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 Ginryu Ishida [FINISHED]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ginryu Ishida [FINISHED]   Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:20 am

Coding In Template By:


Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Ginryu Ishida
» Titles:
Sternritter A - The Architect [Formerly]
Daten Executive
» Age: 16
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: The Quincy as a race, serves the Vandenreich as the Daten Executive. He also spearheads the research and development of the organisation while keeping up with internal and diplomatic affairs as well as advising the current leader of the Vandenreich; Niflheim P.

» Physical Appearance Description: Ginryu is a rather tall young man for his age, being about 5'8". His stature is one of someone who is rather rigid and always with a uniformed stance as one would expect to come from that of a soldier, despite his apparent rigid and taunt position he is actually quite fluid with his movements and able to move with remarkable grace and elegance.

His body is remarkably well built, lean and slim with the ability to move quickly and with a great deal of flexibility and fluidity. Despite his intellectual focus Ginryu strongly believes that a strong body is important to maintain a strong mind and as such he is not one to skip physical training and always seeks to keep himself in shape, always trying to have his body and mind in the highest of conditions that he may call upon them at anytime.

He has rather dark hair, raven black. A radical change from his previously white hair. Once the spell his older brother had put on him as a baby had been broken the young man had regained much of his original appearance and not one that was weakened and made to be less potent than he really was. His hair is well kept, course but has a slight habit of appearing messy despite Ginryu's best efforts to prevent it doing as such.

His skin is strong, smooth and healthy. Aside from the scars of work done by him and the few he has received in battles he has very little signs of hard work to show for it. His hands are callused and his skin, while smooth his muscles can be felt when he flexes which makes his lean body quite deceiving but that only serves his benefit.

He has rich cobalt eyes which are sharp and piercing to meet, his eyes give the impression of stripping away all that someone is and revealing the core of their soul under his gaze. Confidence leaks out of them as they analyse whatever they set their gaze onto. They rarely show emotion aside from irritation and anger, although few people can see them soften but those people can be counted on one hand, and that hand having three fingers missing.

In terms of clothes he wears most of the time Ginryu is seen wearing formal attires, blue is a prominent colour of his attires. He often is seen in a long coat, most equipment is not carried due to his ability that he developed and the unique property of his spirit weapon. His main attire consists of a white shirt, covered by a grey waistcoat and a long blue coat over that. He leaves his blue coat open and his sleeves are rolled up to below the elbow. He also wears dark blue trousers and knee-high black boots.

Another Attire:

II. Personality Traits

» Intelligent: By far the most fearsome trait about Ginryu Ishida is his immense intellectual capabilities, as a child he taught himself most of what he needed to know with limited assistance from other people, he taught himself how to write at a young age and after observing his parents he copied them. His unusually high intelligence is the combination of his willingness to learn and his eidetic memory which makes him so clever. His mind is like a sponge, after analysing something he can easily retain it and remember it whenever he requires it similar to a computer's database. His intelligence makes him quite capable as a manipulator and engineer, being the reason he can break down and analyse something to the very basics.

» Silent: A man of few words, Ginryu likes to remain quiet and rarely speaks unless it is necessary. His silent nature often makes him detached from other people, he has always been a quiet character and often speaks very little unless it is completely necessary to speak. His lack of verbal communication allows him to think, decide what to do and plan.

» Analytical: A highly analytical individual, Ginryu is quick to break down things to their most basic components. He constantly analyses things, being one of his most common practices since from when he was a child. If one wants to learn how to control something then they must analyse it, it was how he gained such control over his own reishi manipulation, why he was able to succeed so much from analysing himself and finding his flaws only to work to fix them. He analyses others for a variety of reasons; psychology interests him, it is part of his job, to keep his senses observant and sharp. It is hard to deceive this man if given enough to analyse he can easily solve a great deal of problems through this method.

» Brutally Honest: Something that sets the young Quincy apart from others is his honest nature, he isn't one to lie unnecessarily and he will easily speak his mind to people although it might come off as harsh, over critical and also rude. He knows when to own up to his mistakes and rarely uses other people as cover for them, there is no shifting the blame to another poor soul for Ginryu Ishida. His words while they are blunt, critical of people and always appear condescending it makes him an excellent advisor, he doesn't keep things from superiors and makes sure to alert them of any thing that is happening whether it is good or bad.

» Creative: A scientist and inventor needs to be creative, the very nature of Ginryu's power is based around creativity and ingenuity. His mind is full of ideas, always trying to think outside the box when it comes to what he does. He tries to make things interesting and is always trying to avoid repetition and make sure that he is staying creative, to keep his creative attitude he is often seen reading, writing and other forms of creative activities such as music or art. To Ginryu he expresses his creativity in all his work, being sure to set himself apart from other people and stand out as the brightest of the all.

