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 Jamaica... not a bad place actually. [PRIVATE: Demonica]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jamaica... not a bad place actually. [PRIVATE: Demonica]   Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:18 pm



Artist: Tolerance - Song: Exotica - Word Count: 886

Arianda sighed softly and thought on Demonica's question that she had proposed to her. What can Arianda do to help her? Well... She wasn't sure. There was much she could do, and she really did not want to enslave herself to another demon. No. If she was to be someone's slave, servant, or pet; she would only be Mana's. Maybe it was some sort of commitment; she wasn't sure really. She crossed her arms under her coat and then ignored Demonica's pat to her head. Normally, Arianda would've exploded and said something about not touching her, but, she couldn't exactly just tell that to Demonica. Someone of her power level could wipe Arianda off the face of the earth with just a flick of her wrist if she wanted to. The thought... well, it should've scared her, but, it only filled her with exhilaration. Conflict... Arianda LOVED conflict... she loved it far too much for her own good probably. But, she had to calm herself and think what she could do for Demonica. She sighed softly and then looked at Demonica.

"I guess I could do anything you would like... but, I have heard of your recent interests in the black world. I could help some there..."

Arainda sighed softly and shifted her cloak and adjusted the bra she has on. After a couple of seconds, a crimson glow comes from her chest and it forms her seal of Eris. It fades after a couple of seconds and then she readjusts everything before looking back at Demonica.

"Mana gifted me with The Seal of Eris... I don't know much about it, but, I do believe it has something to do with the black world. And... how I specialize in general may help some; especially if you need to cause some conflict... But, if you want me to turn against Mana I'm afraid I would have to deny you my help then... I doubt those are among your intentions, but, I won't be turned against her on pain of death..."

Arianda sighed softly and laid a single hand on her chest; where her Seal of Eris is located. She felt such hunger for conflict from time to time that she found it hard not to battle days on end. She sighed softly and left her right hand on her chest; directly over her Seal of Eris as she continued to stare at Demonica. Arianda still found it hard to believe that Demonica had wandered the earth like she did, but, it was clearly for entirely different reasons. Sure, many did not like Arianda due to how she climbed ranks like she did after basically appearing out of nowhere. Probably a perk of being Mana's pet, but, she didn't care. Arianda held love for both Ceal and Mana, but, as long as she could stay with Mana; Arianda would feel like life would have a sense of completion.

Arianda sighed softly and then started to think of what Demonica may do. She really hoped Demonica wouldn't try to make a move on her or anything. While Arianda liked sexy times, she kinda wanted to stop going around and doing such things willy-nilly with her trying to find ways to keep both Mana and Ceal hers. While she knew keeping Mana "hers" was basically impossible, she could still try her hardest. But, she did have Ceal, so, it really wouldn't be all that bad if Mana ever rejected her. Well... she really didn't think Mana would reject her. If she knew the thoughts that went through Mana's head during their training, she would likely think twice. However, due to Arianda's Eris nature, such conflict really did call to her. It didn't help that Mana was both Arianda's first and likely the first person Arianda could actually admire. But, those were thoughts for later. She had already let her mind wander enough thinking about Mana and Ceal in a situation that demanded her thought to be on what she could/would do for Demonica. Arianda straightened herself before speaking once more; asking Demonica another question.

"I-If what I heard about the black world and your involvement in it is true; what exactly will we be doing? I don't know much about the world really. I just know that my Seal of Eris sort of calls me to the black world. I...I'm not sure exactly what it's trying to do really."

She swallowed softly and then looked at Demonica's apathetic eyes. Her eyes would look so much more beautiful if she actually showed emotion... Arianda slapped her inner self and told it to shut up. She didn't need those thoughts right now. Just in case something happened she needed to be ready, but, she'll have to see what happens in the end. She sighs softly and then looks at Demonica once more. She waited now. It was all she could do really as she needed to wait for Demonica to respond. The only thing she could wonder now is; what would she say? Only time could tell.

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Subject Post 6PostSubject: Re: Jamaica... not a bad place actually. [PRIVATE: Demonica]   Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:23 pm