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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Ring the bells for the Queen is not dead [open]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ring the bells for the Queen is not dead [open]   Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:23 am

The dark recesses of Hueco Mundo was a refreshing sight. The cold wind on sensitive skin. The black night sky not taxing tired eyes. The smooth sands aplenty, soft under bare feet. Coming home always felt good. The demon world had a different scent. It wasn’t as cold. It didn’t feel like home. Crimson bangs were flicked out of the face of a pale skinned, slim yet elegant woman. She walked with a strong stride, her legs bare. Her sand soaked skin was only cloaked in the veil of a dirty white dress that swayed down to her thighs. Her face was masked behind what seemed to be lengthy bandages, a slit for her ruby bright eyes and nose to peek through. Her hair had broken free from the back, gliding with the desert gales.

Beside this woman, waddled a pair of little footsteps. A pat pat pat left little footprints no bigger than a dogs paws. The owner was tiny and sporting a single colour. Her skin was white. Her hair was white. Her dress and little gloves were no different. The only colour belonging to this tiny girl was her ruby bright eyes, just like the woman standing tall beside her.

Their destination was obvious. Their tracks left behind them were perfectly straight, headed directly towards the colossal city hidden in the desert. The center of this land stood an incredibly tall flower, also as white as the desert itself. It’s open petals were facing in the direction of the two as they walked. This city was their true home.

The woman brought a hand down to the little girls head and they both stopped. She bent down and the smaller girl looked up into her gaze. “Momma has to take care of something before we get back home. Stay right here, and do not move. Okay darling?” She spoke with a soft tone, rather motherly. The little one nodded aggressively. About 4 times before plopping onto her behind and enveloping her bare feet in her gloved hands. She rocked on her bottom in the sand, her eyes not looking away from her mother.

She felt a rumbling in the ground. A violent thuddering that grew more and more noticeable. The woman had moved quite some distance from her young, and for good reason. After a short moment, the sand before her erupted. A massive explosion of desert sand was hurled into the night sky, raining down everywhere. The little girl covered her head as she was poofed with a blanket of sand, then wriggled back into position.

Once the sand had fallen, it’s disruptor was revealed. Standing before the woman was yet another thing of massive proportions. About the length of a larger battle cruiser, what looked to be a winged dragon of metal had appeared. It’s hind legs held it up, it’s tail balancing it whilst it’s winged arms stuck out from it’s back. It swung it’s head back and opened its jaws to let out a bellowing roar of scratching metal that could be heard across Hueco Mundo.

It didn’t take long for groups in their thousands to come rushing towards them. Hollows of all shapes and sizes were alerted to the presence of what seemed to be an intruder. They bounded across the sand, yet no Arrancar or anything stronger than a simple minded beast had appeared. Likely because they knew who the woman was. She opened her arms wide as if approaching the mechanical monster with a hug.

“Maelstrom. As expected, you smelt a scent that you were not too familiar with and investigated. I am proud… yet incredibly disappointed.” Before long, the area was swarming with hollows. All attracted to the screech of Maelstrom. They then set their eyes on their supposed intruder, encasing her within the group. She was surrounded, but she had a decent amount of space around her as none moved too close just yet. She kept her arms up, but slowly began bringing them back down to her sides. “I’m ashamed of all of you.” Her hands folded her arms just under her bust. “I understand that I have demon blood coursing through my veins… but none should ever forget their Mistress. Let this be a lesson to you all.”

She lifted her leg, then forcefully brought her bare foot down onto the sand. She buried the lower half of her leg, but in doing so, created an incredibly dense blanket of spiritual pressure. Every hollow that had gathered and amassed this crowd were all dragged to the ground with incredible force. She exerted a terrifying amount of power. Then after a few moments of this, Hollows began to burst. Their bodies exploded, sending blood in all directions. Pop. Pop. Pop pop pop pop!!!

Within seconds, blood covered the desert. The white sand was dyed bright red. The blast of pressure and blood spraying across the sand blew the bandages off of her face. The only hollow still standing would be Maelstrom itself, of which had attempted to back away but could not move quickly. Her pressure was too much. She looked up to the head of the fantastic beast, her red orbs in her skull glowing with anticipation.

“I rule this land Maelstrom. You’re just unlucky that right now, your Queen is weakened. She needs sustenance. And you’re worth a million hollows in yourself….” her hands sharply thrust up into the sky. All of the blood around her then began to move. She moved her fingers and swayed her hips, rocking her body with the momentum of the blood. She conjured a whirlwind of red that slowly closed around Maelstrom. As it got closer and closer, the beast roared in panic. It did everything it could to turn. To jump. To attack even. But nothing. The beast was encased in swirling red and it’s terrific roars were replaced with the sound of shredded metal. Of rusty gears whirring. Before long, Maelstrom was nothing more than another part of the swirling whirlpool of blood.

The woman stepped towards the typhoon. She kept walking, then stepped into it. Her body soaked in the red. She found herself within the eye of the storm, licking her lips to taste the blood of her own army. She laughed. She laughed loudly. Then, she held her hands to her mouth as a funnel, and willed the entire hurricane of blood down her throat. She engorged on gallons upon gallons of blood. Any normal person would drown if this was water, but to her, blood was her fuel. She channeled it. She lusted for it. Once she was done, she wiped her lips with her wrist and smiled a fanged grin.

“Mmm… Tastes like home…”

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Ring the bells for the Queen is not dead [open]   Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:51 am