» Honorable: A strong believer of the honour of the Quincy but he is rare to speak the words, he rarely swears on his honour unless he is confident that he is capable of fulfilling his oath. His honour is something he holds in high regard, a young man of integrity is what he is although he is not above using sneaky tactics or assassination to win, however he is not one to draw out someone's suffering unless the situation calls upon it. His honour is not something to question or doubt, he is loyal and wouldn't betray those he serves for that is dishonourable and against everything he stands for.

III. Character History

» History Ginryu Ishida was to be born as the third child of his father Toneri Ishida and his mother Yuriko Ishida, his family is a very pure bloodline of the Quincy, evident in their exception skills in the Quincy arts even though most go onto simple lives such as becoming doctors or businessmen, very few of Ginryu's family took the role of a soldier. His eldest brother Reiju Ishida was one of the first in a long time to join the ranks of a military organisation, the Vanguard. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming an officer at quite a young age although despite all his talent and skill he was brainwashed by a rogue shinigami.

Using powerful kido to torture him mentally Reiju was slowly broken down to puppet to be used by the shinigami, during Ginryu's early stages of development before he was born Reiju kidnapped his own mother and brought him before the rogue shinigami who attempted to harvest Ginryu's power, attempting to become a powerful hybrid of a Quincy and Shinigami but it backfired and instead it greatly wounded him and left Ginryu with quite the damage to his being. Fortunately Toneri arrived and was able to kill Reiju before saving Yuriko, the rogue shinigami escaped.

When Ginryu was born everything seemed fine, he was healthy and strong although not as strong as he might've been. His very essence being attacked before he was even born had left him with white hair which set him apart from his brothers and sisters and even parents. People would gossip about how he must be adopted or something of that nature for there had been no members of his family that had white hair.

Despite his handicap Ginryu showed remarkable skill, talents and dedication towards the Quincy arts and developing himself, it was the boy's drive that overpowered his handicap although he was still greatly limited in his potential from the events of before he was born, he spent days with his father trying to learn the art of manipulating reishi, when he was six he was able to finally manifest his spirit weapon which he called; Seraphiel although the bow was later replaced by a more modernised spirit weapon without the same limitations as his bow and he left it unnamed.

As he got older he was tutored in a variety of subjects; chemistry, engineering, physics and mathematics as well as multiple languages. His schooling went well, taking him all the way through middle school and high school before he dropped out to join the Vandenreich. Upon joining the Vandenreich he began to train himself and achieve higher levels of skill in a variety of areas, although his rate of growth was quite quick it was nothing like the rate of others and he quickly found himself trying much harder to stay above the line.

During the events of Early 2016, Ginryu went to the moon and defended one of it's sectors from the invading forces of Shadow Fall and succeeded which helped him grow stronger although upon the disappearance of Ghislain Eberhart he was left until he met the Grand Master of the Sternritter; Niflheim P. It was there that she took over the Vandenreich and appointed Ginryu as her right hand and advisor as well as granting him the rank of Sternritter Grand Master.

IV. Equipment

» Modified Sanrei Glove: The Sanrei Glove is a Quincy tool designed to enhance the Quincy's reishi absorption prowess by repelling reishi, making it more difficult for the Quincy to gather and condense ambient spiritual energy. If however the Quincy is able to master the sanrei glove, they will have achieved the peak of Quincy power and stand at the precipice of the final form. Though useful as a training tool, Ginryu observed that the repelling effect of the sanrei glove could be applied in a more combat worthy fashion. With that in mind, he began reconstructing his own personal sanrei glove using his Tantetsu Yorishiro. The process to create the this improved sanrei glove required him to develop a complex ritual, to symbolically recreate the concepts of "void" and "repulsion". The final product was the manifestation of "expel" etched into the glove. Using this sanrei glove as a focus, he can create a pentacle-like ward either by outstretching his hand or placing it on the ground to create a five point ward that will "expel" and "suppress" all reishi within the confines of its area. This renders all forms of spiritual manipulation, manifestation or release impossible within the area of this spell. Spiritual beings caught within the area have their spiritual power suppressed. Only by deign of wearing the glove does Ginryu weather through the brunt of its effects. Though he is unable to absorb reishi or manipulate it beyond his person, he can maintain the effect for as long as he deems necessary.

