot in all her glory.

Not a single spec of snow settles on Styn as his Akuma Kyodo causes it to flow away to pile at his feet. The quincy seems shocked to discover that his target is completely unharmed, although the generally slept in look of Styn's dark green business suit does look a bit scuffed. However, the boy could hardly know it always looks like that. Styn smiles his most charming grin and raises his hands in the universal gesture of disarmament. What the quincy is to make of this is anyone's guess as Styn has still not been pushed to the point where its possible to detect the amount of Zoa Koa he's capable of wielding. In fact unless he noticed the portal closing there is nothing to even say what race Styn belongs to. "I hope you'll forgive me for the cliché but, can Miss Neflheim come out to play?"

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A friendly visit[Niflheim]   Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:48 pm