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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 [PAST SOLO] Night's Contemplation [FINISHED]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [PAST SOLO] Night's Contemplation [FINISHED]   Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:23 pm

...I'm being serious here...

Captain of the Stealth Division


Droplets of rain.

"Why, Nariri...?"

A white cloaked figure stood before the sign post in the ground, his eyes looking up towards heaven. This was the tomb of Jenna Jade-Waters, and once upon a time, had been the home of the Central 46. Gray stone had replaced the rubble, and the gravestones of those who had been lost were scattered around. This place was considered almost cursed, and from the dull morning fog that had set in... one could believe it.

"Why...? Kaminari Hateshinai...?" The male asked, his head dipping forwards as his legs gave way. He fell onto his behind, drawing his knees up to himself as the rain dripped onto his white hair. Normally, the strands on his head would be spiked and lively, matched with his piercing gaze. Now, however, they laid flat on their owner's head, covering up even the star shaped scar.

...You know, she really hated me... The voice of Kuro's Ziamichi Spirit, Piero, commented to his master. Kuro gave no reply. With a mental sigh, Piero resigned himself to the recesses into Kuro's soul, quite a large expanse.

"How many have I killed...?" He asked no one in particular, his eyes almost closed as he gazed at the tomb in front of him. Dead, dead, dead. So many dead. The male thought to himself, his eyes closing shut. He felt the urge to cry, to weep, to cry out.

But for him, that was impossible.

How stained are my hands now? How many people have I cut down...? He wondered, his eyes widening as he gripped tighter around his knees. Dead, dead... so many dead...

Without even willing it, that bloodthirst that had become part of Kuro's being rippled outwards. His gaze was fixed on the tomb, the mist providing dozens of shadows. Perhaps he could be made out, a figure in a Captain's garb staring at a cross in the ground. "Peace...? I sought out peace..." He muttered, the thirst settling around him as he loosened his grip.

"Jenna... Kaminari... even that wandering demon... where do they all go...?" He asked, staring at the grave. Shadows began to pool around different parts of his body, unnaturally darkening his expression. "I can't live this way any longer." He muttered at last, the shadows from his face spreading through to the rest of his body. "I have to take some responsibility... but I will not take all of it." He muttered, his expression changing into an almost... aggressive one.

"Who is Kuro Okami?"

He asked the sky now, slowly rising as the shadows clung to his body, not permitting an ounce of light onto his skin. "He is the one beneath, below. He is the one who no longer desires light. He is the one who will darken his blades, and his allies from view." He stated, before pulling out his Zanpakutō, holding his left hand outwards.

"Once, I gave blood here in sorrow." He muttered, his black arm shifting and changing as it became humanoid in appearance, before setting the blade against his bare flesh. "But now, I give it in oath. I will not rest as long as the Gotei is threatened... I will never give mercy to a demon. Finally... I will shun... false lights..."

With each sentence, the sword slid across his arm. Blackened crimson blood oozed outwards, flowing onto the ground as the shadowy male gazed onwards. The blood seemed to pool, spreading out on the ground. At last, Kuro let the arm fall to his side, reaching his hands behind his head as he grasped his hood, pulling it over his head, droplets of blood spilling onto the clean uniform.

"This is where we part ways, Jenna, Kaminari... Iriko, Tsubasa... All of you who left me in this night. I will walk within it... and be the one whom it possesses."

It would not take long for the droplets to clean the area, leaving no trace of the Stealth Division Captain or his blood oath. But it would never be able to leave his mind, just like the three new red lines on his obsidian arm would never fade.

The droplets of rain... continued to fall.

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[PAST SOLO] Night's Contemplation [FINISHED]
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