» Anstarren: Like every member of his family, Ginryu wears a glasses, however his are not out of necessity, instead serving a tactical purpose. Bearing the composition of soul synthesised silver these glasses serve as a battle armament outfitted with various technologies to enhance his visual awareness. The frame of the glasses are outfitted with nanotech processor chips that feeds into heads-up-display on the lens providing valuable battle statistics. The specially designed lens to enhance Ginryu's vision within the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing him to detect thermal energies, grant x-ray vision, and augment his visual interpretation of spiritual energy. It also provides current enemy positions and doubles as a long-range communication device.

» Gintō: Raised as a member of the old Quincy ways, Ginryu has in his arsenal the ginto used in Quincy magic. These small silver tubes are used as a storage device, for a Quincy's condensed liquid-state reiryoku. Although considered an antiquated tool, the principle of their construction was a necessary if crucial aspect of Ginryu's development as a wielder of his peoples magic. He learned that while they were easily capable of wielding ambient reishi and condensing it for the purposes of their magic, reiryoku condensed into a concentrated liquid-state was much more receptive to the manipulations required for magic. Further research enabled him to encapsulate his spells in such a way as to miniaturize them, allowing him to contain a prepared Quincy spell within a single Ginto.

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Child Genius & Advanced Growth Rate: Arguably one of Grinryu's most fearsome traits, is his incredible intellect. Though repeatedly held as a prodigy, the result of such fearsome intelligence was born out of simple curiosity and an insatiable thirst to learn. Where other children spent their time playing he was always seen with a book in hand. Entranced by fiction, history and virtually anything written or that could be learned he was an eager student. His studious habit allowed him devour whole tomes, graduating from children's bedtime stories to biographies and scientific theories. After the death of his parents he retreated even further into his studies, tearing into research with a zealotry that astounded his teachers. After nurturing his intelligence to such a degree he developed heightened cognitive abilities, such as eidetic memory granting him unparalleled potential in the rapid acquisition and retention of information. The spiritual powers that manifested within him began here, through his obsessions, through his struggles and each time he devoted himself to the task, focusing mind, body and spirit, the latter would bestow upon him a gift in accordingly. After so many years of refinement, and training his mind now operates like a high-end computer processor; analyzing and recording information before compiling the input into a library within his mind. At his leisure he need only clear his head and retrieve the data as easily as if opening the exact book to the exact entry he needs. The visualization within his mind extends not only to his memory but to his visual acuity as well with regards to his Quincy abilities.

» Expert Strategist & Tactician: Ginryu is an astounding strategist and tactician, using his vast knowledge to create elaborate schemes against Hollows and Shinigami alike. He makes use excellent use of his terrain to gain advantages over his opponent, by forcing them into uncomfortable situations, and maximizing his strength in ranged combat with cover and concealment. Even during the course of battle his strategies are no less impressive, if not brutal and humiliating. Making small talk to stall his opponents while he springs his trap, spiking his spiritual energy knowing they will follow him right into his trap. His knowledge gives him an innate understanding of the abilities of others, making him a fearsome opponent for any, regardless of their power.

» Expert Hacker: A lesser known ability, it is no doubt one that plays a part in Ginryu repertoire of knowledge and abilities at his disposal. Information is a weapon, and by accessing the servers of powerful organizations and governments, Ginryu can maintain a great deal of power by virtue of knowing what information to have and what information to disseminate as necessary. He is also prone to use his abilities to obtain massive funding for many of his research projects, and has so far successfully hacked satellite systems giving him access to an even more precise global positioning system.

» Master Scientist & Inventor: For a human of his youth, Ginryu possesses a phenomenal grasp of the physical and spiritual sciences and their applications. His single-mindedness in his studies and pursuit of truth and the exploration of the world around him have bestowed upon him a mind capable amazing innovative works. He has always been a tinkerer, building with whatever tools he had hand, as a child it was one of few hobbies that gave him any measure of peace. There is something pure in the act of creation, a sense of wonder and empowerment that was otherwise lacking in his life. As he achieved new intellectual and innovative heights, so too do the inventions he created. Eventually such dedicated was transformed, and personified in one of his most unique abilities. In addition to their spiritual abilities, there are some Quincy who are either born with or obtain a unique spiritual power, one that serves as a reflection of who they are, or the sum of their experiences. For all the good he has done, the evil he has fought, these are merely obligations, representative of his sense of duty and fellowship. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, to relax, to lose himself and let the burdens on his shoulders drop, he builds, he invents, he creates. That aspect, that characteristic is what has driven him since he was young, what has defined the very nature of his most powerful ability, and that is the power to create spiritual armaments.

» Polyglot: Ginryu's general education included the acquisition of several European languages, such as French, German, Spanish and Italian. However in his quest to discover magic and it became readily apparent that his knowledge of languages was lacking. Through the years he has expanded his library into an impressive array, learning Dutch, Russian, Gaelic, Hebrew, Arabic, and though he cannot speak as it is a dead language he can write and translate Latin.

