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 Athena Goldfoot The Bionic Badass

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Athena Goldfoot The Bionic Badass   Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:55 am


Enter The Human Character

I. Basic Information

» Name: Athena Goldfoot
» Alias: Penny, Penny Polendina
» Orientation: Bisexual
» Birthday: April 13th
» Family/Marital status: N/A
» Age: 19
» Gender: Female bodied

» Association: Protagonist, Association with the Yuudeshi clan through Sanuye Yuudeshi

» Purpose: The help even the odds and defend the human race against supernatural beings who wish to cause harm to those who can’t protect themselves.

» Appearance Written:

Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 142.4 lbs.
Eye: Emerald Green
Hair: Bright Orange
Body Type: Athletic/Slim
Cup Size: B
Noteable Features: LOTS of Freckles

» Appearance Image:

II. Personality

» Personality:

Athena was amiable, excitable, kind, and extremely curious. She doesn’t really get the social cues of “not wanting to talk about it” as she is often prone to showing a distinct lack of social awareness, likely due to not having a lot of experience with human nature since her “upgrades”. She is also incredibly prone to shyness when people offer their friendship to her and only accepts those who she knows will truly love her as a friend should, as she is one who believes very heavily on the ideals of friendship.

Along with a complex set of feelings, Athena has a few very unique quirks that she often keeps to herself and only the closest of friends. For example, when she tells any sort of lie, she hiccups. When she gets her feelings hurt, her pupils will dilate and grow in size.

One of her most praised qualities is her boundless optimism and leadership skills. Athena will always believe in the power of determination and dedication. Emotions are often viewed as weak, but she has learned that with the right mind, they can be used to cause incredible revolutions. Another big thing with her is her passion and unwavering loyalty to humanity. While they are not all capable of using magic or harnessing some powers of their own, humanity is a deep, miraculous thing, one that Athena has sworn to protect with all of her might, but she knows in her heart even without her, humanity is more than capable, therefore, she is able to lead people, with ease. She has the ability to encourage and support like no other making her an efficient and relatable leader.

Despite her optimistic and often overlooked confidence, Athena is a naturally passive and peaceful person, often preferring to try to work to some agreement or calmly resolving things before any physical altercations have to take place. When things don’t go her way though, and she is forced to take violent measures, she allows herself to lose herself to the role of a hero, and will fight until the other person or herself simply can’t fight anymore. She loses herself to the passion of the fight, but despite that will never ever belittle or doubt her competitors reason for having to fight, and is always as respectful as absolutely possible.

Another large defining character trait, a side that Athena hides from all, excluding those who truly love and accept her, is the fact that she is, mostly in fact a robot. It has caused many of her more intimate relationships to fail, as many begin dating her, only to find they can’t truly relate to her struggles or help with them, and thus, they leave. Athena is very hesitant to ever become intimate with anyone, be they a friend, or possible lover, as explaining and discussing her most inner thoughts takes time, and work, and someone who opens up to her first.

III. History

» History:

“I think people get exactly what they deserve, the universe will always find a way to eventually right the wrongs, no matter the cost”

When you’re a child, nobody really expects much from you and in this case, Athenas youth was no different. Born to a stay at home mom and a father who dedicated his life to sharing his views of the world through art, her childhood was calm, peaceful, and most of all, good. She was born in the later months of spring, when the flowers of her rural European village were in full bloom, and the rains came often. After surviving childbirth her parents took about four years off from their personal affairs to raise Athena, and watch her early days of growth.

Growing up in the French countryside was a blessing Athena knows many didn’t have the luxury of experiencing. In her youth, she would often help her mother tend to her garden, sew, and dance, the other time was spent writing and drawing silly pictures, as most children do. Her life was good, and her parents adored her.

Despite her mother's constant nurturing and seeing her friends at school, she always wished for the fall months that would mean the return of her father. He was always away, getting into his head and sharing his thoughts through the most traditional of mediums. When fall would come, he would also come home, bringing dozens of beautiful and unique paintings of nature and his surroundings. Athena rarely saw her father but each visit was spent with the family together, finally able to share stories, memories, love, and laughter.

Growing up in a rural town with no more than five residences and about fifteen kids made Athenas youth a lonely one but she grew up right, defending her peers and “fighting for justice”. She yearned for the adventures her father had. To be like the boys and girls in the stories her mother would tell her before bed. She wanted to make a difference. Athena would often express this to her mother, who would simply laugh and tell her, “Patience and youth are virtues, enjoy them while they last.” Being only seven, it was no surprise that Athena didn’t really it but her mom was sure to raise her right, allow her to grow at her own pace. She did her best to bring the best qualities to her daughter for her to grow and become herself, while also having a decent foundation.

Her mother trained Athena, teaching her the ways of dance and gymnastics, keeping her mind and body occupied during the long summer days while her father was away. When the young girl showed incredibly talent, Athenas mother decided it best she consider training her fighting skills under the town's blacksmith and arms master to become someone who could accomplish the goals of the hero Athena aspired to be.

She had never known of the spiritual world until her father passed. Once, in the fall, the time when her father usually made his way home, he just...didn’t… that was of course...until he did. Late in the evening just as the sun was about to once again dip past the horizon and allow the lands to be swallowed by the mistress of night, her father returned home, this time, as nothing but a spirit, half of his former self. He could not speak, but he smiled and simply...existed. To her mother, the occasional bump in the night and random objects being moved from one place to another was absolutely terrifying and of course Athenas “wild” tales didn’t help. Athena saw her fathers ghost everywhere, as he would often follow close to her, watching over her.

