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 Touch me, or my equipment, and I will show you a new hell. [OPEN]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Touch me, or my equipment, and I will show you a new hell. [OPEN]   Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:09 pm

Sensaiki Yuudeshi, one of the older members of the Yuudeshi clan, but, she didn't exactly care too much about her family, at least, Sensaiki didn't. Her other personas would beg to differ but, she didn't always listen to what they said. Frankly, she also didn't want to listen to them now. She was in her lab, and this was her domain. In said domain, if anyone touched her stuff, or her, she'd rip them a new one. She'd rather they not also randomly barge in too, especially in the middle of a delicate experiment. Most people didn't really care for her experiments. But, hopefully she'd be able to get somewhere one day. After all, she wasn't a science for shits and giggles. No, she was good at what she did.

Whether people thought her experiments were "immoral" or "wrong" didn't matter to her. It was science, the only thing that was truly neutral in this world. So, with a small sigh Sensaiki continued her research. It was rather simple research sadly. All she had to do was just observe some patterns in some low level hollows, why they did this or that. Frankly, she wanted to do more work on Demons. However, her work was shutdown quickly since many didn't want "inhumane" things to happen to the demon. Last she checked demons weren't humans, but, they still had some frame of rights in this world. Though, some port of her knew that the experimentation was wrong. But, it wasn't Sensaiki. It was probably one of her other selves, like Yuudeshi or Haal. But, Sensaiki? She didn't necessarily care. It was science, she was going to experiment and find out the secrets of demons. Sure, they were on a cease fire ever since Azure died....

Yes, it was a travesty, but it wasn't exactly related to her. All she knew was that he was the leader of the Vanguard and was a vastly important person to drive back the demons... But, for now, that was not among her concerns. She really didn't care. There may have been slight emotional responses from her other persona's but, Sensaiki didn't care. Right now, this was her time, her space, and her body. Well, it always had been, but, ever since she obtained separate Personas, brain space was shared. She sighed softly, and placed the clipboard she was holding down onto the table. Hopefully no one would burst in out of nowhere. Unwelcome surprises were not the best...
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Touch me, or my equipment, and I will show you a new hell. [OPEN]
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