» Kyūdō Expert: As a young child, Ginryu began learning the way of the bow as a means to cope with his rage and resentment. The philosophical teachings of kyudou and the simplicity of shooting the target and hitting the target resonated quite strongly within the boy. As his skill increased his understanding of the underlying concept behind kyudo revealed itself to him. Kyudou teaches to become one with the arrow, and through it the target. Its purpose is to bring into reality the result of 'hitting the target' that the kyūdōka sees in his mind. It became a method to hone his focus and sharpen his mind than as a means of improving his martial prowess. Eventually he was able to make that image into reality every single time, flawlessly hitting whatever target he imagined in his minds eye. Naturally the concept that become rooted within his mind manifested itself in his skill with creation and use of the Quincy Spirit Weapon, namely the bow. Since he lacked the Quincy pentacle ordinarily used to help one focus their spiritual energy into the formation of a weapon, it came as a great surprise when he demonstrated the ability to effortlessly create a spiritual construct from memory alone. The hours he spent in training, feeling the bow in his hand, learning of its structure, caring for it through wear and tear ingrained so deeply into him that he could manifest a spiritual one.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Reishi Manipulation: As a Quincy, Ginryu's primarily absorbs spiritual energy from his environment, combining it with his own in order to use his unique abilities. In environments with higher concentrations of spiritual particles such as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo the process and the amount of energy he is capable of using at one time is greatly augmented. To a sufficiently powerful Quincy, such as he is, there is no difference between spiritual particles and spiritual energy as a source of power. This ability is one fundamental aspect that separate Quincy from virtually all other humans who utilize spiritual energy. It is an inherently difficult skill to master, and Quincy are taught from a young age to attune themselves to the subtle ebb and flow of spiritual energy granting them unparalleled insights to its inner workings. For one such as Ginryu, understanding and mastering the very foundation of a Quincy's abilities, is his greatest accomplishment. He is intimately familiar with composition and flow of spiritual energy, possessing acute awareness born from his own independent research and study. He is keen enough to determine the unique qualities of an opponents spiritual power, in relation to their abilities, and the depths of their powers. Were he to look upon a Shinigami, not only would he know if they achieved Bankai, he could potentially determine the power of it.

» Path Control: Ginryu is capable of manipulating his projectiles to make them move and he can manipulate their path. This effectively makes the Quincy's Heilig Pfeil miniature heat-seeking missiles, but instead of locking on to heat, they target whatever enemy they have. He can control up to three as a maximum and still be able to move although if he pushes his limits he can reach ten but not be able to move and any disruption could easily break his control over them. This also is affected by reshi control and marksmanship, the stronger one skill with it, than the longer they can stay on target, even when fighting those with high speed.

» Negation of Attacks: If a quincy can use these arrows precisely, they can to a point they can negate another attack on impact. To do this, the charges the arrows with a sufficient amount of power, and fires them to strike an incoming projectile. However because of modern Quincy style’s, this use has fallen out of use, however a few old style Quincy still use this a thump.

» Materie Wandlung: One of the more unique aspects of Quincy reishi manipulation is their innate ability to alter the state of spiritual energy. It is a feat unto magic, but rather than connecting their will to the spiritual particles to enact some sort of magical effect, Quincy make use of their ability to gather or disperse spiritual energy thereby changing its state. In effect, this allows a sufficiently skilled Quincy to condense ambient spiritual energy into a liquid, or even a solid state. The former is used exclusively for the purposes of creating the energy stored in their silver tubes, and the later is a more difficult skill to master. Mastery of the second aspect is generally measured in a Quincy's ability to materialize a stable physical spirit weapon. Ginryu is unique in that he is able to condense spiritual energy into liquid or solid states and back again at will without the use of a Quincy cross or other such items. In practice this skill is even more impressive, as he is able to conjure large constructs such as a buildings, or smaller more portable one's such as weapons, clothing and the like.

» Hirenkyaku: The Quincy analogues to the Shinigami's Shunpo, it is a speed based technique that allows for instantaneous movement from one location to the next. According to Ginryu, Hirenkyaku is a more refined technique, unlike the "barbaric flash step". Quincy gather reishi beneath their feet and simply ride the stream of energy to their location, making it distinctly different from normal methods of high speed movement, as it is not influenced by physical ability. This feature makes Hirenkyaku a pure mental effort, dependent on one's skill in manipulating reishi, allowing Quincy to rely on less on their physical prowess. One of its greatest strengths over Shunpo is that there is no "step" involved in the movement, rather Hirenkyaku is a single continuous movement independent of physical ability. Furthermore a Quincy has the ability to change their direction "on a dime" unlike Shunpo requires one to actually momentarily stop. This enables a Quincy to maintain movement at high speeds for extended periods of time, whereas a Shinigami would grow fatigued with continued use. Therefore the essence of Hirenkyaku lies not in the speed of their transition, but is dependent on how quickly they are able to gather reishi and manipulate reishi. As a prodigy of the Quincy, Ginryu possesses considerable skill in both the absorption and manipulation of reishi as well as the more complex mechanics of this technique. He demonstrates incredible skill and acumen in this technique.