It wouldn’t be long until Athenas peaceful life would be torn to the ground. As her fifteenth birthday finally approached her mother figured it would be best to have her begin taking her training even more serious, her father silently approved, and Athena would soon experience her first run in with the dark entities that wore the label of “supernatural being”.

During one evening, as a bruised and battered girl made her way home from practice, frustrated and concerned with her sudden inability to continue pushing herself, she was suddenly thrown into a nearby building. The force alone was enough to break multiple bones throughout her body. As she lay, exhausted, she watched through swollen eyes as the soul of her father was devoured. Looking at the creature, that day, the girl learned the true meaning of fear. The black mass stood at LEAST two stories tall. Black tar like liquid tripped from it's mouth to the ground below, killing large patches of plants and the only thing more terrifying than it's appearance, was the sounds it made...and the look in it's eyes. Totally void. As if a vacuum existed within the space, swallowing light, and all feelings of hope and love with it. Athena cried out, but it was already too late.

The majority of her body was maimed beyond repair. Bones were crushed into powder, multiple organs collapsed, and her heart pumping blood to missing limbs didn’t help either. Blacking out half way through, Athena wasn’t able to witness who had saved her that evening, but when she awoke again, she lay on a cold, solid, steel table, her arms tucked neatly at her side, her “breathing” working normally, she looked around and slowly sat up and it wasn’t until she saw the multiple wires plugged into her skin, did she remember the attack.

The shock alone was enough to send her into a coma. It had been two whole years since that night. Her father's spirit was gone, and something else was gone too. Being told she had essentially “lost” her humanity wasn’t easy news to take. Her mother had moved to Karakura, married a fairly rich man, and worked herself half to death to afford the “upgrades” needed to save her daughter's life. However, in the beginning, it was as if the air in her artificial lungs had been taken from her. Her vision was blurry, and she sat, still and lifeless, much like a doll, for months. She did not eat or sleep and “Recharging” was too unbelievable, and often left for doctors. When finally released from the hospital, she proceeded to spend the remainder of her teenage life like that. Simply powering on for the sake of being conscious, but she did not move, ever.

She had walked away with what the doctors had described as “unprecedented physical capabilities” but Athena couldn’t have cared less. She was a husk of her former self...did she even still have a soul? If not then what was the point of living? Months were spent pondering that question. She often had to resist tearing at her skin to see her inner workings because she just did not know how one was supposed to cope like this. How would you continue living if everything that MADE you, you, had been...crushed, replaced, and tampered with? She wasn’t even sure if she was ever human to begin with.

After a year of recovery, it wasn’t until her mother begged her, tears in her eyes for her daughter to just.. Get out and live, that Athena decided it was time to just...try.

She began going for walks. Training herself to grow used to her new metallic body. She became used to the slightly green but high definition picture of the world around her. She grew used to her high pitched voice, the way her joints would squeak in response to slow “heavy” movements. She grew used to not having to breath, and having to “recharge” she took pleasure in realizing that she could still taste, and eat food, but felt an...unexplained disappointment when sleep was replaced with “sleep”. As long as her battery was charged, she was conscious. It wasn’t until she turned 19 that he had finally learned to just...accept it. Moving on? That was a whole other battle. Growing to love herself? Would just have to wait...but for now...this was her life...and she would continue to exist until...she didn’t.

After learning that all around her aging and “growing” would be permanently halted, she decided to find a way to fill her time. Athena sought out the most well known human swordmasters, and begged them to take her under their wings. They accepted. She then went, and found a new and younger trainer, someone who could take her love and impressive gymnastics capabilities and help use them as a defense. Within a few months, Athena was back in peak physical condition. She learned how to use her new body, and she was astonishing.

Of course, peace doesn’t last long…

One evening, as she sat on a grassy hill, overlooking a long stretch of land, she spotted a young girl, full on sprinting across the field, zooming in, she gasped as she noticed the fear and panic in her eyes, and Athena took off. Within a matter of seconds she had caught up, and was quickly met with sobbing pleas for help. She shook violently and right before Athena could ask how, she was interrupted by a sinister creature.

It was different in size, but it has the same black tar like body, the same white face, and the same hopeless, lifeless eyes. Athena stared, and something within her shut down, and she went berzerk. When she came too, she was drenched in the creature's blood, bits of the destroyed being littered the field before vanishing with the wind. And as she took strong shaky breaths, Athena smiled. She had found her purpose.

IV. Bionics

» Bionic Enhancements:

When Athena underwent the surgery in which the majority of these additions were made to her body, she walked away with an immensely powerful boost on all of her physical attributes. She has incredible physical abilities, her strongest being her strength.




V. Equipment

» Equipment:

VI. Human Traits

» Powers:
Most of the abilities in this section are used with Athenas equipment and her bionic enhancements. If these additions/tools become damaged or broken, it can render some if not all of these powers useless.

VII. Skill Sheet

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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What's goin on here, fam? Gonna need a status update on this in the next three days, otherwise it will be moved to the archives!

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Athena Goldfoot The Bionic Badass
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