» Ransōtengai: This high level technique is considered one of the most difficult techniques for a Quincy to learn let alone master due to its immense requirements in terms of reishi manipulation, in-depth knowledge of anatomy, and literally rethinking how one's body moves. By dispersing reiryoku strings throughout the body, the Quincy is able to literally control their body as though it were a puppet, allowing them to fight at maximum efficiency regardless of physical ailments, paralysis or injury. It was originally developed by Quincy elders to maintain their combat prowess, but has since become a technique virtually all Quincy seek to learn. One of its principle applications is that it allows a Quincy to utilize their incredible ability to manipulate reishi as a means of augmenting their physical reactions to superhuman levels.

» Blut: An ancient Quincy technique wherein reishi is suffused directly into the blood vessels, thereby drastically increasing the Quincy's offensive and defensive capabilities. The inhuman levels of strength generated by the action is astounding, allowing a Quincy to combat on equal footing against a Bankai-wielding Shinigami. However this technique has one significant flaw; the technique utilizes two independent reishi systems that allows for the exponential increase in attack or defense, the two systems cannot be used simultaneously. Though considered extremely difficult and rare as a Quincy technique, Ginryu himself discovered the ability through his own experimentation. Spiritual bodies are stronger and more durable than human ones, and so he postulated by that infusing aspects of his body with reishi he could strengthen his body to a level where he could withstand the onslaught of spiritual creatures like Hollows. Initially he had very poor success rates as the task proved astronomically difficult, however he developed a shortcut by infusing reishi directly into his muscle fibers. A more laborious task but by reverse engineering the effect he was able to learn a technique that should have taken him years, in months. It was here that he theorized that the independent Blut systems were dependent on the two central pressure points on a spiritual body, namely their Binding Chain (鎖結, saketsu) and Soul Sleep (魄睡, hakusui). This is where the derived 'independent' systems comes from, as by filtering reishi through either point, and then into the body the configuration, flow and properties of the reishi infused within the blood is altered dramatically.

» Blut Vene: Ginryu had the hypothesis that Blut Vene's reish system was derived by using one's Soul Sleep, and directly interfacing with the body using this pressure point as the origin. He reasoned that because the Soul Sleep is regarded as the source of spiritual power, it acts as an anchor which binds the spiritual body together in its form. Using that as the origin for the reishi system would generate a resonance of reinforcement. He alludes to the concept of "As Above, as below" and that by mimicking a spiritual body on the physical plane through the infusion of reishi through blood the physical body would adopt the characteristics of a spiritual one, namely its incredible endurance and durability. Though it remains largely conjecture as he has yet to properly study this with samples, Ginryu is confident in his findings. The fact that when utilized it manifests as a faint pattern tracing the veins and body beneath the surface of the skin simply reinforces his theory. However while he has managed to develop the technique, and for all of his effort he is still a fifteen year old boy, and thus lacks the experience and training to realize its full potential. His Blut Vene is capable of allowing him to weather through attacks that would ordinarily crush a normal human, and it grants him exceedingly high levels of endurance, and durability. Though he believes that the most beneficial aspect of this power is the ability to self-stabilize by treating wounds, infections and diseases. Blut Vene allows him to prevent significant blood loss, and patch what would otherwise be lethal injuries, at least long enough to retreat and receive proper medical care for, a feat only possible due to his thirst for learning and extensive knowledge of human anatomy and biology.

» Blut Arterie: Blut Arterie is the secondary reishi system that instead acts as a boost or amplifier for a Quincy's power, allowing their abilities to harm Bankai-wielding Shinigami. If Blut Vene relied on the Soul Sleep to reinforce the body and improve its defenses, then by using the Binding Chain, which serves as a boost to spiritual power, a Quincy's Blut will serve as an amplifier further enhancing their offensive capabilities. Given the spiritual power boost obtained by Bankai, it can be assumed that the power output obtained through Blut Arterie is anywhere from 5 to 10 times. However that is when a Quincy has realized the full potential of this technique, and likewise Ginryu has yet to full master this particular Quincy skill. At most he can harness 2 to 3 times his maximum power, though even that is still a considerable increase in his abilities. Even without the use of Blut Arterie, Ginryui's Heilig Pfeil are capable of penetrating through the hides of Hollows and damage beings such as Arrancar. Given that he can only use one of the two systems at a time, Ginryu refrains from using this technique too much, instead maintaining it as a trump-card, and only to be used when absolutely necessary.

VII. Unique Skills & Abilities

» A - The Architect: The power that Ginryu possesses that makes him so deadly is called A - The Architect, it is a shrift that developed within him after receiving part of Niflheim's power to release his own lost power from his past and in doing so the creation of A - The Architect was born. Unlike many other beings that wielded the power of a schrift that bore the designation "A" Ginryu's is not like them, it is not like Yhwach's A - The Almighty which allowed him to see the future and be akin to a god, it is not like Uryu's A - The Antithesis and able to oppose fate and switch events.

The true power of A - The Architect is that it allows him to manipulate reishi and kishi (spiritual matter and physical matter) to a very high extent, it is how his ability to create spiritual armaments was discovered. Effectively the ability gives him the power to create, alter and destroy; quite simple yet very effective. Ginryu is capable of achieving feats such as creating something that otherwise should not be able to be created, for example if he was to create a Zanpakutō there is every chance that he could create a Zanpakutō although it is doubtful he could learn how to use it as effectively as a shinigami.

He could alter pre-existing matter, using a Zanpakutō as an example he could potentially make it more effective. Change powers and bring out more potential in the spirit and wielder, however simply because this power makes him able to do so does not mean that he is instantly all powerful and able to do as such. He is still limited to the level of manipulation he has over matter by his Reishi Manipulation skill and he is also limited in some areas such as beings that he cannot resonate with which makes it harder and sometimes impossible to alter something unless he can establish a resonance with it.

The final aspect of A - The Architect at the moment is the destruction or destroying aspect of it. To be clear this does not mean he can wave his hand and everything was to be destroyed. No, for example if he was to look at a shinigami and still using the Zanpakutō concept here, if he was to break or damage the Zanpakutō then he could potentially make the damage worse or completely destroy it if he was able to break it completely. While yes he could take something and destroy it if it had no quarrels with being destroyed or sentience like a rock or tree as opposed to a person who has sentience and is therefore nigh impossible to destroy unless they want the be destroyed. His ability to break down can then be used in conjunction with his ability to create and leave him possibly able to reforge the destroyed item, ie. If he was given a broken aether armament he could break it down and reforge it with the chance to make it better that it was before.

» Tenchikan Kyoumei: All things in the world have resonance, a unique kind of ebb and flow that differentiates them in the spiritual world. It is the rhythm of their soul, like the cadence of their beating heart, a wavelength denoting the beats and dips of the music that is their inner self. Yet there are few living beings capable of realizing their hidden potential, of seeing within themselves the abilities tucked beneath the washing waves of their self doubt. As a Quincy, Ginryu has always been spiritually sensitive, he can discern the metaphysical notes of the universe through his ability to sense and detect reishi. However this power goes beyond such, for he is able to synchronize his soul, matching its wavelength with another, in a manner not dissimilar to the unification between Shinigami and Zanpakutō. It is only recently that he even became aware of this power and even then he had little understanding of its true potential. He can achieve feats which in a manner similar to restoring the powers of a Quincy whose body had shut off its connection to the spirit to preserve itself from use of the Quincy Letzt Stil, he can, after physically and mentally exhausting an individual help to bring about their latent spiritual potential. Rather than impart of piece of his soul, he uses it as a conduit by which to draw out the spirituality of another individual.

» Tantetsu Yorishiro: The revelation of the emphasis of the Quincy Zeichen in their spellcraft opened up a world of new possibilities for Ginryu, and by harnessing the most basic aspect of his Quincy powers he was able to develop a unique power. Due to the inverse properties of the pentagram, wherein one is able to not only create a bridge but influence the spiritual by means of physical movements, he created a unique and powerful forging technique. Through the entire process of creating tools, and other armaments, he is able to imbue spiritual properties into these devices. Thus he developed a means of fabricating items possessing magical or spiritual powers. Such an ability however is unique even among Quincy, and is something out of the bounds of what a Quincy should ordinarily be capable of. Though they are skilled at the absorption and manipulation of reishi, the construction of permanent spiritual artifacts is something that should not exist, at least to this degree. His mentor Wolfram made the analogy that if someone such as Yhwach could distribute his spiritual power and bestow a Schrift to a Quincy, then Ginryu's special ability is one that would allow him to take the concept of a Schrift and infuse that into a spiritual armament that can be wielded by anyone. Through his studies, dedication and research, this is the power Ginryu developed for himself

VIII. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Auriel [Light of God]

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: Ginryu's spirit weapon has bee reforged, instead of the previous daggers which he could manipulate as projectiles his weapon is much more developed and in a way he has evolved it to be much more useful. Auriel is not like other spirit weapons, it takes the form of a symbol etched into a necklace he wears, not being a physical weapon at all.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities: Finding a material weapon has flaws Ginryu decided to explore the possibility of a new weapon. Instead of being a single weapon Ginryu decided to pursue the use of light as a tool for himself, after much trial and error he has come to instead wield light as a weapon for light is everywhere and always in abundance.

The fact that his spirit weapon is actually light makes it incredibly potent, he can manifest any kind of weapon from it which suits his needs at the time or simply utilise the photons or wavelengths as weapons instead. For example he could easily use the light to form small beams to mimic a Cero, or even manifest balls of shards which operate like his original spirit weapon, moving around by his will and striking like projectiles that he controls telekinetically.

When using actual wavelengths as a weapon Ginryu could accomplish more feats than people think, for example. As light is the electromagnetic radiation that makes humans able to see it is not impossible for Ginryu to remove himself from a person's sight although since light only determines sense of sight it is possible to still hear, feel, smell etc. or even sense his energy signature but it is still valuable. Another possibility is manipulating light so that he can cause illusionary effects, although this is fairly limited such as feigning a punch by manipulating the photons to make it seem like he threw a punch or possibly make an afterimage of himself although creating an entire replica and then making it move and act is difficult and he is still able to be told apart from the fake.

Another possible use of Auriel's ability is to convert light into Gamma radiation and fire the rays, this is because Gamma rays are simply "High-Energy Photons", using these rays he can easily use them to the powerful effects although radiation is quite dangerous, scientifically it can only be stopped by very dense and thick materials but in the 25th Century it is possible to summon barriers capable of mimicking the dense and thick walls. However if living matter is exposed to high amounts or a small amount over a long period of time then the results can be detrimental to the health of the affected, Ginryu is also not immune to the radiation he creates and so he must be careful when using it. It should also be noted that as medicine has developed quite a lot there are many treatments for exposure to the Gamma rays and so it is not as dangerous as they might've been in the 21st Century.

As Ginryu's weapon is light it is theoretically impossible for it to do damage, however after finding a way to give light mass by using reishi as a form of fuel to create an equivalent exchange in mass.


» Glänzende Regen: A modified version of the Licht Regen, using his new spirit weapon Ginryu has created his own variant of the technique which he regards as much more powerful than the original technique it was spawned from. Using Auriel, Ginryu can cast the technique by a simple outstretching of his hand, an actual weapon forged by the light or even simply gathering reishi and photons in a cluster at a point. By using photons and reishi in conjunction Ginryu can create the necessary amount of materials at a much faster rate.

Once he has gathered the required energy he can release it. At first it appears like the original Licht Regen although it is actually a bright golden instead of the original blue due to the addition of photons into the mixture of particles that make up the blast, it also has the benefit of happening faster due to the fact Photons travel at much faster speeds although cannot travel at the speed of light due to the fact they are mixed with reishi and that forces them to a much lower speed but is still quite fast. If Ginryu desired then instead of firing it as a barrage it is possible for him to make it explode instead and send all the projectiles in a 360 degree sphere although if he risks getting hit himself if he cannot avoid or defend against it.

» Geige: A modified version of Klavier, Geige is used by Ginryu to a similar effect, by holding out his gloved hand and aiming with it he can fire a large blast of photons in a straight line from his hand. If he so desires he can instead shoot them from a finger which makes them smaller, more piercing and faster although they are also a lot weaker. The larger blasts have the strength of a regular cero while the smaller bullets would equate to a bala in terms of damage.

» Limb Manifestation: His ability to manipulate photons allows him to fuse with them to an extent, an example of this is if he decided to create extra arms out of light or manifest a tail, he could also create wings. He can easily turn parts of his body into a weapon if he needed too although he cannot regenerate, he could use the light to patch a wound and try to make sure that it didn't bleed heavily but converting photons to matter is beyond his capabilities and as is the reverse of turning matter into photons which is why he cannot turn parts of his body into light to avoid damage.

IX. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: Zaphkiel ["Knowledge of God"]

» Vollständig Apperance: TO BE REVEALED!

» Vollständig Abilities: TO BE REVEALED!

X. Quincy Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Beginner
  • Blut: Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Advanced


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Ginryu Ishida [FINISHED]   Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:45 am

[adm]Just one thing about all of this...[/adm]

Quote :

» Glänzende Regen: A modified version of the Licht Regen, using his new spirit weapon Ginryu has created his own variant of the technique which he regards as much more powerful than the original technique it was spawned from. Using Auriel, Ginryu can cast the technique by a simple outstretching of his hand, an actual weapon forged by the light or even simply gathering reishi and photons in a cluster at a point. By using photons and reishi in conjunction Ginryu can create the necessary amount of materials at a much faster rate.

Once he has gathered the required energy he can release it. At first it appears like the original Licht Regen although it is actually a bright golden instead of the original blue due to the addition of photons into the mixture of particles that make up the blast, it also has the benefit of happening faster due to the fact Photons travel at much faster speeds although cannot travel at the speed of light due to the fact they are mixed with reishi and that forces them to a much lower speed but is still quite fast. If Ginryu desired then instead of firing it as a barrage it is possible for him to make it explode instead and send all the projectiles in a 360 degree sphere although if he risks getting hit himself if he cannot avoid or defend against it.

» Geige: A modified version of Klavier, Geige is used by Ginryu to a similar effect, by holding out his gloved hand and aiming with it he can fire a large blast of photons in a straight line from his hand. If he so desires he can instead shoot them from a finger which makes them smaller, more piercing and faster although they are also a lot weaker. The larger blasts have the strength of a regular cero while the smaller bullets would equate to a bala in terms of damage.

» Limb Manifestation: His ability to manipulate photons allows him to fuse with them to an extent, an example of this is if he decided to create extra arms out of light or manifest a tail, he could also create wings. He can easily turn parts of his body into a weapon if he needed too although he cannot regenerate, he could use the light to patch a wound and try to make sure that it didn't bleed heavily but converting photons to matter is beyond his capabilities and as is the reverse of turning matter into photons which is why he cannot turn parts of his body into light to avoid damage.

My main question here is how? How is this light doing any damage? Photons have no mass, correct? Just momentum as they travel other molecules. Perhaps I'm incorrect in saying this, but I don't believe light is able to have any damage. Reishi? Yeah, sure it can be something that is tangible as that is what Quincy do. Your Reishi needs to become light and in return is should deal damage. The two don't work in sync, your ability needs fuel which is reiatsu. Its substance is reishi. You are using reiatsu as fuel to provide this light you have created by manipulating reishi. Does that make sense? Sort of like a fire user would use reiatsu as fuel and the reishi is manipulated by heat which causes fire in the already existing oxygen. Thus, a fire is created. I understand this is an anime we are talking about here and I'm putting logic where it doesn't belong really... but if you were fighting me I would throw this in your face immediately and just say your attacks did absolutely nothing to me. lol

tl;dr your light is reishi not mixed with reishi. Reishi=light thus light=damage. Or your reishi travels through light in order to deal damage, whichever. I'm not too concerned, as long as it's done properly and not too crazy.

I also recommend your character be a part of the Daten and not the Sternritter... He's "the architect" he should be the mind of this division, imo. After this upgrade, I'd suggest thinking this over. He'd be much more in place and useful as the Executive of the Daten, if you think you can hold the activity for such a role with this character. Up to you.

Your history needs to include some inkling of him obtaining all of this, by the way. It's rather ass pull, imo. Back it up with some info or lead me to a thread. I know you said Niflheim donned some power on you or something, but the way you've described your powers and abilities it looks all self-taught to me. Or explain this to me, either way.

Just a suggestion, but use not necessary, but it doesn't take long to use it. And makes things flow better, definitely.

These illusions need to be done properly and creatively. Don't leave loose strings and then pull them after your opponent makes another move. That's that shit I don't like. Don't do that. Being that reishi is your source for the light, a stronger opponent can't completely obliterate this light with their own reishi. That should be noted. Willpower doesn't take effect, but Mental Deduction does. Other movements of his body, like a pivoting of a foot or the positioning of his torso, the tensing of his neck, etc can still be detected unless stated otherwise. Illusions are very hard to word and make work fairly and properly. So make sure you are being diligent with how you explain things and are receptive of questions and always make sure that the person you are RPing with is aware you can fix anything in the post if need be. Your power and ability to use it properly is not their character's weakness.

Make these changes, I'll look it over again and we can go from there.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Ginryu Ishida [FINISHED]   Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:02 pm

Please let me know if you've made any changes to this Gamma.


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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Ginryu Ishida [FINISHED]   Sat Jan 07, 2017 2:53 pm

[adm]Moving to WIP since it doesn't appear changes were made since Gamma did not make a response post.[/adm]


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Ginryu Ishida [FINISHED]
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